Chapter 1; High school

Todays the day. That's right, I'm heading to the scariest place on Mobius. High school! I was running around my room trying to find my textbooks. In a matter of seconds I had found them behind my bookshelf. I looked around my room to make sure I wasn't missing anything. The room was still filled with boxes that needed to be unpacked, from my family's move in.

"Sonic! Hurry up! We're going to be late for high school, and I don't want to be late on our first day at our new high school!" My sister, Sonia, shouted from downstairs.

"Come on, bro. We're waiting." My brother, Manic, annoyingly teased. I hate it when he uses that joke, he just loves to tease me.

"Me? Late? Please tell me you're joking." I said running down the stairs. I ran into my sister who was holding a bagel in one hand and her purse in the other. "Sorry, sis." I made my way to the dining room table and grabbed some toasted bread.

"Oh sweetie why do you have to wear that dirty, old vest to school? Did you get your lunch and textbooks?" I could hear my mother fussing over Manic in the kitchen.

"Mom, I'm fine. I'm going to do fine on my own." Manic said. I could almost feel him smiling from the dining room. I walked to the kitchen door and stood there beaming, nobody noticed.

"I know sweetie, I know." My mom said playing with Manic's quills that for some reason stick straight in the air and others bend half way. He looked like he was wearing a spider plant for a wig. "It's just… I remember a time where your mother and I were still changing your diapers. You were so cute and your eyes were a beautiful sparkling amber and they still are." – She smiled – "You're growing up so fast." (Okay, the reason my mom said 'your mom and I' is because Sonia and Manic are my step siblings, but we still think of each other as brothers and sister).

"Am I interrupting anything?" I said, which surprised both my brother and my mother.

"You startled me." My mom said. She ran up to me and hugged me. "I remember when you were young and cute, now look at you. You're a handsome young man already in high school." I could tell my mother was near tears. "My little boys are all grown up."

"Thanks mom, but we got to catch up with Sonia and get to school." I said, backing out of her heartwarming hug. I kissed her check and grabbed my brother's hand.

"Bye, mom!" Manic called and in an instant we were gone. All that was left of us was a blue streak slowly fading.


"Hey, sis!" I said, letting go of Manic's hand as we stopped.

"What took you guys so long? I was about to walk through the doors myself." Sonia whined.

Manic and I both grinned. "Sorry sis, mom got a hold of us." Manic said. Manic and I chuckled.

Sonia smiled. "Shall we?" Manic said, gesturing to the large, red wood doors to high school, "Ladies first."

Sonia giggled. "What a gentlemen." She walked up the concrete stairs to the two wooden doors. I beat her up the stairs and opened the door.

I bowed and said, "Malady." I was acting like a knight. Manic chuckled and Sonia giggled.

Sonia bowed back and said, "Why thank you kind sir." She giggled in between words and walked through the door. Manic followed her then I followed Manic, letting the door close behind us.

"Wow!" I said, looking at my surroundings. The building was covered in decorations. They must be getting ready for a party, I thought. It is likely since we came in the middle of the school year. There was people walking in hallways and people still hanging decorations.

"It's beautiful." My sister said in awe.

"Well, we better get going, see ya guys later." Manic called. He went to a bulletin board and grabbed a map of the school.

"See ya." My sister and I said. We both went to the bulletin board and got a map of our own. It's not like I need the map though. I mean, I could run around this whole building and have it memorized in a second but it's nice to know what's in the school. My brother and sister and I went our separate ways as we headed for class.

I walked down a wide hallway full of kids. One wall was covered in gray lockers and the other was made out of glass so you could see the golden sunlight bathing the sweet, green grass. It was soothing. I smiled.

"Come on guys, I don't have any money." I heard someone whine. I turned the hallway to find a guy holding a two-tailed fox against a locker. "I said I don't have anything." The fox cried out.

"Hand it over, nerd." The guy teased. He was surrounded by his posse of bullies. The fox tried struggling but the bully had a firm grip. The gang of bullies just laughed at the fox's effort, except two.

I began to boil with anger. I knew what this felt like, bullies used to tease me for my speed. I ran up to the lead bully and pulled him away from the fox.

"Leave him alone." I said, blocking the bully's path to the fox.

"What are you going to do about it?" He gave me a challenging stare.

"Nac, leave them alone. Let's just go." One of the bullies said. I recognized him as one of the bullies who didn't laugh.

