My Only Hope

My fate lies in your hands
I cannot go on without you
You're all that I have in this eternal desolation
And you always were
My Only Hope

I do not expect to accomplish this task
I see no way in, I see no way out
But the look on your face makes me wish otherwise
Your indomitable spirit,
My Only Hope

A shoulder to lean on when my legs should falter,
A word of reassurance when my spirits have quailed
A beacon of light in a fathomless dark
You are the only one who can save us now,
My Only Hope

My burden grows so heavy
Help me, Sam, I cannot fight this alone
Hold my hand to your heart
Please don't let me fall
Please don't let me fail

We've come so far,
There's no turning back
I am ready to go now
Knowing you will be there in my last moments,
And we will leave this world together, you and I

And still, you will forever be
My Only Hope