Why So Jaded

Chapter 17

It wasn't until Dash found himself on the plane with Phillip, Violet and this "Tully" as Phillip and Violet both seemed to have been taking up calling him and seeing Violet sit with him and simply talk and hold hands and actually act like a couple that Dash tried figuring out why Tully looked so damn familiar, but not in a good way, like, an unsettling way. His voice was even somewhat familiar but Dash couldn't figure out why that was and Tully was obviously older than her, like, by like almost a decade by the looks of it.

Phillip was of course playing with a remote that controlled his girlfriend Cheseray's vibrator that was tucked into her underwear as she did her best to remain cool and collected but was flushed and trying to act overly normal.

But Dash's attention was torn between Tully and his new girlfriend, Vivian, he had ignored Violet's advice and pursued Vivian anyway and surprisingly, she said yes. She was after all, the most beautiful woman on the plane, if not the world and Vivian was, for as hot as she was, less shallow than he thought she'd be, she was actually a really cool person and really fun.

But what surprised him more was that Violet and Vivian were actually friends in real life and had been for quite some time and he was hurt and offended that she didn't try to introduce them sooner. They got their nails done together, their hair done together, went shopping together, went out to eat together and hung out regularly and Vivian was actually a close neighbor of Violet's because having Phillip as her main client along with several of his friends and one of his own personal favorites, she could afford to live lavishly too and Vivian disclosed to him that Violet had done her a few favors when Vivian had to deal with stalkers or dangerous clients, she said something to either Phillip or Violet or both of them and the problems always promptly went away and by "go away", either 'come up missing' or 'come up dead' kind of way. What really had both intrigued him and grossed him out was that Vivian said that Violet was a better, more graceful and more sultry dancer than her and had tricks that even she couldn't master which made him want to gag.

Meanwhile Violet couldn't help but be slightly on edge for this trip and even though she checked, double checked and triple checked, her gut and intuition told her that something was wrong and she even had a private twatwaffle protocol with everyone and everyone passed. But that didn't ease her fears, she had done this before with Veronica and Vivian, the only three new people in this equation was Dash, Cheseray and Barret, but she felt she could trust Barret. Cheseray was sweet, really, not that dangerous at all when she looked into her. Dash though, he was the wild card. But even Violet knew that appearances could be deceiving.

Even Leslie picked up on Violet's unease and asked if there was anything she could do to help, the sweet thing. But she still had a thousand and one things to do while they were gone and already had her hands overflowing kind of full and Violet didn't want to add to her load. Violet was at least comforted that at least when she left, Leslie would still help take care of Phill. With Barret, it was her first time being the direct liaison, Leslie always was before because Leslie was sweet and personable and incredibly thoughtful and with her eye for design she was always helping everyone with decorating or interior design and had such a good eye for little details and reading people easily and somehow always knew exactly what to get people and easily know and remember how everyone liked their coffee or tea or eating preferences and gave the best gifts for whatever she was invited to. She just made everyone's job around her easier and always seemed to handle everything perfectly. She was the proverbial 'mom friend' she said it came from a bad miscarraige and a bad accident when she was younger so she felt her own chance of motherhood was taken from her so she mothered the shit out of everyone around her, which was actually always appreciated. She even taught Violet a thing or two about being a good liaison and gave Violet the best advice about how to be Barret's liaison and Violet and herself worked remarkably well together, tag teaming flawlessly and such a close friend and confidant to everyone.

All Violet could do is realize that Dash was so much stupider than she thought he could be. She had warned him, outright, not to date Vivian. She even warned Vivian against her brother, both Vivian and Violet both knew how crazy and awful things could get with Phillip but Vivian seemed pretty determined herself because she felt an attraction to Dash and now that Phillip was dating Cheseray and hadn't needed her "services" in a while and even though Violet reminded Vivian that she had a hard enough time protecting herself from Phillip and she didn't know if she could protect them both and Dash, if Vivian's feelings were genuine and authentically her own towards Dash, it was still Vivian's choice. And all Violet could do was watch and see how it played out but she could also see Dash side eyeing Barret and wondered how long it would take for Dash to figure it out. Because as fast as he was, mentally he was really, really slow.

Meanwhile, Veronica Andrews was also in a seat nearby, she was training two handlers at once, one would be for Phillip, and the other would be Dash's. Their names were Michael and Dawson, teaching them the trade while Violet kept half of Phillip's full security detail for herself and Barret, putting Nelson in charge of everything for herself and Mr. Pine as Violet, Vivian and Veronica all watched as Cheseray came as quietly and discretely as she could as she squeezed Phillip's arm with almost a bruising grip to get him to turn the stupid thing off before she really made a scene and just before she nearly cried and whimpered as she physically squirmed, did he turn it off while Violet, Vivian and Verionica all gave each other meaningful looks.

Phillip sure did love to control everyone around them and loved to see them squirm in any way he could while they knew this wasn't about Cheseray's pleasure, it was all about Phillip's control and him flaunting it as Violet knew that at Phillip's earliest conveniences and whims, could he snap his fingers or say the word and have Viv, Vi and Veronica up on their toes to obey his every command while Violet was just relieved that she wasn't wearing a vibrator of her own this time.

Since Violet and Barret's little getaway, things had never been better between them as Violet was more sure now than ever before that when all this business with Phillip was over, it was Barret who she was going to choose because there was comparison between the two.

