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They stumbled into a hotel room with a beautiful night view of the city that, not surprisingly, went completely unnoticed by its occupants.

It was tough to focus on anything, really, except the feel of Kiba's hot and wet mouth on her naked breast, and the insistent way his hands cupped and fondled her derriere as she slid her hands up his thick biceps. He was all solid muscle and warm skin, unyielding and incredibly sexy.

"Kiba," Hinata strained, surprise registering at the way her voice had pulled out his name. It did not sound like her voice at all, all breathy and light. It sounded as though it belonged to a slutty, busty woman who was into dirty dancing and one night stands with tall, dark and handsome strangers, instead of the quiet and sensible Hyuuga people had known her to be. She threaded her fingers though his dishevelled dark hair, trying to centre Kiba's mouth directly over her bared breast as he nipped gently at one stiff nipple, the pulling, sucking motions of his mouth sending bolts of pleasure zinging through her. Closing her eyes, Hinata arched her back and offered more to him.

He was wild in bed, the Hyuuga could attest to it, but tonight she had a strong gut feeling he was going to take it to a whole new level. Like his personality, the Inuzuka had always been unrestrained in his passions, and it was going to be no different.

She loved the way he loved her - fierce, strong and no-holds-barred, impatient, greedy and too lusty for words. Yet, he could go achingly slow too, so lovely and torturous she sometimes wondered if she should push him off the edge that he deliberately kept himself on.

Tonight, she was sure he didn't need any pushing.

The hook at the nape of her neck had been unclasped the moment Hinata had slid the key-card into the automated lock of the hotel room, the straps falling down and her breasts spilling out of the top as the door clicked shut behind him. Hinata had been laughing until he did away with her bra, dropping it quickly before cupping her generous breasts with rough palms.

"I love your breasts," He'd growled into her neck from behind, knocking his elbow against the white switch near her head while they kissed like two randy teens, the lights warming the room with dim lighting. She had expected him to make love in the darkness, but knowing Kiba, he wanted all senses fully utilised during sex.

"Let me see them," He'd said gruffly, as though unable to use long, complicated sentence structures, hands palming her heavy breasts and rubbing the brown, berry-like nipples, the calluses on his palm rasping over her tender flesh with aching sensualness as he cupped and lifted them, pushing against her body.

Damn it, but his wife had the best rack he'd ever seen on a woman, Kiba thought in a frenzy as he took in the contrast of his tanned skin and the fair swells of flesh overflowing his palms, tipped with tiny perfectly beaded nipples. When he'd first met her, Hinata had always been conscious about her rack, even around her own family. It had taken some delicious coaxing on Kiba's part to persuade her that they weren't saggy and that he was completely turned on by them.

His name drifted from her lips in a whisper as she pressed her abdomen shakily against Kiba's bulge, trying to assuage the ache in her nether regions by rubbing against him and slipping her left hand under his black dress shirt. Her short fingernails caressed and scraped lightly over his hard abs.

He groaned in encouragement, mirroring her movements by allowing one hand to drift up to her bare back, amidst the tangle of curly hair as he coaxed her body towards him. Heat flared within her tummy as Kiba switched to her other breast, lavishing the same attention as he had done to the other twin with wet pulls and ardent, open-mouthed kisses. She moaned tremulously, her head falling against the wall in the threshold of the hotel room's entrance as he bit down softly on her nipple and swirled his tongue around it.

"Oh that feels so g-good, Kiba," She whispered, tugging at his hair gently.

And then he made it even better when he took her hand, the one that was braced on his right shoulder, and placed it over her slick breast. Fire kindled in her as she tugged at her own nipple experimentally. The Inuzuka tore himself away, watching her with fierce lust boiling in his dark eyes, his firm, kissable mouth set in a smooth line, taking in her ministrations.

Under the butter yellow glow of the room's lighting, he looked dark and dangerous, golden highlights shooting through his dark hair in attractive arcs as the glow angle mysterious shadows over his hard features gently.

