Kathwren grumble as she waited in the grocery store's line- four people back. She'd come to the store to buy a variety of things; finger nail polish, cookies, earrings, a new pair of jeans, etc.; and had expected to check out quickly without waiting in line when she had vaguely remembered Christmas was twenty-two days away. Now here she stood impatiently all on the account of her poor calculations. "Maybe I should just come back tomorrow," she thought grimly as the cashier started to have problems with the check-out machine. But no sooner had that thought popped in her mind,, a hand fell on her shoulder. Startled, Kathwren jumped slightly before whirling around in surprise. She locked eyes with an old man staring at her in mild curiosity. "Um... can I help you?" Kathwren finally asked apprehensively; her eyebrow quirked in question. The man's grey eyes widened slightly at her, as if wondering why on Earth she was talking so such an old man like himself. But before she could dismiss herself, the strange man softly said, "Actually, Miss, I was wondering if I could help you." His words piqued her interest but she was still unsure of them, "Help... me? I don't know how you could." His grey eyes held her own starlight amethyst ones and Kathwren was sure time stood still. Then he finally spoke after a moments silence. "Then let me show you." Suddenly the grey haired man struck the nearest cart with what appeared to be a walking stick of some sort made out of wood. Immediately afterward he brought the top part of his staff to his lips and whispered something into it. Kathwren peered at him quizzically; was he partly mad? Then feeling queasy, spots suddenly started to dance across Kathwren's vision as a faint blue glow started to envelope the both of them. She felt dizzy and yet- she was standing completely still. "To begin, I think I'll show you..." He thought for a moment before he let out a low chuckled, "Nothing ordinary." Kathwren barely caught it- but as she did she wrinkled her nose. "Then why show me?"" At that thought she let out a moan and she could vaguely feel her body free fall to the ground. As she collided into the floor- blackness hole.