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Card Captor Sakura

Mischevious Love


Summary: Syaoran and Eriol are best buds (a.k.a : big time pranksters) , and when cheerful, popular Sakura and Tomoyo move to Hong Kong , they decided to make their lives hell. Until they begin to fall in love...R&R!Rated: PG

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In Which Our Characters

are Introduced


This scream echoed through the hallways , floated through the rooms and out the windows , causing sirens to break out and windows to shatter dramatically.

People whipped around confusedly to see where this scream had come from. Of course , not one expected this scream of injustice would be coming from the very mouth of...

" Sakura! Calm down!"

Sakura was blazing. They were all sitting in the living room , when her father announced that he needed to talk to Sakura. She was confused for a while , as Fujitaka told her his 'announcement.' Now , she walked back and forth in front of her father and her brother , looking like she was about to electrify them all with bolts of her fury. She was mad. She was angry.

She was...

" DAD! HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME???" She finally burst out , her face red. Her green eyes were on fire as Fujitaka threw his hands up and sighed. Touya glared at her.

" Look , brat , we are moving! Dad got a better job at the University of Hong Kong. They're paying him twice the amount they're paying him here! It's the best opportunity we have! You can go to University , we can live better off-"

" Look , Touya , you know you don't want to go either! So why the heck are you hiding it?" Sakura retorted, quite flabbergasted.

Fujitaka finally sighed and put a hand on the shaking girl. " Look , Sakura. How about I propose this. We'll live in Hong Kong for one school year. If I think we should go back , or if we have ANY problems , we'll come right back! Alright??"

Sakura's eyes filled up with tears , as she knew there was no way to get out of this. Of course , she never tried crying yet....

" Daddy..." she pouted, tears filling her eyes , threatening to spill over. " I'll be so lonely over friends , no people I will I catch up on school work? How will I adapt! Tomoyo is my best friend....I can't live without her!" She racked with sobs and fell to the ground , her body shaking.

Fujitaka chuckled softly and Sakura's eyes widened. Wha....

" Sakura , that all your worried about? Did I not tell you..." here he leaned down to tip her chin and grin broadly , " Tomoyo is coming with us!!"

Sakura's eyes brightened enormously. " She....She is????"

Fujitaka grinned and Touya smiled.

" Of course she is , squirt. We wouldn't leave her , or Yukito behind."

" What?? Yukito is coming too??" Sakura asked, her head whipping back and forth confusedly , not wanting to accept the good information lest it be taken away from her.

" Yes , kaijuu! They're both coming for the year. Feel better , now??" Touya asked , sneering slightly.

He crossed his arms as Sakura leapt up from her kneeling position , yelping with joy.

" Daddy , I'm going to Tomoyo's house , alright??" Sakura squealed and Fujitaka nodded , happy that his daughter was joyful again. Sakura gave a joyful laugh and quickly stomped on Touya's feet.

" That's for calling me a kaijuu!" Sakura grinned as Touya winced. She threw on her roller blades and rolled out the door , heading for the mansion that Tomoyo lived in. Even if she was going off to some foreign island for a whole entire least she had Tomoyo and Yukito! It was going to be an adventure!!!


Quiet chatter echoed in the hallways , as students rushed to their lockers to pull out their books for the next few periods. People in clusters talked animatedly , giggles erupting as gossip was exchanged and rumours flew through the air.

The atmosphere was light and happy as a bell hammered through the halls. It startled the students as they began to rush to their classrooms , as doors slammed.

Hushed whispering was heard in one of the corners.

" Did you do it?"

" Yea , Yea!"

" Great! Plan A is ready for action..."

" Are you sure about this?"

" Yes , Yes , I'm absolutely sure!"

" Okay....But you know we can get in huge trou-"

" Your always worrying , aren't you? Come on! The best part of revenge is WATCHING it!"

So their footsteps pattered down the empty hallway , as they threw open the doors. The teacher stood angrily at the door as they walked in.

" You two are late , AGAIN!"

" Sorry," They both muttered , and hurried to their seats. The teacher shook his head , and turned to the classroom. They were all standing next to their seats , waiting for the teacher to command them to sit down.

" Alright. Sit down."

Together , they sat down. Of course , none of them was expecting...


" EEEEEWWWWWW!" The classroom screamed , as they all got up quickly. A stink filled the air , as 30 stink bombs were set off.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" was the screams that shook the school. Everyone raced around , many of them banging the windows and fruitlessly trying to yank the door open in a way to escape.

The classroom yelled and screamed and the teacher yelled with panic clear in his voice, " Get out! Get out!"

With everyone pinching their noses tight, they raced out of the room , rubbing their behinds and screaming bloody murder.

Leaving behind two culprits , laughing their heads off.

" ERIOL HIIRIGIZAWA AND SYAORAN LI!" The whole class shouted at the two guilty members of the classroom.

Eriol grinned. " Yes?"

The teacher turned pure red , his neck and ears both flushed even deeper than an apple. " You two are in for it!" he growled through clenched teeth. " I'm going to escort you BOTH to the office!"

Eriol sighed. " You might want to take a bath first. Walking beside a skunk isn't my idea of a nice-"

The teacher yelped and the class tittered as Syaoran shook his head sadly. It was never a dull moment when you were with Eriol Hiirigizawa!

The teacher just pointed down the hallway , and both guilty students began to trooping down the hall , their heads hung dramatically.

" That was our best joke yet!" Eriol crowed , once they were out of sight. Syaoran shook his head.

" You know we should really stop-" he said seriously , but Eriol clapped a hand on his shoulder.

" You ain't backing up on me , are you?" Eriol asked.

Syaoran grinned. " Of course not. I was going to say we should stop making ourselves LOOK guilty. Do these pranks secretly."

Eriol nodded , his hand on his chin. " Great idea!"

Syaoran grinned. Both of them were known as the biggest pranksters of all time at their Hong Kong school. Well , Eriol mostly the pranks. Syaoran was the assistant. But it was usually Syaoran who made the brilliant ideas.

It started all when one of the teachers had brought Eriol and Syaoran down in front of the whole class a year ago. Humiliated, they began to plot revenge. Jokingly , they devised a plan to embarrass the teacher. Of course , turning his teeth green , putting wet cement in his shampoo bottle and glue in his coffee cup turned their joke into a master prank.

Which brought them to this present day.

Syaoran was expected to be a leader when he grew up. The only son of the wealthy , famous Li Family put a lot of responsibility on the young sixteen year old boy. He was serious , focused , boring....all those qualities was his identity before Eriol moved in.

He was encouraged to make friends with the boy , for some reason he was not sure of yet. He knew Eriol had magic , just like him , which made all their pranks alot easier to carry out. Yet , his qualities began to change once he began to hang around Eriol. Suddenly he had a sense of humour.


Yes , very VERY surprising. So , one thing led to another and now Syaoran is opening the door to the office , about to be laid down with some heavy duty detentions.

Quite surprising!!

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