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Kill & Collect

Chapter 1

It happened again. Her moments of sheer terror and helplessness that changed her life forever; that changed her forever had been relived once again. The tall brunette wandered the nearly deserted streets of New York going nowhere in particular. She had no place to be. Not now. But after waking up in a cold sweat, shaking from the images that still haunted her past, she needed something. She needed to get away from her nightmares… memories of whom she used to be. Only one thing could remedy that right now. A drink. She had an urge to feel that liberating burn of alcohol sliding down her throat. It was calling to her. The brunette took in her surroundings, looking up and down the street. She soon spotted a blue neon light across the way that read, BAR. She sighed with relief, producing a visible puff of breath in the cool night air. The nippy wind blew back her long dark hair from her face. Her black leather jacket defended her against the cool breeze as she headed towards the small building. Her tight dark jeans and black boots seemed to blend into the darkness around her like a shadow… which is what she was. A shadow.

She pushed the door open and stepped into the bar. Her eyes took in the room, seeing only three or four other patrons. The place seemed decent enough and the less people the better; the less interaction with others, the better. She took a seat on a barstool. The bartender, a burly looking middle aged man, slid a napkin in front of her with an expectant look on his face. "What can I getcha?"

"Two vodka shots," she muttered.

He nodded and stepped away.

The brunette placed her leather fingerless gloved hands on the bar, lacing them together. The place was eerily silent and everyone was alone, in different areas of the room. Either sitting at table, passed out at a table or shooting pool. She received her drinks and immediately knocked back the first shot. Temporarily closing her eyes, she basked in the sting that ran down her throat. Yes, she so needed that.

After a few moments, she felt someone sit beside her. She did not care to acknowledge this person's presence and threw back her second shot. She grimaced at the comforting burn.

"I'll have a cabernet," a smooth female voice said beside her.

A woman? The brunette did not recall seeing a woman in the bar when she had walked in nor did anyone enter after her. Perhaps this woman was in the restroom when she had come into the bar.

When the bartender returned with the other woman's order, the brunette motioned to him. "A beer," she said.

"This one is on me," the other woman spoke up, also addressing the bartender.

The brunette stiffened, still not looking towards the stranger. The last thing she wanted was company. "Thanks, but no thanks," she tiredly muttered.

The bartender looked between them, not sure what to do.

A well-manicured hand slid across the bar and into the brunette's view as money was handed off to the bartender. "I insist," the woman said.

"One beer coming up," the bartender happily obliged.

As she waited for her drink, the brunette could feel the other woman's eyes on her. Though she was one to avoid interaction with others as much as possible, she was curious to know who was sitting next to her this time. She lazily ran a hand through her dark hair before slowly turning her head towards the woman.

Alluring hazel eyes stared back at her. Wow. Any words of rejection intended for the stranger instantly died on her tongue. The woman had honey-blonde hair with curls that framed her face perfectly, cheekbones with a light blush and soft red lips that held a dangerous smirk. She was the most beautiful woman the brunette had ever laid her eyes on. The bartender suddenly placed her drink in front of her, causing the brunette to snap out of her stupor. She grasped her beer and pried it open.

"Hello," the woman said.

The brunette took a sip from her beer bottle, not acknowledging the greeting. She figured if she ignored her long enough the woman would get the hint. Most people did. She didn't.

They drank in silence. As they sat a while longer, the brunette could feel the other woman's lingering gaze on her. She usually found when someone stared at her she became unsettled but for some reason, from this particular woman, she did not feel that at all. This was unsettling in itself.

With a heavy sigh, the brunette turned her head towards the honey blonde and saw that she was indeed unabashedly staring at her. "Problem?"

The blonde tilted her head slightly, studying the brunette. "No. You interest me that's all."

The brunette turned her head back towards the bar. "I didn't come in here to be stared at."

"What did you come in here to do?"

"I'm doing it," she replied, before taking another swig of her beer.

"Well, sometimes rare opportunities present themselves to us… and we end up doing something other than what we intended. Rare opportunities… like me."

There was no doubt now that this woman was coming onto her. Men and women often approached her and she would easily ignore them. The strangeness of this situation was the brunette knew she should not be so easily distracted by this woman. But she was.

