"I'm sorry Yang but you are the last of your family to be alive" a gruff voice said as an elderly gentleman leant down to a young blonde haired girl, behind her stood a red-haired figure in a white cloak, who scoffed.

"Are we just supposed to swallow that bullshit?" she said glaring at the gather of old geezers in front of her, Suddenly she felt something latched onto her leg

"Yang" she whispered kneeling to pick her up and consoling her

"It is a great tragedy this village had to lose a powerful family" an old warhawk named Danzo said. He was calculating everything in his head to make sure his plan worked out.

"Then why do I not like what I'm hearing?" the figure said

"Trust us Summer we don't like this as much as you do. We lost a Hokage for crying out loud." the only female said frowning

"Very well, but if I find out you've lie to me. Well have fun imagining what I will do to you" Summer said taking the small girl with her, who had fallen asleep. Summer knew she would get along with her own daughter Ruby.

"Sleep well little one" she smiled as a swarm of rose petals appeared.

"Mummy, daddy" Yang murmured


Yang was now leading her team from Beacon to her old home: Konohagakure no Sato. Ruby was eager to see where her older sister grew up, as was Blake the Black Cat ninja of the group. The forth member Weiss Schnee looked absolutely bored.

"Why are we even here? All this place is a rundown village where the barbarian was born?" Weiss asked.

"We're here to make sure Yang is kept safe while she visits her parent's graves" Blake answered "Not to mention

"Why now though, why not last week or the holidays?" Weiss asked.

"Because my parents died, on this day ten years ago" Yang said a tear coming to her eyes, this stunned Weiss not knowing that part of her truth

"I'm sorry I was a bitch about it Yang" she admitted.

"Come on, I don't want to be here longer than I have to be" Yang murmured sadly as she walked off followed by her team. Unaware that an unexpected event was going to happen.

On the streets, a young boy was running away from drunken villagers.

"Great what did I do to these bastards" the boy said dodging a random bottle thrown at him.

"There's the frigging demon" one of them said

"Yeah well too bad you missed me!" the boy jeered.

"wrong move demon" a woman barked throwing a rusted kunai scratching the boy's leg slowing him down some

"The beast is wounded get him!" a man shouted.

"Hello Kaasan, Otou-san sorry if it's been awhile" Yang said kneeling before two graves. These were the graves of her parents: Kushina Uzumaki and Minato Namikaze

"I can't find Naruto's grave, I hope he's with you guys" Yang said looking down "I have this feeling that he's alive and that old warhawk was hiding something when Summer Kaa-san took me with her, I just hope you can forgive me for abandoning the village you worked hard to protect"

"I'm sure they would" Blake smiled before her ears twitched

"Blake?" Ruby asked concerned

"Someone's being attacked and he's young" Blake said disgusted

"Oh joy" Weiss grumbled before she joined Blake and Ruby. Yang looked at her team before looking back to her parents

"I have to go now" Yang said softly touching the tombstones before racing after her team.

"Hold him still" a villager said as he held a red hot piece of iron and pointed it at Naruto's eyes. the two villagers who was holding him still were grinning gleefully said the man holding the hot piece of iron pulled back

"See you later demon!" the man said before he felt his arm stop, he looked back at it only to see a black ribbon

"We don't think so" Blake said pulling the ribbon back to grab the iron spike "WEISS!" she shouted feeling a cooling sensation on her hands

"Now then!" Weiss said summoning up a glyph either of the boy

"What the!" one of them said being flung into sky to the left,

"Oh SHIT!" the second one said flying into the sky off to the right. Ruby ran over to the young boy and checked him over

"We have to move this fight, we're too cramped here" Blake said holding out her sword

"I agree, come on!" Weiss said as Ruby grabbed the boy

"WHOA!" the boy exclaimed

"He's not in a good state" Blake said as she was running with her teammates on the path of glyphs Weiss had created,

"No kidding Blake" Weiss said as she looked back at the boy on Ruby's back as she was lagging behind

"DOWN THERE!" Blake said jumping down to the ground, followed by Weiss and Ruby who floated down on a glyph.

The three girls were now surrounded by villagers. Weiss looked like she was going to go postal at Blake for getting them surrounded

"Now what?" Weiss asked holding her weapon in a defensive stance

"I have no idea, Ruby?" Blake asked looking to her young leader.

"Um, we defend the boy!" Ruby said as two heavy looking thug like villager walked forward

"Wait, where's Yang?" Ruby asked as a massive fireball roasted the thug

"GET AWAY FROM THEM NOW!" Ynag shouted as she went into what they affectionately called Dragon Mode, when her semblance was at its maximum power. It was then that Yangv noticed the boy hiding behind Ruby
"Naruto?" she asked as she took inb the many cuts and bruises on her little brother making her even more pissed

"Yang?" Ruby asked scared for the first time in her life as she felt her sister's fire ability get stronger

"What did you do to him?" Yang growled

"What we just did to the demon what he did o our villa" a villager said but was unable to finish as Yang slugged him in the face giving him a second degree burn. Yang then looked to her left as another thug was about to take a step forward to Naruto, but ultimately found Yang's boot in his gut instead. A third villager was creeping up on Ruby and Naruto when he was stopped.

"WHAT THE HELL!" he said.

"Shadow capture Jutsu, another group captured; shall we send these ones to Ibiki or Anko?" the shadow user Shikaku asked, before the villager he was restraining was knocked back into him.

"Ow" Shikaku asked as his team mates Inoichi and Choza helped him up

"Is that?" Choza asked as a silver haired shinobi, a red eyed Kunoichi and a Beared Shinobi arrived.

