My first Divergent FanFiction. I was always fascinated by the Erudite, probably because I can relate to them on a intellectual level. This takes place during the trilogy. I don't own Veronica Roth's world but I own my OCs.

This contains Eric/OC and FourTris.

NOTE: This was written and completed before Four: A Divergent Collection was released, though I have read Four: The Transfer and Free Four: Tobias tells the Story while writing this fic.

Almost every inch of my wall is covered in bookcases, with space saved for my desk and bed. In fact, practically the entire house in the Erudite compound is like that. Except for the bathroom.

Today is the day of the aptitude test, with the Choosing Ceremony tomorrow. Every sixteen year old has to take a test to see what faction they belong in and the next day, they either choose to stay in their faction or go to another.

Since I'm sixteen, I have to take the aptitude test. I put on my white, long-sleeved button up blouse, my blue blazer, and my blue knee length skirt. Most of those living in Erudite wear glasses, because it makes us look intelligent. However, I don't wear glasses, though my parents and twin brother do.

My mother, Katherine Matthews, teaches Faction History to my grade at the local school. There is no favoritism, as that's the reason she expects more out of me. Dad, William Matthews, is one of the three leaders in Erudite, and he trains the Erudite-born initiates. Part of the reason why is because Jeanine Matthews, his sister and main leader of the Erudite faction, gave him that position.

After having brushed my dark blond hair before partially restraining it in a clip, retrieve my history book and I go downstairs for breakfast. During breakfast, and mealtimes, it's common for the family to read a book and newspaper as well as intellectual conversation.

I set my book by my plate and open it before taking my fork to tuck into my breakfast.

"Ready for your aptitude test?" I heard mom ask me.

Should she be saying, are you nervous? Because I'm nervous, as I don't what faction the test might say where I belong. What will it be – Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless or Erudite?

I know that my parents don't want me to be Abnegation. There is tension between the two factions. I have a fondness for literature; I am very good with psychology, sociology, and history. I'm a straight A student. In fact, I have read certain books for fun, especially hand-to-hand combat. I have always researched self-defense, and every night, in the early morning hours, I would practice defense moves when I should be reading history and psychology books.

My parents don't know about my pamphlets that I have about self-defense tips that are hidden in my wall panels.

"I think so," I say.

"Use I will, Isobel," chides mom. "Doubting will only hinder your effort."

Right, because an Erudite can never be unconfident.

"I know I'll get Erudite," says Theodore.

"Or Candor," I say. He's good at getting the truth out of you. Not to mention I saw him read a book on body language.

I have a feeling that me, and some of my friends from the Erudite faction, like Will, Edward, Myra, Lydia, and Anne might get Dauntless. I lost count the times where I, Will, Myra, Lydia and Edward would go to Will's house to read on fighting tactics, drinking soda, and joke and laugh, that Cara would come in to tell us to quiet down.

I'm too jovial for Erudite. Since I was eleven, even Aunt Jeanine says that I might be Dauntless material.

"She's temperamental, that one," said Aunt Jeanine a few years ago. "I'm not surprised if she transfers to Dauntless at sixteen."

"Yes, but I worry for her academic future," said mother.

"You should rather have your children be Dauntless, Erudite, and Candor," said Jeanine. "Now Theodore might fit into Candor, since he can tell if you are lying or not."

Two years ago, the son of a family friend, Eric Matheson, transferred to Dauntless. His father is also an Erudite leader. The Mathesons' and the Matthews have been friends for quite a while. The Priors used to be friends with the Matthews family, but they had a fallout since Aunt Jeanine's former friend, Andrew Prior, left Erudite for Abnegation. My mom and Eric's mom have tried to match us up before his transfer with no luck. I was never interested in him, because he seemed intimidating, even for an Erudite. I don't think he was interested either, for a girl would have ruined his study hours at the time. Dauntless suited him.

"So what should we do after school?" asks Will as he, Edward, Myra, Lydia, and I traveled through the crowded hallways to our first class Advanced Math. "Read?"

