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It was about 8:30 when everyone had returned to the resort. Elsa had went inside first, making sure Principal Weselton wasn't around, while the others stayed in the limo with Anna. When the blonde saw that the coast was clear, she hurried back to the vehicle.

"Come on guys. Weselton isn't around but we should hurry just in case." Elsa said while bending down halfway in the door. "Help me get Anna."

Rapunzel sat Anna up, the red head grumbled at being awoken from her drunken slumber.

"What's happening?" Anna's eyes blinked opened slightly before closing again. "Have I told you guys... That you're all awesome... and I love you. You guys are the best." Anna smiled, swaying dizzily as Elsa and the others helped Anna to her feet. "You guys... Don't even know. Like... I love you guys... So much... If I could marry all of you I would totally do it. Like... In a heartbeat. You guys just don't even know." Anna's speech was slurred and she wasn't helping the others by letting her body remain limp.

"Shh, Anna, we love you too. But we have to hurry and get you inside." Rapunzel pushed Anna's hair out of her face, holding onto her arm that was draped over her shoulder. The red head's other arm had been draped over her sister, while Aurora and Cinderella stayed close by just in case they needed extra help to tend to the drunk young woman. "Would you guys mind if we brought Anna to our room since it's a shorter distance?" Elsa asked the other two blondes.

"That'll be fine with me." Aurora answered.

"Same here." Cinderella added.

"Thanks guys, you're the best!" Elsa smiled as they got closer to the entrance. "Fuck..." Panic struck her at the sight of their Principal. She pulled Anna out of the doorway to the side so they wouldn't be caught. The tugging directed Rapunzel to follow her.

"What is it, Elsa?" Rapunzel looked confused. She hadn't noticed the short old man standing by the lobby desk, flirting with the woman behind it.

"Weselton..." Cinderella said softly as she and Aurora peeked around the corner.

"Is he... Flirting? With her? That poor woman!" Aurora covered her mouth and giggled with Cinderella.

"Guys, please. I need you to focus." Elsa said in a stern, hushed yell.

"Right, sorry..." Aurora responded, wiping the smile from her face as the two girls cleared their throats. "So, what can we do to help?"

Elsa poked her head around the corner, noticing the short man laughing and giving the woman bedroom eyes. Elsa crinkled her nose in disgust, before shaking her head to get back on track.

"Weselton seems distracted, but he may not be much longer. I need you guys to distract him further. And the way I'm thinking may not be the best idea but I promise I'll cover for you if things go bad."

"Wait... What exactly do you plan on having us do?" Cinderella narrowed her eyes.

"His toupée..." Elsa gave the girl a long concentrated look. "You guys know what I'm thinking."

"I'm in!" Aurora exclaimed, hurrying inside of the hotel.

"What?! Aurora, wait!" Cinderella followed after.

Elsa and Rapunzel began to haul Anna slowly into the doorway. Elsa poked her head around the corner, and her eyes widened, a big grin forming across her face when she looked in just as Aurora snatched the hair piece from atop the old man's head. "Holy shit, she actually did it!" Elsa laughed, as the short man turned in Aurora's direction.

"Young lady, what is the meaning of this?! Give that back to me this instant and explain to me what you are doing!" Principal Weselton made his voice as strong as he could, but it didn't do much for him. He was like an angry Chihuahua, bouncing as he yelped at the taller blonde who held the toupée over her head, before tossing it to Cinderella. "Give it to me right now, or there will be serious consequences for your actions!"

"Give it to you? Eww, Principal Weselton, you know that sexual relations between a student and a staff member is against the law! Plus... you're really old!" Cinderella scrunched up her face, laughing as she tossed the hair piece back to Aurora.

"Come on." Elsa ordered Rapunzel, pulling her sister into the hotel and towards the elevators as quickly as possible. Principal Weselton couldn't see Anna in her drunken state. She would be sent home for sure.

Elsa and Rapunzel had managed to drag Anna to the elevator doors. Rapunzel pushed the 'call elevator' button a few times. Elsa kept glancing in the direction of her friends and principal as they waited for the elevator, hoping Principal Weselton wouldn't be too hard on them when he got his fake hair back and was able to take proper authority without being humiliated. Elsa's attention was turned to her sister when she felt sudden thrashing movement under the arm that was around the red head's waist.

"What...?" Anna's eyes blinked open as she looked around regaining her consciousness. "What are you doing?! Let me go!" She began thrashing harder in a panic, trying to pull free from the two girls who were supporting her.

"Shh! Anna, calm down!" Elsa demanded in a stern but hushed voice, as she and Rapunzel fought to keep hold of her to keep the drunken girl upright.

"You're hurting me!" Anna whined, pulling each arm simultaneously still trying to break free.

"Anna, shut up and stop squirming and it wouldn't hurt!" Rapunzel shouted a little too loud.

Aurora glanced over at the commotion with the toupée in her hand, when Principal Weselton took the opportunity to quickly march to the blonde and snatch the hair piece from her grasp, placing it back on his head and immediately turned to see what was going on. He noticed the three girls and furrowed his brow in confusion as Cinderella walked to Aurora's side.

"I'll deal with you two in a minute." The old man huffed, before pivoting on his heal and starting towards the scene.

