Hello everyone. This is my first attempt at writing a Harry Potter fanfic, and I haven't written fanfiction in many years. The characters may be OOC, and I'm sorry if that happens. This is mainly as a writing exercise to get over my severe writer's block. I'm not entirely sure where I will be going with this fic, and I'm not even sure if I will manage to finish this, which I hate, because I dislike it when a fic gets abandoned. Just a warning in advanced. If anyone is interested in this, please let me know. Feedback and constructive criticism would be great. I hope you enjoy the prologue!

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter. If I did, my favorite characters would still be alive...:(

Harry just stood there, half dead on his feet, bleeding from various wounds. He knew this moment would come. He had prayed for it, hoped for it, and wished for it. He held his wand loosely in his right hand; his muggle clothing was torn thanks to the curses that he got hit with. Blood was running into his eye, blinding him slightly. However, he made no move to wipe it away. What was the point? Why would it matter if some blood got into his eye? He was going to die any minute anyway.

"So, the famous Harry Potter decided to show himself," the raspy voice of Voldemort said.

Harry stood still, his stance relaxed. His wand arm wasn't raised, not yet.

"What happened to your friends? Did they get themselves killed?" asked Voldemort. His tone was slightly mocking.

Harry didn't bother to answer, although his stiffening body gave him away.

"Ah, so they did get themselves killed. Tell me, who finished them off?"

Harry didn't bother to answer. Instead, the grip on his wand tightened.

"No matter, it's just one more blood traitor and mudblood dead. They wouldn't be missed."

Harry slowly raised his wand arm, pointing it steadily at Voldemort. This was it, the moment he has been waiting for, the moment he was trained for, the moment that would bring about his freedom.

"I will enjoy killing you, Harry Potter. I shall present your corpse for all to see how their saviour had failed!" shouted Voldemort, as he swiftly raised his wand to aim at Harry.

"Avada Kedavra!"

Harry saw the bright emerald light come towards him. He didn't bother to try to dodge, or shield himself. He just stood there, waiting for the spell to hit him. He looked at Voldemort's red eyes, alight with triumph, one last time before the sharp pain of death hit him, and he fell to the floor.

The first thing Harry noticed when his consciousness surfaced was that he was no longer in pain, and his eye was no longer burning. He managed to open his eyes, and realized that he was sitting in a comfy chair. It was mostly white all around him, but the trains he recognized as they were stationed at Kings Cross Station, and then he noticed that he was seated in front of a nice cherry wood desk. He looked up, and saw the last person he wanted to see.

"Hello Harry," Professor Dumbledore said, that damn twinkle in his eye.

Harry didn't bother to answer him, as he had nothing to say, not to this man. Instead, he focused on the pathetic black blob that was located under the desk, despair radiating from it.

"You did well, Harry. You finally destroyed all of the horcruxes. All you need to do now is wish to go back, and finish him off for good," Dumbledore said, still thinking he can manipulate Harry into what he wanted him to do. However, Harry's trust of Dumbledore was broken long ago, when he had learned the truth.

"I'm sorry, Professor," Harry said hoarsely. His voice was still healing, after all. "I will not go back. I'm finished."

"But, my boy-" Dumbledore tried to say, but Harry cut him off.

"I am finished!" Harry yelled, his voice cracking. It was hard to speak, but there was no pain. Harry still had his injuries, but as he was stuck in limbo, he felt no pain.

Harry swiftly stood up, and grabbed the pathetic blob that was under the desk, clutching it to him.

"Harry, put that thing back!" shouted Dumbledore, his twinkle was starting to dim a bit in his anger.

"We all deserve second chances, Headmaster. Keeping this thing here is cruel, and I'm tired of your cruelty!" Harry said, as he walked towards the train.

Dumbledore tried to grab him, but Harry swiftly turned away from his hand. His green eyes shone brightly, a promise of retribution if he didn't get to where he wanted to go.

"Don't try to stop me, you will not like the consequences," stated Harry, his eyes glowing even more bright.

Dumbledore stepped back in fear. Even in this limbo, Harry was still formidable. His magic was still protecting him, and will continue to do so, until his ultimate death.

Harry spun back around and started walking to the train again. Harry didn't look back as he went, for he knew that Dumbledore wouldn't try to stop him. He was tired, and all he wanted was to be reunited with his family. He looked at the black blob in his arms, and as he walked onto the train, he wished that this fragmented soul would gain a second chance at happiness, as it had only know despair. Little had he known that their fates were intertwined.