Unconsciously, her eyes slowly drifted back over but her focus landed on the woman's impressive cleavage. Unable to stop herself her eyes moved down to take in the blonde's tight red dress that seemed to be painted on. Traveling further down the woman's enticing body, she noticed the matching 'fuck me' heels. Her pulse quickened. The blonde seemed so inviting, so perfect, so… wrong. The brunette soon realized what she was doing and quickly turned away.

A small chuckle emanated from the stranger and the sound sent a tingle down the brunette's spine. No. She couldn't feel this. How could she allow herself to checkout a complete stranger so openly?

"I think I interest you too," the woman purred in amusement. She took a sip of her wine and placed the glass back on the bar, never taking her eyes off the brunette.

The taller woman felt heat rising in her cheeks. What the fuck was wrong with her? She knew she could easily lose herself in this stranger, that's what was wrong with her. But she stubbornly refused to succumb. She had to.

"Listen…" the honey blonde began. "I can tell you're not one for conversation and that's fine. So, let's cut to the run."

The brunette frowned at the other woman's words. She stared at her beer bottle as she rotated the base in circles on the bar. "Chase."

"Excuse me?"

She looked at the beautiful woman beside her with a hint of amusement. "Cut to the chase. Not run."

A small smile formed on the blonde's lips and it was so endearing to the brunette she had to turn away again.

"Yes… cut to the chase." The blonde corrected herself. She leaned in closer to the taller woman and the brunette immediately smelled a citrus scent of fruit and roses. It was intoxicating. She closed her eyes briefly, trying to fight her pull towards the other woman.

"I find you very attractive," the blonde whispered boldly. "And… I assume you think the same about me."

The brunette swallowed the lump in her throat and remained silent. She kept her eyes down as her half-gloved hands began to fidget with one another.

The blonde tilted her head and frowned slightly, trying to assess the other woman's body language. "Unless, I'm wrong?"

The brunette exhaled a shaky breath before hesitantly meeting the blonde's gaze. God, those hazel eyes They were so deep with desire and curiosity; so beautiful. The brunette felt tightness in her chest. Something she had not felt in a long time and her heart skipped. They stared at each other a few moments longer until the brunette spoke.

"You're not wrong," her raspy voice replied.

A twinkle of hope shined in the blonde's eyes but the brunette broke the connection once again by looking away. This could not happen. She had to get out of there. The brunette suddenly stood and reached into her jacket pocket for some cash. "I have to go," she gruffly said, still not looking at the blonde.


Ignoring the other woman, she tossed a few bills on the bar and turned to leave. She walked a couple steps towards the door but was stopped when the blonde stepped in front of her.

"Wait. If I'm not wrong, why are you leaving?" She softly demanded.

The brunette could see the utter confusion in the other woman's eyes and let out an exasperated sigh. "I have to go."


The brunette looked deeply into the other woman's eyes trying to convey a silent understanding. "I have to go," she repeated with a bit more conviction.

The blonde seemed to receive the message. The brunette stepped to one side but was once again blocked. "Well, before you do," the blonde began. "I'd like a dance with you."

The brunette frowned slightly at the unexpected request. "What?"

The blonde stepped closer, looking into the brunette's dark brown eyes. "One dance…" she said, holding up one finger. "…and you have my word, I will leave you alone for the rest of the night."

"I don't dance."

"Please, I…" the honey blonde lowered her eyes almost shyly. "I would really enjoy your company, even if it's just for a short while." After a moment, she looked into the brunette's eyes once more. Her expression seemed pleading.

The brunette saw the uncertainty and vulnerability in the blonde's eyes and the sight melted her. She knew she could easily step around this woman and leave her in the bar despite this small proposition, but there was something about her that the brunette could not resist. A connection she had never felt with any other human being in her lifetime. Part of her was curious to see where this path would lead. Despite the warning bells and whistles going off in her head she suddenly found herself giving a silent nod. The blonde grinned from ear to ear and the brunette felt her stomach flip.

