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Sakura sighed as she looked over the bills at the kitchen table with only the overhead fixture on in the dark apartment. Why did it seem like the bills were just getting more and more expensive? There was the water, gas, electric, trash, internet, phone, rent, Rei's daycare tuition.

Not to mention her students loans which she's been paying since she was still in college and hasn't even made a dent in them yet. It didn't help that she was an international student, so there were even more fees that she had to pay. In hindsight, it was quite amazing that her parents indulged in her wish to study in the States despite how expensive it was.

She let out another deep sigh.

It just seemed never-ending.

Sure, it was kinda Sakura's fault since she was the one who wanted to move out of her parent's house once she found a stable job (with medical benefits such as insurance) as an accountant. But she didn't expect it to be this hard. She was practically living paycheck to paycheck, which was not what she wanted to do. She wanted to at least experience the simple pleasures of life, like go out for a movie once in a while with her girlfriends or with Rei.

Speaking of Rei, Sakura decided to take a break from the bills and went to go check up on her little angel. Walking through the dark apartment without turning on any lights (she didn't want to increase the electricity bill) she made it to her son's room without incident. She carefully opened the door, making sure to not make that much noise and peaked into the nightlight-lit room.

She slipped in quietly and walked over to the small kid's bed and hovered over her baby boy. Okay, he wasn't much of a baby anymore, but he'll always be her baby. Sakura reached down and brushed his dark bangs out of his eyes. He shifted slightly before falling back into a deep slumber. With the peaceful look on his face, Sakura allowed herself to forget all the monetary troubles and smiled uninhibitedly.

Though Rei's arrival was unplanned and surprising, she didn't regret it at all. But that probably had to do with the timing. If she had found out any sooner, then she'd probably freak out and break down. She had found out right after graduating from university and after getting her degree. Though it was still shocking, it still wasn't as bad as finding out during the stressful time of finals and making sure that she had everything checked out to graduate.

When Sakura told her parents about it, they were both happy and disappointed in her. Happy that they were getting a grandchild, though a bit sooner than they had expected, and disappointed that she didn't bring a man home before it all.

Yeah, that's right, Sakura was a single mom whose baby was a result of a drunken one night stand. She can only shrug at it and move on with her life.

Sakura had gotten her Bachelor's overseas so after the discovery that she was pregnant, she immediately moved back home for her family's support. She was planning to stay there after college to find a job, but it just wouldn't do for her to have a baby alone with no family to help her.

She leaned down and kissed Rei's forehead before fixing the covers that he had kicked off in his sleep. Then she resigned herself to go back and deal with the bills, her fingers playing with her necklace.

Someone had to pay them.

Sasuke rolled his eyes as he played with his three-year old son after a tiring day at work.

Why was the great Uchiha Sasuke rolling his eyes you may ask? Well, it was because currently, his wife was screeching at the top of her lungs because she found out about the little affair he was having with one of his female employees in his office today.

How did she find out even though she, too, was busy at work in her lab halfway across town from his company?

Sasuke already knew the answer: his secretary. He rolled his eyes again. He didn't know why his secretary would tell his wife these things when she, too, was a part of his affair. Was it to keep the suspicion away from herself? Women. He'll never understand them.

"Sasuke-kun! Are you listening to me?!"

Sasuke nodded absentmindedly as he covered his innocent son's ears, there was no need for him to be subjected to his mother's yelling when it wasn't even directed at him.

"I swear to you, Sasuke-kun, the next time I hear of an affair, I will use the little whore as a lab rat!"

"Yeah, yeah." Sasuke ignored her threat, even though it was a very real threat, since he knew of the damage that the poisons his wife worked with in her lab inflicted on the little mice in the cages. He should be weary of them, but he really just didn't care anymore.

What he did care about was his son and getting a divorce. But he already knew that was never going to happen since his parents would never let him. Even though it was a loveless marriage on his part, they still shared a son together and that's what mattered to his parents. They were all about public image, and they couldn't let the public see his son motherless when the woman was still very much a live and breathing fire.


He'll see to it that his secretary gets less alone time with him in his office from now on.

Sakura was almost running around like a chicken that had its head chopped off as she and five others rushed to finish a report that was assigned just this afternoon; just "almost" because she really couldn't run around in the heels she was in.

It was really unfair because they really had just given them the assignment and they were told that they had until next week to finish it, and so, none of them started on it, opting to finish the other reports that they were working on. And then just an hour ago, their supervisor came back in and told them that they had to be done with it by the end of the day, and that was in three hours.

And so, Sakura and the team she was in, had two hours left to put together a thirty page report for the meeting next morning. When they were almost done with it, Sakura swore that the room was swirling before she forced herself to focus on the numbers in front of her. They finally finished the report. It was an hour late, but that was because it was their supervisor's fault for letting them know so last minute. They weren't reprimanded, instead they were thanked with tears running down his face.

They all were shocked. Was their supervisor's superior really that scary?

Sure, they all heard stories, but they all thought they were false. But now they saw that they weren't.

Sakura leaned back in her chair as she relaxed from the high strung tension she was in just a few minutes earlier.

