March 1172 in San Angelino City, Verdei Bruno at 7:15 p.m. in Kiyomori Taira's secret laboratory

"Are you ready for this?" Zhang Jiao asked, looking at the two big pot of blood boiling with tons of blue smoke coming out. Kiyomori Taira smiled and nodded his head. He looked at the needles and the eight empty chairs that awaited his company.

"Let's do this," he answered as Zhang Jiao began chanting.

"Tugami serugo wata shumizagani sehasu naki la zhong haikemisane suyi," he chanted with no emotions while closing his eyes and waving his hands around. "Kayawadone kira ai kudai...Naga ii semokute tagaha on su pai! On su pai de nagaye mayikusai! Hach kuyeni!"

Meanwhile, Nu Wa and her friends Koshosho, Taigong, Fu Xi, Shuten, Takatora, Nezha, and Nemea were hanging out in the woods drinking wine.

"Hey Nu Wa, when are you and Kiyomori going to get married? I mean, it's been long. Too long," Koshosho said to her, laughing. She envied Nu Wa and Kiyomori's relationship in a good way because he had everything and was the closest thing to perfect except for his look. Although he wasn't attractive, he always treated Nu Wa right and gave her everything she wanted.

"Oh you know...When the right time comes," Nu Wa said laughing. Koshosho jumped on top of her as they began laughing. They've been through that question many times already.

"You always say that! Hahaha. Tell him to hurry up and ask you those four words already," Koshosho replied laughing. "I want to be the bridesmaid!"

"Relationships should never be rushed," Taigong said smiling, watching the two girls wrestling for fun.

Fu Xi smiled at them to go along with the flow but deep inside he was sad and hurt that Nu Wa wasn't his. Although he secretly loved her, he was happy that she has someone who loves her and cares for her when she was in need.

Shuten felt bad for Fu Xi especially because Nu Wa and him grew up together and she didn't return the love for him. "It's alright man," he whispered to Fu Xi, gently tapping his left shoulder. Fu Xi nodded his head and faked a smile.

"Since we're all in a good mood here, who wants more wine?" Nemea asked laughing.

"We do!" they all shouted in unison, raising their cups when lightning popped out of nowhere and zapped them as they disappeared into thin air. The cups and bottle of wine they were holding fell to the ground and shattered into pieces.

Before they knew it, they found themselves tied up into chairs in a hot musty room. They sat side to side beginning with Fu Xi, Takatora, Taigong, Koshosho, Shuten, Nezha, Nu Wa, and Nemea. They saw two giant boiling pots with blue smoke exhaling from it. They were confused and scared for their lives.

"Hey! What's going on here? I'm supposed to be home in a bit or else I'm going to get in trouble!" Koshosho shouted, struggling to get free but the ropes around her arms and body were too tight.

"What the f***," shouted Takatora, struggling also. From seeing the two giant boiling pots, he thought someone was going to cook them. "Whoever is doing this better stop this instant and let us go!"

Nu Wa thought she was done for and began to cry. "Where's my Kiyomori when I need him? Oh no. Now he'll never know where I'm at," she said sadly, looking around, thinking of all the possible things that could happen to them.

"Mhhhh," grunted Nemea, trying to free himself like the rest.

"What the heck? Why are we here? Who is behind this? Show yourself!" Shuten shouted, squiggling like a worm. "I challenge you!"

"Silence you fools!" shouted Dong Zhuo entering the room.

"Dong Zhuo?" shouted Nezha. "You're behind this? You better tell us what's going on!"

"Why would you capture us? I thought we were all friends," said Nu Wa. "I'm your best friend's girlfriend. Please let us go and we'll pretend that this never happened."

"Sorry you slut faced two timing b****," raged Dong Zhuo looking at her with hatred. "Don't expect to do my friend wrong and think that nothing will happen to you."

"What? What are you talking about?" Nu Wa shouted confusingly. She had no idea what he was talking about or why he was even saying that to her.

"Don't talk to her like that!" shouted Fu Xi. "She is nothing like that! Don't you dare call her those nasty words!"

"What are you up to, you disgusting fool," said Nemea.

"Yeah! You better tell us what you're up to!" screamed Koshosho.

