Arendelle High always had fun trips planned for the Senior students towards the end of the year, and this year the staff decided to let Junior students with good grades attend, because a lot of the Seniors constantly bothered them that some of their friends were Juniors. Finally getting annoyed, they made their final decision, calling in all the Juniors to the office to notify them. Everyone was to meet at their English classes at 6:30 a.m. to go over rules and guidelines, before going to the bus circle for their departure. They were going on a week long trip to the Arendelle Resort And Amusement Park, which was about a two hour drive. Even though Anna and her older sister, Elsa, lived only a few blocks from the school, the bubbly red head was wide awake an hour before her alarm was supposed to go off. She was too excited to sleep, making sure she had everything packed and ready. Anna was one of the few Juniors that were going on the trip. She was excited, because this was the opportunity she had been awaiting for who knows how long. Elsa and Anna were both usually busy with school work and sports, so they didn't really get to spend much time together. Anna was finally going to be able to spend time with her older sister, no exceptions this time. She looked at the clock to check the time when she heard Elsa's alarm going off across the hall. 4:30. Rather early for Elsa, but then again she also likes having extra time to make sure everything is prepared. Anna opened her door quietly and slowly, peeking out just in time to see Elsa come out of her room and head towards the bathroom, rubbing her tired eyes. Anna could barely contain a giggle when she noticed the bathroom door was left cracked open. She tiptoed to the door, waiting quietly for her older sister to come out. There was the sound of the toilet flushing, sink turning on then off moments later, the door opened and...

"Good morning, sis!" Anna shouted, startling the blonde, who let out a yelp and placed her hand on her chest to calm herself.

"Jesus, Anna! Don't do that!" Elsa said angrily, pushing by her little sister.

"Someone's grumpy." Anna teased, sticking her tongue out when Elsa turned around to glare at her, barely holding back a smile, before flipping on the light in her room, stepping inside to head towards her closet.

Elsa pulled out a pair of jeans and her favorite blue button up short sleeve shirt, when Anna stepped into the doorway looking over in confusion.

"Aren't we supposed to wear our uniforms?" Anna pointed out.

"Ugh, that's right..." Elsa rolled her eyes, yanking out a school uniform, replacing the clothes she grabbed beforehand.

The uniforms for the girls were black skirts, white button up shirts, and a purple tie striped with yellow. They were much shorter than the ties the boys wore. The boys uniforms were basically the same, only they obviously wore pants rather than skirts. Elsa didn't like the uniforms much. She didn't really see a point to them, but she was glad this was the last year she would ever have to wear them again. She pulled the clothing from the hanger, placing it on her bed, getting ready to undress when she realized Anna was still standing in her doorway. She turned her head, giving Anna a weird look when she saw the younger girl watching her with a big, creepy grin.

"Anna, what are you... quit looking at me like that, it's weirding me out..." Elsa started walking to her sister, pushing her out to shut the door behind her.

"I'm sorry Elsa, I'm just so excited! We finally get to spend time together!" Anna bounced a little, clapping her hands as quietly as possible, still grinning wide.

"Well...not right now, I'm trying to get ready! Go get dressed or something." Elsa shut her door, locking it behind her.