"You're so beautiful." His voice was that of a man who was tethering on the edge, neither human nor civilised. Kiba reached behind her and unzipped the lower zip of her halter dress, his lips meeting hers for another hot, wet and greedy kiss. With one fluid move, he had the dress crumpled at her feet like a pool of liquid moonlight, her naked body pulled flush against him before the air-conditioned air had the chance to hit her skin. Hinata gasped at the dual pleasure of the feel of his hot, clothed body against her nakedness, and the way his probing fingers found the soft lips of her soaked sex and spread it open, his index and middle finger forming a V. Kiba slipped one long, thick finger in her, the cold kiss of his watch against her bare abdomen a seductive contrast to the warmth that he was inciting in her body and a reminder that he was too frenzied by her to bother about undressing himself.

He let loose a string of swear words, looking dishevelled but amazed. "You're really not wearing any panties."

Hinata was the epitome of classiness and virtue - it was unbelievable to discover that she had gone without any panties at the bar. It revealed the effort she'd put into this whole idea, and he wanted to reward her with all sorts of lurid positions. Oh he would.

"I told you," She said, looping her hands around his neck and kissing him deeply, her pants increasing, love and pleasure thumping in her veins. Hinata loved the way he kiss - all wild and hard, a prequel to the sex itself. On other days, he could spend hours making out with her at home just by kissing, and she loved it.

"Yeah you did. So wet." He said, thick lashes lowering over lusty brown orbs, his jaw hard, cheeks high in colour as his digits worked restlessly within her. "You've been wanting me, haven't you?"

"Ohh Kiba," She couldn't control the sounds that were escaping from her - it was all too much, too hot, too fast and so sexy, especially when he was looking at her as though he'd been drugged, his eyes heavy lidded. Liquid heat pooled and coursed within her abdomen, a needy, almost painful ache throbbing within her nether regions as she felt him generously spreading the moisture seeping out around her sex with his fingers. Unable to bear the sensual assault and his scorchingly hot gaze on her, Hinata pressed her bare breasts harder against his hard, strong chest as she cupped his jaw and kissed him eagerly, her pelvis moving and riding his fingers on its own accord, centering on the pleasure that was building up. Suddenly, she shuddered and moaned, her drenched lips clenching around his fingers, unable to prolong her climax as his thumb rubbed insistently at her pearl. Her body throbbed, shaking like a wobbly jelly as the climax stole over her body in a possessive hold, her breasts thrusting and rubbing deliciously into him.

Kiba looked down and pulled slick fingers away from her, breaths coming out in harsh pants, his broad chest heaving. Meeting her drowsy gaze, he pressed one slick finger against her mouth, voice guttural.

"Taste yourself."

She sucked at his finger as he bent his dark head to kiss her lips. The kiss got hotter and wetter, and he had to pull his fingers away. Looking down at her body with that familiar lascivious gaze, he suddenly stiffened. Hinata, who sensed the almost tangible change in him, the tensing of his shoulders, the new alertness his eyes had taken on, glanced down and saw the scallop lace nude-coloured thigh high fishnet stockings she was currently wearing.

And gold heels.

It was as though something had clicked, a lock unlocked, the beast set free. He looked at her and she knew she would have to endure hours of lovemaking and fucking.

"Fuck," He groaned almost painfully and Hinata smiled, knowing how much the Inuzuka loved seeing her in thigh highs. Whenever they made love, those had been the last to go off her. Sometimes, it never went off.

"Hinata, damn it." He cursed colourfully as she reached for the evident bulge in his jeans, her small hand stroking him through the thick material. He pulled away her roaming hands, unbuckled his jeans and shoved them down in record time, revealing that he'd went commando, as she had done. Kicking off his shoes and socks with amazing speed, he took her face in his palms and kissed her.

"If you touch me again, I won't even last three seconds. And I definitely want to last more than that, babe."

