Chapter Twenty Five

Mischievous Love

Card Captor Sakura


In Which Acts, Plays and Fake Flashing Glasses Present Themselves

Summary of Previous Chapter: Sakura dresses up as a guy to reveal Syaoran's real feelings about Sakura. The plan backfires because of Sakura's horrible acting skills and now she must act as a girl in the Evil Supply Teacher's play. Syoaran and Hiiro play her suitors. Eriol is still weird. Syaoran has admitted that he likes Sakura. Sakura admits 'strange feelings.'

Act I sc i

It was a dark and musky night. The pebbled road was wet and a mist floated above it, giving an overall ominous atmosphere. A lone woman walked down the road, her fingers clutching her purse as she looked around herself fearfully.

Sakura/Yuki: Oh my. I am. Really Really Scared. Ah.

Then, in this death defying surprise attack, a masked KIDNAPPER comes out of nowhere to kidnap this sinfully rich daughter of a KING!

Kidnapper: Ha. I will kidnap you...Now? Oh yes, now.

He ties her hands down and pushes her to the ground. Now the woman is SCREAMING for her LIFE.

Sakura/Yuki: Ah. Ah...Ah?

Then a man with a mask as well who for some reason is hot, dangerous, rugged and a good guy all at the same time, FLIES IN.

Syaoran: I am the hot rescuer. Let me rescue you.

The man BEATS the kidnapper up.

Syaoran: -slap-

Kidnapper: ow!

Syoaran: Sorry.

Kidnapper: It's ok. I forgive you.

Syoaran: It was wrong of me really. But you should leave now.

The kidnapper runs away in fear of the hot masked man's skills. Then the hot masked man pulls the hot rich girl up and KISSES her PASSIONATELY.

Sakura/Yuki: ...kiss me...oh bad boy.

Syaoran: Yes. I will. Right now.

They near each other...

And then-

" CUT!"

Eriol looked frustrated." WHAT the HELL was THAT!" He screamed at the top of her lungs.

" It was acting!" Syoaran retorted, aggravated. " You wouldn't know, now, would you?"

Eriol put his fingers to his temple and rubbed it. " I can't WORK like this!" He muttered. He started squeezing a stress ball and walked off. " FIND A NEW DIRECTOR!"

" You're being marked on this, Hiiigizawa..." The supply (still!) teacher said, quaintly as she examined her nails.

" Oh my god. That was the best rehearsal ever!" Eriol twisted on his heel and came back, smiling as if he was just told he had schizophrenia.

Which...would be plausible.

" How could that be called acting when you don't really ACT instead you act like a 13 year old and kiss your own hand!" Eriol guffawed.

Syaoran looked at Eriol with a disgusted look. " Unlike you, I'm not comfortable kissing other guys."

Eriol turned white and he looked dangerous. " I told you...not to tell anyone.." His fist was shaking angrily and Syaoran rolled his eyes.

Sighing, Syaoran looked around himself at the auditorium filled with tired students. They had been rehearsing for the last two days and the play, was sincerely, crap. The teacher had written it, mostly likely on a sugar high and it was one of the suckiest plays ever written.

With every cliche in the book, Sakura reallly did not want to work on the play and be stuck as " Yuki" the man, who is acting as a girl, who is actually girl who is acting as a guy.

" My life is literally screwed," She whispered softly, as that profound revelation went through her mind. Why was she doing this again? Oh yeah, to see Syaoran's true feelings about her.

Did she get anywhere?

Nope. Instead, she had gotten herself caught in this big mess, and she had no idea how to get out of it. Not like anyone was helping her either, she thought sardonically as she glared at Tomoyo who was gazing at Eriol in unadulterated affection.

" Where's that Kinomoto girl anyways?" Syaoran asked loudly. Sakura turned and he was scratching his head, trying but failing to look disinterested. " I swear, she's skipping school-"

" We didn't ask for your opinion, Actor! Now get back to the scene and I want to see some hot, steaming, BLAZING stuff! GOT IT?" Eriol screamed, nearly pulling his hair out in frustration.

