Chapter 26
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The Country of Love, and a Mysterious Pervert

After spending a whole night under the sky, my clothing became quite dirty. Fortunately I brought some change, but I hadn't found a place to dress myself yet. Furthermore, I also wanted to take a bath. This morning my stomach went to a strike. Mrs. Belgium's waffles only survived for one day, so I had to shake my brain to find food. The thing was...

Where is this?

If I have to describe, I was in a glamour city. A city filled with many artistic ornaments, and people passing around the streets (that made me feel even clumsier). In a place, I found a free newspaper stand that also provides free map, tend for the tourists, it seemed. I took one. After examining the map...

France!? I'm in France!

Ah, who cares? Actually, knowing where I was now wouldn't help too much. The thing I should do is...look for a place for obtaining money and food.

I checked my bag. What should I sell now to survive...? I decided to sell my phone. That hand phone was turned off, and the trademark (as with my other belongings) weren't clear where it came from. People should wanting to pay this, I suppose...though. I found an electronic shop, and obtained some buck of franc after a lot negotiating. With that money, I went to the minimarket to buy the cheapest bread and a box of milk.

Alright, for this moment, I was saved. Now... I found a very beautiful park, and found a public toilet nearby.

Refreshed, I sat on the bench and re-examined my map. Can I find my position and the dock from this?

"Good Afternoon, young beautiful lady. You seem to be troubled."

I lifted my sight to see a man standing in front of me. The blonde hair tied with a ribbon, the blue eyes blinked perversely to me. On his chin, thin beard made me figure his age to be 30s. On the hand, he was holding a stalk of rose. "Is there anything I can do for the beauty?"

To see him, I could easily figure him as a womanizer. "Ah, thank you for the trouble, but no. I can do this on my own." I tried to reject to his offer as cultured as possible.

"But you seem to be having difficulties." He pointed to my backpack and the map I was holding. "Are you a tourist?"

"A-ah, yeah, a kind of."

His face grew radiant. "Then, how about a walk around the city? I know every tourist spot around here, and I'm obliged to be your guide." He bowed a little, then blinked again.

I tried to evade. "Ah, that's so kind of you. But no, I could be a trouble."

"Oh, there's no trouble for a magnificent, beautiful lady as yours." Ugh, this sentence should make females go boom if told by the right person. "Shall we?" He said again, pulling my hands and we went away.

I didn't have any other choice but to go with him. Alright, a little tour has nothing wrong... right?

First, he brought me to an art museum. As with the other part of this city, the museum was really glamour and artistic. Beautiful paintings were standing in rows on the wall and filled every hallway. There were also carvings and statues, that looked like the stone wasn't forming something, but something formed into stone. And you know what? One that caught my most admiration was, that pervert knew about most of the arts being displayed here. Ah, no, no, he knew all of them.

From the museum, he said he would brought me to a historical spot. As we walked there, he also told me about the places we passed. Sometimes he would point to a restaurant and recommended it to me, if we had spare time later, he said. Yeah, basically it would never happen, but I remain silent and enjoyed what my pervert tour guide told me about.

In the middle of the way, I slammed someone by accident. I call it by accident, because I didn't realize the presence of that man. You can say that I realized him after I slammed him. Stumbling back for a few moments, the pervert prevented my back from kissing the ground. The man I slammed, a blonde man with eyeglasses, fell down helplessly to the ground. "Ah, please forgive me!" I exclaimed.

He raised himself with a nervous smile and said with a little voice, "A-alright. I didn't go careful, so I'm sorry, too."

"Matthew!" The pervert exclaimed happily. "So you're here to admire the beauty of this city, too?"

"Oh, Francis-nii-san!" The slammed man was also happy to see the pervert. He relentlessly stood up. "Sure!" He said, then. "I decided to go on vacation, and I think a few times here aren't bad... and I can meet you, too."

"How nice of you, Matthew! And look, I'm guiding this beautiful lady". The pervert addressed me. "You want to join?"


