Frozen POV

"Elsa are you coming?" The Queen of Arendelle called as her youngest daughter, Anna, jumped happily onto her lap. A mug of molten chocolate in her hands, at 4 years of age Anna had quite a sweet tooth. The mother and daughter sat in front of a warm crackling fire. Behind them feather-light flakes of snow could be seen falling gracefully behind the frosted glass. The queen braided Anna's short strawberry blond hair as she waited for her eldest daughter to reply.

Elsa sat swinging her legs over the edge of her blue four-poster bed. She was making a small complex snowflake dance over her open palm. She had her back to her mother and sister.

"Mum don't you think I'm getting a little old for bedtime stories?" Said Elsa as she made the little snowflake hover high above her head. She followed it with her large blue eyes. She gave a soft smile as she looked up at it in wonder.

The queen gave a fake gasp of surprise at her six-year-old daughter's statement. "Anna did you hear that?" She said making the little girl giggle as she sipped her hot chocolate. "The Queen of Arendelle is too old for stories. Do you think we should follow the queen's orders or risk being accused with treason?"

Anna jumped onto her feet. Her mother had to steady her as she stood on her lap, she pointed her mug in Elsa's direction as if she was holding a sword.

"Elsa does not scare me! I shall take this 'treason' thingy if it means I can hear another one of your stories mum!" Squealed the little girl as she began to giggle again.

The snowflake vanished into a hundred little sparkles as Elsa head spun round, her platinum flying around her. She giggled. "Anna do you even know what treason is?"

Anna cocked her head sideway like a little puppy. "Does it have anything to do with trees?"

"No honey." Laughed the queen.

"By the way mum I'm not the queen of Arendelle, you are." Said Elsa, finally turning to face the pair.

"Yes, but someday it will be you." The queen smiled at he daughter. "And Elsa as queen there are somethings you have to remember and if you follow them your reign will be one the people will never forget."

Now the queen had her full attention. "What would that be mum?"

The queen guided Anna back into a sitting position.

"Well as queen you have to learn patience, honesty , loyalty and perseverance. As queen you must be stern but understanding, kind but merciful. Do not think yourself greater then your subjects just because you live in a castle. They must know that you are there for them and that you would do what is best for them even if that means making you sad sometimes."

"I'm glad I'll never be queen." Anna commented looking up at her mother with big blue eyes.

"Lets hope it never leads to that honey." Said the queen dismissing the horrible thought of something happening to either of her daughters.

Elsa was silent as she digested what her mother told.

"Also," continued the queen winking at little Anna. "Being queen does not make you too old for stories. Come her Elsa I've got a story I've been keeping for such a storm and I think you'd like it especially."

Without another complaint, the girl excitedly jumped of her bad and ran to her mother's side, using her mother's long skirt as a form of blanket.

The queen looked down at the fair-haired girl and smiled. Elsa smiled back up happily.

"Start the story mummy! I'm going to run out of hot chocolate." Squealed Anna excitedly.

"Haha ok very well." Started the queen. "Have either of you ever heard of Jack Frost?"

Both girls shook their heads. The queen gave an exaggerated sigh. "As I expected, poor old Jack he's the only guardian that no one believes in."

"Guardian?" Elsa asked curious.

"Yes." Replied the queen. "The Guardians of childhood they are known. 5 magical beings destined to protect children from the evil boogieman."

"The boogieman?" squealed Anna hiding her face in her mother's dress.

"Yes, yes but have no fear dear." Said the queen calming the child. " The guardians have foiled his dark plans time and time again."

"Now you're probably wondering who these so called guardians. We all know of them and it is our belief in them that makes them strong enough to defeat the boogieman. The guardians are said to be hand picked by the moon himself."

"The moon?" Gasped Anna in wonder.

"Who were the guardians mum?" Asked Elsa.

" Well their leader is no other the Santa clause himself. With his mighty swords he protects his precious Christmas presents from the Boogieman's minion who have countless times tried to spoil Christmas. His second in command is the great sandman. Using dreamdust he has driven off countless nightmares that have invaded the dreams of children and replaced them with the sweetest dreams. Then there's the beautiful Tooth fairy, the guardian of memories. It's her job to safeguard our childhood memories that take the form of the teeth we leave under our pillows for her. Then there's the Easter bunny, don't let his fluffy cuddly look fool you it's his job to take care of and hide the eggs we look for when spring comes. His enchanted boomerangs will stop anyone from disrupting the game. Then last of all of the guardians, the one we can't forget is Mr Jack frost himself, the Spirit of Winter."

"The Spirit of Winter?" Gasped Elsa.

"Yes, that's he." Said the Queen. "He's a lot like you dear. It's his job to bring winter and snow and fun to the land. Like you, he has magical winter powers. But the poor guy had a hard time becoming a guardian, he never wanted to be one, all he wanted to do was have fun. However deep down he was a very lonely boy, see, Jack Frost had no memory of who he was before Jack Frost and he spent over 300 years wondering this earth alone. See, being a guardian comes with a catch, only those that believe in you can see you and sadly no one believed in poor Jack, many never even heard of him. It was 300 years after Jack Frost himself was accepted by his fellow Guardians and thanks to the help of his first ever believer they defeated the Boogieman and foiled his evilest plan yet- to destroy the belief children had in the Guardians. However thanks to Jack's fun loving ways, like always, good always won over evil."