Syaoran sighed and Sakura winced. She went back on stage, really regretting her decision to act in the play ( she was wearing a blond wig over her black wig, who wouldn't?)

But she had to. And anyway, she was determined to find out Syaoran's real feelings.

She wasn't going to be the ONLY one feeling...strangely...about Syaoran!


Act IV

A hot, dark haired man walks out into the balcony to meet the fair haired maiden on a moonlit night.

Hiiro: Cheese...

Sakura/Yuki: -whisper- Your line is supposed to be, OH BEAUTIFUL.

Hiiro: Cheese...Oh beautiful...

Sakura/Yuki: Yes?

Hiiro: Cheese..

The girl breathes heavily, at the effect of the man's words on her body. Her breasts rise to the sun, in their own language and the audience focuses on them. ("WE NEED FAKE BOOBS," Eriol cried.)

Sakura/Yuki: Arghhh...I mean, I am so lonely. Look how I am lonely, standing here in a bust revealing dress and the night sky is falling around me in an ever so serene way. I am...the epitome...of lonely.

The man turns and speaks, low and drawling. His eyes are darkened and mysterious, drawing the lonely maiden in with its allure.

Hiiro: Are you lonely?

The woman looked at the man hopefully, heaving her chest even harder.

Sakura/Yuki: I just said that, stupid.

The man smirks. His hotness is now exceeding the limit. The audience must flap themselves with paper made fans in order to cool the room down.

Hiiro: Cheese.


Hiiro: I mean...let's change know, your loneliness. We're gonna change your loneliness.

Sakura/Yuki: Oh no. Please don't take away my maidenhood!
-Breast focus...once again...and then cut to her face.-

Hiiro: (forced chuckle) Of course not! I just wanted to take you away in a land of happiness. With me.

Sakura/Yuki: Oh. My. God. Really?

Hiiro: Really.

Sakura/Yuki: Really?

Hiiro: Oh for real.

Sakura/Yuki: No for real?

Hiiro: So real. It's reality.


Sakura turned around and shouted, " Well, how the hell are we supposed to say, " You're manliness is so huge that it rivals those of my other suitor? How am I SUPPOSED to know how much manliness he has?"

Eriol smirked. " Stop thinking dirty, Yuki!"

" I'm not!" Sakura growled. Then her cheeks went pink. " Okay, now I am."

Syaoran roared, " Supply teacher! I honestly do NOT see the point of this play! Can't we just cancel it or something? I mean, I'd rather get a failing mark then have to put up with this-"

" SYAORAN!" Eriol cried. " NO!"

Syaoran blinked as Eriol pulled him to the side and then turned on a switch on the lights dashboard quickly. A spotlight landed on them and Syaoran had to take a second to prevent himself from going blind.

" What?" Syoaran hissed. " I can't believe you don't think this is absolutely stupid!"

" No, no, no! I think this is ingenious!" Eriol whispered. " The Ultimate Plan! Sakura is going to see the show right? So why doesn't Hiiro break up with Sakura...on STAGE! He'll call her up, as a thank you, at the end, and in front of the whole city...BREAK UP WITH HER!"

Syaoran gasped. Then his eyes darkened. " I don't know.."

" What? Getting feelings for the Kinomoto girl?" Eriol smirked.

" No, no, no!" Syaoran waved his hands around. " I just don't want to visit the dentist again."

" Huh?"

" Never mind."

" Well, then. Ultimate Plan...UNITE!" He did a weird, power ranger movement and then put his hand out for a high five, sweat dropping as Syaoran walked past him, ignoring the raised palm.

" Syaoran! SYAORAN! How dare you leave me!" Eriol cried. Syaoran kept walking towards the stage and Eriol howled, " Well, at least I'm not infertile!"

" How would you know how fertile I was?" Syoaran snapped back.

