On Friday in Masamune's second period class, everyone had to dissect frogs. He was partners with Magoichi and was so disgusted about this experiment. Everyone had to wear those white scientist outfits, goggles, gloves, and tie their hairs up if it was long. He was bored and didn't feel like dissecting frogs so instead, he decided to do something he thought was cool. He tapped Magoichi and began juggling with three mini knives.

"Look what I can do," he said, smiling. Magoichi moved away from him. He told him to be careful and to stop before anyone got hurt but he wouldn't stop. He kept going and going until he lost control of a knife. It flew to Hanbei Takenaka and stabbed his right hand while he took notes about the frog.

"Oww!" he shouted silently, covering his hand. The pain ran through his body, but at the same time it felt great. He didn't want to cause a scene so he quickly took the knife off his hand before anyone saw what happened. It was a good thing because he was working alone on the experiment.

"Oh s***, my bad," Masamune said, looking at Hanbei's wounded hand. There was a bunch of blood that dropped on Hanbei's table but no one else saw besides Masamune. He began walking to Hanbei. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," Hanbei replied, as his wound quickly healed. He showed his right hand to Masamune and smiled. Masamune became confused when there was no wound on Hanbei's hand. "See? No injury."

"What the...," Masamune began, looking at him suspiciously.

"Okay class, it's time to clean up. You'll resume where you left off tomorrow," said the teacher, as everyone began cleaning up. Masamune walked back to Magoichi while looking at Hanbei.

"Dude, did you just see what happened?" he asked Magoichi while cleaning up.

"Yeah. You tried to be a clown but messed up and one of your knives flew and almost killed that new student Hanbei," Magoichi replied. "I told you to be careful with that thing."

"Didn't you see blood?" Masamune asked, as Magoichi began laughing.

"Blood? No blood. I think you're just paranoid that you almost killed someone today. Relax, you didn't. Just don't do it anymore," he told him.

"But I saw blood!" he whispered loudly. "When I walked to him, his wound was already gone! Thirty seconds ago, it was there but now it's gone!" Magoichi laughed again and told him that he was going nuts for trying to be a clown. "I'm not going nuts, you imbecile!" Then the bell rang as Magoichi said, "Later," and took off for break. Masamune put on his backpack and turned to Hanbei suspiciously. Hanbei returned the look until they no longer saw each other. Masamune knew that there was something up with that new kid; one way or another, he would find out what it was. For the mean time, he walked to Goemon and Nagamasa to hang out with them for their ten minute break.

"Why'd you tell that stupid History teacher your name yesterday?" Nagamasa asked him. Masamune thought for a bit.

"Because he asked for my name. What else?" he replied, as Goemon offered him some hot Cheetos. He took a handful and began eating it.

"Well, the point is you weren't going to tell him but then you ended up telling him after he asked you the second time," Nagamasa told him. Masamune thought again and became confused.

"I..I don't know...I just..told him. I don't know why but I just told him," he replied, thinking what the hell because he really didn't remember why he gave his name to Sima Yi. "That stupid Sima Yi. He'll pay for making me pay."

"Hahaha! Okay now that's very Masamune of you!" shouted Goemon laughing. "What are you gonna do? I want in."

"Me too," laughed Nagamasa. Masamune quickly thought of an idea and smiled.

"We can mess up his classroom? Or mess up his car?" he suggested. His two gang members agreed that messing up his car was a great idea and a good punishment for him. "Get ready, Sima Yi. We're coming for ya."

Meanwhile Sima Zhao and Sima Shi walked together to their lockers and didn't wait for Wang Yuanji because she told them ahead of time that she was going to be hanging out with a girl friend she made in class yesterday. Suddenly Sima Zhao saw the guy that looked just like their father again.

"Look! Doesn't he look like father?" he said, tapping his brother on the shoulder without looking.

"Uh, do I know you?" Bao said, looking at him all confused. He quickly turned and blushed as shame ran through him. Xing Cai smiled and covered her mouth before she bursted out laughing.