The blonde turned her head, looking across the room, then back towards the brunette. "I'm going to pick a song on the jukebox. Promise you won't run away?"

The brunette lightly smirked and nodded again, receiving another smile in return. The blonde then headed across the bar. She made her smirk. She had not smiled let alone smirked at anyone since… a long time. The taller woman watched the blonde approach the jukebox. As she contemplated a song selection, the brunette could not stop her eyes from roaming over the other woman's curvy body. The way that red dress fit her perfectly, how those high heels pronounced the strength and tone of her legs… the sight made the brunette catch her breath.

Suddenly, the song, 'I'm So Tired of Being Alone' by Al Green began to play over the bar. The brunette felt her anxiety climb as the blonde turned and slowly approached her. She walked with purpose and confidence. A woman who knew what she wanted. The brunette couldn't take her eyes off of her. She nervously balled her half gloved hands into fists temporarily before releasing them.

I'm so tired of being alone

I'm so tired of on-my-own

Won't you help me girl

Just as soon as you can

When the blonde was close enough, she grasped the brunette's hand and to the taller woman's surprise she did not have the urge to flinch or pull away. Not from her. This stranger made her feel...

She made her feel.

Soon the blonde led her to an open space on the floor and turned to her. With their eyes locked, the blonde guided the brunette's hands to her slim waist before resting her own hands on the taller woman's shoulders. Contact. They stood a respectable distance from one another and slowly began to sway to the beat of the music.

I guess you know that I, uh, I love you so

Even though you don't want me no more

The brunette lowered her gaze from the hazel eyes before her, unable to understand how this woman was making her feel. Instead she chose to focus on the other woman's shoulder or the floor. She felt out of her element… almost vulnerable. She never let anyone this close. Why this woman? The blonde's voice broke her thoughts.

"For someone who doesn't dance you move very well."

The brunette looked up then and found amused hazel eyes studying her. A ghost of a smile formed on the taller woman's lips but she did not reply. She was not sure how to respond. She lowered her eyes once more.

The blonde stared at her a while longer. "Are you okay?"

The brunette was taken aback by the question and met hazel eyes once again. No one had asked her that in years. She nodded silently but did not look away this time. The blonde moved in a little closer and the brunette could feel the heat radiating from the woman in front of her. The muscles in her jaw tighten nervously.

"Will you hold me?" The blonde whispered.

That voice. It sounded so… sad; possibly even lonely. Nothing like the confidence that oozed out of the woman she met early. The brunette could not put her finger on it, but this woman had her. At this moment, she had her like no one else in her entire life. She should push her away. She should leave this bar right now and never look back, but she couldn't. Instinctively, the brunette gripped the other woman's waist a little tighter and gently pulled the blonde flush against her front. The blonde gasped at the contact and held a pleasantly surprised look on her face. Her hands shifted up from the brunette's shoulders and wrapped around her neck. She then slowly leaned her head against the taller woman's shoulder. Warmth spread throughout the brunette's body and her heart beat sped up. She felt a need to protect this woman. To always keep her safe. They held each other close and two sets of eyes closed as they lost themselves in the music. Al Green's soothing voice carried them away.

Ya see, sometimes I hold my arms, I say mmm hmm hmm

Yeah baby

Meeting you has proven to me

To be my greatest dream, yeah

The movement of their bodies together seemed so natural and flawless. They fit. The taller woman shivered slightly and closed her eyes tighter as she held the blonde close. There was nothing like the comforting warmth of another human being. She missed this and never thought she would. The blonde was making her yearn for a moment like this always. Holding her… smelling her… it felt right.

The song came to an end.

The blonde slowly stepped out of the brunette's embrace and looked into dark brown eyes. They both seemed at a loss for words. That was way more than a simple dance and both of them knew that. The brunette held her breath as the blonde slowly leaned up and placed a soft kiss on her cheek.

She gave the brunette a genuine look and smiled sweetly. "Thank you for the dance," the blonde said.

