Emma looked up from the cold ground, she had her arms around herself as if hugging herself tight. It was a cold dark night, the same night Sean and her broke up over phone and Jay just fucked her on his dining room table.

She looked up numbly back into Sean's eyes, and when she thought she'd lash out when she saw him again, she softened.

Tears ran down his cheeks.

"Ellie's pregnant."

He stood on her driveway, and even looked as if he was trembling. Emma's mouth hung open a bit, taking this in. She was what? . ..oh my god. Wow, were they in for a mess or what.

Silence took over.

You could even hear the crickets around her house.

Emma covered her mouth and when Sean thought he had crushed her heart, he heard muffled giggles and her trying not to laugh.

"Emma?" he was confused, and she put her head into her hands and then he thought for sure she was crying when she started to shake, but she was only laughing harder

He only laughed a little, with puffy eyes and only because he was wondering what the hell was up with her. She looked up, slightly coughing to try to take this serious and took a big death breath, "Sorry," she coughed again and giggled lightly before connecting eyes with him and admitted with a sigh of relief, "I'm so glad it wasn't me."

Sean's mouth dropped. She wasn't even shocked about Ellie and him? No crying over the fact she was pregnant? She was relieved?! She thought it was funny.

"I'm sorry, Sean." Emma shook her head, looking up at the grey clouds and snickered, "You really messed up. I thought it'd be me who cracked or lost it first, I really did.." she ended up laughing really hard again, looking embarrassed but thought it was hilarious. It gave her some hope.

Sean look baffled but he finally moved over towards her and sat down next to her. When he finally snapped out of it and began to think, he couldn't help but grin either, "It was like a contest of which one of us would break first."

Emma nodded entertainingly, "Really Sean, we're a horrible couple."

Sean finally broke into some laughter too, running his hand through his medium length hair and took a big deep breath. Everything was out in the open. "I cheated on you." he said openly.

"I did too." she smirked.

His eyes widened at her, "You did?" he said almost amused like. "I had no idea!" he insisted.

She squinted her eyes at him and whispered as if a secret, "I'm pretty good at hiding things."

"I'm clearly horrible at it." he muttered and looked down, playing with his hands and then blinked. My god, were they really talking to another like this? "How fucking twisted are we?"

Emma paused, and nodded. True. She smiled sadly when he tossed her a look and then he sighed sadly, leaning back and put an arm around her. She put her head on his shoulder and they both looked up at the sky.

"I do really love you, Em." Sean insists and she nods against his chest, "But I'm inlove with Ellie."

"We really shoulda left the dating thing back in grade 7 when you pushed me." taunted Emma teasingly.

"You really wanna bring that up again?" he joked.

She lightly giggled and raised back up, brushing her knees before she stood up and he did too, "What do I even say?" Emma asked, smiling awkwardly and put her hand out, "Good luck with the baby?"

Sean glared playfully, but accepted it, and shook her hand. They shared a moment, gazing into anothers eyes and smiling. They didn't need to say it, or anything. They were sorry, and they were going to stay friends, all this was a mistake, but they were happy they figured it out and could sort their own personal problems with themselves now.. but trying to sort it out together like the good ol times, was a nice try. At least it got them back together as friends, and not hating another.

Sean was about to go and Emma turned slowly, biting the inside of her cheek and then gasped, "Sean!" she called, taking off the ring he gave her and stretched her hand out to take it.

He smiled softly, "Keep it." he shrugged.

Emma gave him a look, "Really?" she looked down at it, she really did like it.

He nodded and smirked, "Not like I can give it to Ellie.. take it as a gift for putting up with me for so long...again." he joked.

Emma smiled and nodded, going up her porch stairs and almost into her house-, "Emma!"

Emma turned, and looked at him questionably. He struggled with it, not wanting to tell her but knew she needed to know. . and was only struggling because he still had a bruise under his eye..

"He's inlove with you, you know?"

Emma froze cold. She was in so much shock she couldn't even ask 'who' when Sean just smirked and walked off. . but who else could he mean?

Jay was in love with her?