"Oops, wrong person," Sima Zhao replied, smiling in embarrassment. "Sorry." Xing Cai and Bao walked off and when they got far enough, they bursted out laughing. Sima Shi began laughing at him too.

"How embarrassing," he told Sima Zhao. Sima Zhao laughed too because he knew that if his brother did that, he would've laughed too.

"Anyways brother, did you see him? The guy that looks like father?" he asked Sima Shi as he shook his head. Just then he saw the father-like guy walking again. "Look! There he is!" Sima Shi quickly turned and saw. He couldn't believe how similar his father and that man looked.

"Oh snap. They do look alike," he said, watching the man go. All of a sudden, they heard commotions that caught their attention.

"Sima Yi, the stupid History teacher is going to regret sending me to detention," they heard someone saying from across the hall. They quickly ran to whoever said that and approached Masamune and his gang.

"Excuse me, did you guys just say Sima Yi?" Sima Shi asked him. Masamune looked at him.

"Uh, yeah, why?" he replied. Both brothers looked at each other.

"He's a History teacher? How long has he been working here?" Sima Zhao asked.

"I don't know. Why don't you go ask him yourself? His class is right over there," Masamune said, pointing to room 1710. They were really shocked when they saw the number 1710. That was the year their father was born.

"It..it can't be," Sima Zhao said, looking at the number as the bell rang. He and Sima Shi began walking off.

"Okayyyy," Masamune said, as he and his gang departed too...

"Who's ready to go shopping!" Bao shouted, when she met up with Xing Cai after school.

"Meeee!" Xing Cai shouted, as they both jumped up and down and hugged each other. Then they both began walking happily. They walked for fifteen minutes and reached the mall. It was called San Angelino Fashion Fair District and was ten stories high with beautiful glass windows. It was so big and full of stores that anyone could easily get lost in there. Both girls crossed arms with each other so they wouldn't lose each other. There were a lot of people shopping and going up and down the escalators and elevators. They walked into a store called Lovely Blossom. The song "Give Your Heart a Break" by Demi Lovato played as they walked in. They saw a bunch of cute mini T-shirts that ended under their chest. It also came with a pocket on the left chest.

"Ooooh! This is soooo cute!" Bao shouted, picking up a light green one. Xing Cai agreed and picked up a purple one. "Come on! Let's go try it on!" They both walked to the fitting rooms and went inside one next to each other. They quickly tried it on and came out. "Oooh! So sexy!" she said, smiling at Xing Cai.

"You're so sexy too," Xing Cai said to her, laughing. Bao looked at herself in the mirror.

"Ew, I'm getting fat. I need to start working out," she said pinching her tummy. "I think I gained like seven pounds over the summer." Xing Cai told her that she didn't need to work out because she was perfect the way she was. "Aww, thanks. But I'm still going to work out. Hahaha." They both looked into the mirror and smiled, as Bao quickly took a picture of them both. Then they went back into their fitting rooms to switch back to their original shirts. "I'm going to buy this. Are you?" Bao asked, looking at Xing Cai as she nodded and smiled.

"It's buy two, get one free," Xing Cai told her, reading the promotions. "I'm going to grab a pink and blue one."

"Really?" Bao asked. She loved promotions. "Well, in that case, I'll get a pink and white one." After grabbing the shirts, they went to pay for it. "Which store do you want to go to next?"

"Um, let's go to Diva Barbie," Xing Cai suggested. That was her favorite store in the mall and she mainly shopped there. They both got on the escalator and went up to the third floor. Then they walked for thirty seconds and got there.

"Hello! Welcome to Diva Barbie! Starting today until Sunday, we're having a special promotion of buying anything in the store and getting another thing free of equal or less value of your purchase," promoted a girl who worked there.

"Awesome!" Bao shouted, smiling.

"Okay, thanks for letting us know," Xing Cai said smiling.

