Stalker – Well now, everyone.  It seems that all of our fighters have arrived here in Neo-Japan for the final battle.  Today, the first preliminary matches will commence.  In the World Gundam League conference, the matches will be as follows:  Match One – Neo America's Gundam Maxter vs. Neo Vietnam's Tao Gundam.  Match Two – Neo Denmark's Mermaid Gundam vs. Neo India's Cobra Gundam.  Match Three – Neo Sweden's Nobel Gundam vs. Neo Portugal's Jester Gundam.  Match Four – Neo Russia's Bolt Gundam vs. Neo Korea's Volcano Gundam.  In the International Gundam League, the matches will be as follows:  Match One -  Neo Germany's Hammer Gundam vs. Neo Norway's Viking Gundam.  Match Two – Neo China's Dragon Gundam vs. Neo Kashmir's Gundam Eagle.  Match Three – Neo Japan's Shining Gundam vs. Neo Spain's Matador Gundam.  Match Four – Neo France's Gundam Rose vs. Neo Italy's Gundam Charge.  Now let's get things started!  Gundam Fight Final Battle all set?  Ready… GO!

Episode 59

"Preliminary Matches begin.  Move on, Shuffle Alliance!"

              "It feels strange, doesn't it?" Rain asked.  Domon glanced over at her, and sipped his coffee slowly.

              "What do you mean?" He asked.  They were sitting at a corner café in downtown Tokyo, waiting for the dawn of the Gundam Fight Final Match.

              "You know, the start of the tournament this year compared to the thirteenth tournament.  It seems too calm…" Rain said.

              "Don't be silly, Rain.  Everything's going to be fine."  Domon said as two petite hands covered his eyes.

              "Guess who?" A familiar voice said.  Domon smiled slightly.

              "Hey, Allenby." Domon said.  Allenby giggled cutely, and released him.

              "Hey Japanese." Another voice said.  Domon looked over, and arched an eyebrow.

              "What are you doing here, Chibodee?" he asked.  Allenby rolled her eyes.

              "He's here for the tournament.  Just like you and me."  She said, and sat on Chibodee's lap, wrapping one arm around his shoulders. 

              "Together?" Rain asked suspiciously.

              "Mmhmm."  Allenby said.  Domon looked back and forth between them, like he couldn't quite grasp it.

              "Well… Congrats, I suppose." He said, standing up.

              "Where're you going?" Allenby asked.  Domon looked down at her.

              "It's almost time for the first match."  He said.  Rain opened up her laptop, and punched in a few lines of text.  She looked over it for a few minutes, then spoke.

              "The first match is Gundam Maxter vs. Tao Gundam of Neo Vietnam." she said.

               "Shouldn't you be getting ready, Chibodee?" Domon asked.  Chibodee shrugged.

              "I've got it under control.  I'm not afraid of this loser from Neo Vietnam." He said.  Domon smirked.

              "Funny… you said the same thing about me four years ago." Domon said with a slight smirk.  Allenby giggled, and slapped Chibodee's arm playfully.

              "Now what have I told you about undermining the competition?" She scolded.

              "Yes, mother." Chibodee said, rolling his eyes.  He stood up.

              "Fine.  I guess I'll just go talk to someone else.  I'll bet George is free…" She pouted, and stalked off.  Chibodee rolled his eyes again, and went after her.

              "Allenby, come on!"  He pleaded, then turned his head toward Domon and Rain.  "I'll catch you later, Japanese!  So long, Rain!" He called.  He waved, and ran off after Allenby.

              "Were we ever like that?" Rain asked.  Domon shook his head.

              "Our love is deeper than that.  They're children, playing at love."  He said.

              "I wouldn't go that far, Domon…" She said, watching Chibodee run after Allenby.

              "Think what you want.  Now come on, I want to train a little before my match later today." Domon said, and began to walk away.  Rain nodded, and followed him.