She dropped her hands from the brunette's shoulders and turned to leave. The brunette felt her usual emptiness return when the woman pulled away and she knew in that instant, she couldn't let her go. The blonde had only made it two steps before the brunette impulsively grasped her wrist and turned her back around to face her. Surprised hazel eyes looked up at her as she stepped into the blonde's personal space. Their eyes remained locked in an intense gaze as their faces slowly drifted closer together. She could feel the blonde's breath ghost her lips as their mouths were only an inch apart. Soon both sets of eyes fluttered closed before their lips tenderly made contact for the first time.

The brunette instantly melted as soon as their lips met. The shock of electricity between them was indescribable and her heart was beating ten times faster than normal. Her hands tightened around the blonde's waist as gentle hands slowly crept into her dark hair. The kiss lasted for a few moments, breaking into several soft kisses, and drawing out to one long kiss. It was nothing hot and heavy, just soft.

They finally pulled back and looked into each other's eyes. They both felt a pull towards one another. Their connection seemed to run deeper than lust. Just from a kiss. The brunette knew she was in trouble. They were both rendered speechless once again. The blonde's fingers gently played with the hairs at the nape of the brunette's neck as they looked at one another. The brunette wanted to close her eyes at the touch but fought to keep them open.

"Um… my hotel is not too far from here," the blonde finally said.

The brunette swallowed, knowing what the other woman was about to propose.

"I want you to come back there with me," she whispered, breathily. "Will you?"

The brunette could see the desire burning in the hazel eyes before her. She had to have this woman. She needed to have this woman. "Yeah," she rasped before she could stop herself.

The blonde smiled, pleased to hear an affirmative response. "Okay… let me just get my purse."

"Okay," the brunette responded, suddenly feeling like a nervous teenager.

The blonde stepped over to the bar and grabbed a small bag from an unoccupied barstool. She then turned to the brunette with a smile before grasping her hand. Again, the brunette could not understand why she felt comfortable with her. She was holding hands with a complete stranger, about to embark on a one night stand.

They walked in silence to the hotel. The cool night air was not affecting either one of them as the heat of anticipation warmed their bodies. The journey through the hotel lobby and up the elevator seemed to pass by in a haze. Soon the brunette found herself standing behind the honey blonde as she opened the door to the hotel room.

This was really happening. Again, her instincts told her to leave but she couldn't. She followed the blonde inside and they stepped into the darkened room. The door soon clicked closed behind them and the lights were quickly turned on. The brunette looked around at the simple room. There was a king-sized bed, a widescreen TV… and a gorgeous woman staring straight at her from the foot of the bed.

With graceful ease, the blonde reached one hand up and began to unzip the side of her dress. The brunette watched with bated breath as the red fabric slipped from the blonde's body. Her heart stopped when the material finally pooled to the carpet, fully revealing more of the other woman's body to her. The blonde stood confidently before her in a black lacy bra, matching panties, and red heels. She was a goddess. The brunette's eyes raked up and down the blonde's form as the woman slowly approached her. As hazel eyes darkened with pure lust, the brunette became mesmerized. This woman wanted her. This gorgeous, unbelievably sexy woman wanted her.

As the blonde came within arm's reach, the brunette lowered her eyes, almost bashfully. God, she made her nervous too. The blonde stood inches in front of her and gently cupped the brunette's face. As soon as the brunette found the courage to look into hazel eyes, the blonde pulled her down into an aggressive kiss. The brunette quickly caught on and wrapped the blonde in a strong embrace, flush against her body. The blonde pushed the leather jacket off the taller woman's shoulders and let it fall to the floor. As the kiss deepened, they soon maneuvered to the bed and the blonde turned them so the brunette's back was now to the mattress.

The blonde broke the kiss with a pleasurable hum before pushing the taller woman onto the bed. The brunette watched in lustful anticipation as the blonde quickly kicked off her heels before practically jumping the brunette, straddling her hips. Both of them shared a soft smile before the blonde then leaned in, devouring the other woman's mouth in a lustful kiss. As their tongues moved anxiously against each other the brunette felt arousal overload. She had not felt this animal like fever since she was a hot blooded teenager. She wanted this woman. She wanted to feel her hot naked flesh against her own.

