Monsters, Inc 2-A New Adventure

By Mojobubbles

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"Yep, that's how a door station works!" James P. Sullivan told what seemed like the bajillionth worker that day. Mike Wazowski walked out of a nearby closet door, and sighed, noting the fake, pasted on smile his friend wore.

"Alright, everyone take five!" Jerry, one of the supervisors of Laugh Floor F told the employees. It was typical day at Monsters, Inc.

It was funny, in an ironic way, how different everything was now, thought Mike as he got himself a soda. "Hey, Sul, y'want one?" he called to his furry blue friend, James Sullivan. Although no one called him that. It was wayyy too stuffy. So he went by Sulley. Sulley shook his head and made his way into his office. Mike sighed again. Sulley had been like that lately, really quiet, sometimes snappish. But Mike was (most of the time) very understanding, because he very well knew what bothered his furry friend. He missed Boo.

Boo. Just the mention of her nickname brought back some interesting memories. Boo was a human, and the last time Mike had seen her, a very cute one. Boo had completely changed everything about Monsters, Inc. Sulley had let her in to the monster world when a fellow MI worker, and an evil one at that, Randall, had the door leading to Boo's room at his scaring station. When Boo first came inside the monster world, MI collected screams for a source of energy. The old CEO of MI, Waternoose, had been in on a secret plan with Randall to kidnap human children and use a special machine to harness their screams in hopes to put the company back on top. However, Waternoose was fired and Randall banished to the human world when Sulley, Mike, and Boo blew the top off of the secret operation and Sulley had discovered that laughs were much more powerful than screams. It seemed that everything would be perfect. Boo would go home to the human world, laughs would be collected instead of scream, but best of all, Sulley and Mike could go back and visit Boo sometimes. Mike sighed again as he remembered the look on Sulley's face when he was told that Boo's door would be shredded into a bazillion pieces, meaning he could never see her again. Although Mike had decided that would not happen. He spent three weeks digging through wood shards, and slowly but surely, recreated Boo's door. Sulley went in, and didn't leave until nearly 8 o'clock at night. If Mike had been telling this story to someone, they might ask, "How could Sulley miss Boo when he could visit her any old time?" Mike wished that Sulley had never taken the job as CEO. Boo's recreated door was a complete secret, and if anyone found out, it would cost Mike and Sulley their jobs. Sulley was always surrounded by workers asking the stupidest questions that any moron oughta know, and it made Mike mad. Sulley hadn't been able to visit Boo for over a year, and it was clearly eating him up from the inside. So Mike had a plan, a plan to give Sulley the ultimate present for his birthday.