1 ~ Birth

Perhaps it was the way the sunlight hit his golden-blonde hair just right. Perhaps it was the way he saw through him the way no one else ever had. Perhaps it was the way he continued to believe in him, day in and day out, unwavering in his kindness towards him. Or perhaps it was just the way things were meant to be. Regardless, something changed in Kyoya that day. Something bloomed. It was the birth of an unbreakable friendship that evolved into an undying affection for Tamaki Suoh that cannot be expressed through the written word.

The day Kyoya realized just how strong this bond had grown was a day he would not soon forget. Normally, he would disregard the antics of the Host King, but this would prove to be quite an abnormal day. He found himself watching the blonde's every move intently, somehow amused by his seemingly everyday acts.

"Oh Mommy dear!" Tamaki chimed, running towards the other boy and sending his heart racing far beyond normal speed.

"What is it now, Daddy?" Kyoya groaned as cynically as he could manage, attempting to hide the obvious deviation from him usual reaction while Tamaki flung himself at him.

"Can I come over your house after school?" pleaded the blonde. "I have new club themes to share with you!"

"Uh, sure," stuttered Kyoya, struggling to hold onto his notebook.

"Hooray!" Tamaki cheered. "Kyoyaaa! Mon amiii!"

It was with the everyday conversation that set his heart aflutter that Kyoya's affection for Tamaki was born.