Chapter 12



Mojobubbles: anyone still out there? It's been over half a year.......God/Kami/Ra.......

Here I am, wrapping up 'Return to Monstropolis', and it's been, what, 7 and 1/2 months since it began? And by it, I don't just mean this story. I also mean the whole experience.

It started out a chance to post my idea of what the sequel to Monsters, Inc. will be like (¬_¬ we all know Disney's gonna make @$!^**^(*&%.......), and turned into this whole big gigantic.........THING!

Because here I am, listening to Michelle Branch's "Are You Happy Now?" with a couple of Inu-Yasha plushies by my side, a drawing of a homicidal stick figure on my hand, and a black t-shirt with the words, "YOU LAUGH BECAUSE I'M DIFFERENT I LAUGH BECAUSE YOU'RE ALL THE SAME". One of my closest friends is one I met here on She offers good advice, a good laugh, and a shoulder to cry on, even though we live thousands of miles away. Manga and anime litter my room, I've got an Honor Roll plaque on my wall, and an incense bottle at my desk. My penname's gone from Mojobubbles, to Yami Mojobubbles, to Tenshi bakeru, and now to The Perpetually Hyper One.

Things have changed. A lot.

My self-esteem has shot up since that fateful October when I stumbled across I mean, people put you on their favorites lists because of the way you write, not because of the way you look. In our society, categorized into the ins and outs, that really means a lot.

That's probably the main reason I couldn't take this down. I figured I should, but I just couldn't. I mean, like I said, this was the whole reason I joined, and look what happened with, without further ado, I present to you the end of 'Return to Monstropolis'.

It's been quite a ride, and I wouldn't have been able to do it without you all.

Arigato, minna-san!

(Yup, Japanese. "Thank you, everyone!")


The room was pitch-dark and silent, a placid sort of blankness. No one would ever expect that on the other side of this world lie one beyond our wildest imaginations, full of monsters.

But that world was on the other side for now, until one single closet door would connect them once again. This was the human world, and this was a human's home.

Suddenly, the stillness was broken by the scraping of a key in a lock on the front door, and it groaned in protest as the owner of the home pushed it open.

Michelle stumbled into her apartment, at nearly 2 in the morning. She was exhausted, but happy. She was going to be going back to college!

She flopped onto the couch, though her brain was screaming at her that she couldn't sleep yet.

Kristin.....where was Kristin? No, wait.......Kristin....Sulley has taken her for the night. Michelle had known that trying to get the admission into the local college would take a while, and Sulley had offered to watch Kristin.

Her mind blissfully blank, Michelle dropped off to sleep.

She woke up, the next morning, wrapped in a fluffy white blanket.


Where'd the blanket come from? She hadn't gotten one, had she?

Michelle smiled again when it hit her. She snuggled deeper in the blanket and drifted off again. But before sleep overtook her, she whispered one single unheard message:

"Thanks, Kitty."