"I'm going with my family to Aunt Jeanine's for dinner," I say. "So, I have plans."

"Hey, Edward, Myra, we could go over to my house and read books from dad's office," offers Lydia.

"Oh dear, look who is here," says Myra.

I look ahead to see Peter Hayes from Candor talking with two of his lackeys, Drew and Molly. Though he is from a different faction, I have hated his guts since we started school. He is a total hypocrite, because while he'll catch you in a lie, he is a liar himself. He seems to be having a competitive nature, as he got upset that one time when someone from Abnegation received a higher score on a test then he did and he told the teacher he saw the student cheat. Because he is from Candor, they didn't question his story. Also, he has made it his daily goal to woo me, despite the fact that he and Theodore never have gotten along in school.

He looks at me, smiles and waves as I walk by with my friends, not acknowledging him.

One of these days, he needs to get the message that I am not interested. Where I'm going, I hope he is not going either. I would hate to be in the same faction as him.

The tests begin after lunch. We sit at the long tables in the cafeteria, and the test administrators call ten names at a time, one for each testing room. I sit next to Theodore and his girlfriend Rosalie.

Rosalie's father is the scientist and currently, he is working on some type of simulation serum. We don't know what it is for, since it is classified and he is working closely with Aunt Jeanine on the structure of it.

The test administrators are mostly from Abnegation, although there is an Erudite in one of the rooms and a Dauntless in another.

I am currently reading the recent report by Aunt Jeanine about Abnegation. It's a rather unflattering portrait of Marcus Eaton, the leader of Abnegation, and it says that child abuse caused his son Tobias to transfer to Dauntless. I don't believe in all the reports, but I have a nagging feeling that this one is not something that Aunt Jeanine came up with on her own.

"From Abnegation: Caleb Prior and Isaac Hinds, from Amity: Albert Pierce and Agatha Snow, from Candor: Peter Hayes and Molly Atwood, from Dauntless: Uriah Pedrad and Jason Granger, and from Erudite: Isobel Matthews and Lydia Walkrose."

I put down my paper and I follow Lydia to the exit. Caleb from Abnegation lets us exit the cafeteria before he does. We all line up, each of us facing a door. Peter from Candor winks at me before entering room 3 and I scowl at him before entering room 4.

Inside the room is an Abnegation woman. Her hair pulled back in a bun and her loose grey dress is a giveaway. Being from Erudite, I should be condescending, but instead I smile and sit on the reclining chair.

"My name is Natalie Prior and I'll be administrating your aptitude test," she says. She connects the wires to me, herself, and the machine before handing me a vial of clear liquid. I then close my eyes.

When I open them, I notice that I'm in the testing room and I'm the only one in here.

"Choose," I heard a familiar voice of a woman tell me. Aunt Jeanine. I turn around and see two baskets. One has a block of cheese; the other has a knife as long as my forearm. I warily approach the baskets. I know that the Amity and Abnegation will choose the cheese. The Dauntless are going to choose the knife.

I choose the knife. Then the door opens and I hear a dog growling. I turned to see the dog, barring its teeth at me. If this were a human, I would use the knife, but no, because I don't believe in hurting an innocent animal. So, I drop the knife and allow the dog to lunge at me.

The dog disappears and I'm standing in a bus. Sitting near me is a man with a newspaper. I can't see his face, since the paper is over his face, but his hands are covered with scars, fire burns.

"Do you know this guy?" he asks me as he taps the picture on the paper. The headline says: "Brutal Murderer Finally Apprehended!" The picture beneath the headline is a young man with a plain face and a beard. I feel like I know him but I could hardly fathom how. I think it's better if I say I don't know him.

"Sorry, sir," I say shaking my head. "I don't know him."

Even though I was polite, he stands up, and his lips curled into a snarl. He gets in my face and says, "You're lying! You're lying!"

"I do not lie," I protest.

"I can see it in your eyes."

By impulse, I put my hands on his chest and push him away from me. Hard.