When they landed in Tokyo, the group still stayed in one big hotel with Nelson acting as Barret and Violet's handler.

"Ok, I'm going to go for a drink with Veronica and Viv ok, get some sleep, we got a big day tomorrow." Violet urged Barret before she left and joined up with the girls for a drink to gossip.

About 20 minutes later Barret had come out of the shower to see a very thin tablet slid under his door and it had IRize's logo on it as Barret frowned and picked it up before a little sensor popped up and scanned his face and then scanned the room as Barret inhaled sharply then held his breath before the surface went from opaque to a screen.

"Mr. Pine," John Clairborne greeted.

"Before you actually get too attached to Miss Parr, you should know the whole story…" John began before Barret sat down and watched every interaction Violet had with Phillip and everyone else before Barret even tried corporate espionage because it was clear that for months leading up to his attempt, Phillip and Violet were manipulating others and even sabotaging his own things so that he felt he had no choice but to try to break into Phillip's office to get that nano chip in the first place. They set a trap for him and he walked right into it. He watched all the footage and feed of their conversations before and after Violet and his own interactions. Violet had even disguised herself, but not very well and actually came to his compound, disguised as someone else and had corrupted and destroyed his work and data. And then it showed her own report on him to The Agency before he got to see her own file.

She was the master of all spies and had toppled entire governments. Her kill list was so long and passed in front of his eyes so fast, all he saw was a blur through his tears and it was like getting all the pieces all together so that when Violet was done with him and he had done everything her objective for him set out to do- she even had half a dozen kill plans in place- with dates and times and everything, even their little vacation to Scotland was in there as a potential kill plan. She had every weakness, every angle, everything about him, down to very intimate details that only she or even only Mirage would know. She already had him undone on paper and she knew exactly when and how she could do it.

She even had it all on Phillip too. She had it on everyone. Even her own parents and siblings. She was the epitome of a stone cold ruthless killer. No wonder Phillip practically fell in love with her, no wonder he had too, she had designed herself for any man or woman who came into contact with her would too with what she chose to show them. He even watched her early work- her first real big job was for a Russian mafia gang, led by Ivar Rathgood about five years ago, she was known as the Moscow Doll, and she would do strip burlesque in blood red macrame ropes and would dance and slowly but surely loop all that rope around her victim like a spider web, tying them to a chair with the beat of the music and just at the last beat she'd pull one rope and the whole thing would become taut and tied her victim to a chair and choked them to death as she strutted away, she did that for most of Ivar's enemies, there were hundreds of videos just like it, all of them the same, and she was barely 17 at the time. She should have been in high school and doing things like going to a mall or going to prom but no, she was a mafia's right hand woman doing his bidding. To say she was Mirage 2.0 wasn't even close or fair to either one, she was a creature all her own and worse than anyone or anything he had ever seen, she made his own sins of hunting supers seem not that bad by comparison and that was saying something. She was an assassin of the highest order and she could, at any moment kill everyone around her without anyone ever seeing it coming. She was her own weapon of mass destruction. She had even had a few miscarriages and abortions which made her current method of an IUD birth control possible and Barret thought that she was the biggest hypocrite for getting on Dash for having two kids out of wedlock. What were Dash's or even Phillip's crimes compared to her own? She had no room to talk or judge.

Was everything she had ever said to him a lie? A manipulation even when he asked her not to and she had agreed? She had sworn, promised and vowed. But clearly- it was just...all lies, and manipulations. Could she not help it now? Was it just the way she was? No wonder The Agency did everything in their power to keep her happy, because they knew, with one push in the wrong direction and she could bring everything down on everyone's heads? Especially theirs? Like catching a tiger by the tail, the second they let go, she was going to devour them next. Phillip and Violet were on their way to being the next Mr. and Mrs Bill Gates or Beyonce and Jay-Z.

The worst part of this was, was his apartment wasn't even his! Phillip and Violet had done to others what they had done to him and the reason it took three days for him hanging out in a cell of SEB's basement was because they were killing the current occupant and wiping the slate clean so to speak and cleaning out his current apartment and no wonder it was a "generic" style, it was meant to be! And Phillip and Violet even had one of his friends and a few other competitors lined up to keep the cycle going. It wasn't going to stop after him. He was the third of what was going to be about 15 other "projects" on their roster. This was never going to be a happily ever after, this was going to be a happily never ever.

Barret had never felt like more of a fool, more of an idiot before in his life. She was playing him like a damn fiddle! And she was playing him the way she played everyone else. How did he think he had a shot at being different? At being the one for her? Or she the one for him? The only real things about her was that death followed her wherever she went. And what really chilled him to the bone was that IRize, they also had them followed on that trip to make sure she didn't kill him, they were posing as the loud, nosey neighbors in the castle and on the plane. They had been followed and Violet couldn't spot them and neither could he. They were always followed by not just Phillip's people but his own, thank God. They were the only ones keeping him alive!

And then came the final nail in the coffin- when Violet's previous marks got wind of what was to come and had confronted her, she always used the same lines of 'what are you talking about?' 'that's insane' or 'you know that I love you and only you and we are going to get out of here and once I'm free from Phillip, we can be together forever, only you know the real Violet, only you know the truth about me' and then pop, bang, dead. Neck twisted, injected with poision, shot, the floor drops, the curtains fall, the actress leaves the stage, sometimes sauntering, strutting or just plain walking off, reset. Over and over and over again.

