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Chapter 6

Severus was standing in the middle of the room, surrounded by several children. They all formed a circle around him, which prevented his escape from the little menaces. He was going to kill Tom the next time he saw him, and it would be very painful. Extremely painful, and Severus would take pleasure from torturing Tom, as he was surely being tortured right this very minute.

While Severus was contemplating on how he was going to torture Tom, one of the little devils decided to yank on his robe.

Barely managing to keep his sneer and utter contempt off his face, Severus looked down at the menace that dared to touch him.

"Do you want to play?" the little boy asked, tugging on Severus' robe some more.

Before he managed to speak, another child started yanking on his robe as well.

"Well, well? Will you?" the other child asked, and Severus knew that he was making puppy eyes at him. Too bad it didn't work. Severus was totally immune.

"Please play with us!" another child asked in the crowd.

The other children started to yell out "please" and "play" and it was enough to give Severus a headache.

I am going to kill you Tom, thought Severus viciously.

Lucius magically bound the disgusting woman. Thankfully she was still stunned, or he would have most likely been subject to loud screaming or vulgar profanities. He grabbed the stunned woman, and apparated to Tom's dungeons. He carelessly tossed the matron to the ground, and locked the cell door. He hoped that she would rot here for a long time, and then maybe she would feel what it was like for Harry. He left the dungeons quickly, as he didn't want to stay in the same room as that filth.

"Lucius?" a voice asked.

Lucius spun around and saw Narcissa, a questioning look on her face.

"What is wrong?" she asked, while approaching him.

Sighing, Lucius ran a hand through his hair. Narcissa narrowed her eyes, as she knew that her husband was stressed about something.

"I must leave, but please call a medic over while I'm gone. Once I come back with Severus and Tom, it won't be pretty," Lucius told her.

Worried, Narcissa asked, "Why? What happened?"

"I can't really explain right now, as I must hurry. When we come back, you will understand why I am asking you to call a medic, and it is something that I wish had never happened," Lucius calmly explained, even though he felt far from being calm.

Narcissa's eyes widened. Whatever this was, it must be really bad if Lucius was acting like this.

"Very well, I will call a medic now. Please, be careful, Lucius," Narcissa told him and then swiftly left to call a medic over.

Lucius sighed one last time before he apparated back to the orphanage.

Lucius appeared at the orphanage, and after this he hoped that he would never see this place again.

Following the noise of children, Lucius opened the door and froze at what he saw.

Severus, what are you doing?" Lucius asked, trying to hold in his laughter but was failing miserably.

There he was, holding one child underneath an arm, and another one over his shoulder. Severus' expression had fury written all over it. "I am plotting Tom's demise," Severus stated very seriously.

That one sentence was the end to Lucius' control, and he laughed uproariously. Truly, Severus looked like a poor babysitter that didn't know what to do with so many kids, which made sense, as Severus couldn't stand children to begin with and had little experience on how to deal with them. He was awkward around small children and way out of his comfort zone. He may be Head of Slytherin, and he cared deeply about his snakes, but they rarely went to him for comfort. Now Severus was trying to deal with several small children at once, and he had no idea on how to take care of them.

This was a priceless moment for Lucius. He was going to put this memory in his pensieve. Without Severus knowing, he wasn't suicidal.

Lucius quickly and swiftly casted a mild sleeping spell at the children. One by one they slowly fell asleep, and the children in Severus' arms went limp. Severus sighed in relief, and placed the sleeping children on the floor.

"I will call a staff member at one of our orphanages to come pick these children up. I'll let them know that they should bring a van so they would only have to make one trip here and back," stated Severus, as he was the one who actually knew how to use a phone.

Sometime later, after the staff member came to pick the children up, who was surprised that the children were so well behaved and sleeping, which Severus snorted at, and drove the children to their new temporary home.

"Let's go get Tom and let him know that the children were safely brought to the other orphanage, and to tell him that the disgusting woman is in his dungeons," stated Lucius, and then walked along with Severus to the room where Harry and Tom were located.

Once they entered the room, they saw Tom in the same position that he was at last time. He was still gently stroking Harry's hair, but he had a sad look on his face. Both Severus and Lucius were shocked at his expression, as he rarely expressed those types of feelings, because he believed that they were a form of weakness.

"Tom?" Lucius asked.

Tom schooled his features and stood up. He then shook his head saying, "I'll explain later. Did you get rid of that sorry excuse for a matron, and get the children to the other orphanage?"

"Yes, everything has been taken care of," stated Severus, no longer wishing to murder Tom in his sleep, as the expression that he saw on Tom's face was good enough for his punishment.

"Very well, let's take Harry home," Tom said, and gently scooped the child up.

Harry whimpered at the movement in obvious pain, but he didn't wake up. Tom just winced and grimaced because he was the one to cause Harry the pain, although unintentionally.

Tom nodded to them and Lucius along with Severus apparated back to Riddle manor.

Tom glanced down at Harry in worry, hoping that apparating with him wouldn't cause him anymore harm.

Softly, Tom said, "Don't worry, Harry. You're finally coming home," and with a swift, but gentle half-spin with his feet, Tom apparated both he and Harry home.