There was no way he could be satiated with this woman, the Inuzuka thought, her ebony hair all mussed around her bare shoulders, lips swollen and red, beautiful white eyes at half mast, her gold leaf earrings dangling as she spread her weight evenly on her two feet. He would still be lusting after her even at 50, that much he was sure. He would love her for the rest of his life.

Only her.

She made to toe off her heels, but he immediately growled, "Heels on."

"If you say so," She said, then smiled, knowing that courage came within her because she knew the precise effect she had on her husband. Asking shyly, she reached up to unbutton his dress shirt. "I gather you like my stockings?"

Her question was lost in a haze of delicious lust as she pushed away the fabric to reveal thick, hard pectorals and a flat, muscle-ridged abdomen. He shrugged out of the shirt and lifted her up in his arms while she ran her hands hand over the gleaming, sweat slicked muscle. Instead of making a move to go near the bed however, he pressed her back up against the cold wall. Hinata's legs instinctively circled around his waist, white eyes watching with giddy delight as his eyes turned almost opaque black.

"That's an understatement," The Inuzuka grunted, lifting her legs over his muscled forearms so that they were spread in an M shape, her legs hanging over each of his arms. She gasped, her eyes widening as she felt her new vulnerable position, gaze shooting to his scorching one. It was as though her body knew she was going to be at the mercy of him - she was turning wet at the primal way he wanted to take her, at the way her stockinged clad legs looked, hanging over his thick arms.

"Put me down," She gasped, her fingernails digging into his bare, sun-tanned shoulders to find purchase as he cupped her bare rear, the hot skin warming his palms. Oh god. She wouldn't be able to survive this, she thought.

"I'm heavy, Kiba," Hinata protested.

"The hell you are," he growled, kissing her, a bead of sweat rolling down the side of his face. "I'm not putting you down." Using one hand to cup her round derriere as she clung onto his neck, he reached for his cock with the other hand and aligned himself with her wet cleft.

She felt soft, hot and sexy against him. Kiba knew he wouldn't last if he didn't take her slowly. But he had to.

"I'm going to take you like this." He said against her soft, ruby mouth as he lowered her onto his engorged cock achingly, taking each inch of him and engulfing it in her wet, exquisite heat. Her stiff nipples were pressing so tightly against his pecs, he was surprised his skin didn't bear any indents from them.

"You're too big, too thick," She whimpered, touching his beloved face, skimming those crimson tribal tattoos as she felt her wet muscles trying to accommodate all of him, nails puncturing the taut skin of his shoulders as she moved to grasp the back of his neck."A-as, always."

Kiba loved the way her eyes fell shut at feeling the girth and length of him within her as he slid her down, the way her body gripped him lovingly as her mouth fell open in a silent scream.

"It's okay, baby," He said thickly, pleasure flitting through him at her compliment. "I'll make sure you fit. You'll fit. Like you always have." No sooner had he said that when the Inuzuka buried a roar into her neck at the intense pleasure of being within her tight heat as she slid fully down on his shaft. Hinata moaned, his name escaping her lips in a sexy groan. It was impossible not to move. He felt too good within her, long and thick, filling her completely and then more.

"As always," The dark haired man whispered roughly, bouncing her lightly in his arms as she gave a small, feminine shriek at the first wave of explosive pleasure that rolled up within her. He felt himself slipping out of her, the slickness of her walls too slippery, his girth too large, but Kiba reached down and guided himself to her again, making sure she sank down onto him properly, his sex encased in her tight heat once more.

It was exquisite. He thought he'd just died and gone to heaven.

"Oh, oh, oh," Hinata's whimpers escalated against Kiba's grunts with each thrust as she fastened her hands around his neck, her breasts bouncing and rubbing against his chest in a hot, delicious rhythmic friction while he controlled the speed of his thrusts into her by clamping his hands on her round tush. Her gold earrings dangled frantically as he lifted her and then sank her down again on his shaft slick with her essence, the intervals between each lift and sink closing up rapidly as he felt himself heading for a hot, urgent climax that wouldn't stop even if a robber waved a gun in his face. Her heels bobbed, thighs clenching as she bounced on him erotically, her dark curls bouncing on her breasts and against her bare back. It felt as though sensations were coalescing in tight little balls all over her body before centering on her pearl, building into what she knew would be a a massive, explosive climax. Her stomach tightened and her muscles clenched around him greedily.