Then the pervert talked to me again. "Ah, sorry, my lady." He said gently. "This is Matthew, my brother. Mine's Francis Bonnefoy. You don't mind we aren't going in two anymore, do you?"

"Of course not." I said with a small grin. Actually I'm relaxed. I realized this was my turn to introduce myself. "The name's Ellyza."

"Oh, Ellyza-cher!" He commented. "What a beautiful name you have there... You're from England?" He added, although...not as happy as before.

"I'm a European, but my family lives in Asia." I answered with my lie as I did before to Mrs. Belgium. To hear this, France returned to his initial state.

"So that's it..." He commented gently and perversely as before. "Then, if you don't mind, let us continue our magnificent tour!"

In that historical spot France showed to us, he lectured us a very long history lecture. He did it excitedly, and you can say, very detailed—even it felt like he was on that historical event. Actually it drove me a little weird, but Matthew didn't realize that oddity, it seemed.

Talking about that France's brother...

I was quite weird to see the two brothers. They admitted to be brothers, but it was clearly seen their personalities were very, very different. France, as I told you before, was a womanizer. He talked like rumble, full with romantic phrases and tempting motions. Matthew was quite the opposite. He was a calm, silent man, and when he talks he did it quietly that people sometimes didn't hear it. Sometimes, people sometimes didn't realize his presence.

One time I got the chance to ask this.

"Matthew." I said. "You say... you're brothers, but if you come here for a vacation, you're living separated, aren't you?"

"Y-yes, indeed." He was nervous to answer. "We're living... I-in a different country. B-but... Long t-time ago, we lived t-together."

France added. "Actually, we're not blood brothers. But, one thing made us pretend like brothers."

I nodded and 'oh'-ed shortly to answer. If I saw it, the womanizer France was quite different if Matthew was around him. I thought France was a common pervert that has many ways to attract girls. If I saw him with his brother, he was seen to be...more gentle. And fatherly? Yeah, he was seen to be a good brother.

If I think it again... My, how many pairs of brothers and sisters that I met in my journey... Hm... Aniki? (Big brother?)

The day was starting to be dark—time for us to separate. France asked me where did I stay, and offered to accompany me home (and it drove me a little eerie, afraid of his intention behind that offering). I rejected by saying I had checked out from my hotel and planned to go away from Paris. I asked them where the dock was, and the two delivered me there. They even helped me to order the ticket. When asked where I was going to, I thought for a moment before answering.


France was astonished to hear that. He great on me until his face was really close to mine. "You're really going to go there, Ellyza-cher? Why don't Spain? Or Italy?"

That drove me freaked. "A-ah, um... Yeah, I've planned it before." I answered it nervously.

To hear that, France only grumbled irk. I wanted to know what drove him really fed up on things related to England. "Listen, Ellyza-cher. When you're there, be careful to a blonde-haired man, green eyes, damn bold eyebrows and talks through the nose. If you meet someone like him, just slap the face, alright?"

"W-what's the...matter?"

"He's just annoying, that's all." He answered it short.


After then, I didn't ask anything more. France and Matthew accompanied me to wait until the ship carrying me arrived to the dock. I rode it, and as the ship started to slide on the sea, I great on the fence above the deck. It was much common, that I waved my hands to the two as a final bid of farewell. Matthew answered with his nervous smile, while France replied with a wave of white handkerchief like in the romance movies.

Yeah, although the two were really strange, I forced myself to smile cheerfully on that final farewell. At least, they accompanied me on a day tripping in France.

The Search, Third Session

Assuming Ellyza hadn't went too far, the seekers look for her around Germany. Dividing themselves in groups, as before, they went out. This time, Feliciano's group, with Mr. Germany and Gilbert, went to Spain as Feliciano suggested. First, they came to Antonio's.

"¿Ellyza's lost?" Antonio couldn't hide his surprise to hear that news.

Romano, which was in Antonio's, was surprised to hear that. "What do you mean by that, you whore!?" He exclaimed to his brother. "And why you must tell this with those two damn potato eaters, huh!?" He exclaimed pointing to Mr. Germany and Gilbert. Mr. Germany only sighed to accept Romano's common behavior for them, but Gilbert was quite turned up by that. Feli and Antonio, fortunately, managed to turn off the tension before a fight.

