Soul Chronicles: Mists in the Graveyard

This is the fourth and final book in the sequel to my Warrior's Soul books. I however do not own Bolt or any of its characters, Disney does!


It's not easy losing someone close to you. The sting in your heart is almost unbearable and your chest tightens to the point you can't breathe. There's always an empty hole in your soul, waiting for that person to fill it again. But they never do. I've experience it before, a few of my friends died when I first got my powers. Watching them die is even harder, because you always tell yourself there was something you could have done. Something different you could have done for them. When they die in war, it can leave mixed feelings like pride and sorrow. I know, I've seen it. I'm a white American Shepherd dog with super powers, a nagging dark side and a black patch of fur in the shape of my name…

Chapter 1 – Practice

"Bolt look out!" Mittens, the black tuxedo cat with claws made from lightning bolt, called out as she dodged another fireball. Bolt was now an elemental dog, his body made from pure electricity as he swerved around the forest. He dodged quickly, moving from the spot he was at and ran into another fireball he hadn't seen. "Oh yah! Watch out above you!" a voice similar to his own said from inside his mind as he tumbled back to the ground. "Thanks Dark Bolt, that helps a lot!" he retorted. "You're welcome!" the voice said with a dark humor. Bolt rolled his eyes, at least the eyes he had. White light flames shined through the holes where they were supposed to be. With a quick bounce off of the ground, he sped across the field, pulling the pedals off of flowers as he closed in on the target. A Neutrosian cloaked in a red hooded robe with a staff in his hands and reached forward launching a fireball form his palm. Another came in, launching several at once, and a third stayed behind holding his staff in the air, a pulse of red heated energy spreading from the tip and outward. Bolt zoomed towards the first one, dodging his attack before jumping up and ramming his head into the Spellcaster. Instead of hitting Bolt, the other fireballs collided with the Neutrosian, incinerating him completely. Bolt lifted high into the air with his jump, and came down quickly, slamming into the ground and spreading himself across it, surging through the next mage as the last one jumped into the air to avoid him. The Neutrosian collapsed to the ground as Bolt pulled himself back together, his staff still held up high. With a swift strike, his slammed the tip of his wand to the ground, spreading a large wave of fire across the grass and burning it to cinders. Bolt jumped, finding Mittens, his wife, close by as she used her wind claws to hover in place next to him. "The air is heating up!" she said, "We have to stop the spell!"

"I got it!" Bolt said, and dashed off toward the wave. The second it touched him, it faded, leaving nothing but faded metal walls where the trees and sky used to be, with an identical floor instead of burnt grass. Bolt looked around, finding himself back in the training dome. "Does that mean we won?" he asked, only to hear Dark Bolt sight disappointedly inside his head. "No Bolt!" Mittens told him as she floated down next to him, "It means you died!"

"Huh?" he asked. "Fire that hot has a natural heat shield that deflects electricity and disperses it!" his wife told him as she nearly touched his nose in anger. "Oh!" he said in embarrassment. "Smooth move stupid!" Dark Bolt said, and Bolt turned his eyes to the top of his head, "You didn't know that either!" he said. "I figured it out faster than you did!" Dark Bolt told him. "Would you two stop arguing!" the cat finally said, "It's because you two can't get along that you can't get this Elemental thing right!"

"He started it!" Bolt said. "Bolt," Mittens began, "Just don't!" Dark Bolt began snickering as he simply watched as the magical cat told her husband off. "Dark Bolt just does it because he's board!" she said, "While he's locked inside your mind he can't do anything."

"I can too!" Dark Bolt interjected. "All you have to do is ignore him and he'll stop teasing you, it's just like ignoring those squirrels back at…" she said, and lowered her ears in sadness. "Home?" Dark Bolt asked with indignity. "Yah!" Bolt said solemnly, "Home!" Dark Bolt scoffed, "Pansies!" he said. Bolt actually ignored him, keeping the solemn moment with his wife. "Hey! Let's try that again!" Dark Bolt asked, and Bolt faded back into the white shepherd he was. "Damnit!" Dark Bolt cursed. "Let's call it a day!" Bolt said softly to her. Mittens nodded, smiling gently with sadness behind it. "Yah, let's!" she agreed. "Ah shit!" Dark Bolt said as he decided to just give it up, "I'm gonna have to be as annoying as possible huh?" A few seconds passed by and he finally spoke up again, "Hey do you think our wife would enjoy it if we both…" he began and Bolt interrupted him. "If you finish that sentence I swear I'm gonna come in there and hurt you!" the white shepherd said. "Oh yah?" Dark Bolt finally said with aggression, "Why don't you come in here and try it hot shot?"

