WARNING this story will contain spoilers for the upcoming episode supposedly named Beasts obsession.

Lewis has escaped and he has one goal in mind, to find Olivia and make her life hell up until the moment he ends it. The team tries desperately to protect Olivia from Lewis but he soon abducts a 12 year old girl and gives Olivia a choice that will change her life forever...or possibly be what ends it.

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Olivia stood there in silence as the bitter cold wind blew in from the docks and nipped at her flesh as it whirled around the old warehouse she stood studying. The warehouse was huge and looked menacing in the light of the moon that shone over it. The windows were boarded up or just missing. Police had tried to seal it off in an attempt to keep out trouble, but trouble had found its way in tonight. She couldn't know exactly what awaited her inside but she knew it wasn't likely to end well for her.

She thought about what she was risking by going inside. She was risking the relationship she had with Brian. Yes it hadn't been perfect recently but she couldn't love him more if she tried. She adored him and she could see herself finally settling down with him, marriage, kids, the whole thing, but if she walked into the warehouse that future was likely lost.

She thought about the friends she may never get to see again if she went inside. Friends who were her colleagues but also the only family she had ever really had. She wanted to be around to see how their lives turned out; to see Nick finally sort his life out and be happy again, to see Amanda beat her gambling addiction and get back to her brilliant old self, to keep hearing that Cragen and Munch were enjoying their lives as retired men and to see Fin...well she wanted to see Fin every day just to be around him. He was like the big brother she had never had but had always wanted.

She thought about these risks, but then thought about what would happen if she didn't go inside. She was snapped out of her thoughts when she heard her cell phone ring and begin to vibrate in her pocket. She took it out and held it against her ear, she didn't say a word but heard a familiar voice that sent chills run down her spine.

"What you waiting for... a doorman to let you in... you won't get one here." William Lewis said.

"Why don't you come on out, Lewis?" she replied.

"Nah, that's not how this game is played. You come on in or little Maggie here dies." he warned her.

Olivia rolled her eyes and suddenly thinking about what she was risking losing by going in was forgotten, remembering what she was risking if she didn't go in was her only thought. Lewis had told her if she didn't come here, alone, he would kill the 12 year old girl he had abducted three days ago.

"Olivia?" the weak voice of 12 year old Maggie spoke.

"Yeah, sweetie, I'm here." Olivia replied.

"I wanna go home!" the young girl wailed, her cries like knives in Olivia's heart.

"I know sweetheart. You're Mom and Grandmother can't wait to see you." Olivia told her.

"I wanna go home now!" she cried again.

"I'm gonna take you there now." she said before she stepped forward and pulled the wooden pallet that was propped up as a door aside. She knew this was where she was to enter due to the welcome Olivia sign Lewis had left for her there. She was hoping the red writing was red ink, she didn't want to think about the alternative.

Once inside she could barely see further than a few feet around the warehouse ground floor. There were candles lit and scattered around the floor. She wished he could see more. She wished she could see Maggie somewhere. She could only pray the little girl wasn't too badly hurt by Lewis.

With her cell phone still by her ear she continued moving towards the middle of the room where most of the candles where scattered but then Lewis suddenly spoke to her. "Hold it right there!"

Olivia stopped dead in her tracks and rolled her eyes. "What now?"

"Toss your gun." he said knowingly.

Olivia removed her gun from her holster and threw it to one side where it landed with a clank against the concrete floor.

"Good, now take off your jacket, throw it to the floor then turn all the way around...slowly." Lewis told her.

Once more Olivia rolled her eyes, hating his requests but she did it and tosed that to one side too. She held her arms up and slowly turned on the spot, showing him she had no more guns on her belt before returning the phone to her ear. "You want me to dance for you now."

"We can save that kind of fun for later. Lift up your trouser leg, then take off your boot. Do it to both legs. Leave your boots off. It's less for me to remove later."

Olivia sighed but did as she was told, again showing Lewis that she had no more guns hiding on her. anywhere.

"Have to check your not hiding any guns you could pull out on me." Lewis said.

"I'd have thought you would be more worried about me hiding a bedpost." Olivia spat at him.

"Ha!" Lewis laughed, "You got a smart mouth. I love the fact that I'm gonna be the one to shut it for good."

"I'm here you son-uva-bitch!" Olivia growled impatiently, "You said you would let Maggie go if I came alone. I'm here and I am very much alone!"

"She's in there." Lewis told her before a bright light was suddenly shone onto a door from up on a balcony behind where Olivia stood. She studied where the light was coming from but it was too bright for her to see anything so she turned her attention back to the door where the light fell. She moved over to it in a quick walk but she soon found herself running barefoot over to it.

It was heavy and stiff but she managed to get it open just before the light was turned off. "Maggie!" she called into the small room. She could just about see something in the corner thanks to a little moonlight that poured in through a broken window but it wasn't enough light for her to see clearly.

"Maggie!" she called out again as she took a slow and careful step forward. Still she got no reply. "Mag..." she began again but the words were barely out of her mouth when something hard crashed down over the back of her head, it alone wasn't quite hard enough to knock her out cold but the way her head hit the concrete floor, hard, sent her into the black world of unconsciousness.

Lewis threw the metal pipe in his hand to the floor and crouched down beside Olivia. He brushed a stray lock of her hair off her face and then with a sickening smirk said, "Welcome to hell Detective Benson."


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