Dong Zhuo smiled pervertedly and walked to her. "My, my. Aren't you a beautiful thing," he began, touching her face. She looked at him with hatred. "Let's play a little game yeah? Just you and I? It's called 'Staying Quiet'". He winked very ugly at her as she vomited but nothing came out.

"You disgust me," she said, turning away as he turned her to him again.

"Leave her alone!" shouted Shuten as he began biting the rope.

"Hahahahahaha!" laughed Dong Zhuo, hugging his stomach. Then he became serious when more footsteps approached them.

"Good evening everyone," said Kiyomori Taira. Everyone except for Dong Zhuo looked at him with surprise. "I'm sure you're all wondering why we all gathered here today."

"Yes we are," said Taigong. "What do you want with us?"

"Honey! Thank god you're here! Help us out," shouted Nu Wa.

"What do I want? Hahaha," laughed Kiyomori. "The eight of you all gather here today because of an experiment that I'm determined to test. Sorry Nu Wa. Don't think I'm stupid. I know all the stupid games you've played with your secret boyfriend." He turned angrily to Fu Xi.

"What are you talking about?" Nu Wa shouted. "Seriously, what's going on here? I'm confused."

"Hey, don't be looking at me! I didn't do anything," Fu Xi said.

"Stop lying you two stupid*** pieces of s***. I saw with my own two eyes," he replied with hatred. "And now you should all pay the price!"

"They didn't even do anything and this doesn't even concern us!" screamed Koshosho.

"It doesn't matter anymore. None of this does. You will all be used to prove my hypothesis is a theory," he said looking at all of them. "Now who's up first? Any volunteers?" They all looked at him with horror.

"You're a crazy man! You're crazy! Yes it's true that I love Nu Wa but we all already know that she doesn't feel that way about me so why on Earth would we do anything?" shouted Fu Xi. "She only loves you and only you!"

"Oh, it seems like you want to go first, huh," said Kiyomori walking to him.

"Get away from me!" he shouted.

"Boys," said Kiyomori, snapping his thumb as Zhang Jiao popped out of nowhere and began walking with Dong Zhuo to the giant boiling pot on the left. They took two long needles and injected it with the boiling blood. Then they began walking to Fu Xi.

"Leave him alone!" screamed everyone else. They were so scared as they watched Zhang Jiao and Dong Zhuo stick the two needles into his neck as he slowly stopped breathing. "Noooooo!" they shouted as Nu Wa and Koshosho began crying. They untied him and threw him into a cage.

"The full moon will be out tonight," Kiyomori said calmly. "We shall see if my hypothesis is proven. Who shall be my next guest?"

"What have you done, you sick bastard!" shouted Koshosho. "You just killed my friend!" All this time she thought Kiyomori was a good man with a good heart but she was wrong. Dead wrong. He had just killed her friend and she was sick of him and wanted to get away from him.

"Alright. Good. Good," he said, nodding his head and snapping his thumb. Zhang Jiao and Dong Zhuo grabbed another two needle and injected it with blood from the right pot. Then they walked to her.

"Ahhhh! Stop! Go away! Leave me alone!" she shouted, screaming and fighting for her life.

"Stooop! Leave her alone! Please Kiyomori! We can talk this out!" Nu Wa shouted, crying even more. She didn't want to lose another friend.

"There's nothing left to talk about...," he said, watching the needles slowly approaching Koshosho's neck.

"Nooooooo!" shouted all the victims as they cried and watched the needles slowly taking her breath away. Another friend was lost and her body was thrown in a different cage.

"What is wrong with you!" Taigong yelled, shedding many tears.

"Boys, I think he wants to go next," Kiyomori said, pointing to Taigong.

"No! I don't want to go next! The only thing I want to do is to get out of here!" he screamed, watching Kiyomori's two helpers filling two needles with blood from the right pot. Again, all the victims screamed and cried.

"Please stop! We'll do anything you say! Just please stop!" cried Nu Wa.

"Shut up b****. It's almost your turn," he replied as her eyes widened with more fear. Zhang Jiao and Dong Zhuo walked to Taigong and began inserting the blood into his neck.

"NOOOOOOooooooooooo...," shouted Taigong, as he slowly died and got put into a cage too.

"Go to hell!" cried Nemea with hatred on his face. Kiyomori turned sharply to him and snapped his thumb. His helpers injected blood from the right pot and made their way to him. The victims pleaded and pleaded for them to stop but they wouldn't. Instead they enjoyed watching them suffer. When the needles got in contact with Nemea, he screamed and screamed until death did him so and into a cage he went.

