WC101's G Gundam Season 1
By Wc101

Authors Notes - Ever since I saw this show on Cartoon Network, I've been hooked. And finally, I've gotten up the nerve to write a series. So, Enjoy!

Stalker - Now everyone, we all know that four years ago, Domon Kasshu, led Neo-Japan to victory in the Thirteenth Gundam Fight. However, this sparked the revival of the Devil Gundam. Now that Ulube and the Devil Gundam have been destroyed, the time has come for the Fourteenth Gundam Fight, And this time, unbeknownst to Domon and the others, this fight is going to be even more strenuous on our fighters. With that said, let's get things started. Gundam Fight all set? Ready....GO!

Episode 50
"Emergence of the Ninja. Gundam Rose destroyed!"

"Mr. Kasshu! Domon, please pick up!" The radio receiver blared in the Kasshu household. A woman, no older than twenty five, walked downstairs to pick up the radio.
"Commissioner Karato?" She asked.
"Rain? Is your husband available?" Karato asked.
"Of course," Rain said, and set the receiver down on the table. "Domon?" She called upstairs. Almost immediately, the tall man was standing in the living room, his red cape wrapped around his body.
"What is it, Rain?" he asked softly. Rain held up the radio.
"Commissioner Karato needs you, Domon." Rain said. Domon took the receiver.
"Thanks, Rain." He said, and pressed the 'talk' button on the receiver. "Commissioner Karato?" He asked.
"Domon! We need you to go to Earth immediately!" Karato practically yelled.
"What for?" Domon asked.
"The new prototype Gundam has been stolen!" He said. Domon slammed his fist down on the table, cracking it.
"What?! Roaring Gundam?" He demanded.
"Yes! You must come to the capital at once!" Karato said, and cut the connection. Domon set the radio down calmly, staring straight ahead. He clenched his fists, then snapped his fingers.
"Rise Gundam!!!" He yelled.
"Domon?" Rain asked worriedly. Domon glanced over his shoulder.
"Don't worry, Rain. I'm a big boy." Domon said, smirking slightly. Rain smiled back, and tilted her head in. She pressed her lips against Domon's, kissing him tenderly, as if to say "I love you". Domon hugged her slightly, and left. After he left, Rain sat down at the table, staring out of the window. "Domon..."


"Are you sure?" Domon asked as he looked around the hangar where Roaring Gundam had been only hours before.
"Who else could it be? Lizza is the only logical explanation. First, she's competing for the right to represent Neo-Japan in the Gundam Fight. That, and she seems to be missing." Karato said.
"But why would she do it? What's her motive?" Domon asked, almost in disbelief. He had met Lizza shortly after his and Rain's wedding. The two had sparked an instant rivalry.
"Who knows? Perhaps to prove her strength?" Karato suggested.
"What do you want me to do?" Domon asked.
"Go down to earth and retrieve her." Karato said simply.
"I've made some adjustments to God Gundam." Commissioner Karato and Domon turned to look to the left, where God Gundam and the restored Shining Gundam were anchored. Dr. Kasshu was standing next to God Gundam. "I've taken Dr. Mikamura's original emotion response system, and changed it to accommodate all emotions, not just anger. And I've re-designed the mobile trace system so it should be much less strenuous on your body." He said.
"Thanks, dad." Domon said, admiring the blaster cannon attached to the left arm of the God Gundam.
"I took the idea from the projectile weapon system on Neo-America's Gundam Maxter." Dr. Kasshu said. Domon closed his eyes, smiling slightly as he thought about Chibodee. In turn, thoughts of Chibodee brought up thoughts of all the others. Sai Sici, Argo, George, Allenby.
"I have to tell Rain." he said, turningto walk out.
"You don't have to. She'll be going with you." Karato said. Domon stopped dead in his tracks.
"What are you talking about?" Domon asked.
"She's part of your crew, Domon." Dr. Kasshu said.
"No." Domon said, and started walking toward God Gundam.
"No?" Karato and Dr. Kasshu echoed.
"That's right. Rain stays here, where it's safe." Domon said.
"That's crazy!" Dr. Kasshu said, grabbing Domon's shoulder. Domon spun around, shaking his father's hand off violently.
"This is MY choice, dad! She's MY wife!" he yelled.
"Domon, you need a crew!" Karato insisted.
"Not Rain." Domon said, and walked out of the hangar without another word.


"George!" The seventeen year old princess yelled. The sound of distress was in her voice, as if she were being chased. She ran through the dark hallway of the palace at the old city of Paris. The young knight stuck his head out from the doorway to his personal quarters and saw... nothing.
"Maria-Louise?" He asked, and started walking down the hall way. He kept walking until he found a small note on the floor. He speared it with his fencing sword, and brought it up to his face to read it. He slid the note off of the sword, and read. Instantly, his face turned red with anger. He crushed the note. "Maria-Louise!"


Gundam Rose stopped at the entrance to the ancient palace of Versailles, his arms crossed over his chest. It was the dawn of the next day. The note had instructed him to meet here at dawn, if he ever wanted to see the princess again. "Come out!" George yelled. As fast as the human eye could blink, another Gundam was standing at the opposite end of the palace. A dead ringer for God Gundam, Roaring Gundam was Neo-Japan's newset creation. "Domon?!" George asked. No answer. Roaring Gundam just pointed down at the palace.
"George!" A shrill voice cried. It was Maria-Lousie, shackled to the roof of the palace.
"MARIA-LOUISE!" George yelled, and moved to rescue Maria-Lousie. Before he had taken two steps, he felt a sledge-hammer blow colide with the back of his head. George fell to a knee, seeing stars. Roaring Gundam raised it's right hand, and spoke in an almost robotic voice.
"This hand of mine illuminates the dark." The voice said as the hand started to glow blue. "Its thunderous roar tells me to destroy you!"
"George, no!" Maria-Louise cried.
"Maria...." George said, trying to get to his feet.
"Roaring Finger!" The voice yelled, and grabbed the head of Gundam Rose. "Rule one of the International Gundam Fight Regulations."
"A Gundam with a destroyed head section is disqualified?" George asked.
"Goodbye, George de Sand." The voice said, as the hand of Roaring Gundam jerked, destroying the head of Gundam Rose.
"NOOO!" George yelled, getting blown out of the cockpit. Roaring Gundam grabbed Maria-Louise, and vanished as quickly as it had appeared. "Maria-Louise!" George yelled, falling to his knees. A tear fell from his eye as his shuffle crest began to glow. "I'll save you, Marie-Louise...I swear on this crest....I'll save you!!!"

Stalker - Everyone, it's the moment you've been waiting for. After finding his crest glowing, Domon finally makes his way to earth! His first stop? France of course! Meanwhile, five thousand miles away, trouble is brewing in the Neo-Russian camp! Next time on Mobile Fighter G Gundam,

"George's Counterattack! Death of the Joker!"