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Chapter 18. Revelations Revealed?

~Several days later~

The days had past quickly after Harry's mind, it only felt like yesterday, that he had been in the hospital wing. He had been explained by Madam Pomfrey, that the purple mist, which had been the coast for him to faint in Snape's Chambers, was indeed dealthy.

He also got to know, that if Severus hadn't been quick, Harry might not even be sitting in the great hall at this point. Once again, his gaze was down upon a book, as his mind was somewhere else too. His friends around him were talking about the upcoming Festival in Hogsmeade.

Harry certainly didn't thought much about the Festival, his mind was already filled with other thoughts, worried thoughts in fact.


"Huh?" Harry turned his attention to Hermione and Ginny, they walked down a corridor, in which one of them had noticed Harry stared in a distant out at the passing windows.

"You seem lost in thoughts again, you do that a lot." Ginny point out, she held a book close to her chest, while she glanced back at Hermione again. " I'm not really sure why it always happens, I guess I'm easy to distract nowadays." Harry explained, he wasn't certain why, but it just seem like he always ended to be distracted after all.

He knew the reason why, his mind was constantly on Tom, or how this might even be bad when Dumbledore heard him speak of Tom's name.

He had yet not seen the headmaster, so his concerns were big enough. Even Severus had not given a word out, he was getting concerned something might happened. What if Dumbledore questioned Severus? Or if Dumbledore wished to have Harry under the veritaserum? His mind seem to explode with a lot of thoughts and questions, yet he kept his tongue down. There was no one he really could speak with, no one he would dare trust with his secret.

Out of the corner of his eye, Harry noticed how Ginny and Hermione looked at one and another, alike Ron, they too had the worried and concerned looks. As much as Harry would assure them, that nothing was wrong. He would feel like lying, which was indeed true. Thing wasn't alright, not at the moment at least.

"Well…." Ginny spoke, as she gave a bright smile to both Hermione and Harry. "We'll go to the festival tonight, right? Least we can enjoy ourselves and have a good time down there. What was the theme again?" Ginny asked, when she glanced at Hermione and raised her eyebrow in a questioned matter.

"You always seem to ask what the theme is." Hermione said with a light chuckle. "Japanese culture, I find it interesting that Hogsmeade wanna take such culture into a festival. If people wish for it, they can be allowed to walk around in Kimonos." She explained.

"What's that?" Harry asked with a frown, looking at the two of them. "Kimonos is the special clothing that they wear on festivals or holidays I believe…" Hermione explained. "I've not reading much into their culture yet, but I know they wear it at certain days or just for the comfort of it."

"Sounds like you both will be wearing them…." Harry teased slightly, as he looked ahead for him. "Boy's can wear them too, you know…" Hermione said with a smirk on her face, it already looked like she had a plan that both Ron and Harry would be wearing them as well.

"You should not even think about it, Mione…." Harry comment, just before they turned a corner to continue their walk, Harry came to halt, as he held a hand to his forehead.

For a long time, his scar had never hurt. However, something must be wrong from Tom's side, because his scar was burning like fire. He hissed, as he clench his hand upon his scar, it felt so horrible. He had not noticed the painful noise he let out, as he got onto his knees. Feeling his body being drained from energy.


Harry was hardly able to see Hermione and Ginny in front at him, his vision came to be blurry, before he soon saw nothing.

Riddle's mansion was calm, silent, but most of all abandoned. A noise making an alert for Tom, that someone had entered the grounds. No one should be able to do so, unless they had been breaking the wards, that kept Riddle's mansion safe and protected. Only one other person, was able to split a ward down in a matter of either seconds, or minutes.

Angered and of course offended, Tom had choose to go investigate what cursed the alarms to go off and who in fact really had taken down his wards. He apparated right outside, seeing the doors to his mansion opened wide, a small dim light within the place showed someone were walking with careful steps.

It angered him more, with his wand out, clenching into his hand as he approached the front door, his thoughts was right.

The headmaster of Hogwarts, glancing around in a curious but careful matter had entered his home, his private mansion, his territorium. It was only matter of seconds, before a bright red light shoot toward Dumbledore. He was angry, how did Dumbledore even know how to get him here? Surely only to piss him off.

Dumbledore had manage to block the spell just in time, as his eyes met Tom's. Both of them stood with their wands raised toward one and another.


"No… no no no….." Harry mumbled, as he clenched his hand into a fist. This couldn't be happening, this was his fault and his fault alone. Had he not been scared, he had not shouted Tom's name in the potion class, this wouldn't have happened.

"Harry calm down, take a deep breath." Hermione said, as she was in front at Harry and tried to keep him seated on the floor. "It's Voldemort… isn't it?" She asked him with a low voice. The sight of both Hermione and Ginny, looking at him with concerned and worried looks once more, it showed how much he must have freaked them out.

However, he didn't have time to be here, he couldn't let Dumbledore get Tom down. No after all they had gone through already. "I-I'm sorry, I have to-"

" Have to what?" Hermione asked, as she pushed Harry down again, when she felt he was going to get up "Harry, you are not going anywhere before you speak to us, what's going on? What's happening?" She asked.

"Hermione, of all the times this is not a time to question stuff!" Harry pushed her hand off him, as he got on his feet and started running down the corridor they just came from. "Harry!"

His mind rushed, his heart beating fast. He would not let this happened, he would not let Tom suffer another battling against Dumbledore. He just couldn't. It's the first time, that Harry didn't noticed how fast or far he had ran. All he soon noticed was the entranced to Severus private chamber. He breathlessly spoke the password, as he entered fast enough when the painting had moved to the side.

"R-Riddle's mansion, I-I need t-to go there n-now." He said while trying to catch his breath. He didn't like the frown that Severus gave him, like he seem to question the urge for Harry to get back to Riddle's mansion.

"P-Please, I need to g-go there now! He's in danger." Harry plead. The boy could easily see that The Potion master wasn't believing him, but why not?! He had to get to Tom!

"Screw it!" Restless and determined to find Tom, Harry went over to the fireplace. Severus hardly had time to stop Harry as he saw green flames embrace the teen and he disappeared short time after.

Harry stepped out from the fireplace within Tom's study. His eyes wandered around the place before he sat off in running. His heart still raced fast, he was fearing the worse whenever he went to the main hall.

As Harry arrived he had his wand ready, glancing around but what surprised him…..

The place was unharmed, front door closed and even when he stood silent, he could still feel the wards around the mansion being there. The teen frowned a little as he looked around, what was going on?

" I couldn't believe my thoughts, so I had to test this out. You truly were around Lord Voldemort all this time, weren't you, Harry?" A calm, but surprised voice spoke behind him.

Harry turned around, his wand still clenched tightly into his hand. No, it couldn't be true. Had this merely just been a trick to get him here? Even take someone unwanted with him?

Before him now, stood Dumbledore.

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