Her hands ran along the sides of the blonde's thighs and up her back, feeling the tremors of passion humming through the blonde's body. Suddenly, the blonde broke the kiss and sat up. Breathing heavily, the brunette looked up at her. The blonde's face was flushed and lips bruised. They stared at each other a moment before the blonde roughly gripped the collar of the brunette's black undershirt and pulled her up into a crushing kiss. The brunette growled and wrapped her arms around the blonde's slim waist, pulling her closer. The blonde's hips began to grind into her crotch as delicate hands burrowed into her dark locks. After a few moments of heavy kissing, the blonde grabbed the brunette's hands and moved them so they are in between their bodies. She placed a soft kiss on the brunette's lips before leaning back slightly and looking down at the half-gloved hands.

The brunette looked up at the other woman, wondering what she was thinking.

"Can I take these off? I want to feel your hands on me," she breathed.

The muscles in the brunette's jaw tensed and her body stiffened. She lowered her eyes with uncertainty and swallowed nervously. Her hands were covered for a reason.

The blonde seemed to notice the drastic change in the other woman's mood and became concerned. She slid her hands from the taller woman's up to strong forearms. "May I say something?"

The brunette hesitantly raised her eyes and met the blonde's gaze. Something in the way those hazel eyes stared at her made the brunette's heart beat faster.

"I don't know what it is about you," the blonde began. "But… I feel like I know you… like I've known you a long time… I feel as though I could tell you my deepest darkest secrets and they would be safe with you." At the brunette's unreadable stare, the blonde let out a nervous chuckle and shook her head. "I'm sorry, that must sound absurd to you," the blonde said, shyly looking away. "I can't believe I said all of that-"

"No," the brunette huskily whispered. The blonde looked into her eyes once more. "I… I feel that too… with you." She truly did.

The blonde smiled softly and a small sigh of relief escaped her. She delicately cupped the brunette's face in her hands and the taller woman closed her eyes at the gentle touch. Jesus. What was this woman doing to her? The blonde slowly leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her lips. The brunette's head was spinning with a high she had never felt before. Who was this woman?

The blonde reached for her hands once more and looked into the brunette's eyes to make sure it was okay. When the brunette made no move to stop her, she proceeded to carefully remove the gloves. The brunette held her breath as her right hand was revealed.

The blonde immediately spotted the angry scar on top of the hand. It was at least an inch long and was slightly raised from healing over time. The brunette looked up at the other woman's face for a reaction, but the blonde's face was unreadable. She removed the other glove and saw another scar that practically matched the other hand. The brunette swallowed nervously, wondering how the blonde would react. The blonde held each hand in her own and gently began to run her fingertips over the scars. The brunette shivered at the touch and held her breath. She had never let anyone look at her old wounds this closely before, nor touch them. It made her feel weak and vulnerable... but not with her. She could not explain it, but she felt as though she could trust the woman sitting in her lap. The blonde turned her hands over and saw that the brunette's hands had been punctured straight through. The brunette expected the usual questions. What happened? How did this happen? Who did this to you?

But none of those questions were uttered from the other woman's lips. Without a word, the blonde slowly brought one of her scarred hands to her soft lips and placed a tender kiss on the palm. The brunette closed her eyes at the gentleness and warmth filled her entire body. The blonde also did the same to her other hand.

The brunette opened her eyes and looked up into soft hazel. So much was being said through their gentle stare, no words were necessary. The brunette stared back with wonder into those caring eyes that seemed to look into her soul. Who are you? Why do I have this overwhelming need to keep you? The urge to be closer to this woman overwhelmed the brunette and she instinctively reached both hands into the blonde's hair and pulled her down into an aggressive kiss.

The blonde eagerly reciprocated and a pleasurable hum emanated from her throat. The kiss soon turned aggressive and hungry. The blonde worked on lifting the hem of the brunette's shirt and the taller woman raised her hands, allowing the blonde to remove it from her body. Their lips crashed together once more in a fevered frenzy. A tongue peaked out, against the brunette's and she opened her mouth, fully allowing the blonde entrance. They both moaned as the kiss deepened. The blonde pushed forward and soon the brunette was on her back with an extremely willing blonde on top of her. Their labored breathing filled room as the heat of passion took over them.

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