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Maura's POV

I was down in the morgue bend over an autopsy table. I was closing up a dead body transferred from Massachusetts General Hospital as a knock at the door pulled my attention away. The door swung open and a lanky dark-haired woman entered. I heard an audible gasp from her lips and looked up to her face.

I would have recognized her prominent facial bones under a million people. Her mouth snapped open but there was no sound. She repeated it three times before I decided to speak. "May I help you?"

She stared at me and stuttered. "Um… yeah…I…I…Detective Jane Rizzoli…see…I'm so sorry for last time we met…ok let me do this again." She turned around and left. The door opened again after a knock and she walked in again.

"Hello, I'm Detective Jane Rizzoli, Homicide. I want to apologise to you about my rudeness two weeks ago. I know it's not a good excuse but I didn't get much sleep the night before and I was stressed about my case."

She offered me a beautiful smile and I am caught so off guard, I simply answer with 'You are welcome'. I pulled my gloves off and gave her a polite smile in return. "Dr. Maura Isles."

She offered me her hand but I only gazed at it and watched her facial expression shift. That smile left her face and she turned half towards the door before she looked at me again. "Maybe I can buy you lunch today as a new start."

I was lost for words and could only look at her.

"Um… okay. You… um… I will leave now. If you want to grab some lunch you can give me a call." She walked out again.

I don't know how long I stood there and how silly I must have looked but Mr. Foster didn't mind and apart from him I was alone. Somehow I managed to store the dead man into the cooling and the next thing I knew was me, sitting in my office.

I tried to gather myself. I really had no idea what was going on. Okay that was theoretically a lie, I knew very well what was going on. It had never left my mind the two weeks before that day, but on the other side it wasn't a lie. Two weeks ago from that day I caught myself vérifier* a woman.

Usually I did never mind to admire a well toned human body regardless whether male or female but back then that was a different kind of scenario. Well this woman was really rude and outrageous but she was also… handsome…sexy…hot. And this voice.

It is the human nature to response aroused toward a potential mating partner. What involves a strong bone and muscles structure, an impressive appearance and an appealing fragrance. In my case, as a female human being, this would be applicable toward a male and this is what had happen before. A woman, at least scientifically, was not really a potential mating partner for another woman.

Sexuality is fluid and this is exactly what I was in this moment. Fluid. This voice. Apart from her words was her voice what unleashed a rush of variously hormones in me and I was more as slightly sexually aroused. And that was what exactly confused me. I was always capable to admit when I thought a woman was beautiful but I never was attracted to one.

Yes I have to admit that if and only if I wasn't at work and more comfortable with other humans at all and if I was a little more impulsive, I would have paid this beautiful creation for some hours of passion. Well blessedly I never proposed this impure overture.

I met minutes ago the prostitute who haunted me at night since our unpleasant encounter in the 'Division One Café' and it would have been more than humiliating for me since she was a detective undercover. So I accepted her invitation for lunch not as unselfish as it should have been. And we got along very well.

I am not the first choice for other people to make friends with. The last escape would be more truthful but with Jane it was different. After our first lunch we ate as much together at work as we could. Jane was easy to like, she didn't jump on my social awkwardness. It was more the other way around. Jane is really protective when it comes to me. She doesn't know that I am aware of how often she defended my honour at the BPD.

The first time I really knew she cared for me was two weeks after our first lunch.

I was on my way towards the bullpen of Homicide and before I could round the corner, I accidentally overheard two men talking. "Yo Tompson heard the news already?"

" 'bout Rizzoli?"

"Yeah. Don't know why a sex-bomb like her would let such a jerk into her pants."

Until the next sentence I asked myself why Jane had lied to me about her relationship. I had asked her the day before and she told me that she was single. "Yeah me neither. But I think the Ice-bitch is just in need of a hard dick and a good fuck."

That was when I stopped walking. 'Ice-bitch' was one of my nicknames along with some others. While I tried to connect what I had heard their ribald conversation went on and I start walking again. Just as I rounded the corner I saw Jane with her back towards me.

"What's up ass-kisser? No balls to face me?"


"Yeah, don't Rizzoli me," she was holding her hands up, creating some distance between him and herself.

"I think it's time for apologising."

"Why?" one of them asked

"Why? Really?" Like a lightning she had one of them at his hem.

"I give a damn what you talk about me, but the doc is out of limit."

"Yeah out of your limit, did you boozed the queen up to get her willed." The other Officer laughed. That was the first time I saw Jane punch someone.

"Fuck you Rizzoli."

"You wish. If I ever hear you talking about her like that again you end up on her table. Son of a bitch."