Aurora and Cinderella exchanged a look of panic, and then dashed to catch up to their Principal. Elsa looked over her shoulder, her eyes widened in a bit a fear and her heart began pounding in her chest when she looked back at her sister, still struggling to keep her grip. Shit...

"What's going on over here?" Weselton crossed his arms in front of his chest, looking angrily at the two girls that were holding onto the red head. Cinderella and Aurora arrived and stood by the elevators. Weselton glanced between the two groups, narrowing his eyes at thegirls who had practically taken his dignity. "Is this why you two decided it would be a good idea to take my toupée?"

"Actually, it was my fault they did it..." Elsa spoke up, handing off Anna to Rapunzel carefully before turning to the man. "We went to The Pearl and Anna ate something that made her a little sick. Oh, but it's not food poisoning! It was just something that never gets along with her stomach and she just forgot about it." She lied.

"That's not it at all!" Anna shouted, breaking from Rapunzel's grasp, stumbling over to Elsa, draping an arm over her shoulder. "I'm just really dru-" The red head was interrupted by the blonde's hand cupping over her mouth. The younger girl tried removing her hand but Elsa wouldn't let go.

"What was that?" Weselton sniffed, raising a brow. He had smelled the alcohol on her breath.

"Uh... What was what?" Elsa asked with a look of fake confusion.

"That smell... Alcohol?" He furrowed his brow at Anna then narrowed his eyes at Elsa. "Has your sister been drinking?"

"Sh-... We... Uh..." Elsa stumbled over her words, feeling herself ready to break out into a sweat.

"Elsa." Principal Weselton spoke the blonde's name firmly as he crossed his arms, waiting for a response. Waiting for the truth!

"Can I explain before any irrational decisions are made? It wasn't Anna's fault." Elsa pleaded.

"Well... Anna is a very excellent student with a good head on her shoulders. She doesn't seem the type to be going around making illegal choices... Go ahead." The old man calmed down from his fury, gesturing one of his hands for Elsa to proceed.

"Well, we were at The Pearl, and Anna had asked for cider. But when our waiter, Oaken, came back with the drink, he seemed a bit suspicious. When Anna had opened the bottle, it smelled like really strong alcohol, but we just thought maybe it's how Arendelle Cider smells since none of us had ever had it before. Well... Long story short, Anna didn't know that Belle and Hans had switched the cider in the bottle with alcohol so she drank the whole thing. Oaken thought Anna was old enough because it's what Belle had told him. At least, that's how I remember it, but I swear Anna had nothing to do with it." Elsa let out a heavy sigh, hoping the man would understand.

"Wait... Oaken... Hans' older brother?" Weselton pinched the bridge of his nose, shutting his eyes tight.

"Uh... Yeah." Elsa responded.

"I'll let this slide in that case..." The old man sighed, pulling his hand away from his face before looking back to Elsa. "Oaken is a prankster and doesn't always think before he acts. I had him as a student a few years ago. As for Belle and Hans, I shall have a word with them later. For now, why don't you ladies get Anna into bed and enjoy the rest of the night. But make sure you're in your rooms for bed check at 11:00." He reminded them, and then turned to walk away.

"Thank you, Principal Weselton!" Elsa exclaimed happily, feeling a bit of weight lifted from her shoulders, but she remembered she still had to tell the others about her and Anna. Maybe I should wait until Anna is in a better state so we can tell the others together. For now I should probably admit to them that I'm gay, since they'll be expecting me to say something.

Once they arrived on their floor, they went into the room and tucked Anna into Elsa's bed. Rapunzel and Elsa sat on both sides of Anna, the blonde combing her fingers gently through the red head's soft locks. It wasn't very often that she saw her sister with her hair down. Neither one of the sisters really ever wore their hair down. Cinderella and Aurora both leaned against the dresser. They all sat in silence, before Rapunzel finally broke it.

"So, what did you have to talk to us about?" The brunette asked.

Elsa's heart began pounding in her chest as her face grew hot; a ringing began in her ears. One step at a time, Elsa. She kept her gaze down on her sleeping sister, adoring how cute she looked even though she had drool dripping from the side of her mouth onto the pillow. She wished the others weren't in the room so she could just pull the younger girl into her arms and cuddle her while the two of them slept with their warm bodies pressed together.

"Well... First, how do you guys feel about homosexuals?" Elsa asked a bit worried, knowing that question had already given her away.

"They're people too and shouldn't be treated any differently than a heterosexual." Aurora smiled.

"If you're asking this question for you, just remember that we're always going to support you with whatever decisions you make. And if you're gay, we're not going to treat you any differently than we always have." Cinderella added.

"Well, yes, the question is for me." Elsa smiled at her friends' responses. "I'm so relieved that you guys won't judge me for my sexuality."

"Well, of course not. You're still the same person we've always known and loved." Aurora pointed out, causing Elsa to blush.

"So... Were you and Belle a thing? I mean... Because of what happened when we were getting ready to leave the restaurant." Cinderella asked curiously.

"Oh, no. That was something else. I'd... Rather not talk about that."Elsa's smile began to fade.

"That's okay, you don't have to." Cinderella's soft, understanding voice brought the smile back to Elsa's face.

All eyes in the room were drawn to the door when it began opening slowly, before a familiar brunette poked her head into the room. Elsa was far from happy to see Belle making her way into her room, not even having the courage to have her brown eyes meet those of the blonde that stared at her with so much anger and hatred. What the hell does she want?...

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