Barret wasn't special, he was just the next in line. Even now her little 'mission's' she was running while he was in SEB, the reason why her headaches had been so fierce is because she was doing it again, getting the next prisoner, the next bird in a gilded cage primed and ready to go as soon as he had done all they wanted him to do, it was going to be all over.

And the stinger was- he had already started to integrate her into IRize too, not only was she in contract to gain everything when he died, but she had twice before and when he saw her stock portfolio, it was like looking at all the companies Disney owned, she had her fingers in every pie there was. And her contract even had another stage to it, at the end of her current one, if she stayed with Phillip, she was going to get 50% of everything. Even if she married him without a prenup, she would still get 50%. There was even a video showing her reading the actual contract. She hadn't signed it yet but she read it and her face was unreadable, if anything she was indifferent, just a little shrug and a shake of her head. No wonder Phillip kept his powers to himself, his own powers were the only thing keeping her from killing him off too.

So what did Barret have that would keep her from killing him off? Nothing. She had everything to gain from his death. She was going to kill him, plain and simple, it was just a matter of when.

Meanwhile Phillip had finally fucked Cheseray practically into a coma and was sitting in the livingroom part of his suite and watched an electronic pad of all the interactions Violet had had with Barret and all of her own history that he had never had the clearance to know and felt sick as his worst fears were coming true. She had played him the way she had played everyone else in her career. He even saw a contract that he did not authorize to have drawn up where if she worked for him for another five years after her contract was up in a year and a half, that she would be getting half of everything he had, everything he owned. Even if he married her without a prenup- she would get half of everything he had while he would never see a dime of any of the money she had. He had always hoped that his own fortune would entice her to stay but her greed now exceeded his own. He had created a monster and invited her into his life and she wasn't going to leave without taking her huge bite out of him. He officially had the tiger by the tail, if he let go, she was going to devour him next.

Meanwhile Dash stared in abject horror at the screen. There was his childhood nightmare- having sex with his sister. Not to mention- his sister officially was the scariest motherfucker on the planet. How could his sister know exactly how to kill him and everyone else in his family? Even Jack? Even his own sons? How had his sister gone from shy girl to dominatrix killer in just five yeras? The Agency had killed his sister and replaced her with a monster, a weapon of mass destruction and she was fucking their childhood archnemisis? And she was the one that nearly brought home several babies of her own and gave herself poison to miscarry on purpose. It would have been better if she had just died. Because who had come back in her place, wasn't his sister. It was a monster.

Meanwhile Buddy had drunk himself into an angry stupor and was stewing in the bed as he was so drunk he didn't care if Violet killed him tonight or not, he actually preferred if she did and just get it over with. He had never been so angry or hurt in his life. How could he have been so naive to think a monster like Violet would ever settle down with a guy like him?

Meanwhile Violet was drinking with Veronica and Vivian at a private booth in the corner.

"God I've never been so grateful not to be Phillip's current flavor of the week, that was embarrassing." Vivian confessed, referring to the little stunt Phillip pulled with Cheseray on the plane with the vibrator.

"Yeah that was rather brutal." Violet admitted.

"And that's why I never cross that line with clients." Veronica said pointedly.

"So in other news, How are things with Mr. Pine?" Veronica changed the subject, turning to Violet.

"Now is it Barret or Tully? I'm confused, because I thought you always called him Buddy?" Viv asked.

"For Phillip, it's Tully, for his friends it's Buddy but just for me- it's Barret." Violet answered.

"And? Get to the good part, because I've seen you and him, this is the closest to real as you've been with a guy since we've been friends." Viv inquired.

"On the record- it's good." Violet answered.

"And off?" Veronica prodded.

"It's fantastic." Violet sighed dreamily.

"Oooh, I know that grin and that smile- that's the real deal there." Vivian cheered.

"It's the realest thing ever, he's the first real person I've ever had the pleasure of knowing with Phill it's mind games, with everyone else it's also mind games and power plays and manipulations but with Barret- it's just...it's just us. He's...he's ironically- everything I've ever wanted, real, genuine, self sufficient, he takes better care of me than I do myself." Violet confessed.

"Which is saying something because you take care of yourself more than anyone else."

"That's true." Violet confessed.

"So he's not going to be the next Mr. Wilkins." Veronica asked.

"No, I'll spring him free myself if I have to. I'm not doing all this again. Now Veronica, you're more than welcome to pick up my mantle when I'm done but after this, I'm done, I'm out, no mas- no more." Violet insisted.

"So what made you change your mind?" Veronica asked.

"Him. With Barret, I feel like I'm getting my soul back, and my feeling and my conscience and my whole self, not just the bits and pieces of myself I've compartmentalized over the years." Violet answered.

"Have you told him the big whole story yet?" Veronica asked.

"...no. I've told him as much as I can in good conscience because I don't want him to be a target or know so much that it puts him in danger, but I've told him all I can for now. I want to tell him everything but while I'm still under contract and while he's still under contract, I can't. But once it's all over in a year and a half, and he's free and I'm free, then I will and if stays then he's welcome to but if he decides to go, I'll be heartbroken but I'm not going to force him to stay. I'll forfeit everything I have back to him that belongs to him, like all his stocks in IRize and all that. But Vers, I'm counting on you to keep us both safe or at least give me a heads up if either of us ever becomes a target again so I can at least get us both to safety." Violet urged.

