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It was that morning, after leaving Travers behind, when Buffy decided to tell her friends and family about who she really was.

She told them when it happened; how she had suddenly found herself fighting Angel months before, to which Angel said it made sense. He had been able to take her off guard, something which was hard to do. She explained what should have happened – sending Angel to hell even after he'd regained his soul – before stating how she had changed that.

Buffy then moved on to what would've happened for the rest of Senior year, although she missed out the less important bits. She certainly didn't tell her friends about how Willow and Xander had developed a thing for each other which ended in a rift between the former and Oz and caused Cordelia to temporarily revert back to her old ways.

While hesitant at first, she told Faith about how she accidentally killed a man, and how it resulted in her joining up with the Mayor to assist his evil plan. She told her fellow Slayer firmly that she wasn't going to let it happen again; Faith was her friend, and didn't deserve everything that happened to her. Faith just nodded and thanked Buffy for telling her.

Buffy elaborated on the Mayor's evil plan, and how they stopped it. She told Angel that he decided to leave for LA after having realized they couldn't be together.

She then went into what happened with college and the Initiative. She explained how Spike, soulless, had shown up again which had resulted in him getting chipped. She said this had led him to joining the gang in fighting demons so he could get his kicks and some protection. She didn't mention Riley, not wanting to get into that, and she definitely didn't mention Anya or Tara. While she knew Anya would probably never show up, she was still uncertain about Tara; she would have to let it happen on its own.

Finally she told them all about Dawn ad Glory. Her mother had been surprised that she could think she'd had another daughter, to which Buffy said they all thought the same; their memories had been altered. It was hard explaining her mother's growing illness and eventual death, but hoped getting it out into the open would help stop it from happening; she wanted to keep her mother around for a while longer.

She went into how Spike fell in love with her, and how she had at first rejected him until he was tortured by Glory and proved just how serious he was about her. Then she hesitantly told them about how she died, which had sent her back in time in the first place. When Willow said determinedly that they wouldn't let that happen this time around, Buffy assured her that it wouldn't; she had already taken care of Glory by killing his human host, something she explained she wasn't proud of but knew it had to be done. None of her friends condemned her for it.

Things became easier after that. While they were forced to wait until the Ascension before they could kill the Mayor, things worked out much easier with Faith on their side. The Council made a last ditch effort in sending Wesley as the new Watcher, but the gang ignored him like the last time, although Buffy was able to have a talk with him; after all, the younger Watcher would become an ally to Angel in LA, and a dependable one.

Like the last time, Angel left for LA, and while he didn't say it out loud, Buffy knew he had accepted her relationship with Spike. Before he left she gave him a vague outline of what he would face in LA in order to make things easier. She was surprised when Faith announced that she would be going with him, as would Wesley. There were vampires and demons in LA, and since Buffy had things covered in Sunnydale, the younger Slayer wanted to go where others needed help. Buffy hugged her before she left; telling Faith what would happen to her had matured her, turning her into the young woman she had become while serving her time in prison.

Much later Buffy found out that Faith and Angel were together, after having found a way to secure Angel's soul. She was happy for her friends, and glad that Angel had finally moved on.

Buffy, Willow and Oz attended college while Xander and Cordelia both got jobs. Buffy was able to get a room with Willow the first time instead of having to deal with Kathy, and was also able to chase Veruca away from Oz. She only did so after guiltily learning that Tara wouldn't be around.

Apparently, in the old timeline, Tara had been in a car accident and had been saved on the scene by a passing medical intern – Ben. With Ben dead, Tara had died. Buffy had cried in guilt after learning this, and Spike had comforted her for the nights that followed.

Their first run in with the Initiative had been admittedly fun. They had gone after Spike, and were met with a pissed off Slayer who threw the commandos around like rag dolls. Riley, who had already started to take an interest in Buffy, had been there too. He had stared at her with wide eyes, and Buffy had been more than happy to give him a well-deserved punch in the face.

She had threatened them, saying that if they ever went near Spike again, or tried to take her or her friends out, she wouldn't hesitate to do more damage. She considered the later confrontation by Maggie Walsh as going against those terms, so on Thanksgiving she led an army of peaceful demons into the faculty and destroyed it.

Not much else happened for the rest of the year.

The next year, while trying not to miss Dawn, Buffy got her mother sorted out. They were able to catch the tumour early, and Buffy kept a close eye on Joyce for the months that followed, waiting for any signs of the aneurysm that killed her the first time around. But since they had caught it earlier, no such complications arose, and she was able to pursue a healthy relationship with Brian which eventually led to their marriage a year later. Buffy grew to like Brian; he made her mother happy, and the man took the news about vampires surprisingly well.

When Xander got a stable job and an apartment, and Cordelia starting working with Giles at the Magic shop, the pair decided to marry. Willow and Oz were next. Giles, feeling a little left out, pursued a relationship with Olivia which also ended in marriage. Buffy and Spike's thoughts about marriage were delayed after a run in with a Mohra demon left the vampire human, but also weaker than before.

It was that day when Buffy knew what she had thought before was true; that the Powers had given her a second chance to be with Spike. For as their gift to the pair, they gave Spike his vampire strength so he could continue fighting at Buffy's side.