"Is Dark Bolt trying to taunt you into a fight again?" Mittens asked. "Yes!" he said. Before Dark Bolt could even respond, Mittens glanced into Bolt's eyes angrily, "Dark Bolt!" she said, "Stop it right now or I will come in there and neuter you myself!" Mittens turned away and began to walk, her frustration with her husband's darkness finally starting to anger her. "Oh yah sure!" Dark Bolt said, "I'd like to see that! Bring it…"

"She'll do it!" was all Bolt said, and Dark Bolt finally stopped, thinking about the consequences. "NEEENGGG, fine!" he said in defeat. Bolt followed his wife, trailing behind her as he let the pride of shutting his darkness up make him smile.

Savage stirred in her bed, letting the dreams that ran through her mind ease her worries away. Her white furry wings folded across the grey blue covers of her bed as she slept, the small smile on her face told of happy dreams. Suddenly a hand gently placed itself on her back, rubbing the skin between her wings. She smiled even bigger, and breathed deep as she woke from her sleep, "Morning!" she said as she stretched, her eyes opening as she stretched her arms out. "It's not morning!" the man said, "It's almost four o'clock in the evening!" Savage smiled as she placed her arms under her pillow, "Wanna waist the rest of the day with me Dustin?" she asked. Dustin smiled brightly, his hair pulled over to one side as the middle wanted to lift up from his head, "Not really, I just want something to eat!" he said, and lifted a light green shirt over his head, sliding it on and covering his chest. Savage frowned a bit, but her stomach interrupted her with one of the loudest growls she had ever heard, "I guess I'll need something to eat as well!" she said, "Can you bring me back some meat and…oh what were they?"

"Potatoes?" Dustin asked. "Yah!" Savage said, "I like those!"

"You're coming with me!" he finally said, and dove into her drawers. "You have to get out of this damn room or you'll never move forward!"

"Move…forward?" she asked as he tossed her unmentionables to her. He shut the drawer and opened the one beneath it, "Yah, move forward!" he told her as he pulled out a blouse with the back designed for her wings. It was made with thin grey fabric and bowed low at the chest, a single rose but decorating the shoulder. "It means to…" he began, and was interrupted by Savage when she stood up, her underwear in place. "I know what it means, it's just scary!" she said as he tossed her the shirt. "Yah, I know." he said with respect, and reached into the drawer lower. He pulled out a pair of jeans for her, and tossed them on her bed when she slipped her shirt over her head. She spun around, allowing him to tie the strings below her wings. "Do I really have to go out there to move forward?" she asked. "You need to do a hell of a lot more than that!" Dustin told her, "We can't just stay here $%#&ing each other all day!"

"And why not?" she asked. "Because you need to get out Damnit! Stupid General threatened to kick the both of us out!" he told her, and turned. "You might want to put your pants on!" Savage said and Dustin looked down, he indeed was wearing his green shirt that Savage had said she didn't know what the design of it was, and his tightie whities. "Son of a $ %#&!" he swore and turned around looking for the missing jeans.

"I just don't understand it! Why do they call them hot dogs if the meat inside is pig? It just doesn't make any sense!" Savage heard a monkey say as they passed by the nurse walking the other way. "We're late for dinner!" Dustin said. "Nonsense!" Savage said, "I thought you said the kitchen was always open!"

"It is, but that doesn't mean we can't miss dinner!" he countered. "Oh!" Savage said. "Hey, you ok?" he asked. "I'm fine, really!" Savage said as she walked around the base. "Are you sure?" Dustin asked as he walked close to her, "You're not going to flip out and go crazy again are you?"

"I promise I'll keep myself in check!" she said with a smile, "I want to stay as much as you do!" Dustin quirked an eye brow, "But, what about that whole 'ruling a small house in the wood' thing?" he asked. "I can do that later, but for now, we need to stop Nightmare!" she said. "Why do we need to get involved with their stupid war?" Dustin asked. "Because if we don't destroy Nightmare, then there will be no house in the woods, because there won't be any woods!" she reasoned. "Ah, #%$&!" he swore, "I hate when you make sense!" Savage smiled brightly, as if something good had just happened. She turned to a set of swinging double doors, the insides were decorated with flat half moon pieces of metal, but nowhere could she find a handle. "Just push on the metal parts!" Dustin told her, "They swing both ways."

"That's just unheard of"" she told him nearly angry, until the mechanic with the snake came out, a large burrito in the snake's mouth as she gulped it down, "Chew it Chelsea!" he said as the snake swallowed. "What, you don't like my biiig lips?" she asked with her voice dripping with sexual intentions. Savage watched with wide eyes, not as the two of them passed her by, but as the two doors swung out, and then in, settling after the second pass. "You humans are ingenious!" she said, and Dustin smiled. The two of them entered into the cafeteria, rows of tables with bench stools attached lined the back while others standing stood in line near the front, waiting for their meal. "I told you we'd be $#%& late for dinner!" he said with grumpiness in his voice. "Do you really want me to flip out on you?" she asked. "I'll shut up!" was all he could say.

End Chapter 1