"I got you Gurl." Veronica urged.

"Same here, I owe you, I don't know how many favors by now." Viv added.

"Thank you." Violet smiled in relief.

"So, tell me about Scotland." Veronica prodded.

"So we went as Mr. and Mrs. Pine and let me tell you, it was the greatest vacation of my life and hopefully the first of many to come…" Violet eagerly giggled as she recounted the whole vacation to her friends.

Meanwhile Leslie whose real name was actually Larissa, Larissa Rathgood to be precise, cackled in delight as she watched from her own phone of Phillip, Dash and Barret all watch all the feeds and videos and files she had put together for them. Ever since Violet infiltrated her brother Ivar's mafia, and killed him five years prior- she vowed to avenge her brother and take control and build an empire of her own that would overshadow all of even Ivar's wildest dreams, finally, after all this time of posing as a sweet, innocent assistant and confidant for everyone at SEB Industries and everywhere else Violet had been, transforming herself over and over again so that even Violet couldn't know it was really her, she was going to have her revenge on all of them. Being the "non-threatening" confidant, no one suspected her of anything and so she gained power and traction without anyone noticing and knew everyone's secrets and being the interior decorator, she had bugs in everything she touched. Bugs that even Violet couldn't sense. She had piggy backed on Violet and Phillip's access at The Agency and all the security everywhere and from there, it had been child's play for her to orchestrate everything, picking valuable targets and competition and having Violet and Phillip do all the dirty work and pay for it all while she worked them both as she simply got everyone's coffee and drycleaning and helped decorate office spaces and apartments. Being a mimic, she had mimicked Violet for the last five years, using Violet's 'disappearing acts' to do her most damage in Violet's name and especially since Violet had a 'blackout' order from The Agency along with a catalog of looks she used to go undercover. And with Larissa being a mimic, she could mimic all of them and all of her work got erased and blacked out too, half of the kills on Violet's record, which she rarely ever read or looked at, actually belonged to Larissa, she just let Violet take credit for it, she was the one that even put together the lists for future projects and she knew that Violet had finally had had enough and was now longer useful to her "game" and had gotten "soft" and no fun any more. So now she was going to pull out the rug from Violet and have all eyes and guns- pointed at Violet. Just like the way Violet had done with Ivar. What had really sealed the deal for her was to find out that Ivar had gotten Violet pregnant and Violet had actually wanted to keep it and stay with her brother, but finding out that Violet was a spy and that The Agency would most likely make her abort the baby anyway, even as far along as Violet got- she made it easy for Violet by giving her medicine to cause a miscarraige and make it seem like Ivar had done it himself. Because by that point, Ivar had gotten soft for Violet, his little Moscow Doll. So she simply sat back and let "nature take its course" from a safe distance.

It had been all too easy for Larissa to do actually. First she had gone to Mr. Nelson's house to drop off his own drycleaning that morning after saying goodbye to Violet that morning and had incapacitated him via drugging his coffee, just the way he liked it, three creamers, three sugars with a shot of caramel, then she tied him up and left his house as him and gone through all the motions as him and since his "twatwaffle" protocol was in the system, she knew it and answered it with ease with Violet when she had come to work as Nelson. And when Violet, Vivian and Veronica had left to go get drinks, she simply slipped those electronic pads under the doors with the correct corresponding logos for their trusted companies and now she laid in the bed and watched as all of them became disenfranchised, suspicious, angry and freaked out. The hardest thing was of course to make tech that would spy on Violet without Violet's very sensitive powers to pick up on it, but once she did, boy oh boy did she use it, with everyone. She was going to enjoy watching it all fall apart and implode before it exploded, all while she would get a clean get away and no one would be coming after her, not unless they wanted themselves exposed with everything she not only had on them but was able to fabricate and weave it so perfectly with the truth, that all of it seemed like the gospel truth.

Although doing this with Veronica after Violet was swiftly disposed of would be harder because Veronica didn't trust anyone, not even "Leslie". But she was sure she could wear her down eventually.

When Violet, Vivian and Veronica came back to their rooms, Phillip appeared to be fast asleep, as did Dash and Barret although the very strong scent of alcohol could be smelled in all three of the rooms.

Violet and Vivian simply tried to silently slip into their beds. Dash, immediately upon feeling the movement, jumped but upon recognizing Vivian, desperately pulled her into his arms and clung to her.

"You ok?" Vivian asked.

"Yeah, just...had a bad nightmare." Dash tried to play off.

"Want to talk about it?" Viv inquired as she hugged him back and held him because she could sense he was really anxious.

"No." Dash insisted.

"Ok. Well I'm here, I'm not going anywhere. If you need to talk, I'm willing to listen." Viv offered.