Elsa could hear light footsteps fading, followed by the sound of a door shutting. Anna has been acting so weird ever since Principal Weselton called her into the office to break the news to her, Elsa thought. She walked back over to her bed, undressed, and slipped the uniform on. She turned to face the mirror hung on the back of her door, smoothing out the pleated skirt, adjusting her tie. She smiled at her reflection, placing her hands on her hips, turning from one side to the other,basically checking herself out. She smiled in confidence. She thought about all the compliments she had gotten, saying how she made the uniform look good. Elsa wasn't one to find herself pretty, she just thought she was school girl cute, but finally taking a more focused look at herself, she realized she was more beautiful than she gave herself credit for. She snapped from her train of thought and turned away from the mirror, grabbing her brush from the top of her dresser, and began brushing her platinum blonde hair. She slipped a hair tie onto her wrist and quickly braided her soft locks, stretching the elastic around her styled hair tightly. She looked over to her light blue luggage bag, making a mental note of everything she remembered putting inside of it. Oh, crap! Her eyes widened in remembrance that she forgot one important item. Her swim suit. Elsa shuffled through her closet, pulling out two bathing suits, debating which one to bring. One was a one piece halter, cut down to the naval, the other was a two piece that tied around the back and neck, while the bottoms tied on both sides. Both were of course blue, her favorite color. Either way, Elsa would have to show more body than she wanted. Her eyes shifted between the two, before letting out an exasperated sigh. Why did I buy these, I hope Anna doesn't go weird on me again. Elsa threw the swim suits onto her bed, and walked to her door, unlocking it, but stopped once her hand was around the knob. This is going to be weirder than I want it to be. She opened the door and poked her head out, looking at Anna's door.

"Hey, Anna, could you-"

She cut herself off by the site of Anna's door being flung open, followed by her sister bolting out with the same creepy wide grin on her face. Within seconds, Anna was in her sister's face. Had she not heard of personal space?

"What's up?" Anna said cheerfully.

"Uhh... Nothing nevermind I can handle it." Elsa blushed, closing her door slowly.

"Oh, don't be like that, Elsa! I'd be more than happy to-" Anna pushed the door open, causing Elsa to stumble aside. Her speech was cut off when she noticed the clothing on the bed, her freckled cheeks beginning to turn bright red.

Anna stared at the two swim suits as thoughts of her older sister began to swarm her mind. She never actually saw Elsa in a swim suit. She usually went swimming in their pool when Anna wasn't home. Anna felt her cheeks becoming warmer, the heat and color moving to her ears at the thoughts of the blonde almost naked. She was confused why she was thinking of Elsa in such a way, but she wasn't complaining. She actually couldn't wait to see more of her, but she'd be embarrassed if her sister knew about the feelings she was developing for her.

"Which one do you like better?" Elsa asked, breaking Anna from the fantasies that swirled through her head.

"The, um... The blue one." Anna mumbled.

"Anna... They're both blue." Elsa pointed out.

"Oh! Uh... Right! I meant that one." She pointed to the two piece.

"Thanks." Elsa grabbed the one piece, putting it back in her closet.

When she turned around, Anna was already gone. That was weirder than it needed to be. Elsa shrugged, hoisting her luggage onto the bed by the handle. She unzipped it, folded her swim suit, placing it neatly inside, and closing it back up again. She looked at the clock. 5:00. She was excited about being able to spend time with Anna as well, no matter how weird she was acting. It's Anna, she's always acting weird. Elsa remembered, smiling to herself as she sat at the foot of her bed, putting on a pair of black slip ons that were also a part of the school uniform. She didn't mind them though, she found them comfortable. She placed a hand on her stomach as it rumbled from hunger.

"Anna, are you hungry?" She asked loud enough for Anna to hear in case she was still in her room, only walking out to the living room to find her little sister laying on the floor on her stomach watching Pokemon like a child. How adorable. She rolled her eyes and smiled, but it faded when she remembered there were still a few things that had to be done before they left."Anna, what are you doing? We're leaving in about 45 minutes. Do you want something to eat before we go?"

"Sorry, I just haven't watched Pokemon in a while and forgot how cute Pikachu is."The childish girl jumped to her feet, giggling and straightening out her uniform.

Elsa couldn't help but smile, and shook her head.

"You're leaving your hair down today?" Elsa asked, tilting her head slightly.

"I just haven't got around to doing it yet." Anna hung her head in shame playfully.

"Well, better hurry up and get it done. But come here first." Elsa looked down to see Anna had tied her tie wrong.

