Edward Cullen and Friends Down on the Bayou.

Chapter 1


Summary: This is the sequel to "Edward Cullen, FBI Special Agent & Psychic" - Edward Cullen is still an FBI Special Agent now visiting his friends, Sam, Angela and Lauren, who own a house boat in the Atchafalaya Basin, with Bella Swan who's no longer with the LAPD. The plan is to start a detective agency with Bella as a full partner. What strangeness will they find in the Louisiana Swamps. Will they be able to solve crimes that ordinary law enforcement is unable to solve.

Warning: Subject matter is of an occult and supernatural nature. Some scenes may be difficult for some to read. Just remember that this is a work of fiction and a product of my imagination, and as such I've taken "liberties" with some things. So with the above in mind, please just accept this as a work of fiction and enjoy the world I'm creating. Things don't really go "bump" in the night, do they?

Disclaimer: Ms. Meyer started it all. I've borrowed her characters, but this storyline is mine.

A/N: My undying thanks to my Beta JoanOfArt; buggins74 and AnakinsRealMom who pre-read for me, and Gabby for her back up on the psychic stuff. A special thanks to chica_b108 who did the English to Spanish translations for me. Wouldn't be able to do this without you! I have a great team helping me bring this weirdness to you! Go! Team Steel!

County Mounties = Sheriffs Department



in the past...

I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

My husband, the father of my children. The center of my world. With another woman held in his embrace.

I was standing in the shadows almost close enough to reach out and touch them. I could hear them whispering to each other.

Man: ¡Te amo mi cariño! Nos dejan escaper esta noche. Yo no puedo esperar para hacerte mía. (I love you my darling! Let us run away tonight. I can no longer wait to make you completely mine. )

Woman: ¿Y tu esposa? ¿Tus hijos? (What about your wife? Your children?)

Man: ¿Y Mi esposa? ¿Mis hijos? (My wife? My children?) He scoffed. No la amaba por años. Ella siempre está quejándose de algo. Y los niños, (I haven't loved her for years. She's always whining about something. And as for the children,) he seemed to be thinking, cuando regresemos, Yo les reclamará. Como su padre, tengo prioridad de lo que les pasa. (when we return, I'll claim them. As their father, I will have precedence over what happens to them.)

I faded back further into the garden and when I felt I was far enough away, I turned and ran for all I was worth, back to my home and my children. I hadn't meant to be gone so long anyway. I just had to know when my husband, my love, my life, was going.

I ran up the stairs into the children's room.

¡Despiértate! ¡Despiértate! ¡Tenemos que salir de aquí rápidamente! (Wake up! Wake up! We must get away from here quickly!)

I pulled the two small babies from their beds. They rubbed their eyes as they tried to banish the sleep from their eyes.

¡Mamá! ¡Mamá! ¿Qué pasó? ¿Dónde vamos? (Mama! Mama! What's the matter? Where are we going?)

There was fear of the unknown in the babies' eyes. There was also love and trust.

What was I going to do? Where could we go?

I felt myself spiraling down into inconsolable grief.

My Love. He didn't want me. He no longer loved me. He wanted to take my children away from me.

I wouldn't allow him to do that.

I'd kill them and myself first!

Not really understanding what I was doing or exactly where I was going, I ran out of the house - not even bothering to shut the door - out into the night and down to the river. I crossed over to the bridge.

Then still clutching my two beautiful babies in my arms, I leapt from the bridge into the churning waters below.

At first when we hit the water the shock of it caused me to release my hold on my babies. The fast rushing cold waters carried them away from me as they screamed for me to save them.

Sanity grasped me once again. Oh Madonna! What had I done! My babies. I tried to get to them, but felt myself beginning to sink into the icy cold and black waters.

As the world faded from my vision, I heard them calling me, Mamá. Tengo miedo. (Mama. I'm scared. Please Mama. Save me...)



Bella Swan sat on the aft deck of the spacious houseboat on which she now resided. She held in her hand one of the lethal cocktails that Sam mixed up. He'd called it a Mint Julep. As far as she could tell, it was pure alcohol; bourbon whiskey.

Grimacing, Bella asked Sam, "What the hell is in this concoction you've given me Sam?"

"Besides the bourbon, sugar, mint, and crushed ice?" Sam asked sipping on his own Mint Julep.

"It's nasty Sam. Just plain nasty." Bella looking rueful, put the tall, frosty glass down on the small table that separated the two chairs they both now were seated in.