Eriol grinned. " Come on, Syaoran. I know everything!" With that, his glasses flashed and Syaoran saw that Eriol was looking straight at Yuki, who was desperately trying to perfect the act of swooning.

Then his glasses promptly broke. Syaoran stared as Eriol gaped at the button he had been pressing that caused his glasses to flash.

" Dammit," He swore. " I paid a hundred bucks for this.."

Syaoran laughed as they both walked back to the stage.

Yuki, or Sakura on the other hand had given up on trying to swoon and now was sitting on the stage, ignoring the fact that Hiiro was currently flirting with the supply teacher.

" Shoulda known he was still a player," Sakura mumbled under her breath.

" What?" A voice beside her asked. Sakura looked up quickly and gaped, before shutting her mouth in shock.

" Oh hi, Syaoran," She said, lowering her voice until it was as gruff as she could make it. " What's up, my homie?"

Syoaran blinked and Sakura cursed herself for reading A Hundred Ways to Be A Cool Guy.

" Um...yeah, well, nothing. Just wanted to say, you know, that if we have to be all lover people in this play, we might as well be friends too, right?" Syoaran asked, grinning.

Sakura felt her heart melt. Syoaran was so...kawaii!

" Yeah," She whispered and then blinked. Low voice, low voice! " Oh yeah, for sure!" She repeated.

He rose an eyebrow and then shook his head. Sakura had a inkling that Syaoran was quite used to queerness and probably didn't think anything of the fact that Sakura spoke in a high voice and said some rather...unguyish things.

Who knew being a guy could be so hard? Tomoyo had told her just to be really dirty and really brash but that didn't seem to be working. Just today, Sakura had PURPOSELY used an unscented shampoo and conditioner on her hair but people still seemed to be staring at her funny. What, no one has seen conditioned hair on a guy before?

" So," Syaoran said, laying back on the stage. " How does it feel to be acting like a girl?"

" Okay," She responded before beating herself up in her mind. " No wait, it's DISGUSTING! Girls have cooties! Must stay away!"

She panted heavily and Syaoran stared at her. Then he laughed. " Well, our teacher seems to obsessed with guy and guy couplings. She's a big yaoi fan, I guess," Syaoran responded, shrugging.

Sakura nodded, slowly.

" YOU LAZY BUMS! BACK TO WORK!" Eriol screeched. HE seemed to have replaced his glasses and now it was flashing colours madly.

Sakura and Syaoran hurriedly got to their places. Setting the blond wig on her black wig, Sakura sighed.

This was getting hectic!

ACT VI Scene ii

The dark, aloof mysterious suitor walked out onto the stage, lifting his arms out and attempting to twirl while keeping his manliness intact.

Hiiro: Here we are, in my land of happiness and butterflies and cheese.

The maiden walks out carefully, shivering and her eyes searching apprehensively.

Sakura/Yuki: Oh no. Look. It's the other guy.

Syaoran: Hello, folks. I'm her other suitor. I've come to suit...her..

The mysterious suitor jumps to attention, glaring at his competition with absolute wrath displayed on his features.

Hiiro: -whines- You can't suit her!

Sakura/Yuki: Oh boys, don't fight over little old me. ("Eriol, little old me? Isn't that contradicting?" " Are you questioning the lines?" " I think that's what I did-" " BLASPHEMY!")

Syaoran: I will suit her. I'll suit her and then clothe her and then undress her- (cut for an audience gasp) (Syoaran turns to audience and winks) and then suit her again!

Hiiro: -faint-

Sakura/Yuki: Oh, you so dirty.

Syaoran:Are you suggesting I'm not sanitary?

Sakura/Yuki: -rolls eyes- No, dear suitor who is so much better than the other one. I would never call you dirty.

Syaoran: How dare you! Now I will curse you to live a life of solitary DIRTINESS! I will never love you again!