"HAving trouble?" the silver hair ninja said

"Kakashi, looked at the blonde girl, I think its Yang!" the Kunoichi said

"I think Kurenai's right" the bearded ninja said

"I'll check, Hey YANG!" Kakashi said waving as a fist came c lose to his face making him gulp. Yang snapped out of her rage causing her crimson eyes to shift back to their gentle lilac colour blinking as they did so

"Yo Kakashi how are you?" Yang asked easily

"I'm...good; how are you calmed down yet?" Kakashi asked.

"Maybe" Yang said walking over to her sister and the boy behind her, kneeling down, the boy then looked over to Yang

"Onee-Chan?" Naruto asked seeing Yang who engulfed him in a warm and gentle hug

"Naruto, you're alive; I thought it wasn't true and it wasn't your alive" Yang wept

"Sis" Naruto cried as well gripping his sister.

"This is real touching but more are likely coming to 'hunt' down Naruto" Kakashi said

"What should we do?" Kurenai asked as the bearded shinobi Asuma dragged the last unconscious villager into a pile for the InoShikaCho trio to take to the ANBU black ops division that deals with unhelpful people and enemies.

"Well I better take these five to the hokage at once" Kakashi said as he left with the team and Naruto.

"I wonder who the Hokage is?" Yang asked.

In inside the office of the hokage, the third hokage was dealing one a massive headache he wanted gone: Danzo Shimura, the oldest Warhawk of Konoha. He has been trying to get Naruto under his wing for ten years now and Sarutobi was not giving in to his demands

"You can forget it Danzo I'm giving him over ot you and know it, so why do you continuly pester me?" Sarutobi asked using a small fire jutsu to light his pipe

"You will one day Sarutobi, and you know it is the only way" Danzo said interupted by knocking

"What is it Sora?" Sarutobi asked as a light brunette opened the door up and looked it
"Sir Kakashi Hatake has arrived with a group of young girls and Naruto in tow sir" Sora said

"Thank you Sora" Sarutobi smiled "It seems like I have some business to attend to Danzo, if you could plese see yourself out and don't let the door hit your crippled ass on the way out!" Sarutobi barked as those who wanted to see the Hokage entered, to say Sarutopbi was surprised who entered was an understatement.

"Yang is that you?" Sarutobi asked.

"Old man Monkey? You took back over?" Yang askled

"Yes I did after your father died, everything was in chaos.

"What do you mean?" Yang asked.

I was in the village looking after the wounded and near dead. Every time I remember hearing those sounds sends a shiver down into my core that is indescribable! So I made the decision, with a newborn in my arms as I walked into my old office and resumed my place as Hokage, one I retook with great reluctance. So whne I found out the council had ordered me to keep your brother's existence a secret I knew a piece of me died that day. I was far from ready when Summer walked in with you, I knew she was dear friends with your parents.

"You knew Naruto was alive, and told me he was dead" Yang shouted

"No, Danzo did, I knew he wanted something but what I didn't know, but now I do. At the next meeting Danzo will try and get control of him." Sarutobi said

"I See, well then we're expected back until tomorrow" Yang said

"Excellent you might think of staying tonight" Sarutobi said

"I concur we must" Weiss started

"Not insult your generosity and accept your offer" Blake said bowing with a smile

"Excellent now I must be off, after all it is a special night; Kakashi I trust you can get in touch with Teuchi and Ayame?" Sarutobi asked.

"I will, should I inform Iruka?" Kakashi asked.

"Very well. Now I believe it is a certain someone's birthday" Sarutobi said handing Naruto a present

"Happy Birthday Naruto" Yang said hugging her brother

"Yeah Happy Birthday Naruto" Ruby said joining in on the hug "I finally got a brother"

"Oh I'm sorry allow me to introduce Team RWBY: my adopted sister Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee and Blake Belladonna" Yang said

"Nice to meet now I must make the speech I loathe so much" Sarutobi said as he walked out. Once he was outside

"What is that all about?" Weiss snapped
"Simple Weiss, if we just leave what would happen to Naruto and Yang?" Blake asked looking over at the happily reunited siblings

"So what should we do?" Weiss asked

"Simple take him with us" Blake said

"We can't!" Weiss hissed

"We have to, otherwise he will die, picture what would have happened if we didn't show up?" Blake questioned the heiress.

"Alright you can stop guilting me into this, but how we going to explain him to Ozpin or Goodwitch?" Weiss asked.

"We don't" Blake said.

That night Yang was shook awake who looked at her friends already dressed and fully geared up, Blake than indicated that they were going while Weiss was doing the same with Ruby

"What about?" Yang asked

"He's coming with us" Blake said smiling

"Got it" Yang whispered getting up "Wake up little fox"

"Don't want to" Naruto grumbled

"We're going home" Yang explained

"But isn't this?" Naruto questioned
"No it isn't not for me, and no longer for you" Yang answered

"Then, where is home?" Naruto asked.

"Somewhere cool, now we'll head out as soon as" Yang said before being interrupted by Blake

"I got his stuff from that crap apartment" Blake said

"Good Weiss have you set the teleport up?" Ruby asked.

"Just did it, however I suggest we do it where Ozpin sent us here" Weiss said

"Good let's move." Yang said carrying Naruto on her back.

"So did the plan work?" Kakashi asked as he and Sarutobi viewed the girls leaving

"Yes it did. Hopefully Yang will give him a better life than here" Sarutobi said puffing hsi pipe.

"Think he will return?" Asuma asked.

"One day" Sarutobi asked "But until then we'll just have to trust those girls with him"

"Finally we're home" Yang said putting down her gear as did the other girls

"I think we should head to bed; we still have class in the morning" Weiss said heading for the bathroom to get change

"Now what about your brother?" Blake asked changing into her pyjamas as Naruto was already asleep

"He'll sleep with me for the time being" Yang said lifting him into her bed.

"Night guys" Ruby said

"Night Ruby"
"Night little sis"