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Chapter 6: Jealousy

(Just after Thriller Bark, a random island..)

Nico Robin is a composed woman. She rarely shows any emotion that she has not evaluated as acceptable for both the moment and the audience. She knows how to not appear fazed, surprised, or even disturbed. She has learned to let happiness out, that's true, but only in the slightest and most demure manner.

So it was a surprise to herself that right now she was sitting away from the people, a deep frown in her face, on the deck of the Sunny where an impromptu party was happening. Not even Chopper dared approach her, with her seemingly feral and deadly aura emanating at anyone within a ten feet radius.

It wasn't hard to miss, and everyone tried to keep their distance.

Everyone except their captain, their guest, and her cyborg.

Yes, HER cyborg. HER shipwright. HERS HERS HERS.

She stabbed at her cake, repeatedly.

It was her fault, she couldn't deny it.

She knew it was her fault. In a way. Or maybe it was Nami's. Or just Zoro's. Or maybe everyone was at fault but all she knew was that she should not have left Franky alone on the ship.

She had to go with Zoro into town, just because the green haired swordsman was so bad at directions and Nami insisted he have a companion. Being ever so good natured and such a helpful member of their crew, she had to volunteer. And now, this!


"No!" Nami shouted, pulling hard on Zoro's collar, making the swordsman tumble backward.

"What the hell!?" he stumbled back, falling flat on his bum.

The navigator gave him a glare, "You are not allowed to into town alone, we're only staying here for a short while and we don't to spend an extra day finding you!"

"You witch! If I want to go get a drink, I'll go get a drink, darn it!" And so a fight ensued, between Nami and Zoro and Sanji, who happened to be nearby and just jumped in to defend the navigator.

Robin chuckled behind her hand, for the poor swordsman was indeed always lost. She was considering asking Franky to accompany her to the bookstore, since Chopper would be taking Brook to hunt for herbs in the forest, while Usopp, who had unfortunately drawn the short straw, was tasked to watch over Luffy, and Sanji would obviously be spending the time with Nami to buy supplies. Their log post would only need a day, so everyone was busy with their own tasks. She looked at the cyborg, who was busy tinkering with another gadget on the lawn deck.

He did seem occupied.

"Franky" she said, leaning close to him.

He looked up and flashed her his signature grin "Need anything Nico Robin? Just tell me, I am feeling particularly SUPER today!" He did his pose while sitting down, a screwdriver in his retractable hand. Robin had to chuckle.

The man was amusing, she can give him that, and that was one of the reasons why she really enjoyed his company. Not that she would openly admit to it.

"Would you mind if you watched the ship today?" She asked, cocking her head to the side.

The shipwright smiled up at her and gave her a thumbs up "Of course!"

Robin smiled back. She was quite fond of the shipwright, maybe even more than how she should feel for a nakama. She liked spending time with him, talking to him, not just because they were one of oldest members of their crew, but because he was an interesting person to talk to. So lively and enthusiastic about his inventions. She reminded him so much of the archeologists in Ohara who took so much pride in their work and research.

She walked to the still arguing navigator and swordsman.

"I can take Zoro-san to the bar." She said, standing by them with her hands behind her back "If he would be willing to carry some books for me on the way back."

That stopped the argument between the two, though it ignited protests from Sanji. Robin deftly grabbed Zoro by his bicep and led him away, ignoring the cook all together.

"Oi woman you don't need to lead me around" The swordsman said, pulling his arm free.

She smiled at him "You're welcome."

Zoro blushed in embarrassment, and followed her through the town. As much as she would like to spend her day with the cyborg, she couldn't help in helping the swordsman every once in a while. Especially with the recent events back in Thriller Bark. She never told anyone, and hasn't planned on doing so, but it doesn't mean she can't show him some form of kindness whenever she can.

They had a good time at the bar, talking about the antics of their hyperactive captain, and the trip from the bookstore also proved fruitful as she found a weathered old book that talks into details about the island's history. The swordsman was good company, but she missed the boisterousness of the shipwright.

They were gone for most of the day, and it was near dusk when they got back, only to see the shipwright, the sniper, and their captain enjoying the presence of their current guest.

A tall, Amazonian woman with flowing red curls. She stands a good head taller than Robin, and had strong, sinewy muscles. She wore a rather skimpy pair of shorts and a Hawaiian shirt that exposed quite large assets, covered with an electric blue bikini top.

Her name was Francine, a shipwright.

"Zoro! Robin!" Luffy called, pulling the two of them onboard, much to the chagrin of the swordsman "Look! She's just like Franky!"

And Robin's eyes turned green, for the female shipwright was currently at awe with her shipwright, as he talked about ships.

Back to the party...

The tink tink tink of her fork on the ceramic plate did not fall on deaf ears, as she stabbed her half eaten desert with wanton. Chopper cowered behind Zoro, seeing the archaeologist with her calm face and continual assault of an innocent slice of chocolate cake. Zoro couldn't help but smirk. He had spent the day with the usually calm woman, and knew quite well what she was bothered about.

He patted Chopper's head and walked up to her, his killing intent no match for the one she was currently exuding. For now both the shipwrights had taken to themselves in singing a bawdy drinking song, with him on the guitar and her ukulele.

