Disclaimer: Don't own anything but the slightly changed plotline.

Story: Shows hidden moments between Donna and Hyde during the first season, as well as changes the plotline of some episodes

Pairings: Donna/Hyde; Eric/Jackie

Note: This chapter is based on the AU in "It's a Wonderful Life"

Donna sighed as she walked back to her house. Eric didn't kiss her... she thought he would, too. He does like her, doesn't he? Maybe she's just being delusional; maybe he only sees her as a friend and nothing more.

Donna stopped in her tracks, surprised but a little delightful at the sight of Hyde sitting in one of the lawn chairs in her backyard, drinking a beer he had probably swiped from her father's fridge. She thought he had headed home.

"Hey," She smiled, taking a seat next to him.

"Hey," He grunted, passing her one of his stolen beers to, ya know, acknowledge her in her own backyard. She accepted it but didn't open it, just messed with the tap.

"You like that Rundgren concert?" Hyde grinned, thinking back to her dancing with the crowd.

"Yeah," She laughed back.

A small pause.

Hyde cleared his throat, "So you and Forman now, huh?"

"Um," Donna shook her head, her smile wavering, "No, I don't think so. I mean, he didn't make a move or anything, so..."

"Ah," Hyde grunted again, nodding slightly.

He looked at her and she had to glance down to avoid the intense eyes that made her feel things she shouldn't, wishing he'd worn his sunglasses to the concert.

"Here's the thing about Forman," He smirked, "He's a dumbass. You're gonna hafta make the first move. He does like you, ya know. He's just chicken."

"Really?" She asked hopefully, not noticing the slight pain in his eyes at her tone, "He does like me?"


"Then how come he never tries anything?"

"Like I said," Hyde grinned, standing from his seat, "He's a dumbass. I gotta get goin'. Poker night. I don't want Edna bettin' our rent money again."

He pat her on the shoulder, letting his hand linger a little longer than it should, before taking his beer and walking off.

Donna watched him go, wondering why the warmth of his touch never faded from her skin, even in the cold night air.

Short, I know. But, the plot of this episode is only changed slightly. Instead of kissing him like in the Pilot, Donna just walked home. Because the plot doesn't change majorly until "That Disco Episode," the chapters might remain short until then, kay.