"¡If that's so, I'll help you to look for her!" Antonio then turned his head to Romano. "¿You're in, Lovi?"

"Crap, whatsoever." He replied. "I'm in, damn."

The five had searched thoroughly on the streets and tomato fields. They asked people about Ellyza's whereabouts. In the middle of that search, Feli whispered to Antonio without Romano knowing. "Spain-niichan." (Big Brother Spain) He said, watching Romano interrogated a pedestrian. "Do you think...Onii-chan's quite enthusiast?"

"So you realized it too, Feli." Antonio showed him his questionable grin. "I feel it, too. And you know, since Ellyza came here, he was more energetic to go to the tomato field. Unfortunately, you don't go here to help anymore."

"Hee, is that it?" Feli didn't believe it at first, until he smiled for some reason. "Is Onii-chan...?"

Antonio's grin widened. "It could be."

That search returned nothing, and the day was starting to go late afternoon. The other groups, too, didn't send them news—they resulted nothing too. Antonio suggested the team to seek help from other countries. At first, they visited Belgium and Netherland. The stingy country, however, wasn't too pleased to have Antonio visited him. "What's the business?"

The tomato country tried to form a smile. "Y-yeah, we want to ask you for help..."

It was cut as Netherland suddenly offered his hand to him. "The price?"

"¿Eeeeh?" Antonio exclaimed, not believing to what he saw.

Romano was heated on. "What do you mean by that, bastard!? You stingy fat-ass!"

"We're only asking for a small assistance." Antonio tried to negotiate.

"If you're not paying, I'll not give you anything." Netherland slammed the door in front of them. Re-knocking the door was useless after all, since Netherland wouldn't ever give any help without money.

They went to Belgium's. She greeted them far friendlier than her brother. After listening to their story—especially after Ellyza's appearance detailed—she was really surprised. "My!" She exclaimed. "I met that girl about two days ago, but she said she's a wanderer that came from Asia!"

"¿Although... the name and appearance was clearly a western?"

"She said she's a European that lived in Asia, and now's currently travelling in Europe." She continued. "I met her when she was bargaining with Onii-chan. She could only gave her gun, and for that, Onii-chan only offered one night stay and two times of bath."

Antonio and the others were speechless to hear that. "Ellyza… ¿bringing a gun?"

"We found that on her backpack." Mr. Germany explained. "And we found the backpack as she was lying unconscious on the roadside—with her memories lost. So we think it was hers. Strangely, we can't find where was the gun produced, so do with her other belongings.

Belgium gave them a nod. "That's why Onii-chan gave a little price for that gun, so I said to her I'll accept that gun with more value. She didn't want to sleep over for free..."

"Ellyza... she's still thinking about that." Feli mumbled, remembering what Mrs. Hungary told them.

"That girl..." Mr. Germany sighed. "Where's she going to?"

"I didn't ask, so I don't know..." Belgium looked down to apologize. "But I'll lend you a hand to look for her!"

The looks of those men was blooming to hear that. "¡Gracie!"

"So that's it? . . . Alright, I understand." Nihon closed the phone call and faced the curious faces to him—Hana, Mrs. Hungary and Mr. Austria.

"What's the news from Germany-san, Kiku?" Hana impatiently asked.

"He said, his group is advancing further." To hear this, the faces were quite shining with relieved looks. "Spain and Romano also joined the search. They seek for Netherland and Belgium's help, but Netherland rejected the question too early. Belgium gave them valuable information, and agreed to help."

A curious Mrs. Hungary preceded the statement. "And what's the information?"

He replied by telling Mr. Germany's story about Ellyza sleeping over in Belgium's. "Furthermore, Germayn-san also said to me to do something. According to his statement, we need to contact other countries to seek for their help. They will keep tracking Ellyza's whereabouts."

Mas Han was excited to hear this new clue. "Yoshi! Ganbaru-yo!" (Alright! Let's work hard!) Japan smiled to hear this excitement.