"Good job, Haruno."

Sakura spun around to see her supervisor leaning over her cubicle wall. She gave him a small smile. "No problem, kachou. Just doing my job."

She waited for the inevitable flirting.

"So I was thinking, if you're not busy later, wanna go grab some dinner together?"

And there it was.

Sakura could only sigh before looking at the time on her computer. "Kachou, sorry, but you know I can't." She started gathering her stuff to leave and pick up Rei from the company daycare center. She was already an hour late.

"Why? Is it time? Are you busy tonight? Then–then what about another time? When are you free?"

"You know that's not it." Sakura got up and started walking to the elevator as her supervisor followed behind her.

"Then is it because of last time? I told you, I'm really sorry for that. I didn't mean to," he continued his sincere apology but it fell to deaf ears.

"Last time" was referring to the time her supervisor unprofessionally spilled hot coffee on her on purpose to get her alone with him when he helped her clean up the mess. But apparently he got "so lost in her beautiful green eyes" that he forgot all about what he was supposed to do and she ended up with a second degree burn since it was freshly brewed coffee. She could've totally gotten worker's comp for it, but decided against it as her supervisor apologized profusely to point of it being embarrassing.

Sakura pressed the button for the elevator and waited, silently hoping for it to come faster so that she could evade her persistent suitor. She almost sighed with relief when the elevator doors opened and she stepped in.

Turning back to her supervisor, she pursed her lips before giving him one last apologetic smile. "I just can't, kachou. I have to go pick up my son, I'm already late enough as it is."

"Is that what it's about? Are you worried that I won't be a good father? I can be really responsibl-" and the the elevator doors closed on his little speech. Hopefully he didn't see her frantically pushing the "close doors" button to get away from him faster.

Seriously, her supervisor was just too much sometimes.

Karin was picking up her son at her husband's company's daycare when one of the kids caught her attention. She narrowed her eyes at the uncanny resemblance. Resemblance to her husband.

Was that kid always here? Sure, it's been a while since she was the one to pick up her son, but not that long of a while. And she was always good at remembering faces. Once she's seem them once, she'll always remember their face. To her excellent knowledge, she's never seen this little boy before.

She turned to her own son, "Ryuusuke, honey, who is that little boy?" Karin pointed at the little boy with pale skin and dark features playing by himself, drawing an arguably really nice picture for a little boy of his age, as he waited by himself for his parents to come pick him up, most of the other kids having already been picked up.

"Rei-kun, Mama?"

She looked between her son and "Rei-kun" before looking at her expensive Coach watch. She didn't have much time to dwell upon it, they had dinner reservations in forty-five minutes. But she'll get to the bottom of this.

"Come on, Ryuu, we need to get going." She tugged him along to the front desk of the daycare to sign him out.

"Have a nice night, Uchiha-san, and see you tomorrow Ryuusuke-chan."

As Karin and her son walked to the elevator to go down to the garage, a flash of pink went passed them in the direction they just came from and then they heard, "Reeeeei! I'm so sorry, baby. Mommy's so sorry she's late."

Karin whipped around at the name, intent on seeing who Rei's mother was, but she saw nothing. The small lobby was empty. She would've backtracked just to see the woman but the elevator was already here and they were in a hurry, so this had to wait another day.

She grit her teeth as she clenched her jaw. If this was another one of her husband's affairs, one that left behind an illegitimate child, then someone was surely going to drop dead from acute poisoning from an unknown drug with no antidote.

Though she knew that Sasuke didn't love her, he was still very much her husband and she was going to keep it that way. No two-cent whore was going to take her man from her. No one.

Karin was going to make sure of that.

"Have a good night, Haruno-san, and see you tomorrow, Rei-chan."

"You, too, Moegi-sensei. Come on, Rei, say 'bye bye' to sensei."

Rei cutely waved up at pig-tailed caretaker. "Bye bye, Moegi-sensei."

Moegi couldn't help but squeal. "Oh my god, Rei-chan, you are too cute," she said as she crouched down and lightly pinched his cheek before looking up at his mom. "Haruno-san, you are a single mother, right?"

Sakura kindly smiled though she didn't want to talk about it. "Yes, unfortunately."

"If you don't mind me asking, what happened to Rei-chan's father?"

She did mind. But she had no choice but to answer to satiate the woman's curiosity. And so, to thwart future inquiries, she answered vaguely and let her use her own imagination to fill in the blanks. "He's not with us anymore."

And the woman didn't disappoint as she gasped and quickly got up and bowed. "I'm so sorry, I didn't know. Forgive me."

Sakura inwardly sighed. "No, that's alright. You didn't know." She took a hold of Rei's hand. "Come on, hun, we have to go now, it's getting late. I'll see you tomorrow, Moegi-sensei."

Rei waved at her one last time before Sakura led him to elevator. She could've sworn that she saw Moegi-sensei slightly tearing up. Sakura sweatdropped. Now she felt kinda bad about lying to her.

But oh well, the damage was already done. And it's not like she outright told her that Rei's father was dead or anything. Sakura shrugged to herself, Oh well, then, oh well.

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