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Yes another story just popped up in my mind, and i really wanted to see how far i could go with this. I do not know Harry Potter. All the characters and other things i will mention in the story belongs to her. I just like to play a bit with the characters xD. Anyway Enjoy!

-Dream or visions-



-Letters/Newspapers/Book reading-

Chapter One. The Dream.

The room was dark, except for the cracking fireplace that illuminated the small room. A figure was sitting in the plush armchair, with a glass of wine in his hand. Silence was in the room, as the dark figure from behind the armchair slowly stepped closer.

"News Severus?" A raspy and tired voice asked from the chair.

"A few." Severus Answered, while he fold his hands at his back where he stood beside the armchair. He watched the fire in the burning wood dance around, as small figures in the fireplace could be seen.

"Speak them to me Severus. What do you know about the boy so far?" The Dark Lord questions, his pale hand caressed the wine crystal glass he hold lightly in his hand.

"The boy isn't over what happened close to the summer holiday, my lord. As far as I could see from his small friends, Potter isn't handling the death of Black too well. He almost ruined Dumbledore's office by his rage, so far I haven't seen him let that much anger out on anyone or… Anything" the potion master informed.

"It seems like…." The Dark lord started, as he looked at Nagini who slowly curled herself up at the Armchair to be with her master. "That he soon shall be giving the option, unless you have something to say… Severus?"

The black haired potion master looked at the serpent, as his thoughts were on the boy for a moment.

"I have nothing to say against you My Lord." Severus answered.

"I will have to set a new mission for you Severus, even though I do hate to burden my loyal servant with too much. However, I know that I can trust you on this one Severus." The dark lord said, while he made a hand for Nagini that she should get down. As soon the Serpent was gone from Voldemorts side, the pale man stood with his empty crystal glass.

"You know my lord, that no matter what task or hard mission you pray have in your brilliant mind, I will always be there to take it, even if it will risk my own life." The potion master spoke, while he turned and looked at his lord. Voldemort was at the alcohol cabinet to refill his empty crystal glass, however Severus know when the dark lord was drinking, something would be wrong.

"Something on your mind, my lord?" Severus question.

"There will be on a time, where I will need to face one thing I truly wouldn't want to. Even though, it comes to my attention that it might not be to… pleasant." The pale snake man said.

"Mind to elaborate a little bit more my lord?" Severus questions him.

"It seem like, the headmaster from Hogwarts … has found my little secret." Voldemort spoke with a raspy voice.

"What might that be my lord?" Severus asked, while he made a slowly walk toward Voldemort.

"Six things, six belongs of mine, might be seven instead. The thing that I want to see is if that might be true. But I fear that Dumbledore already, got his filthy hands on one of my precious belongs." The dark lord spoke, while he filled his crystal glass with firewhiskey.

The potion master was about to question his lord, but there was a knocking at the door. The red eyes from the dark lord looked over at the door as he narrowed his eyes for a moment.

"Who dares bother the dark lord, while he is speaking?" Lord Voldemort's angry voice called toward the door.

"S-Sorry to bother you my lord!" ,a stuttering and small voice spoke from behind the door.

"Wormtail! What in Morganas name do you think there is so important right now?!" the Dark lord said with an angry voice.

"I-I a-apologies my Lord… "Wormtail stuttering low. The door slowly opened, as the small fat rat looking man entered the room.

"I didn't asked you to enter Wormtail. CRUCIO!" The red spell hit the rat looking man. Wormtail fell on the ground, he screamed out in pain and…

I KNOW! Stupid way to end it! but thats how i wanted it to start. Leave a review to me please?! And till next time!