"I hate you! I hate you so much! What is wrong with you! This is not the Kiyomori I know and love!" cried Nu Wa. Her eyes were so red from crying and her brain hurted so much. It was no use anymore. One way or another, Kiyomori wanted her to suffer along with her friends. His helpers got two needles ready from the right pot again.

"You never loved me," said Kiyomori walking to her. "I loved you with all my heart and you betrayed me. And now it's time to put you in your place."

"I never betrayed you!" she shouted. "I don't know what you're talking about. I've always loved you. You said you'll do anything for me remember? Just please stop this. No more..."

"Shhhh," he said, giving her a kiss on the lip as she cried endlessly. Before she knew it, her neck stung and burned like hell and she felt her nose and mouth begin to clog tightly. There was no use screaming for she knew it was the end for her. In no time, she blacked out and her body got locked up in a cage.

"I can't believe you just killed your girlfriend!" shouted Nezha. "You're the most disgusting person I've ever met in my whole life!" They heard a snapping sound and two needles got prepared from the left pot. "Kill me! Kill me so I won't have to see your face anymore!" In no time, he suffered the same fate and was thrown into a cage like the rest.

Takatora cried silently as he watched Zhang Jiao and Dong Zhuo prepare needles from the left pot. He would rather be united with his friends who suffered from the left pot injections than watch his last friend die. It was all too painful and pretty soon it was his turn. He felt two stings on his neck and forced himself to sleep as the burn in his neck caused him to stopped breathing. His body got thrown into a cage. While no one kept an eye on Shuten, he wiggled so much that the rope became loose and he was able to flee.

"And now for the grand finale-," began Kiyomori as he turned to Shuten and noticed that he wasn't in his chair. "Boys! He broke free! Do not let him escape!"

"Sir, yes sir!" shouted his helpers in unison.

"If you see him, yell bingo!" shouted Dong Zhuo as them three began running like fatso's.

"BINGO!" exclaimed Zhang Jiao as he spotted Shuten heading for the opened door to get out of the laboratory. He chanted, "Mazu kikazu haraki mazukasake," while pointing at the door, as it slammed shut. Shuten stopped running and turned angrily to them.

"Where do you think you're going, son?" laughed Dong Zhuo.

"Shut up you fat b****," replied Shuten. "You all disgust me."

"Hibaya kasane goi jai," chanted Zhang Jiao, as put his hands together in front of his face while closing his eyes and nodding his head once. "And you," he said, opening his eyes and pointing to Shuten, "There," he finished, pointing to the chair he was tied onto earlier. Suddenly Shuten flew all the way back to the chair he was in earlier. He quickly got up and Dong Zhuo tried to block his way.

"C'mon, what you got son," he said, smiling very ugly and spreading his arms out and moving his body left and right. Then Shuten punched him in the eye. "OWWW! You stupid dog!" Dong Zhuo shouted covering his left eye. Then Shuten pushed him as he fell like a fatass and started rolling to the pot on the right. He found a needle on the ground and picked it up and started filling it.

"Tsutami ichi suwa," Zhang Jiao began chanting. He opened his eyes really wide and did the stop sign to Shuten as Shuten grabbed a glass bottle and threw it at his head. It shattered into many pieces. He quickly stopped chanting and covered his bleeding face. Then Shuten high jump kicked Zhang Jiao as he flew to the left pot. He quickly got up, grabbed a needle, and filled it up.

Shuten turned to Kiyomori and noticed that he was closing his eyes and had his thumb and his middle finger touching each other in front of his chest and was chanting. "Okabasa isemo kutewa miteki ra kashina..," he chanted as Shuten's brain started to hurt really bad.

"Ahhhhh! What are you doing to me!" Shuten shouted, putting his hands over his face as he fell to the floor. From behind, Dong Zhuo and Zhang Jiao stabbed his neck with one needle from the left pot and one from the right pot. Shuten suffered from his brain and neck until the pain slowly took his life away. He too was thrown in a cage.

Kiyomori, Zhang Jiao, and Dong Zhuo looked at each other and turned to the dead bodies. They laughed evily and couldn't wait for the results...