Sam placed the hand not holding his drink over his heart, "You wound me Swan! You wound me!"

"How did Bella manage to wound you Sammy?" Angela asked as she joined them sitting on the arm of the chair that Sam was in.

Bella laughed, "I told him his Mint Julep sucked!"

Angela smiled widely. "I knew you had good taste Bella. I think they suck too!"

Bella could hear the tinkling of ice in a glass and turned to see Lauren joining them with a tray of frost covered glasses. She was followed by Edward bearing a pitcher of iced tea.

They placed the glasses and pitcher of tea on the low table they used as a coffee table. Lauren stood up and made her way back through the door way she'd emerged from. Bella knew that one lead to the kitchen, or galley.

"You need some help Lauren?" Bella called after her.

Angela answered, "No, she'll deal okay. Just sit and relax."

Moments later, Lauren reemerged carrying a tray of deli style sandwiches and napkins. She sat it on the table next to the glasses and pitcher of tea.

She turned to Bella, "You better grab the one you want quick because there is no formality when it comes to food on this here boat!"

Bella noticed as Lauren spoke that Sam had already grabbed a monstrosity of a sandwich that he called a poorboy. He had a pile of paper napkins spread out on his lap and a couple tucked into the neckline of his tee shirt. He brought the "po boy" up to his mouth, grasping it with both hands, and shoved the end into his mouth. He smacked his lips and chewed fiercely.

Bella just gaped at Sam. Hardly believing that she was watching him eat in such a manner. Then she noticed Edward. He too, had a poor boy in his grasp and was feasting upon it in the same manner.

Both Lauren and Angela were laughing.

"Bella! You should see your face!" Angela giggled.

Shaking her head, Bella reached for the avocado BLT and held it daintily and bit off a corner and chewed. Her eyes got huge with a look of disbelief. "Lauren! This is the best BLT I've ever had! How did you do that?"

Lauren began to explain to Bella how she'd manage to make a BLT with avocado taste so good, when Edward's cell phone began to vibrate.

He pulled it from his pocket and looked at the calling number. He shunted it to his voice mail.

At the exact same time Sam, Lauren and Angela's phones all vibrated and rang or sang.

Bella sat there bemused and waited for someone to clue her in.

Each one of those called stood and went to separate parts of the deck listening.

Edward and Bella looked at each other. Bella could tell that Edward was in listening mode. She arched her eyebrows at him in a "well?"

"Some children are missing. Four and all of them lived near water. They all disappeared at night from their beds. The parents are frantic. Those calling Sam, Angela and Lauren know that they often participate in finding lost people and children. They're being begged to help." Shrugging, "I guess I'd better return that call and see what's up." Shaking his head, "I'm supposed to be on vacation too!"

While everyone was on their respective phones, Bella felt just a tad out of touch but knew her friends would catch her up.

She noticed that there was an official looking motor boat coming straight toward the dock the boat house was attached to. Bella stood and walked to the railing and watched four uniformed police officers climb out of the boat onto the dock.

"Hey Little Lady! Permission to come aboard?" One of them called. Bella looked at them and couldn't help thinking that they'd never have passed the physical the LAPD made their officers take every year. Three of the four had bellies that protruded so far over their belts that the belts couldn't even be seen. The fourth was a younger looking man whose waist line had not yet reached his companions' girths.

"Yes, come aboard, by all means." Bella called out.

Edward came to stand to her right side and a little behind her whispering, "Ahh, the County Mounties have arrived. They hate having to come to Sam." The humor in Edward's voice was evident.

By the time the new arrivals had ascended to the aft deck, Lauren had put away any and all signs of food having been present as well as the iced tea pitcher. Bella had to smile and Edward said, "Yes, like a plague of locusts."

Bella couldn't help bursting into laughter.


"We're sorry to bother y'all Sam, but it's urgent. By now y'all know that four children have been taken from their beds in the middle of the night and we ken't find hide ner hair of 'em. Will ya hep us? Will ya hep the families find their youngens? This is the third time this has happened in as many months."

Sam didn't hesitate and as he agreed both Angela and Lauren nodded their approval and their help.

Edward spoke up, "So you're saying that there are a total of how many children missing under the same circumstances?"

"Sorry, just who the hell are you?" Asked the biggest bellied cop.

Edward fished out his FBI badge and ID card, "Special Agent, Edward Cullen, FBI."

"Aw-huh." Looking up from Edward's badge and not looking really impressed, Biggest Belly continued, "There's a total now of 12 children missing."


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