You have my sincerest apologies for a couple of things. First, that this is an A/N, and not an actual chapter. Second, I've all but discontinued this fanfiction. So I'm really, really sorry for that, as I know that this fanfiction has so many fans and I did a terrible job - compared to the original author. But wait, before you get angry or anything, let me explain.

I picked up this fic a year ago. Or, close to a year ago. A year ago when I did not have any notice of what was going to happen. I loved writing and my fanfictions were - for once - active. And then, in March, something happened. Something terrible. Now, do not jump to conclusions. I will tell you this, but I hope you'll understand why I'm not going to tell you whom. Someone very, very close to me, committed a serious blow in itself. Not a crime, but they started cutting.

All of my attention was diverted to them as they spiraled down into depression and anxiety. It got to the point where they were missing out on school, and going to therapy. I - to this day - continue to help them in any way I can, and while I have time for forums and roleplay, I have no time to write and write well.

But this help didn't come without a price to me. I lost nearly all capacity to write, as I felt betrayed, worried, and desperate for them to stop. My fictions spiraled into tragedy, each and every one ending with a character dying and I can only portray the feelings most prominent in my life at that time... anger, hate, despair, sadness, and that slight hope.

I fear if I continue this fiction, I will kill someone very important. Or, I will let the villains win... but even that would be too much effort with my growing schoolwork, fragile relationships and delicate emotional balance. I feel like I'm letting you all down, and you all deserve someone who will continue to let this fiction grow.

I made a commitment to the previous writer. I made a commitment for all of you fans. And now, I'm making a really hard choice.

Even with my duty to this fanfiction, you guys deserve someone better. So, I'm putting this fiction up for adoption. PM me, or the previous owner, I don't really care. If the storyline sounds good, it's all yours.

No, this isn't just for this fiction. I'm discontinuing or putting my other fictions on hiatus, depending how much I like them. Perhaps, when I've revived my inspiration, and when my friend is stable, I will continue them.

I've come so far on here, and yes, this is what I'm going to post on every one of my stories. You've all taught me so much, and I adore each and every one of you. This isn't just me saying that these stories are on hiatus, this is me signing off as a writer. This was a hard choice to make, but you guys cannot be hanging on, waiting for a chapter that will most likely never come. I wish you don't mind to much. I understand if you flame, I deserve it. But my friend deserves my time more than you all do, I'm sorry.

I just hope you understand what I'm going to, and my reasons for doing this. It was a very hard decision, and whether you like it or not, respect it please. If I ever take up writing long-fictions again, you all will be the first to know. I'll still be posting one-shots, even two-shots, but they will be stories carved out of emotion, not facts like this one.

And with great sadness...

This is Tiger, signing off.