Meanwhile Violet got into bed and tried to spoon Barret who was curled up in the fetal position on his side of the bed and Barret wanted to just roll over onto her and really hated how his body betrayed him by melting into her touch and he really hated how all he wanted to do was roll over and hold her and beg her to come clean about all of it. And when she kissed between his shoulder blades and murmured her 'goodnight Barret I love you' Barret wanted nothing more than to start a fight and call her a liar. But he was too tired and too drunk and too angry, so he just continued to pretend to be asleep while Phillip laid in his own bed and tried to mentally do acrobatics trying to figure out how he was going to get out of this alive and keep his inheritance safe from Violet. He had wanted to kick himself for not seeing her oh so subtle and masterful manipulations, her acts, her many faces and none of them real as he instantly regretted even hiring her. How Leslie had actually searched and found her and made it seem like Violet was going to solve all his problems and how Leslie had told him that all he needed to do is turn off Miss Murder and turn on his perfect match was "love her like no one had" and Leslie even insisted that he and Violet were going to be the next Beyonce and Jay-Z, and they were goign to be so happy. Oh how wrong she had been! He just should have stuck with Veronica. He would have been better off just getting her and leaving Violet alone in Hong Kong. How had he not seen any of this coming?

The next day at the expo, Violet noticed that Barret was unusually short, cold and snippy.

"Babe, seriously, what is going on?" Violet demanded as she paused in putting on her makeup to stare at Barret who was pouting on the sofa.

"Nothing, just...had a bad dream that's all. Sorry." Barret tried to excuse.

"One hell of a bad dream then." Violet muttered and Barret simply huffed in indignation.

"Who's Ivar?" Barret suddenly demanded.

"Ivar? Like...Ivar the Boneless off of Vikings?" Violet returned in confusion.

"No, Ivar Rathgood, you said his name in your sleep, several times now." Barret suddenly accused as Violet dropped her makeup from her hands as she fumbled trying to catch them before they slipped off her fingertips and clattered all over the place which for Barret was a dead ringer.

"I...I have?" Violet asked because she hadn't had a dream about Ivar in...forever. She used to all the time but since she had been getting close to Barret, they had become a lot less frequent.

"Yeah, so who is Ivar Rathgood?" Barret asked.

"He's an ex of mine, from way, way back." Violet confessed.

"What happened?" Barret prodded.

"A lot," Violet sighed tiredly but was confused as to why Barret would suddenly take issue with an ex. Barret was usually, typically, not jealous.

"Like what would constitute as "a lot"?" Barret asked.

"Why does it matter so much to you?" Violet pressed as she simply went for something simple in makeup so she didn't have to keep doing it before she returned to Barret and sat on the couch with him and turned in her seat to face him.

"It just does." Barret answered defensively.

"Well, officially, everything that happened between Ivar and myself is under classified at The Agency because Ivar Rathgood was my first objective for my first solo assignment and mission for The Agency, he was a mafia boss in Moscow, Russia. I was assigned to be his lover. My cover was an injured ballerina who had to make a living stripping at his club, we got close, I did my job, I left. That was about five years ago. I can't give you any more details than that, you know I can't, not unless I retire first, which will be another year and a half. Why is this an issue for you?" Violet asked.

"Because you keep saying the russian word for 'baby' in your dreams too." Barret accused as Violet inhaled deeply through her nose and instantly tensed before she forced herself to relax.

"Fine, you know what? I'll tell you why, this information can get you killed but if it will ease your concience, I always say "baby" because he got me pregnant with a little boy, who was going to be named Alexi had I carried him full term, and then he caused me to miscarry, at 20 weeks along. It was particularly brutal and traumatic because I, at 17, thought I was in love with him and wanted to say 'screw you' to The Agency and stay with him and be his Moscow Doll forever. But then Ivar showed his true colors and I guess, wasn't as ready to be a dad as he had previously shown me he was, he made me miscarry via switching out my prenatal vitamins for a russian form of Plan B meant to destroy fetus' past the 12 week mark, then he had the audacity to blame me for the miscarraige when at the hospital, they found traces of the plan B in my blood system and he thought I did it and caused harm to Alexi because I wasn't ready to be a mom which wasn't true at all, I was bound and determined and I felt at the time that I was more than ready and willing but Ivar had other plans, which made my original objective of taking him out a lot easier for me to do in the long run and it set me down this path. He was my first big betrayal and I have never been the same since. But because I carried Alexi as long as I did, I now get to have an IUD birth control ever since so that that particular situation would never happen to me again and it's why I'm so close to Jack because when I came home from that mission, he reminded me of what Alexi would have been, had I been able to carry him full term, and it's why I'm so hard on Dash for having two boys with two different women and not being faithful to either one's mother because children should never, ever, ever have to pay for the sins of their parents. And it's why I have at least seven contingency plans and safety nets in place for Jack, Dash Jr and Dillon and trust funds for all of them and I spoil all of them and it's why I pay the majority of their preschool fees and school clothes and school supplies and it's why I'm as close and fiercely protective of them as I am and God help anyone who ever wants to bring them harm because I will absolutely kill them without hesitation. It's why I'm protective of my family in general because they are all I have besides you. Are you happy now? Satisfied? Otherwise, get the stick that's shoved up your ass out." Violet spat defensively before she got up and finished getting ready before Barret and Violet wouldn't say another word to each other all day or the rest of their stay.

But Violet was too upset at Barret being upset that she didn't notice how Phillip and Dash also seemed pissed and weary of her too and it wasn't until the expo was done and they were all flying home the next day when Veronica pulled Vivian and Violet aside.

"Ok, what the fuck is going on? Because none of the boys are acting right." Veronica urged.

"Dash said he had a bad nightmare, he hasn't been himself but he won't tell me anything." Vivian confessed.

"I apparently had a nightmare about Alexi and I said Ivar's name in my sleep and it set Barret off for some reason. So I told him the truth and he's been a bratty, bitchy bastard ever since and I can't make heads or tails of why it would piss him off, but it's pissing me off." Violet confessed.