She shoved the head of the other Officer into the wall and walked up to her desk again. She didn't notice me standing in the hallway. From this day on, every time someone was rude towards me or insulted me and she witnessed it, I found little presents on my desk afterwards.

Often it would just be a Post-It with some nice words on it. Sometimes it was candy or a small stuffed animal. I don't know how many fights she pulled because of me and she never mentioned them but I know she had plenty. The worst one was in the gym. I treated her hands afterwards but she does not know I saw her fighting.

We had a rough week and I hadn't got the chance to run. So I went to the gym. While I was running I listened to the noises of my surrounding. I could hear the clinking of metal from the butterfly, the buzz of a skipping rope in the air and a steady tap-tap-thud from the punching bag.

I heard the door and some low voices and laughter then it died again. The other sounds stayed. After a while the group of men came out of the locker rooms, I couldn't see but hear them.

It all started with a whistle, the derogatory one and an insult towards her. She stayed calm until one of the men insulted me. He illustrated in any shades of colours how he would show off his manhood to me. In a very disgusting way.

She had punched his face without gloves because of me. Because of defending my honour. Four hard punches against hard bones and her hands showed off a lot of damage. I treated her wounds down in the morgue without any words about what had happened. I never was an exponent of violence but I couldn't help myself to be turned on by her.

Two weeks after it Hoyt happened, and if that wasn't already enough he happened again, today. Three month after the first time.

Jane comes into the morgue. "I found carpet fibre on Gail Yeager's body. Lab is processing it,"I said while staring trough the microscope. She hands me a can of tuna salad. "Thanks," I smile at her.

She looks exhausted. "Hoyt didn't meet his apprentice in prison or medical school - all 80 classmates are clean." While she talks, the door opens and Agent 'I-think-my-mystery-appearance-is-sexy-as-hell' Dean walks in. He gives us a puzzled look. "You guys eating cat food?"

Jane pushes her can under his nose. "Yeah, you want some?" He closed his eyes and shakes his head once. "No."

Jane turns towards me. "Guess it's a chick thing." I smile at her tone as she ask in a ghetto slang. "What's up?"

Dean has his hands down in his pockets and frowns "You may want to sit down."

"No. Tell me," her tone fakes disinterestedness. "A few hours ago, uh…, Charles Hoyt escaped custody." The colour from Jane's face vanishes and she sits down on the table. She looks at me. "Oh, my God." I'm really worried now. Both of them leave together to watch the security video from the hospital.

I'm waiting for Agent Dean. He called me to bring some documents over. He is kind of odd and I wonder why he showed up at our crime scene in the first place. The doorbell rings. As I open the door I am thrilled about the sight on my threshold.

Jane. For the first time in my home. I smile at her. "Why do you always look like you're about to do a photo shoot?" I lead her into my kitchen and get her a glass of water. "Thank you."

I walk around the counter. "God, what is that?" Jane yells. "Shh. You'll scare him." She looks at bass as if he is an alien. "He's alive?" she asks.

"His name is Bass. Geochelone sulcata, African spurred tortoise. I've had him since he was like this big." I explain to her while I show her with my fingers how small bass was and pick up a strawberry. "He's partial to British strawberries." I crouch down and offer him his berry. "Bass? What, after an old boyfriend?" I look at her again. "William M. Bass, the forensic anthropologist who founded the famous body farm."

"Right, yeah, that Bass." "No, it's okay," I tell Bass.

"Yeah, he's a great pet. Really interactive, I'll bet," she snorted. I pet his shell. "Mm-hmm."

After I finish my wine I show her the way to my guest room downstairs. "So, how long can a person go without sleeping?" she asks me.

"Hallucinations begin by day four, followed by slurred speech, short attention span, and death."

"You're better than Wikipedia."

"Well, Wikipedia is frequently incorrect. Very little is rigorously peer-reviewed."

The doorbell rings again. Except from her anxious reaction I'm annoyed. Why now? I ask myself. "Somebody's just dropping something off," I try to soothe her. I walk over to the door, take the papers from Agent Dean and try to get rid of him as fast as I can. I knock at the door and smile as the answers me 'Go away. I'm asleep.' I slide as close as I can into bed beside her.

"Are we having a sleepover, or is this your way of telling me you're attracted to me?" She asked me smiling. Yes this is my way of telling you that. But I can't answer that so I laugh.

"So it was Dean you were expecting?" she asks me and I think my face tells how I am not so happy about that topic. "He wanted my opinion on another case." "What case?" "I can't say," I answer.

"Fine. Go sleep in your own room." Only if you accompany me.

"Jane" There is a nice silence. I can smell her unique scent. Lavender, vanilla and Jane.

*checking out in Maura-language

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