The red head bounced towards her sister, before taking a giant leap, landing right in front of her. Their faces were only a few inches apart, and Elsa felt her face become really hot. She took a step back, and began undoing the tie, tying it properly.

"How is it that you know how to tie these things, but after all this time I STILL don't know how?" Anna pouted playfully.

"I practiced a lot when dad wasn't around to help me anymore the first few days of my Freshman year." Elsa explained, then turned to walk to the kitchen.

The girls' parents were killed on a cruise when the ship got caught in a terrible storm. As much as she missed their parents, Elsa knew grieving wouldn't bring them back. Anna walked to the kitchen as Elsa grabbed some eggs from the fridge.

"Sooo... Whatcha gonna make?" Anna changed the subject, because she still wasn't over the loss of her parents like Elsa was.

"French toast?" Elsa suggested.

"Yum!" Anna licked her lips. "Can I help? It'll go quicker."

Elsa turned to look at Anna, who was giving her puppy eyes. As much as Elsa hated saying no, she had to.

"I shouldn't have to keep telling you to go do your hair, but go do it. I'll take care of breakfast."

Anna turned around and walked away pouting. So dramatic. Elsa prepared the meal quickly, placing paper plates on the table, along with plastic cups filled with fresh orange juice. They were going to be gone for a week, and didn't really have time to do too many dishes. Anna ran to the dining room, fiddling with the elastic to secure one of the braids that hung down over her shoulder. The girls sat down to eat, and finished by 5:30. Enough time to brush their teeth and do the few dishes that had been used to prepare breakfast. Anna convinced Elsa to watch an episode of Pokemon with her, before they left at 6:00 since they lived so close to the school.

"I wanna be the very best! Like no one ever was!" Anna sang the theme song loudly, making Elsa laugh slightly.

Anna's alarm on her phone went off at 5:45, and Elsa glared at her.

"You were planning to wake up 15 minutes before it was time to leave?" Elsa asked a bit frustrated.

"No! I thought I hit the 4 on my phone. I was wondering why it hadn't gone off." Anna stared at her phone, feeling a bit stupid.

"It's okay, I would have have made sure you were up, I know how excited you've been about this trip, I couldn't leave you behind like that." Elsa smiled.

Anna smiled, squeezing her sister in a tight hug closing her eyes, then quickly let go when she opened her eyes and realized Elsa's breasts were right in her face. She sat straight up, tucking her hair behind her ear in a nervous habit and clearing her throat, the two girls both blushing in silence. The T.V. began explaining the next Pokemon episode when Elsa pointed the remote to it, turning it off.

"Well... We should probably go." Elsa broke the silence between them.

"Yup, sounds like a good plan." Anna agreed.

The girls went to their rooms to get their luggage, then made sure the house was locked up before heading out the door, locking it behind them. It took them about 10 minutes to get to school, not saying much during the walk. It wasn't that bad it was kind of... nice. Elsa thought back to her sister's cheek being pressed against her breast, and blushed, pushing her hair behind her ear just as Anna had. Then she shook her head when she realized Anna's habit had been rubbing off on her. When they arrived at the front doors of Arendelle High, they separated, going to their classrooms without saying a word, both rolling their luggage behind them. Anna halted when she heard a few boys whistling, turning to see that they were ogling her sister as her hips swayed hypnotically with every step. Elsa rolled her eyes and kept walking.

"Hey Elsa, can't wait to finally see you in a swim suit. Did you bring a two piece?" Hans howled, making an hourglass shape with his hands when Elsa turned around, glaring at the boys furiously.

"Shut the hell up!" Anna stepped up to the red headed jock, standing tall, trying hard not to stare at his massive sideburns.

"I wasn't talking to you, sweetheart. You're cute, but you have nothing on your sister." Hans turned to his friends laughing, as they joined like they were his puppets.

Elsa stormed over, pulling Anna's arm to pull her away, before stepping up to Hans this time. Hans' attention turned when Elsa was standing almost right against him. He was slightly taller than her, but she wasn't scared of him. He raised an eyebrow as her ice blue eyes stared into his brown eyes.

