"May!" I called. May turned around with a scowel.

"I've been meaning to tell you this for a while, but, I love you, " I admit. Her face stays with an unaproving scowl.


"That's it,"

"So, basically you just wasted my precious time. Good bye," I grip her shoulder and force her to look me at eye level.

"Tell me why you've been ignoring me, and being more of a jerk than me,"

"Fine. I hate your green hair and emerald eyes. Your 'I'm a jerk but then act nice' routine got old the second time you used it. That usual smirk that holds your lips annoys me. Your a Casanova. You find my feelings are a joke. I hate the deepness and scrappyness of your voice. The way you stay silent when people need you most,"

"Wow. That's a lot of reasons,"

"I'm not finished yet,"

"The way you slip your hands in your pockets shows carelessness. How you always taunt me is exasperating. How you always laugh in my face irritates me. I despise the way you walk. Your arrogance aggonizes me, the way-"

"My god May! Really?!"

"The way you interrupt me,"

"I hate you,"

"Perfect. We're on the same page now,"


"How you growl under anger,"


"The way you shout at me,"



"Yeah, bitch! Beat ya that time!"

"How you curse at me, "

"But, I love you, "

"How you want what you can't have. The way your pestering me about love when you could have any girl off the streets, "


"That you insist on having me,"

"Fine. Anything else?"

"Yes. The way you are incredibly dense,"


May bends down and brings a mini calender fromnher pocket.

"March 15-22," she tells me.

March 15-22. Opposite Week.

"I hate you," I tell her.

"Good. Wanna go out to dinner tonight?"


"Awful. I won't see you, "

"Hate you!"

"Hate ya more!"

As she walks off I plan revenge. And oh, it will be served cold. Unlike our dinner.