"Are you chickening out on me, Scourge?" The bully turned to face him.

"No. I just think it isn't worth it." Scourge replied, backing away a bit.

Just then, the other 'nonlaughing' bully walked up to Nac. "Scourge is right, we should go." She was a red fox.

"Get out of my way, Fiona." Nac pushed the fox out of the way and laid his eyes on the green hedgehog, Scourge.

"Scourge, Scourge, Scourge… So you and your girlfriend are on the nerd's side now? Maybe this will teach you where your place is." Without another word, Nac pushed Scourge into a ladder.

"Ah! Help!" I heard someone scream, then a pink hedgehog fell from the ladder. I raced over to her. I caught her bridle style.

"Are you okay?" She looked into my eyes.

"Pretty green eyes." She mumbled.

"What?" I asked. Realization came to her aquamarine eyes.

"Yes, I'm fine, thank you..?" She was stopped, she didn't know my name.

I set her down on her feet. "Sonic, Sonic Hedgehog." I said.

She brushed off her dress. "Thank you, Sonic. I'm Amy Rose, nice to meet you. Now, could someone explain to me why one minute I was decorating and the next thing I know I'm in Sonic's arms, not that I don't appreciate it."

I turned to Nac and said, "Not cool, man." I walked over to Scourge and put out my hand. "Need help?" He grabbed it and I pulled him on his feet. "Are you okay, Scourge?"

He gave me a nervous smile and nodded. I turned to Amy. "Nac here pushed Scourge into your ladder for defending me and...?" I just remembered that I didn't learn the fox's name.

"Miles, but my friends call me Tails." The fox replied.

I grinned at the fox and finished my sentence, "Me and Tails."

Amy's cheeks were turning red from anger. She stomped up to Nac, her hands were in fists laying by her side. "So I almost had a cracked skull because someone did a good deed?" She gave a glare to Nac that could've killed an army.

Nac swallowed, hard. "Sorry, Amy. It won't happen again. Just don't tell the Principal about this." He pleaded.

Amy soon calmed herself down and said, "If this happens again Nac I won't take pity on you. Now take your gang and get to class. Oh, and Nac you can no longer help with the charity. I'll find some other people to help."

Nac ran off, followed by his gang and Fiona. Scourge tried to leave too, but I stopped him by grabbing his arm. "Why are you following that jerk after what he did to you?''

Scourge pulled his arm from my grip. "Because he's my friend." Scourge declared.

"Friend?" I said, surprised. "There are many words to describe that guy and 'friend' isn't one of them."

"That's not true!" Scourge shouted.

"A friend you can count on to be there for you. A friend is someone who believes in you and will defend you. A friend is a person who cares for you. A friend doesn't shout or yell in your face. A friend isn't someone who tears you down. A friend never hurts you in any way possible." I looked into his sky blue eyes, sympathy in my emerald green ones.

He looked away. "How would you know what a real friend is?" Scourge said. (I thought I saw a tear fall down his cheek). Then, without saying another word, he ran off to catch up with Fiona, Nac, and the rest of the bullies. I felt really bad for him.

"That was a very sweet thing to say." Amy said, tears of joy and sadness filling her sparkling eyes.

Tails walked up to me. "Amy's right, those words were touching. I can tell you must have really good friends."

"I used to." Amy and Tails gave me confused looks. "I used to, back in my old school. You see, I just moved here with my parents and siblings."

"Oh, that's why I haven't seen you around here before." Amy blurted out. "Well, for what it's worth I and Tails will be happy to be your first friends at Chaos High."

"Yeah, I'd love to be your friend, oh, and thanks for sticking up for me, Sonic." Tails, cheerfully, said.

"You're welcome, Tails, Thanks guys." I said, beaming.


The school bell went off, warning us to get to class. "You guys better get going or you'll be late." Amy cried.

"What about you?" I asked.

"I'll be fine. I still need to finish decorating. See you guys at lunch, now go!" Amy barked.

"See you later, Amy and Sonic." Tails called, then took off.

"Bye, Amy, Tails, see you later." I called and sped to class.


The rest of my day went great. Tails, Amy, and I talked at lunch and I met Sally Acorn. She is very pretty and rich. We became great friends. (Wait did I just say she was pretty)? Little did I know this was the start of something amazing!