So I decided to start a new story. Well technically I started this one months and months ago, but it got put on hold. Then my computer decided to destroy my notes on it so I had to start from scratch...anywhooo here it is, hope you like it and thanks for coming to take a look at it.

Summary: Olivia has met what she see's as the perfect guy, Dr Jonathan Quaid. He's a successful and very wealthy surgeon. He's great looking, has a body to die for. He's funny, sweet and best of all he cares for her. They're getting ready to go on a date one night when they're both abducted from Jonathan's home by a vicious gang of drug traffickers. Olivia is used as leverage while Jonathan is forced to perform surgery on their leader who has been shot and is in a very bad way. As events unfold Olivia begins to suspect there is more of a reason why she and Jonathan were taken and she starts to think maybe her perfect guy isn't so perfect after all.

Takes place sometime after season 12, no Cassidy.

A huge thank you goes out to Queen Of Souls for the awesome title!

Disclaimer: Only the ones you've not seen on SVU belong to me.

Warning: The start of this fic is basically smut so if you don't like then skip down past that part.

Chapter 1

Olivia was going to be late for work, but right now she just didn't care. She didn't care that she wasn't at all dressed and that her hair and makeup were barely finished having been fixed and applied. The only thing she cared about right now was the way Jonathan was kissing her neck, the way his hand moved between her legs. Jon could always find the spot on her neck that made her whole body start to fall apart and his hands worked wonders.

As his kisses continued she felt him back her up until her body hit the wall. She put her hands on his face, she wanted his lips on hers, she wanted to kiss him badly. She loved his kisses they were full of passion. She smiled when Jon gently took hold of one of her wrists and pinned it against the wall above her head. He was now standing looking into her eyes.

He had the most beautiful hazel coloured eyes she had ever seen. His skin was a yummy caramel colour and unbelievably soft. His muscles were just right. It was obvious he worked out but he didn't look like some fake body builder, she hated that look. In all Jonathan was amazingly easy on the eyes. His brown hair was short cut, kinda like Amaro's but Olivia loved to run her fingers through it, she wanted to now but he still held her wrist to the wall and his actions between her legs was making her start to fall apart, she had to wrap one arm around his neck to keep herself standing as her legs buckled from intense pleasure. Jonathan brought her to her first climax that morning right there against the wall.

"You're gonna make me late, Liv." Jonathan said to her with a smile before he kissed her sweetly.

"You're the one who started this." she reminded him.

"Can you blame me." he said as he placed another soft kiss on the top swell of her left breast. "What guy could resist..." He placed a soft kiss on the swell of her right breast, "A woman as devastatingly beautiful as you?"

Olivia just laughed. "If that's just you trying to charm your way into my pants...then its already worked in case you hadn't noticed." she said with a seductive smile.

"Oh I noticed." he said with an equally seductive smile.

For a moment she was so lost in his eyes that she didn't even realise Jon had picked her up but she felt him drop her down onto the bed before he quickly climbed on top of her. His lips met hers in a hungry and passionate kiss. She felt him position himself between her legs as his kisses continued. She moaned into his mouth as pushed himself into her. His body causing instant reactions.

For a moment his lips never left hers as she met his body thrust for thrust but as they each got closer to their climax they pulled away from the kiss. Olivia held onto his body as she felt herself starting to fall over the edge of bliss again. "Oh my god..." she cried out breathlessly. She loved how Jon could make her have some of the most earth shaking orgasms she had ever had.

One more deep thrust had her catapulting into a mind shattering orgasm. Just a moment later and Jon found the same bliss. He met her lips in another passionate kiss as he spilled his seed into her. Olivia had to continue to hold onto him as she battled to get her breath back and get her heart to stop beating so wildly.

Jon pulled away from the kiss so he could say, "That was amazing!"

"I've had better." Olivia joked.

His reply was to place soft tickling kisses all over her neck and chest. Olivia could do nothing but laugh and try to stop him as she remained trapped under his body. Another thing she loved about Dr Jonathan Quaid was how he made her laugh. Before him she felt like it had been years since she had truly laughed. God she loved this guy...


Olivia walked in just as the team were almost ready to start the briefing on their latest case. She quickly threw her bag and jacket down on her desk and walked over to the others.

"Morning, Liv." Rollins said with a smile.