"Too-" She gasped as he gave a particularly deep thrust. "M-much,"

"Fuck, Hinata," Kiba snarled, as his pace became inconsistent and his thrusts became short and hard. His dark eyes were fixated on Hinata's white globes that were bouncing along to his thrusts, round and glistening from his earlier attention given to them. Latching onto one nipple, he gave it a hard suck before he exploded in her in a white-hot climax that made his vision turn white, his release spurting into her. Tearing away from her breast, Kiba was left snarling, growling and swearing as he spent himself in her.

Hinata tilted her head back, barely recognising the feminine scream that left her lips, an uncontrollable fire of pleasure raging through her body. The dark haired beauty arched her spine as she felt her body clench around Kiba's length tightly, her feminine muscles tightening around him another time before her body was locked in a spasm, her back arching away from Kiba as her legs trembled from the force of the explosive release. She felt his hot breath against her, his groan hoarse and primal as he felt her muscles gripping his cock, milking him greedily as she shuddered in wanton pleasure and delight.

"Perfect," He grunted. "So fuckin' perfect."

Kiba tightened his hold on her butt as she buried her face in his neck, her screams muffled by his shoulder, feeling his shaft lathered in her cream. He continued his thrusts, ensuring the last of her quivering pleasure had subsided before he deigned to stop.

Neither one said anything for about a minute, but Kiba felt one hand massaging his scalp, the other gripping his bicep tightly. His arms did ache a little bit, but it felt so good to be locked in Hinata's heat, he didn't want to let her go.

"Oh my god," She said in a small, guilty voice, her breath wafting against his shoulder.

"That was fucking explosive," Kiba groaned, setting her down on her legs. He tugged her close against his warm, hard chest after she stumbled, her legs only as strong as jelly and too wobbly to stand. He cupped her face and kissed her repeatedly. "You were amazing," He said, gazing into shy eyes and flushed cheeks. She felt sore, her sex weary and sensitized.

"You know I don't u-usually-"

"Go wild?" Kiba grinned as his chest heaved, gleaming dully with a sheen of perspiration. He kissed her neck. "I like it when you do, sweetheart. In moments of frenzied passion, you're beautiful."

She blushed. "Of course you would, you insolent man."

He chuckled, the baritone deep and sexy. "I'm sorry about that," He said suddenly, looking chastened. "I came first. I'll make it up to you." And with that, he bent down to kiss each of her breasts in turn.

Hinata looked down at her body. Her sex was saturated with their essences, thighs slippery, her hosiery slightly damp as a result of the fluids. Knowing that Kiba's essence was mixed with hers, Hinata felt an absurd sense of satisfaction and pleasure twanging through her heart as she slid an arm around his neck. She rubbed one palm all over that hot satin stretched taut over rippling muscles, her heart squeezing in possessive pleasure at the way he stood before her, big, virile body sculpted by the golden light and that thick dark hair falling into beautiful dark eyes.

"Don't be silly," She whispered, kissing his cheek, right on his tattoo. "That was mind-blowing," She pressed his lips to his broad chest lovingly and blushed. "We've never had sex like that before. I don't really care who came first."

He pressed her close to him and she inhaled the familiar musk and sweat rolling off him in oodles, nuzzling her nose against him.

Then, she felt something prodding her thigh.

Pulling away, she looked up at him. "Kiba, you're still-"

"Sorry babe," He said, grinning wolfishly and apologetically as she pressed her palm against his heartbeat and slid it down his chest, to where his semi-erect length was. "When I said all night, I really meant allnight."

Hinata murmured something incomprehensible.

He grinned. He kissed her again once on the lips and another on her bare shoulder, eyes glinting with complete male satisfaction and pride. "All thanks to you. This role-playing thing was a bloody good idea. We should do this every week."