"Holy fucking shit, wow. Really? You keep having nightmares about Alexi? Oh you poor thing." Vivian comforted as the three gave each other a big group hug.

"But that doesn't explain why Phillip is freaking out. He's projecting a lot of fear and anxiousness onto everyone. Cheseray is about biting her whole fingernails off." Veronica noted before Violet and Vivian both looked at each other with a confused frown.

"...yeah, he has. That's weird." Vivian realized.

"...and it's me, he's freaked out about me, I can feel it, I was too pissed off at Barret to notice before, holy shit it's making my stomach churn." Violet realized as she felt a waive of nausea.

"Something has been off about this whole trip though." Veronica insisted.

"Yeah! You're right, but I can't figure it out." Violet confessed before her phone rang and it was from Nelson's house.

"Hello?" Violet answered.

"Violet! Twatwaffle!" Nelson yelled into the phone as Violet's eyes snapped open.

"Glitternugget." Violet answered.

"We have a mimic! It's Leslie! Leslie came to me yesterday to drop off my suit, she drugged my coffee and I woke up tied to my chair and I just now was able to break free! Where are you?!" Nelson demanded.

"Over the pacific, on our way home." Violet paled.

"Leslie is a mimic, she mimicked me. I'm here at home. If I'm with you in the plane, it's not me!" Nelson immediately said before Violet dropped the phone and pointed two guns at Vivian and Veronica.

"Twatwaffle." Violet demanded.

"Midnight Sparkle, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash." Vivian immediately answered with her hands up as Veronica did the same thing that Violet did and pointed her guns at Violet and Vivian in turn.

"Pumpernickle, Rye and Soda." Veronica answered.

"Glitternugget, Goldmember, Unicorn barf." Violet answered.

"Fuck! Mimic, we have a mimic, Nelson just called me from home and said Leslie was a mimic and came as him, we gotta check everyone, we've been sabotaged!" Violet ordered as Vivian took Veronica's extra gun and all three came barreling out of the bathroom and Veronica did the twatwaffle protocol three layers deep since only the first was actually in the system as Phillip, Barret and Dash all panicked as Violet became invisible and went to the downstairs of the jet and found "Nelson" getting his parachute on.

"Twatwaffle!" Violet demanded with her gun pointed at his head that was wearing a helmet already.

"Aww, wow, I'm surprised it took you this long to find out." "Nelson" cooed.

"Who are you?" Violet demanded as she stalked closer.

"What? You don't remember me Kukla?" Larissa said as she transformed into her brother as Violet didn't hesitate but shot him in the head but the bullet bounced off the helmet before she reshot and hit him in the eye before "Ivar" transformed back into Larissa, the real Larissa and started cussing Violet out in Russian as she pressed the detonator before the back hatch of the jet blew off.

"Your choice Doll, get me or save your new friends." Larissa spat before Violet noticed her pin on on her suit started beeping really fast before she realized that everyone's pins were armed into becoming an explosive and just as she pulled hers off and threw it away, it exploded, causing Larissa to eject out of the plane as Violet made a mad dash to the upper level and was screaming 'bomb!" at the top of her lungs over and over again just as everyone's pins started beeping, making everyone else try to get them off of them before other explosives went off in the plane, hidden in all the different compartments and seats, a neon blue dust suddenly filling the cabin and the second the dust touched anything, it dissolved it by super heating it before other explosions blew the plane apart right there in the sky and Violet's super suit was the only thing that was able to combat the blue powder as it fought to keep Violet safe as they all plummeted in the wreckage as Violet and Veronica were the only ones able to combat it.

"Veronica! Barrel of monkeys!" Violet yelled as she tried to use her powers to yo-yo and capture everyone and pull them towards Veronica who used her own powers to keep everyone together as Violet began going through trying to get everyone using Veronica as the main tether but the way it exploded, she couldn't get to either her brother or Barret.

"VSS! Inject 816S now!" She ordered her suit since VSS stood for Violet's Super Suit.

"Strongly illadvised, the results will be a fatal inflamation of your central cortex, chances of surviving are less than 17% if you inject all of it, it is better to inject in either thirds or fourths if absolutely necessary, however the calculations of everyone surviving are currently 5% and falling." VSS argued.

"Do it! Inject a third!" Violet ordered.

"Injecting a third of available dose, the chances of survival are 68%" VSS said as Violet felt the injection into her spine from the suit as she tried to get to her brother first because he was the closest as it allowed her to fly through the air and keep ahold of the cluster of others before she shot her yo-yo like bubble at her brother and barely got his outstretched arm before she used all her power to pull him towards the group and into the main force field before she focused on getting Barret.

"I need more, inject the rest of it!" Violet ordered her suit as she tried to fly towards Barret with one hand while her own tether to the group stretched to it's max.

"But chances of you surviving a second dose go down to 34%." VSS argued.

"Do it!" Violet demanded.

"Injecting the second third of available 816S." VSS announced as it was injected and Violet could use her now enhanced powers to get to Barret and manage to grab him by her yoyo and pull him to her and then able to pull them back to the group.