              "Hello to everyone on Earth, as well as the people up on the colonies!  My name is Ida Takalot, and I'll be providing you all with up to the minute updates during the entirety of the Fourteenth Quadrennial Gundam Fight Final Match!  Including the match that will kick off the tournament, which is scheduled to begin in just a few minutes." The announcer said, waving her microphone in the air in front of her.

              "The tournament's beginning match up is between two top ranked World Gundam League contenders!  Gundam Maxter, representing Neo America, and piloted by the great Chibodee Crocket, and by chance, bearer of the Queen of Spades shuffle crest!  His opponent, Tao Gundam, representing Neo Vietnam, a newcomer to the world of Gundam Fights, Hamura Kui!" Ida said.  The image of Prime Minister Karato appeared in the sky, reflecting off the barrier.

              "I would like to welcome you all to the beginning of the Fourteenth Gundam Fight!  We shall take great pleasure in seeing who will rise as champion!  Now let's get this match started.  Gundam Fight!" He announced.

              "Ready…" Chibodee said.

              "GO!" Hamura yelled, and lunged at Chibodee.  Chibodee smirked, as his fighting knuckles covered his hands.

              "Amateur…"  He said, and thrust his arms out.  "Cyclone Punch!" he yelled, and punched the air with his left hand.  His fist caught Tao Gundam's head.  It fell to the ground.  "Fights over." Chibodee said nonchalantly, and turned away.  True to his word, Tao Gundam lay there, unmoving.

              "Hey Domon?  You better come look at this." Rain said, staring at her lap top.  She pressed a few keys.  Domon snorted, and rolled over in bed, pressing Rain against a wall.

              "What for?" he asked irritably.

              "I've been watching some of today's matches… Chibodee, Allenby, Sai Sici, Argo, and George all won their matches in less than one minute.  It took you fifteen." Rain said.  Domon shrugged.

              "It'll be different when they stop fighting second rate Gundams, and have some decent competition." Domon said, and turned on the television.

              "…And here it is, ladies and gentlemen.  The complete quarter final match ups!  Tomorrow, Neo America's Gundam Maxter will face off against Neo Denmark's Mermaid Gundam!  Following this match, will be the much anticipated rematch between Neo Russia's Bolt Gundam and Neo Sweden's Nobel Gundam.  Then in the afternoon, Neo Germany's Hammer Gundam will face Neo China's Dragon Gundam.  In the last match of the day, Neo Japan's Shining Gundam will fight Neo France's Gundam Rose."  Rain grabbed the remote, and shut the TV off.

              "What was that for?" Domon asked.

              "It's just this atmosphere… after what happened last time, I can't bear to think what I'd do if something happened to you and I didn't get one last night with you…" She said, and buried her face in his chest, sobbing quietly.

              "Rain…" Domon said, putting an arm around her back.  "Okay… Tonight is ours then." He said.  She looked up at him, and smiled.

              "Thank you, Domon…" she said, and kissed him.  Domon kissed her back, a little surprised at Rain's aggressiveness.  She pushed him backwards gently, so that they were lying horizontally.  Rain was still on top, and replaced her hand on his chest.

              "Rain…?" Domon asked.

              "Yes Domon?" Rain said, looking down at him.

              "You seem… different today." Domon said, rubbing her bare arms.  She leaned down and kissed his forehead.

              "Like?" She asked.

              "I love you" He answered.  She smiled, and kissed him again.

              The next morning, Domon woke up naturally to the sun shining in his eyes from the window.  He rolled over, and immediately knew that something was wrong.  Rain's yellow tiara was lying on the bed next to him.  Rain herself was no where in sight.  "Rain?"  He asked, sitting up.  No answer.  Domon pulled his cape on, grabbed the sword that Schwarz had given him years earlier, and left the room hurridly.

Stalker – Everyone, it's the moment you've been waiting for.  The quarter finals in the Gundam Fight tournament are set to commence!  And where exactly has Rain disappeared to?  And even worse, the Neo Japanese government has discovered some irregular energy levels coming from downtown Tokyo!  Could Lissa still be alive?  Next time, on Mobile Fighter G Gundam,

"Search for Rain!  Domon vs. Master Asia!"