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Author's note : I'm sorry if my english is not perfect. It is my second language, and this is my first fic in english.

Summary : I was in the kitchen, preparing some delicious popcorn for a Supernatural marathon and now I'm in my favorite tv show. They say I'm important but What the Hell? I hope the Winchesters will help me! –Set after 9.16 Blade Runners

The Supernatural Marathon

I was in the kitchen, preparing myself some delicious popcorn for a Supernatural marathon. My favorite tv show. Two brothers on the road, searching for their father, hunting creatures. I got hooked from the moment Dean said "Dad's on a hunting trip. And he hasn't been home in a few days". The way Jensen Ackles said that, it always felt to me that Dean was a little psycho. And it kinda turned me on. Like his geek glasses in 8.14 Trial and Error. I was always a Deangirl. I mean, he's the funniest and I'm more into Han Solo than Luke Skywalker. But lately, Jared grew on me. He's the funniest of the cast and the sexiest. Look at him with his six pack and his long hair and aaaaahhhh! I was very fond of Soulless!Sam. So sexy. And Castiel, as Charlie says, is really dreamy. Misha is so awesome and his eyes. So blue! They are so perfect with Jensen's green eyes. Jensen the former model with a pretty beard. An awesome cast. An awesome show with awesome characters. Sam, Dean, Castiel, Crowley. I love him since 5.10 Abandon All Hope. He watched Nazi propaganda. He got me there. Not that I approve Nazism. Don't get me wrong. Nazism was aweful, but the idea of a demon watching Nazi progaganda, that is cool. Gabriel. GABRIEEEELLLLL! STILL NOT OVER HIS DEATH. Charlie, Balthazar, Bobby, Kevin, Meg, Lucifer, the Ghostfacers and Garth. Abaddon would be in that list, but she vandalized the Impala in 9.16 Blade Runners and no one touches Baby. She went too far. There's no coming back from hurting Baby.

So I was preparing popcorn for my marathon and I heard a noise coming from my room. It is odd, since 1) my roommate never enters it when she's here and 2) she's not here. I grab the chef knife for self defense – I want to make a statement –, leave the kitchen and quietly go to my room. Well, I try because 1) my floor is cracking – it's all wood – and 2) my mom always said I was walking like an elephant. Despite all my efforts, the person in my room probably knows I'm coming. I open the door and what I see surprises me. Black eyes. A demon. I scream so loud I probably alerted the all neighborhood.

"You coming with me girl" says the tall bald guy with tatoos all over his head. Why can't demons be all cute little girls like Lilith portrayed by Sierra McCormick? It makes it 1000% more fun. I notice that there's a sign on my closet's door made in blood. He pulls me into the closet and closes the door. I'm not in my apartment anymore. I'm in front of the red headed bitch that destroyed the Impala.


I hope you like it so far. Don't worry, it will all be understandable in further chapters. And sorry if you love Abaddon and you are offended by the word bitch. I just based that OC on me, and she crossed the line by vandalizing the Impala. I won't be able to forgive her, but I still love the character and the actress.