"Gotcha." Violet said as she was able to wrap her arm around Barret as he grabbed onto her as Barrent immediately noticed Violet's nose and ears were bleeding as the whites of her eyes were glowing like a flashlight before Violet pushed Barret in with everyone else, Veronica on one side of him and Pike on the other side of him as Violet manuvered herself to the middle of the group and tried to manipulate the forcefield to turn it into a gliding plane like shape and tried to guide it towards the speck of land she could see in the ocean but her strength was running out.

"VSS, inject 816S, inject the last of it!" Violet screamed into her suit.

"Chances of surviving are 17%!" VSS pleaded.

"Do it or chances of anyone and everyone surviving are 0! Engage endgame protocol 1." Violet screeched back before VSS obeyed and injected the last of the 816S super serum into her bloodstream and used it's connection to all available satellites to do as Violet ordered as Violet was able to steer her force field closer towards the island in the vast ocean before all the air was spent in the bubble as she let it go so she could get more, fresh air before reforming it around everyone, forming a stabilizing force field around everyone as she changed the outer forcefield into a spinning top shape with wide "wings" so that the whole thing started spinning fast yet decellerating as much as it could, the point sharp so that when they landed in the ocean, it wouldn't break and would soften the impact so that everyone could survive it.

But by now, Violet's eyes were bleeding so profusely, she couldn't see through her own blood, even when her own blood did this rolling wave of invisibility thing, because each and every single blood cell was going in and out of invisibility on it's own, like a wave traveling through all the blood itself as even her ears were bleeding, her nose was bleeding profusely too as she started choking on her own blood that streaked out of her mouth as she screamed at the top of her lungs because this was hurting her worse than anything ever had as her whole life flashed in front of her mind's eye as she put the last of her strength into ensuring everyone's survival as everyone else couldn't help but just watch in awed horror as she clearly sacrificed herself for them as the cone shape hit the water, the inner braces by her forcefields and the way she designed the force field taking the mass brunt of the impact as the forcefield was forced below the surface of the water by over a hundred feet before she tried to use the last of her strength to use what air was in the forcefield as buoyancy and bring it to the surface but just 15 feet from the surface, everything faded to black for her.

Barret and everyone else had been coaching her and trying to encourage her to hold on but when the light faded from her eyes and her body went limp and the forcefield popped like a bubble and everyone took a deep breath as everything Violet had created vanished in an instant as they all tried grabbing her and swimming her to the surface, taking turns and once they all broke the surface, they all tried working together to carry her and pull her to the little island in the distance which was only half a mile away as the ocean burned their new burns from the blue powder on their skin as they managed to work together to get to the island before they all took turns doing CPR to bring her back, all of them sobbing because even though Dash and Barret and Phillip had grudges against her, they realized that they didn't matter, Violet gave her life to save their collective asses and now they needed to save her.

"Come on Violet, you can wake up, don't die on me." Dash pleaded as he did his best to administer CPR as everyone else took their break from doing it as Barret was the first to notice that the suit he had made for her wasn't regenerating. As long as the suit could tell that she was showing signs of life, it would regenerate, but now, it seemed frozen, in a stasis and he didn't want to admit it as Phillip used his powers to reach out as he placed his hands on either side of Violet's head and couldn't feel her anymore. She was gone. Even her blood stopped turning invisible as it simply pooled around her.

"What are you doing Phill?" Cheseray asked.

"Feeling to see if Violet's still there, she's not. She's gone." Phillip confessed.

"What do you mean feeling?" Dash demanded as he stubbornly continued to do chest compressions.

"Dash, I have powers, I can feel and sense people, there's nothing here for me to sense." Phillip finally confessed in a broken sob.

"And her suit isn't regenerating. I built that suit that as long as it sensed she was alive, it would regenerate and keep her safe. Look, it's not doing anything. Even the suit can sense she's still alive, she's gone Dash." Barret confessed as he knelt next to Violet and stared at her seemingly lifeless body as he sobbed too. Wishing he had never watched what was on that tablet, wishing he never treated her so coldly in their last moments together. If she had really wanted him to die, she would have abandoned him in the air and saved everyone else, but no, she risked everything, her own life, just to save his.

"Bullshit! Both of you! She's not gone! We can't give up on her! She can't be dead! No! She's not done yet!" Dash screamed angrily before he sat in the sand and sobbed as he tried breathing into her again but even Violet's own cuts stopped bleeding.

"Violet come on! Wake up! Come back! You can't leave me, you can't leave us! Not like this! You are the strongest out of all of us. You're a survivor, survive this shit damn it!" Dash roared before as a last resort he rolled her over to her side and watched as all this blood that had accumulated in her throat spill out of her throat before he stood up and noticed that at least the suit material between his legs was still intact before he grabbed it and put it between his hands and rubbed them together so hard, so fast it created a big bolt of static electricity before he put the two pads of cloth to her back like a set of defibrillator pads and that seemed to jump start her before her whole body jerked before she inhaled and started coughing and sputtering new blood but everyone came around and watched as the new blood that came out of her started pulsing with invisibility as they kept her on her side and let everything come out of her before she started throwing up almost uncontrollably as her bowels let loose but Barret sighed in relief when the suit reactivated and Phillip did the same when mentally he could sense her come back but could feel the unholy level of pain because her brain was swelling in her skull.

"Her brain is swelling in her skull. It's like an overfilled water balloon, it's gonna pop." Phillip said as he kept his hands on her skull before Barret found one of the AI patches in her suit and accessed it.

"VSS, is there a way to bring the pressure down in Violet's skull?" Barret demanded as he kicked into 'fix it' gear.