"Every w-week," She stuttered.

He laughed as she looked up at him incredulously. "Well, I'm open to negotiating." Kiba said huskily.

"I have something for you... after you did all the work..." Hinata trailed off slowly.

"What more do you want to give me, princess?" He cupped one round breast and rubbed one thumb over it, gaze melting into hot pools of brown.

Hinata pushed him back, backing him further into the room till he sat on the edge of the bed. Dark eyes glinting with appreciative curiosity, he watched as she she stroked his length with one hand shyly, unsure if she would succeed in her task.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt the Inuzuka's fingers skimming her jaw, rubbing over her swollen lips with a pained laugh, his handsome face contorted in a twist. Hinata looked up questioningly.

"Hinata, you don't have to-"

The sentence ended with a groan as he her lips slid around his cock slowly, her mouth small and wet and hot. She gave an inexperienced lick, but it was enough to bring him to life within the next nanosecond.

He groaned and threaded his fingers through the dark mass of curls.

"Jesus, baby." He bit out as she experimentally slid her tongue softly up the thick shaft.

"Yeah, just like that." He breathed, squeezing his eyes shut. Hinata did it again, her head bobbing as she worked her mouth up along his length, and down again, watching his reaction with soft moon eyes. Knowing that she was tasting both their lovemaking from before made him all the more stiff and aroused than he had ever been.

He probably said this before, but he would never live through this. Never.

"Shit," He swore, grabbing handfuls of the bedclothes in both his hands, his mind in a scramble. His sweet, well-mannered wife, going down on him like that. It was too fucking beautiful.

Kiba felt his abdomen cramping, tautening, his jaw hardening as she worked up a faster pace, her soft wet mouth swirling around his head, the length disappearing in her mouth and then reappearing again. He felt pleasure boiling within his stomach as he kept his gaze on the brunette kneeling between his spread thighs, one hand on the hard muscle, the other on his throbbing cock. The soft, sucking sounds she emanated as a result of her increased speed drove him wild with frenzy, spurring the urge to pull her up and dive into her body again, but she made no move to stop.

He growled her name, voice primitive and rough with need as he reached for her head and cupped the skull softly, pushing away dark inky curls from her shoulder. She continued her ministrations, teasing and licking him with fervour, cheeks hollowing in and out, eyes falling shut in pleasure, her tongue gaining speed as sucked on him.

She murmured something around him, but he couldn't hear a damn thing because it seemed normal brain function had ceased operating, and the only thing that mattered in the entire world was Hinata and the way she was doing him. Then one hand came up, squeezing his boys gently with it, testing the weight as she rubbed them together slowly, against the other.

He almost roared. Holy hell. Where'd she learn that?!

"That's enough." Kiba said, breath jagged, voice coarse, as though he'd just swallowed a jar of sand. He leaned forward and tried to haul her up by the armpits but she resisted, grabbing his thigh, shaking her head. The motion almost made his eyes roll back in his head.

Are you crazy? A voice shouted in his head. She's goin' down on you and you want her to stop?

He crushed the thought easily. Her pleasure mattered more to him now, and he wanted them to come together, with him in her.

"Hinata," He rasped. "It's okay. Come up here. I need to be in you."

She gave a particularly hard suck, her teeth scraping him lightly, sending a grunt out of his lips. He would have gotten off faster if it was him and just his hand, but Hinata's lack of speed was replaced with the aching pleasure of her moist mouth and her curious tongue, which was pretty darn amazing, he had to admit. His gaze met hers and she smiled around him, her eyes taking in the rapture on his face. He groaned as she worked more vigorously, pulling and sucking tightly on him, trying to take all of him into her small mouth.


She knew when his time was near - his tight rear tensed, gorgeous body stiffening, dark malt eyes shut against the pleasure, one hand coming to thread through her hair again.

"Get away, princess," He gritted out, throwing his head back. "I'm gonna come."