"Morning." she replied quickly, "So, did I miss anything?" she asked.

"Just a debate on global warming and whether or not its all just a government attempt at social control." Munch told her.

"So sorry I missed that." she replied sarcastically.

Munch could only smile at her. "Coffee?" he offered.

"I'd love one." she replied with a smile.

Munch walked over to the coffee machine to make one and whilst Fin and Rollins added a few more things to the board Amaro walked over to Olivia.

"Date run late?" he asked her in a hushed voice.

Olivia just looked at him, hating the usual tone in his voice as he spoke about Jon. She knew he didn't like him despite only having actually met him twice, both times had only been for a couple of minutes as he'd picked her up for a date. "Not sure that's any of your business." she replied quietly.

"Your my partner..." Amaro began.

"In here, at work, I'm your partner. Outside of work what I do is none of your business." she replied angrily.

"What do you even know about this guy?"

"Not a lot, Nick. That's why we're dating, so we can to know each other better and what I know so far I like, a lot."

"I just think..."

"I don't care what you think, Nick. You know my last partner acted like a dick when I used to date too, I didn't put up with it from him so I'm sure as hell not gonna put up with it from you!" she snapped at him just as Munch arrived back with her coffee.

"Thanks Munch." she said with a smile and walked away from Amaro.

"She's been here two minutes and you've pissed her off, that's gotta be a record even for you." Munch joked.

"Shut-up Munch." Amaro said back.

"Let's get this started" Cragen ordered as he joined them by the boards.


Olivia knocked on the door and waited. Just a few moments later Jon answered. "Liv?" he said sounding a little surprised.

"Your door man let me in." she told him.

"You're early." he said, seeming a little flustered.

"Shitty day in work. I couldn't wait to see you." she told him.

Jon just shook his head and seemed to relax. He laughed and stepped aside for her to come in. "Can I get you a glass of wine?" he asked as he closed the door behind her.

"I'd love one." she replied as she looked around his luxury apartment.

She loved it, it was huge. It was all opened planned and the bedroom was up on a balcony that over looked the entire apartment. The kitchen alone was bigger than her place. He had a black leather suite in the living room that sat in a U shape around a black glass coffee table and up on the wall was a TV screen that was at least six times bigger than the TV in her place and she thought that was big.

Perhaps the fanciest looking stereo she had ever seen in her life sat in front of a large window that had a great view of the city below. The music playing was soft and set a great atmosphere around the place. There was a huge fish tank the full length of the wall underneath the balcony and there were dozens of tropical fish in it and tropical plants. It was like looking at a reef and the soft blue light it threw off of it was always so relaxing.

She found herself wandering over to the tank so she could watch some of the fish. She had to smile when Jon walked up behind her and wrapped one arm around her front. She let him pull her against her body and reached his other arm around her to pass her her wine. The moment she took it from him he wrapped that arm around her too.

He began placing kisses on her neck and she knew if she let him continue she would never want to leave the apartment, she'd simply want to go up to the bedroom and let him make her feel amazing all night and he certainly could last a very long time, another thing she loved about him.

"You know if you carry on doing that we will never get out in time to get to the restaurant."

"It's me, the won't give our table away if we're late." Jon informed her.

"Why because you performed emergency surgery on the owner and saved his life?"

"My job truly has its perks." he said as his kisses continued.

Olivia shuffled round in his arms so they were face to face. "Then hows about we go the restaurant early and come back and then we carry this on?"

"Sounds like a plan. How quick can you eat?" he said playfully.

"Go get ready!" she told him as she pushed him away from her.

"Okay!" he said, holding his hands up in surrender.

Olivia just laughed and then took a sip of her wine. She noticed as Jon made his way up the stairs that his cell phone began to ring. She turned to continue watching the fish but a moment later she could hear Jon on the phone, he shouted for a moment before he began almost growling at the person on the other end. She could tell he was suddenly trying to be quiet, obviously not wanting her to hear him but clearly something or someone was pissing him off.

She decided to go check it out, make sure he was okay. She made her way up the stairs and stepped into the bedroom but he wasn't there, she could see the en-suite bathroom door open and that room was empty too. She looked to the left and realised Jon was in the walk-in closet.

She put her wine down on a cupboard and walked towards the closet. She stopped in the doorway when she heard Jon growl, "Well you'll just have to sort this shit out for yourself for once. I told you I couldn't help this time! I want out!"