"Yes, she needs to have a spinal tap, the pressure in her spinal chord is 40 points above safety levels." VSS answered before Violet lost control of her bowels and her body as it twitched before a balloon formed at the base of her skull where the suit had created it's own little pocket for the fluid and once administered Violet passed out again, the suit also maintaining some compounds to administer medical assistance.

"Ms. Parr's condition is stable. Putting her into a coma until help can arrive. Levels of 816S are abnormally high, Agent Parr was warned her survival rate of injection was less than 17% for the whole dose because of the inflammation of her central cortex would be fatal, and I made the suggestion that the whole dose be broken down into thirds, since her survival rate after the first third was 68%, the second injection survival rate would be 34% but the last dose would be 17% with a 98% chance of permanent damage to her spinal cord, causing permanent paralysis, with a 78% chance of her becoming a parapalegic and a 72% chance of becoming a quadrapalegic. However the calculations of anyone surviving the fall was only .2%. So she had me implement Endgame Protocol 1 which has already been uploaded."

"What's Endgame Protocol 1?" Dash asked as Barret and Phillip both looked worriedly to each other.

"Endgame protocol 1- Code name- Death With Grace. All of Mr. Sebastians gifts and assets given to Ms. Parr will be returned, as will Mr. Pine's and all contracts have been fulfilled with Ms. Parr either dying or becoming permanently injured in the line of duty. While Mr. Dashhold Parr's, Mr. Dash Jr Parr, Mr. Dillon Parr and Mr. Jack Parr, Ms. Helen Parr, Mr. Robert Parr's trust funds have been immediately matured and are being paid out. Farewell videos previously recorded by Ms. Parr have also been released. Ms. Violet Parr also has uploaded a declassification video, specifying her career, objectives, targets and missions for the Agency and recounting her life from date of entry into Superhero work until as of two days ago and her last debrief has been delivered to Mr and Mrs. Parr to do with as they please since all parties mentioned will split all property and fortunes Ms. Parr has accumulated evenly. All videos are tamper proof and have been sealed and locked behind every encoding measure possible." VSS reported as everyone simply sat in the sand around Violet as they took that in.

"You know whose falt this is right?" Veronica spoke up.

"Who?" Everyone but Vivian asked.

"Leslie, on the plane, before the explosion, Nelson called Violet, told her that Leslie came to him that morning to drop off his drycleaning and poisoned his coffee, she tied him up and mimicked him and he had just gotten free, however long ago it's been since we crashed. It feels like hours but it probably hasn't even been one hour. Leslie may not even be Leslie, she may be a mimic in Leslie's place, the real Leslie may be in the same state that Nelson is in."

"Oh fuck." Barret and Phillip both realized at the same time.

"You mean what I saw on the video on that really thin pad slid under my door wasn't real? It was Leslie?" Dash asked.

"What pad?!" Veronica and Vivian demanded.

"While you girls went out drinking, a pad with The Agency's logo was on it, it showed all these videos and documents of all these kill plans and basically showed Violet as a weapon of mass destruction." Dash confessed.

"Did you…" Dash asked Phillip who covered his mouth with his hands and stared in horror at the sand.

"I also got a pad slipped under my door only mine had the The Agency's logo on it. After Cheseray went to sleep, I watched it. It was from the Director, giving me a heads up that Violet was about to kill me, I saw the kill plans, I even saw how if she didn't kill me, if she was going to stay, she'd take everything, at least half of everything." Phillip confessed.

"I got one too, only mine was made to look like it was from IRize, from someone else I trusted, saying the same thing. She was gonna kill me, why would Leslie do that?" Barret wondered.

"If Leslie is a mimic, she could be from anywhere and anyone, Violet has a list of enemies longer than my arm. Any of them could have done this. But if they purposefully did everything in their power to turn all of us against her so that even if she didn't die in that crash, we would want to kill her ourselves." Veronica realized.

"But if Leslie had everyone try to turn on Violet, that means that Violet must have had everyone turn on them at one point in the past right? Does anyone know her history enough to know if any of her missions had her turn everyone against her target? That could be a starting point." Cheseray pointed out as everyone turned to her in surprise.

"I think the thing to do is once we get rescued and taken back to civilization, look at that declassification video, anything that you guys saw that she doesn't cover in that video, was clearly a fabrication. And then it's just a matter of finding the culprit and hunting them down." Vivian insisted.

"Until then- let's get healed up ourselves." Barret insisted as he took off a panel off her forearms and legs and handed them out.

"What are we doing with these?" Cheseray asked as she held hers up.

"It's part of her suit, put it on your skin and it'll create your own supersuit out of it since we're clearly half naked and hurt and it'll at least help with the burns." Barret dictated, following the procedure until everyone was covered in a supersuit of their own that immediately started cleaning and healing everyone as Barret laid down in the sand with Violet and held her hand as everyone else simply did their best to make something of a shelter as they all waited for about two hours before they were rescued by The Agency, Helen, Bob and Jack being the first off the plane to get to Violet as Violet was loaded up into a stretcher and taken back to the mainland.

Meanwhile Larissa was losing a battle between herself and a school of sharks who came at the scent of her blood in the water once she managed to land in the water in the middle of the ocean because the explosion had destroyed her little pack of equipment for her to get a clean getaway before a great white shark came and finished the job that Violet started.