"How?" asked Anna.

"As long as there are children who believe in all the guardians, especially Jack Frost, they will always win over the boogieman."

"I believe, I believe!" Squealed Anna.

The queen laughed at the child's excitement.

"What about you Elsa, do you believe in Jack Frost?" the queen asked but Elsa didn't reply she just stared into the fireplace.

He's a lot like you dear. The words echoed inside her mind. No she didn't, it was too good to be true. Jack Frost was just a fairy tale.

The following evening Elsa accidently shot Anna with her ice….

Jack Frost POV

"Whoa Wind calm down! Burgess is in the other direction!" Jack yelled trying to fly in the opposite direction he was heading but to no luck, he had no command of this new wind. "Bunny's going to have my head if I'm late for yet another meeting!"

However, reluctantly, he allowed the unknown wind to guide him. He'd just have to explain this to the Guardians later. The wind slowly died away as a giant castle appeared in the distance. Curious he flew towards it. A crowd of cheering people were huddled in front of the castle. He hovered above them, none seemed to be able to see him but he didn't want to risk it. Then out of the front gate a woman, in a bellowing purple cloak ran out. The crowd swarmed around her. She looked frantic as she tried to pass trough. As people began to draw closer she walked back her hands clutching the fountain behind her. To Jack's surprise, and of those of the people below, the fountain's water froze instantaneously like a giant icicle. The people backed away from her, frightened. The lady looked like a trapped animal. She turned her head as another lady in a green dress ran out of the doors, yelling something that got swept away as the wind reappeared around Jach. The lady in purple made a gesture with her hand and a light blue light erupted from it, hitting the entrance stairs. A short, weasel faced man slid onto his back as the ground he was standing on was suddenly coated with ice.

Clearly frightened the crowd parted and the girl in purple ran trough without looking back. The girl in green followed her. Curious to see what would happen next Jack flew after them. The lady in purple reached the edge of a large mass of water. She stopped momentarily trapped, the green lady was closing in. carefully the purple lady placed one foot on the water, the immediate area, to Jack's surprise completely froze over. Taking a leap of fate the purple lady took another step on the ice before continuing her run. Ice appeared with every step. Jack was vaguely aware of the green girl slipping on the newly formed ice. His attention was occupied with what was happening to the fiord, it was completely freezing over now. Flakes of snow began to flutter past him. A single word reached him from the green girl's yells.


Things were getting interesting now. Jack followed the girl, he assumed was named Elsa across the freezing Fiord and decided to hover beside her as she began to run up a snow covered mountain. As he flew beside her the first thing she did was remove her glove (which strangely she only had one of). Jack watched as it flew away in the wind. Without a second thought Elsa continued to walk.

"And now they know!" She whispered just loud enough for the winter spirit to hear. Up close she looked like she was made of snow herself, with pale skin and equally pale hair and her eyes reminded Jack of Frozen water.

She abruptly stopped and she raised a palm , snowflakes momentarily played at the tips of her fingers before making them swirl above her head. She then began to slowly walk forward while coping the motion of moulding clay with her hands she magically built a disfigured snowman.

"Not bad Newbie." He said polishing his nails, slightly disappointed that she couldn't see or hear him.

She took an excited step forward before unlinking her cloak. It vanished in the wind behind her. There was a new energy in her step as she continued to murmur to herself. A smile spread across her face as she continued to control snowflakes around her. She soon reached the edge of a deep chasm. Still smiling, she didn't seem phased by the obstacle. She gestured with her hands and a beautifully detailed ice staircase moulded itself out of the falling snow.

"Impressive I must admit." Said Jack as he followed her up the staircase.

She momentarily stood there then she slammed her foot and raised her arms and a magnificent castle began to form around them. Jack just stared speechless the most magnificent chandelier he had ever seen in his whole life appeared above him made of pure ice.

"Okay now you're just showing off…" His voice trailed off as his gaze fell on Elsa. A little crown lay at her feet and as she began to walk towards the newly formed balcony her dark purple dress began to change she was now in a shimmering ice blue dress with a cape that seemed to be made of snowflakes. Her long hair fell gracefully into a perfect braid on her shoulder.

"Wow!" Was all he managed. Jack was getting ready to follow her out but something fluffy roughly grabbed his shoulder.

He turned his head to find the Kangaroo- Rabbit standing behind him.

"Stop gawking frosty!" He scolded. "North sent me to find you. Of coarse , I should have thought of it sooner, of coarse Jack would be a cause of turning my precious spring into his horrid winter."

"It wasn't me Bunny! I swear!" Protested Jack as Bunny made him face his tunnel portal.

"Save it for the Judge." Snapped Bunny kicking Jack into the tunnel the last thing Jack heard was ;

"The cold never bothered me any way."

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