She watched him end the call and throw his phone down onto a chair in the room. She could see that he looked angry, frustrated, "Everything okay?" she asked, clearly startling him.

"Jesus, you scared me. I didn't know you were there, Olivia."

"You okay?" Olivia asked, seeing how flustered he looked.

"Yeah its just my brother being a pain in the ass as usual."

"Yeah I know how brothers can be like that." she said as she walked over to him and placed her hands on his face and kissed him in an attempt to make him feel better. "Just ignore it and lets go have a great meal, drink too much wine and then come back here and have some great sex."

"If you insist. Just give me a few minutes to shower and then change and we can get going."

"Okay, but hurry up I'm starving." Olivia said before she grabbed her glass of wine and headed back downstairs.


Olivia was sat on the couch, her glass of wine was almost done and she was still waiting for Jon. As one CD finished she decided it better to put another on instead of sit there in silence.

She got up and put her glass of wine down on the coffee table and walked over to the stereo. She began looking though the CD's trying to find one she liked. She'd picked one and was putting it on when she heard a noise behind her.

"Finally!" she said, "You take longer than a girl to get ready."

She'd barely got the last word out before she felt an arm wrap around her body, pinning her arms by her side, another hand slapped down over her nose and mouth, so hard she heard a crunch and could quickly feel blood seeping from her nose and down her face.

She was able to peel her one arm from her side and swing her elbow back. It slammed into her attacker and knocked them backwards. She spun round and saw a tall and muscular man in a ski mask standing there holding his side. He lunged at her but she was quick to throw her fist in his face.

He fell backwards, spluttering and holding his nose. Olivia wasted no time in darting across the room from him. "Jonathan!" she screamed, trying to warn him someone was in the apartment. She wished she had her gun but there was no way it would have suited her dark blue cocktail dress.

She had to stop dead in her tracks, almost stumbling over due to her high heels. Another taller and even more muscular man in a ski mask stepped in her path. "Jonathan!" she screamed again.

She was suddenly silenced as a gun was pointed at her face. "Shut your god-damn mouth and get on your knees."

"Easy..." Olivia said as she held her hands up in the air and slowly moved down onto her knees. She never took her eyes off the man and the gun.

"Olivia!" Jon shouted from up on the balcony, having heard all the commotion.

"Jon, run!" she screamed. The words had barely escaped her lips when the barrel of a gun connected hard with her skull. She was out cold before her face hit the floor..


Olivia woke with a throbbing headache. It was painful enough to make her feel sick to her stomach.

"Olivia, sweetheart, speak to me?" she heard Jon say.

She opened her eyes, having to blink away the black splodges she saw before them. When she was finally able to focus she found Jon knelt beside her, holding her in his arms as he gazed down at her.

"That son-of-a-bitch hit you so hard. You've been out cold for ages. I tried to clean the wound up as best I could." he told her as she sat upright with his help. His white shirt was covered in blood, she guessed hers as he didn't look roughed up at all.

She glanced around the room she was in. It looked like some sort of room in a warehouse and when her ears stopped ringing she was sure she could hear boats. "Are we by the docks?" she asked.

"Yeah, in some sort of warehouse. Fish packing I would say, its freezing in here."

"Great, so if we don't get shot first we'll freeze to death." she growled angrily.

"Liv, I won't let them hurt you, I promise."

Olivia smiled and wrapped her arms around him. She let her head rest against his chest as it continued to throb and spin. It had just started to ease some when the door to their small cold cell opened up.

Jon quickly got to his feet and tried to pull Olivia up with him but one of the four men who stormed in pushed him backwards, another quickly there to back his accomplice up. The other two men stormed over to Olivia and whilst one grabbed her arms and pinned them behind her back whilst forcing her to stay on her knees the other pointed a gun at her head.

"What do you want from us?" Olivia asked angrily.

"I don't want anything from you, but the Dr here we do need."

"What?" Jon questioned angrily.

"I have a friend, a very good friend who had been injured and you need to help him."

"What do you mean?"

"You don't help him and he dies. He dies and so does she!" the guy with the gun continued to explain as he inched the gun closer to Olivia's head. "You have three seconds to decide..." he warned Jonathan. "Or her brain goes all over this room.1, 2, 3..."



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