-sobbing, Syoaran runs off the stage. Sakura/Yuki falls to knees-

Sakura/Yuki: I'm alone! oooooooohh...-music falls in slowly and Sakura rises to her feet-

TOMORROW! tomorrow! I love you! Tomorrow! It's just a day awayyyyyyyyy!

"CUT!" Eriol screamed. They all looked, appalled at Eriol's outburst and Eriol fumed, sitting in his directors chair, Tomoyo doing his nails hastily.

" What was that? Hm? Where was the emotion? The drama? The suspense?" Eriol hissed. " What am I paying you for? To stand there like logs? I need to FEEL it! And right now all I'm FEELING is DISGUST! This is PATHETIC-"

" Eriol!" The (still here) supply teacher growled, menacingly.

A smile appeared on his face. " This is a pathetically good play! keep going! Next scene..." Eriol smirked. " THE KISS SCENE!"

Sakura blanched. Syoaran blanched. Hiiro ate cheese. These shocking reactions was nothing compared to Tomoyo's faint or the (yup, still here) supply teacher's smirk. Eriol's glasses twinkled and he yelled, " Andddd...ACT SEVEN!"

Act VII sc iii

The maiden walks out into the windy night time, dressed scantily for added effect.

Sakura/Yuki: Oh my heaving bosom is so lonely.

-the wind blows and Sakura's blond wig flies off. Sakura hurriedly grabs it-

(Syoaran climbs down from a random ladder)

Syoaran: Oh dear maiden! How I am entranced by your awfully, shudder worthy, horrifying good looks!


(" Less insane please!" Eriol cried)

Sakura/Yuki: -turns away- Oh dear suitor. I have longed for you ever since I saw Casper and imagined you to be the ghost and me to be Christina Ricci. Will you...will you..

-turns back to Syaoran-

Will you claim my lips in an abundance of passion?

(Syaoran whips off his mask and turns to the audience. Audience will faint, but it is only Eriol's eyes that get rather heart filled. Syaoran feels disappointed)

Syaoran: How I've longed for those words! I am a quivering mass of passion!

Sakura/Yuki: Quiver for me!

Syoaran: -quivers-

Sakura/Yuki: That's the worst quivering I've ever seen! Do it better!

Syoaran: -quivers harder-

Sakura/Yuki: Oh dear! I cannot be any more aroused! Please, take me!

-falls into a faint on which Syoaran was supposed to catch her, but so obsessed with quivering, he forgot and she crashed to the floor-

Syaoran: Crap. Ok. Well um. I'm taking you.

Syoaran falls to ground beside her and then stares at Sakura's face for a while. Sakura kept her eyes clasped closed and waited, impatiently for the horrid deed to be over

Syoaran: Umm...he kisses his own fingers and then puts his fingers on Sakura's lips

Sakura/Yuki: -snaps- WHAT WAS THAT?

Syaoran: Uh...a kiss?

Sakura/Yuki: THAT was a kiss? That was pitiable!

Syoaran: What, your a friggin guy! How the hell am I supposed to kiss you? I don't go that way-

Eriol cut in, " Okay guys. Enough drama. We're done practicing for today. The practice was horrible and we present in two days. I sincerely hope you guys are ready for disappointment." Tears glistened in his eyes and he turned away from the actors on the stage. " You guys sure did disappoint me." He said quietly, before letting out a choked sob and running quickly away from the stage, his shoulder's hunched.

The supply teacher seemed to pouf with triumph. Her eyes shining evilly, she grinned. " What that metro sexual youth told us was correct. Two days until you present. I hope you all are ready for a big fat F on your next report card," The teacher cackled, her insane laughter ringing through the class.

They watched her, dumbly. She stopped cackling and glared. " Go AWAY!" She finally said, and the class dispersed. Sakura pulled off her blond wig from the black haired wig carefully and flopped down from the stage, sighing.

