Chapter One

"The hell we doin' here in the asshole of nowhere?" the younger of the two hissed as he followed his older brother into the shadows behind the buildings of the sleepy little town. Not a sould was in sight, and they hadn't heard or seen a car for miles before entering the town. All of the little shops were closed, and the bar had locked up about an hour before.

"We need money, Daryl. And this place has been quiet for quite some time so why not check it out?" the older of the two asked with a smirk, stopping at the back door and trying the handle, "Locked. Who the fuck locks their buildings in this town? Looks like Mr. Rogers fuckin' neighborhood here. Keep a look out for me, lil' brother, won't ya?"

"Yeah, jus' make it quick, Merle. I don' wanna be here all damn night." The one known as Daryl walked back to the edge of the building and walked along the sides in the shadows, peeking around the corner at the gravel road and seeing not a single soul in sight. He peeked back around the building at Merle and gave him a thumbs up, watching the road again before hearing the glass on the back door break. After waiting a few more minutes he retreated to the back and hurried inside after his brother.

"I can't believe you talked me into comin' with you to this shithole. I should have stayed home." Daryl mumbled and pulled his jacket back up around his shoulders, zipping it up and shoving his hands in the pockets.

"Shut up an' sit down if ya don't like it. But I need money to pay off some debts." Merle said as he scratched his bald head and flipped on his flashlight, finding themselves in a small back room that had bags of dog food lining the wall, boxes of flea and tick medicine on the shelves above, and piles of leashes too. On the other wall there were sealed boxes of syringes and needles, IV bags and other various medical utensils.

"A vet's office. You broke into a goddamn vet's office. The fuck you gonna find in here to make money with?" Daryl asked as Merle walked through the doorway and behind the front desk.

"I dunno, let's keep lookin'. There's gotta be a safe or somethin' here they keep money in. Vet's offices make loads, lil' brother, people always gonna have sick animals."

"Whatever you say." he mumbled and followed Merle into another room where he was already pilfering through a large cabinet. Daryl could hear pills rattling in their bottles and sat up on an examination table, crossing his arms and waiting for Merle to finish.

"Think we could get any cash for animal pain pills and tranquilizers?" Merle asked as he began stuffing his pockets, "I'm sure if I didn't tell anyone they wouldn't know the damn difference."

"Sure, whatever gets us outta here." Daryl said just as lights shone down the hallway, "Fuck."

"Freeze!" they heard two voices shout, flashlights shining in their faces and blocking their view of the two men in the doorway.

"Put your hands up where I can see them, and get down on the floor on your knees."

"Jesus Christ." Daryl hissed and looked over at Merle who only snickered and started lowering his hands.

"Calm down, what are these idiots gonna do?"

"I said hands up now!" With that command they heard the very familiar sound of a gun cocking and they both started easing to the ground, the lights flipping on and seeing two officers walking towards them, "Hands behind your backs, now."

Daryl looked over at his brother, and if looks could kill, they'd be putting Merle six feet under right about then as handcuffs were being slapped on their wrists.

"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you?" They both answered with a reluctant yes, "Call Hershel, and we'll ask him what he wants to do with these two." the skinnier of the two said as they pulled the brothers to their feet, "Come along, now. Let's get you two to the station."

"How the hell did you know we were here?" Merle asked as they were being forced out the front door and towards the Sheriff's car sitting out front.

"You two idiots triggered the silent alarm. Watch your heads." With that the brothers ducked and slid into the back seats, Daryl leaning his head against the window and watching the sleepy town go by as the officers pulled away from the vet's office and towards whatever their fate had in store for them.

A.N. So this is my first AU with Beth and Daryl, so, let me know what you guys think so far? Thank you everyone!