She pulled away at the last minute as one tanned hand covered her own smaller one over his stiff length. Nothing could compare to the sexy sight of both their hands stroking him roughly. And then to his utmost pleasure, Hinata pulled him between her luscious breasts as he came all over them, making them shiny with his seed.

"K-kiba," She said in that soft voice which never failed to drive him nuts.

"Shit," He swore, a string of violent curses following closely as they pumped him hard, the climax long and intense, ripping him of his fluids, right onto her breasts.

"Hot damn, Hinata." He cursed, telling her how sexy she looked, how much pleasure she had given him as she gasped and cupped her slick breasts in her own hands, trying to assuage the need she felt in her body. She was trembling finely, her eyes close shut, red mouth wet with his seed as her hair hung in loose curls around her shoulders. Her nipples protruded from between her fingers as she kept touching them, sobbing in pleasure.

"C'mere sweetheart."

Kiba reached down and pulled Hinata up over his hard body, kissing her deeply. She tangled her hands into his hair as he crushed her moist mouth to his, feeling the salty tang of his release as their tongues engaged in a sensual dance and the hottest post-sex kiss he'd ever had. He trapped her soft, throaty moans in his hot mouth, prolonging the kiss as long as he could, nipping and loving her roughly, thanking her for the pleasure she had just given him through his kisses. One hand cupped her rear and the other fondled her wet breast, barely noticing when her heels fell off her feet as she moved to straddle him.

"Kiba," She gasped as the world shifted and he rolled her onto her back onto the bed, nuzzling her neck.

"Where'd you learn that?" He asked, voice hoarse. "Jesus. You're a sex kitten."

"Did you like it?" She asked timidly, wrapping her arms around his broad shoulders, relishing in the way his heavy, muscular body settled over hers intimately, her moist breasts crushed against the ridges of his pecs in a sensual ache, his cock fitting neatly between her cleft..

"Like it?" He echoed incredulously, dark eyes widening. "Sweetheart, every man dreams for his woman to go down on him, and letting him come all over her breasts. I'm one lucky bastard."

She blushed, fingers flicking back and forth over his collar bone.

"You haven't answered me yet," He said, giving her a nudge with his hips, and she found that her weary flesh was not as ... weary as she had imagined.

"I read about it," She said, cheeks turning pink as he swept a tongue between her breasts. "I decided to do it, to see if you like it."

He gave her a satisfied smile, looking like a cat who had cleaned out a whole tub of cream. "Oh yeah, babe."

"We're supposed to be strangers," She reminded him, touching her nose to his and smiling playfully.

He laughed. "I don't care about that. Although I gotta admit this role-playing thing's really good. You got me all hot and bothered at the bar, jealous of every man who was looking at you."

Hinata shook her head. "Excuse me? There were more women checking you out then men checking me out." She smacked him lightly. "I heard two of them commenting in the ladies how delicious you looked."

Kiba raised an eyebrow, his lips tilting up in a smirk. "Huh. Do I detect a hint of jealousy?"

Hinata tried to push him off her. "Any woman would be jealous-"

Her sentence ended with a breathless laugh as he pushed her back down and pretended to gnaw at her neck. "You're in bed with me now," He said, voice muffled. "And you're my wife. You don't have to be jealous."

She sighed in pleasure as he teased one nipple into his mouth. "You're my dream stranger," She murmured, relishing in the feel of him kissing her breasts. "By the way...Where's your wedding ring?"

"Safe in my wallet. Let's get a shower, babydoll," He said, rolling off her before sitting up, one warm, big hand tugging her up from the bed.

"A real shower?" She asked as he gave her another quick kiss on her lips. "You made me all sweaty and really sticky."

Lust darkened his eyes, his strong face curving in a sexy smile. Hinata stared at him, her heart thumping at the sight of his heated gaze on her chest.

"That depends on how you define 'real', honey. And I'll let you put on my wedding ring while we're at it." He grinned lasciviously before scooping her up in his arms as she laughed and slipped her arms around his neck. "Let's get wet and wild with your dream stranger then."

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