This whole ruse was to find out what Syaoran actually did feel about her. And he was as confused at it could get. Sometimes, it seemed as if he did like her and other times, it felt as if there was no one in the world who hated her more. It was hard being Yuki and she really, really didn't want to be him anymore.

She was rather tired of this whole thing and wanted, more than anything, to go back home to Japan. It was fun and all in Hong Kong but way too dramatic for her. Tomoyo seemed to be living it up here with Eriol by her side and her new series of " The Man Behind the Flashing Glasses." But what was Sakura supposed to do? Make a film about " The Woman Behind the Man behind the Woman who likes this Man?"

" AHH!" Sakura jolted. " Sure there is an insane attraction but no likey! NOO likey!"

" What are you mumbling to yourself, hmm?"
The voice behind her made her jerk. Startled, she turned around and met Eriol. His navy blue eyes seemed to be twinkling more than usual as he studied her.

" I'm not mumbling anything!" Sakura quickly said, her mind working quickly to make up an excuse. " I'm just...talking to...myself! That's it!"

" Talking to yourself is the first sign of insanity," Eriol pointed out.

" So is an obsession with nail polish and lip gloss," Sakura shot back.

Eriol flushed. Then he shook his head and the twinkle came back. " know Sakura right?"

Sakura felt the hair on her arms rise in apprehension. Looking carefully at Eriol, she nodded shortly, and he grinned even wider.

" Do you know if Sakura...might have feelings...for someone else besides Hiiro?" He asked, his voice light and teasing.

Sakura flinched. " No! She only loves Hiiro! ONLY HIIRO!" Sakura nearly screeched.

Eriol slowly nodded. " That will be all," Eriol said, a triumphant gleam in his eyes as he walked away. Then he broke into a jig and danced his way to the doorway. Nope, Eriol could never have a normal departure. Sighing, Sakura looked around herself and pulled off the black wig, letting her own auburn locks fall out. She was tired of being Yuki. It was rather hard being a boy. You could never squeal. Ever.

Life must be depressing for guys.

Except for Eriol. He defied all rules.

Than she heard someone's voice behind her. " Eriol just told me that...You LOVE me?"

Sakura turned and groaned. Hiiro stood there, in all his dumb, good looking glory and his eyes blinked at her. Obviously, he didn't notice that she was wearing the same exact clothes that Yuki was wearing moments ago and instead, only stared at her with a dumb look of shock on his face.

" No, Hiiro. I have a dog named Hiiro too. That's who I was referring to," Sakura said, tonelessly.

Hiiro stared at her and then realization came over his face. " Ohhh." Then, he looked around himself and grinned, mischievously. " We're alone. Do you have any ideas about what to do, girlfriend?"

Sakura stared at him in horror. It was like that scene from the wedding in the gymnasium. His puckering lips coming closer and closer...


A bundle of who knows what jumped between them and Sakura fell to the ground. But before she could see who it was, the person had ran out of the room and a swinging door was left in its wake.

Hiiro struggled up and then his eyes lighted with joy.

" CHEESE!" He squealed as he ran to a bag of shredded cheddar cheese. Ignoring Sakura completely, he walked away from her, clutching the bag of cheese as if it was his baby. Sakura rolled her eyes and walked away, pushing the wig back on her head, thanking the ball of who-knows-what for breaking what would've been, a rather disgusting moment.


" 999, Emergency Call Centre, would you like an ambulance or a police car?"

" Uh...well I have an emergency. I don't know if need those cars though."

" State your emergency, please."

" Well...okay, it starts like this. I like this girl but I can never admit it cuz I've hated her for so long and she most likely hates me back. I promised her in the beginning that I'd prank her so much that she'd regret coming to Hong Kong but now I don't want to do the prank anymore! And she was abut to kiss Hiiro and without thinking I just jumped-oh god, I don't know what to do!"

" Sir..."

" And I Just need help!"

" Excuse me-"

" Oh god! The walls are closing in on me! I can't breathe!"


-dial tone-

" Hello? Hello?"

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