Annoyingly tinkling music, and a husky voice that matched his. Robin could have learned how to play the ukulele, she had hands for it.

"You're killing your cake." Zoro said, leaning back on where she sat.

She shot him an angry glare that even frightened him "I'm not sure what you mean, Zoro-san."

Regaining his composure, he pointed his bottle on her plate, where all that was left was broken crumbs that she was still stabbing. With reddening cheeks, she stopped her assault, placing the plate on the floor beside her.

"Are we leaving soon?" She asked, trying to sound nonchalant, though Zoro notice the hint of aggression.

"Ask Nami" he said, taking a swig of his drink. "But I think Luffy wants to stay another night for Francine." Somehow, the plate broke without even her touching it. Zoro was impressed. And slightly frightened.

"Francine" She hissed, almost venomous. She saw the navigator, who was being tended to by Sanji.

Zoro was quite amused to see a phantom hand appear on Nami's shoulder, pulling her quickly to where they sat.

"The log post has set, are we leaving soon?" Robin asked, without her usual courtesies.

Nami, who had been avoiding the historian due to fear, stammered slightly "No, Luffy wants to stay another day or two so Francine and Franky can do some more improvements on the ship."

"Francine!" Robin hissed again, and somehow, Zoro's bottle broke into tiny pieces. Luckily, he had polished off the last drop just a few moments earlier.

Nami looked at Robin, then at Francine and Franky who were currently dancing beside each other, along with Chopper, Luffy and Usopp, accompanied by Brooke's violin, while Sanji enjoyed the view from the female shipwright. Robin was glaring, something she doesn't normally do, at the tall female. She then looked at Zoro who nodded with his smirk. And then it clicked.

"Robin" Nami said, her hands on her hips "Are you jealous?"

The deathly glare the historian cast her would have been enough to send even Akainu running.

"Jealous?" Robin said "I am not jealous."

"You sure about that?" Zoro asked, standing besides Nami, his arms crossed over his chest.

"You haven't been able to enjoy the party" Nami said, with her sly grin "Because you're jealous of Francine."

"I am not jealous" She said, standing up herself, her hands clenched besides her. "There is no reason for me to be jealous!"

Nami's grin widened "But Franky seems to like Francine quite a lot."

"Oh look, they're doing his Super Pose" Zoro said, pointing a thumb at the two who had identical poses, being cheered on by their rest of their crew.

"I am not jealous!" Robin said, her voice rising "Why should I be jealous of a woman like her? Just because she likes the same thing he does, and because he looks so happy when talking to her, just because they're so alike and so compatible! I am not jealous!"

Sanji, who was currently bringing out more drinks, was quite shocked when the wine glasses shattered on his tray.

Nami and Zoro looked at each other, then back at the archaeologist who was clenching her fists a bit too hard, and currently had such a murderous look that they thought about running away.


"Zoro, Sanji! Let's do the Pirate Docking 6!"

The three of them turned to the group, where Chopper and Franky were waving enthusiastically "Francine agreed to be the left arm!" Franky said, then added "She doesn't think it's humiliating for a human being!"

Robin's eyes flared with anger.

"Yeah!" Usopp said, waving his hands frantically "We'll complete the pirate docking system this time!"

Robin gritted her teeth.

"Yeah!" Chopper jumped up and down "Zoro come on! Luffy's going to be the utility belt!"

Nami backed away slowly from Robin, while Zoro, with a shrug, followed Sanji to the middle of the deck.

Robin stomped down her foot.

"Yeah!" Luffy said, stretching his torso to ready himself "Docking docking!"

The following events shocked the crew, for hands suddenly appeared everywhere and started throwing things all over the deck. From food, to cutlery, to plates, to the chairs and the table where they had the rest of their feast.

Robin walked to the aquarium, leaving her crew in their current distress.

It didn't take long for Franky to find her, though she had thought it would have been Nami or Sanji who would come and talk to her. She sat there with her arms crossed over her chest, a huge frown on her face, watching the fishes, refusing to look at him.

"Oi Nico Robin" He said, sitting in besides her "What was that about?"

She refused to answer, instead, just sat there and ignored him.

Franky peered at her through his sunglasses. "Are you jealous of Francine?"

Robin turned to glare at him "I am not jealous of some loud mouthed shipwright."

Franky's eyebrow shot up "Loudmouthed?"

She shot up, her hands on her waist "Yes, loudmouthed. And noisy, and too tall, and too rowdy!" she was stomping her foot now as she continued listing traits "Who can play the ukulele and can sing loudly and likes building ships and does docking and-"

Robin's eyes widened as she was cut off from her ranting with Franky's hug, her head right under his chins. "Oi Nico Robin" he said, "You should stop being jealous."

"I'm not jealous" She mumbled, an uncharacteristic blush on her cheeks, pulling away from Franky.

"You know why you don't have to be jealous?"

"I am not jealous."

"Because you're the only SUPER woman for me." Franky said with a wide grin, and a thumbs up.

That night, Super Pirate Docking 6 was assembled for the first (and last) time, complete with wings made from many arms.

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