"No problem," she replied. Xing Cai and Bao saw a bunch of tank tops that were laced on the back and grabbed a few of them. Then they saw mini T-shirts that were laced on the back too. "Oh my gosh, Bao! Look! This is soooo pretty!" Xing Cai said, showing the shirt to her.

"Oh my god!" Bao shouted, grabbing a few of them. Then they walked and grabbed some shorts and super tight skinny jeans that shaped their legs really sexy. They also got some skirts and hip shorts. After that, they went to look at the party dress section. There were a lot of shape up dresses that went to their mid thighs and they got some of it too. Then they got a few high heels, sandals, and boots. They went to look at loose shirts and got some and after that, they paid for everything.

"That was such a good deal," Xing Cai said, as they walked out of the store happily.

"I know!" Bao shouted. Suddenly her stomach started growling. "Aww. Stupid stomach. Stop crying. You're getting too fat." Xing Cai laughed.

"It's okay Bao. Don't starve yourself," she told her. "Come on. Let's rest for a bit and grab something to eat."

"Ohh, alright," Bao replied as they walked to a noodle place. They took their orders and walked to a table to sit. In a bit, their food was ready. They each got a bowl of noodle and a cup of water. "Oh, this is so delicious!" Bao said, after taking her first bite of her noodle.

"Yummy," Xing Cai said, after taking a bite too.

"Surprise!" shouted Guo Jia, as he popped out of nowhere and laughed his butt off. Xing Cai flinched really hard while Bao screamed.

"Ahhh!" she screamed, dropping her spoon into her bowl of noodle. A drop of her noodle liquid flew and splashed into Guo Jia's left eye in slow motion. Now it was his turn to scream.

"Ahhhh!" he shouted, closing and covering his eye. It burned his eye really bad.

"Stupid Guo Jia! What's wrong with you!" Bao shouted, getting up. Xing Cai didn't know what to do and felt bad for him so she quickly put her straw in her water and gave it to him. He took it and drank it for five seconds and then stopped.

"It's not working, Xing Cai!" he shouted, as Bao began laughing so hard.

"What the heck was that, Xing Cai?" she asked, laughing. Xing Cai smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

"I meant for him to use the straw to get the water and wash his eyes," she answered, laughing softly.

"Guo Jia, just go to the bathroom!" Bao shouted, still laughing. She pushed him gently to the men's restroom which was fifteen seconds away. When she came back, she and Xing Cai laughed so much. Bao told Xing Cai that it was not her fault, for she only dropped her spoon for getting scared. It was Guo Jia's fault for scaring them.

"That was so funny," Xing Cai replied, trying not to laugh anymore because a lot of people were staring at them. Pretty soon Guo Jia came back to them.

"Hello ladies," he said, trying to be handsome only except his left eye was still kinda red. Both girls snickered at him.

"What are you doing here anyways? Did you stalk us here from school?" Bao asked. He smiled.

"You see. I came here to deliver Xing Cai a special message myself," he began. "I just wanted to tell her that I'll see her at the movies tomorrow."

"Ew, you wish!" Bao shouted, laughing even more.

"I'm not even going anymore," Xing Cai told him.

"Of course you are. I believe you believe me now that Guan Ping is busy tomorrow," he said, smiling. "Which is why I will accompany you. It will be my honor."

"It's okay, I'm not going anymore. I decided not to so Bao can have some space," she replied.

"I'm afraid that's too late," he told her. "I've already asked your brother Zhang Bao if I could go with you and he already said yes."

"Whatever, you liar," said Bao.

"I'm not lying," he replied, as he began telling them how he asked Zhang Bao...

Yesterday after school when Guo Jia got home, he knew that Xing Cai and Zhang Bao shared a cell phone and jotted down some notes when she had the phone with her. It turned out to be every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. Since today was Thursday, he decided to give her brother a phone call. He just knew his request would work out well since he and Zhang Bao were good friends themselves.

"Hello?" answered Zhang Bao.