"Is there a problem here, Hans?" Elsa growled, not breaking eye contact.

"Not anymore."Hans smirked, his eyes wandered to Elsa's chest, before he placed his hands on her breasts.

Elsa's eyes widened, and she quickly grabbed one of his wrists, and twisted him around so one arm was stuck behind his back. She shoved him against the locker, squeezing his wrist tighter.

"I like the dominant type." Hans chuckled, winking at Elsa over his shoulder.

"Don't EVER touch me again, and don't EVER talk about my sister. She's more beautiful than any girl you'll ever get." Elsa hissed, releasing his arm and stepping back.

Anna blushed, and Hans turned to face the two girls, smiling as he started stepping towards Elsa. She stood her ground as he lowered his head to her ear.

"No one is more beautiful than you." His hot breath and piggish attitude sent chills up Elsa's spine.

She jumped back, and without hesitation, punched him as hard as she could right in the jaw, knocking him to the ground.

"You're lucky I don't report you to Principal Weselton about this and ruin this little trip for you." Hans stood to his feet, walking away rubbing his jaw, his posse following behind him.

"You touched her first, it was self defense!" Anna shouted, beginning to walk in his direction, but Elsa grabbed her arm gently to calm her down.

"Don't waste your time on assholes like him, Anna." Elsa said, turning to go back to her luggage.

"But he touched you inappropriately, Elsa! It was sexual harassment, you have to report him to Principal Weselton!" Anna walked after her, grabbing her wrist.

"Let it go, Anna!" Elsa snapped, jerking her wrist from her sister's grip.

Anna shook her head, tears forming in her teal eyes. She let out a small whimper she had hoped Elsa wouldn't hear.

"Anna, no, I'm sorry. Please don't cry." Elsa hurried back to her little sister, pulling her into a hug. "I'm sorry I snapped, I just didn't want that jerkoff to ruin our trip. This is the time we get to spend together for the first time in forever." Elsa's voice was soft and soothed Anna almost immediately.

"You're right..." Anna nodded, stepping back and smiled as she noticed Elsa smiling down at her. "Can I sit with you on the bus?"

"Anna, you know the Juniors are taking their own bus. Now get to class, I'll see you at the resort." Elsa kissed her forehead without thinking, and turned to go to her bag once more, as her close friends Belle and Aurora showed up, greeting her with smiles.

Anna blinked, frozen from the kiss her sister placed on her bare skin. She found herself staring at Elsa's swaying hips once again, but snapped out of her daze when Elsa turned and looked over her shoulder, waving at her little sister with a smile, before disappearing into the classroom. Anna still stared as the door shut behind the girls, but was startled by her friends Rapunzel and Kristoff.

"Hey!" Rapunzel jumped at Anna giving her a hug, and Anna hugged back, exchanging a hug with Kristoff as well.

"You guys excited?" Kristoff asked, putting his arms arms around the girls' shoulders.

"Hell yeah!" Rapunzel exclaimed excitedly, as a few students that were in the hall turned and stared at her in confusion.

She hunched down a little in embarrassment, her green eyes looking down at the floor, then back up to meet Kristoff's and Anna's.

"Too much?" She smiled awkwardly.

"Nahhh." Kristoff laughed, nudging Anna's arm lightly, causing her to giggle.

"You're fine. Shall we go to class now?" Anna smiled, grabbing the handle of her bag.

Rapunzel and Kristoff smiled and nodded, and headed into class. Anna stopped in the doorway, looking behind her at Elsa's closed classroom door once more, and smiled, before continuing into class.

A/N:This is my first Elsanna fanfiction so I hope you enjoyed it! The idea just popped into my head, so I figured I'd write it and see how it turns out and am quite satisfied with it. Please let me know what you think and I'll be updating as often as I can!