"Hey Zhang Bao," he began. "Will it be okay if I take your sister to the movies on Saturday? It's just a hangout and Bao and Guan Suo will be there."

"Oh. Sure, why not?" Zhang Bao said, and laugh. "You didn't have to ask me."

"Well, as your friend and her being your sister, I wanted your permission first," he replied, laughing.

"I'm okay with it," Zhang Bao said.

"Okay. Thanks man," he said.

"No problem," said Zhang Bao, as they hung up...

"And that's not even the best part," Guo Jia said, smiling.

"What else did you do, you jerk," Bao said, looking at him, giving him attitude. Xing Cai's jaws dropped.

"This," he replied...

Xing Cai's house phone rang several times as Zhang Fei got up and answered it.

"Hello?" he asked.

"Hi. This is Guo Jia. Is this Xing Cai's dad?" said Guo Jia, laying down on his bed.

"Hi Guo Jia and yes, this is Xing Cai's dad," Zhang Fei answered.

"I was wondering if I could take Xing Cai to the movies on Saturday with her friend Bao and Guan Suo," he asked. Zhang Fei began laughing.

"Oh, of course. Why not?" he answered, chuckling. "She's my one and only daughter. She needs to go out and explore this world so she could know what she wants."

"Okay, thank you," Guo Jia said smiling. He was so happy. "I will pick her up at four o' clock on Saturday."

"No problem, son," Zhang Fei said smiling. "It's so cute that my daughter finally has a crush on someone. I mean, who knew it would turn out to be you? Hahaha."

"I know right?" he said, laughing. "It's such an honor."

"Hahaha. How gentlemen of you to be asking me. I appreciate that, Guo Jia. Just take care of her or I'll take care of you," Zhang Fei said, laughing too. Then they hung up...

"You what?" Bao shouted, looking at Xing Cai with her jaws hanging down.

"You called my dad?" Xing Cai asked, blushing as Guo Jia nodded his head smiling.

"Come on now, Xing Cai. It's not so bad," he told her.

"How can you just do that without her even asking you!" Bao shouted. "Now what are you going to do, Xing Cai?"

"I don't know," she replied, looking down. No wonder when her dad dropped her off at school this morning, he giggled and smiled so much...

"So...," Zhang Fei said smiling, making a left turn into the school parking lot. "Fun in the sun on Saturday huh?"

"Yup yup yup," Zhang Bao said, smiling too.

"No," Xing Cai replied, looking at her binder. Zhang Fei and Zhang Bao looked at each other. Zhang Fei blinked one eye at his son as they both snickered.

"It's okay. You don't have to be shy," he said to his daughter, smiling brightly.

"Really. I'm not going anywhere," she answered. Zhang Fei parked for them to go.

"It's ok. Go out, do what you have to do, make smart decisions, and have fun," he said, smiling. She smiled back and said bye to him as he left...

"I'll see you on Saturday, Xing Cai," Guo Jia said, as he smiled and waved bye to her. He walked off to Motonari and Ranmaru.

"I guess you have no choice, Xing Cai," Bao told her. "That jerk. Just go with him since he's so desperate for you." Xing Cai took a deep breath.

"Oh, okay. Fine. I'll go with him," she said, as they finished up their noodle...

"Do you believe in demons, Kanetsugu?" Mitsunari asked him, lying down on his sleeping bag next to Yukimura. Since it was Friday, they decided to have a guy's night at Kanetsugu's house before they went back to school. He and Yukimura were going to sleep over until Sunday morning.

"Yes. Yes I do," Kanetsugu answered.

"So can you tell us what you know about them?" Yukimura asked.

"Sure," Kanetsugu said. "Well, I know that they are angels who became bad and they can get into people's bodies if people continue to stay in a place roamed by demons, regardless of all the warnings they give them. They have access to our world around three a.m. That's why elder people always say to go to bed by twelve." They quickly checked the time and it was 12:10 a.m. They all gasped and put their blankets over their heads and became paranoid. Kanetsugu played some soft Chinese bamboo music for them so they could fall asleep peacefully. In no time, they all knocked out.

The next day, they all woke up at 8:15 a.m. They used the bathroom, washed their face, and brushed their teeth. After that, they went downstairs to Kanetsugu's kitchen and ate breakfast. Kanetsugu's mom made them some pancakes and sausages with bread and eggs. When they finished eating, they went to play some Mario Kart. They raced, did balloon challenges, bomb challenges, and star challenges. Yukimura won six times, Mitsunari won four times, and Kanetsugu won three times. After playing video games, they decided to resume where they left off last night. Kanetsugu turned his laptop on and sat on his bed. Yukimura sat to his right and Mitsunari sat on his left. They looked up demons on the internet and found a bunch of information about them. Then Kanetsugu looked up demons in Verdei Bruno. They came upon an interesting story about a demon named Susano'o who went after a couple families' generation bloodline.

"Which families' did he go after?" Mitsunari asked.

"It says here that he went after the Taira's but they went extinct," Kanetsugu answered, showing them what he just read. Then he gasped at the next line.

"What?" asked Yukimura, as Kanetsugu pointed to his screen. They read it and opened their eyes wide.

"The Date family?" Mitsunari asked, raising his brows. "I don't believe it. If the Demon Susano'o really went after them, then what the heck is that Masamune Date doing alive?" Kanetsugu read some more.

"It says that the Demon Susano'o cursed them and every first born son in every Date family generation and bloodline will have their lives' sacrificed to him for making him mad," he told them. "Time of sacrifice is estimated between teenage years to thirty years of age. Oh, my."

"I don't believe it," Mitsunari said, shaking his head. "I bet people made that story up. I personally don't think there are such things as demons."

"Then why were you hella scared last night like us? Certainly you were scared of something?" Yukimura said, laughing.

"Haha, very funny," Mitsunari replied sarcastically.

"Guys...I don't think this is made up," Kanetsugu replied, pointing to the screen. "There's proof. I don't know if this guy is related to Masamune or not but it says here that in 2089, Takesaki Date mysteriously died at age twenty five and was the first son of his family. And in 2097, Nagataro Date died in his sleep at age 19 and was also the first son of his family. There are many others too and the most recent one happened five years ago in San Angelino. Masatora Date mysteriously died after getting into his car from work. He was the first son too."

"Hey! That name sounds kind of familiar," Yukimura told them. "Remember when we were in fourth grade? Masamune had a relative with a name similar to that that passed away."

"What if it's him?" Kanetsugu asked them.

"Hm, I don't know about that. Are you sure that was his name, Yukimura?" Mitsunari asked.

"Yes, I'm sure," Yukimura replied. Suddenly he and Kanetsugu looked at each other and opened their eyes wide.

"What's up with you two?" Mitsunari asked them.

"Masamune's the first son in his family...," Yukimura told him.

"So?" replied Mitsunari. "Maybe the demon can teach him a lesson for being so bad?"

"Mitsunari! That is not very honorable!" Kanetsugu shouted.

"I'm just saying...That kid's a bully and someone needs to teach him a lesson," Mitsunari replied.

"Yeah but not have his life taken away," Kanetsugu told him. "Nobody deserves that."

"What should we do? Should we tell him?" Yukimura asked.

"I don't know," Kanetsugu said, looking down. "I'm afraid that if we don't do anything about it, we might not see him anymore."

"Then good," Mitsunari uttered.

"Mitsunari! Stop!" shouted Kanetsugu. "I will try to talk to Masamune on Monday and see if he'll tell me anything about it."

"Ha. I doubt he will. He's probably just going to laugh at you and bully you some more. Anyways, I'm done with all this Demon Susano'o stuff. I'm going downstairs to watch T.V., okay?" Mitsunari told them. Kanetsugu shut off his laptop as they all went downstairs to watch some television...