Last time on Flame and Maelstrom:

"Where's Naruto?" Yang asked. But Blake could only look at the ground, then she looked up with a sorrowful look in her eyes

"I'm sorry Yang he was kidnapped" Blake said

"No, no it can't be I just got him back; I can't lose him again" Yang panicked

"Hey we'll find him" Ruby said

"Them" Weiss said softly

"What do you mean?" Ruby asked.

"I just got a message, my sister is missing as well, as of five minutes ago" Weiss growled.

"Right when Roman got away" Blake snarled

"So he has both Naruto and Elsa?" Blake asked

Now the conclusion

"It's been what five days now, and still no signs of them" Yang said leaning against the window looking positively mournful

"We'll find them, Yang just keep having hope" Blake said

"Oh please, Elsa will be found because mummy and daddy are rich and so they'll be a reward for her return while Naruto will be found in a month dead in a damn ditch somewhere" Yang scoffed.

"Yang, you don't know that" Ruby said

"Oh please, the Schnee are only looking for one group: Themselves, anybody else who was caught up in it are just collateral and to be discarded" Yang snapped at her sister for trying to calm her down, but this seem like it was a lost cause. Meanwhile outside the door to the dorm stood Weiss secretly listening, only to leave and head out. Once outside she pulled out her scroll switching to phone mode and dialled a number

"Detective Doyle speaking!" a voice on the other end said

"Detective, this is Weiss Schnee; have you had any progress?" the heiress inquired

"Miss Schnee; I'm sorry to say we have not, but that is not from a lack of trying, but your parents' promise of a reward has had us competing and arresting those who are money hungry or plain stupid" Doyle said

"Of course, now I want to know if you're tracking just one of the kidnapped children, or both" Weiss said

"We're trying our best to find them both, but we have come up with nothing like I said earlier" Doyle said

"Thank you for doing this, it means a lot to me and my friends" Weiss said

"No problem Ms Schnee, hopefully they'll turn up" Doyle farewelled.

Elsewhere Elsa was chucked into a cage, which also held Naruto, who caught the young girl in his arms.

"Hope you had fun with today's tests" a scientist chuckled.


"You will get your turn, and when you do get on my table, I'll get all of those secret abilities and your healing factor" the scientist said leaving

"Not on my watch prick" Naruto said comforting Elsa, who was returned from the latest batch of barbaric test to see if they could extract her Semblance and Aura to use for themselves; it had been going on nearly a week now and they were still testing to see what her semblance was. Each session had her screaming bloody murder in pain and fear as they tried to extract it from her; Naruto knew it was only a matter of time until she died and they would move onto him, which was when he would take this monsters down. He handled the village he was born in, he could handle this nightmare

"Naruto?" Elsa whimpered

"Hey, you are really brave, to keep facing that" Naruto comforted her by stroking her hair

"Why, why won't they simply let me die?" Elsa asked coughing

"Hey; you don't you go quitting on me just yet. We will get out of here and see our families again" Naruto said sternly making her smile.

What Naruto didn't tell Elsa was each night they fell asleep he had weird dreams. Just a random location with a figure, either a woman with red hair or a blonde haired man. The locations were random to say least ranging from a field of spring flowers to a lake to an ancient temple; and right now Naruto was confused as to what they were trying tell him, all he knew was each dream he had comforted him a little

"Hey Naruto, do you think our parents would be friends, you know like us and our sisters?" Elsa asked.

"I don't think so, my parents are dead" Naruto sighed

"I'm sorry" Elsa apologised falling into a light sleep

"Thanks" Naruto said falling asleep.

That night Yang just stared up at the roof of her dorm unable to once again sleep.

"Hey mum? I'm not sure if you can hear me but I need your help, can you watch over Naruto?" Yang asked "I mean, I can understand if you can't but I feel like I have failed him, you know? I just got him back and if I don't get him back well no knows what will happen" Yang said looking over to where Ruby had snuggled up in her blankets. "Who would look after her when I'm gone? well anyway goodnight, I hope heaven's nice" Yang ended her conversation and went to sleep

"HEY WAKE UP!" a voice boomed as a guard shook Elsa and Naruto awake "Lady Falls wants to have some final fun with this one before she goes onto you boy" the guard said grabbing Elsa while knocking Naruto away into a wall knocking him out

"NARUTO!" Elsa shouted as she was forcibly removed from the room

"Elsa" Naruto said fading into obscurity.

'No Naruto!"

'Wake up Honey'

'that's it brat slumber deeply

'Don't listen to that last voice wake up now'

Naruto bolted up just in time to see Elsa thrown into the cell looking like she was in a lot of pain

"Here" the guard said jabbing a needle into her neck "That should ease the pain"

"You have three hours and then your last treatment will begin" the guard chuckled locking the door

"Naruto" Elsa whimpered "They unlocked my semblance" Elsa said touching the wall and focusing creating frost on the wall

"You can create ice?" Naruto asked touching the frost

"Yes I can" Elsa coughed before settling into a painful sleep

"The final treatment, that means that it will be sundown by then" Naruto said settling down with Elsa in his arms looking concerned

"This is it, time to meet them, whoever they are" Naruto said falling asleep, blinking he saw the grim cell.

Next time he opened his eyes he saw a place that a combination of all three places in one place, it was a white marble looking temple surrounded by a crystal blue lake with a bridge running down the middle, every three blocks a torch was lit leading the way. Surrounding the lake was a field of white flowers ranging from jasmine, lilies and peonies. In high above him in the sky was a full moon, however one thing that was not there before was a red banner outlined in gold with the kanji for fire in the middle, above the kanji was a spiral and below the kanji was a leaf symbol.

"Where am I?" Naruto asked as his voice echoed

"We're in your mind" a voice said making Naruto turn to see the red haired woman, only instead of her yellow and black outfit, she wore a white kimono with a red obi which was detailed with white Sakura cherry blossom patterns

"And who the heck are you?" Naruo asked.

"A simple question and one that will get answered inside" the woman said leading Naruto to deep inside the temple where he saw a massive gilded cage door, a massive statue next to the gate and a blonde haired man, who was wearing what Naruto remembered to be the Leaf Jonin uniform with a white cloak over top.

"Well, look who's here" the dark voice from Naruto's nightmares said looking at the boy with red eyes glaring at him

"Kurama stop scaring the boy" the man said

"Whatever little pest" Kurama said

"Watch it" the man said again

"Minato, you must stop picking fights with him" the woman said

"Yeah well" Minato said

"Don't you yeah well me Minato!" the woman said

"Okay not to interrupt, but who are you!" Naruto shouted. This made the couple smile.

"Well you see I'm Kushina Uzumaki; your mother" Kushina said hugging Naruto, with tears sparkling in her eyes and Naruto's. "And that man there is"
"I'm your father Minato Namikaze" Minato said joining in on the hug "I'm so glad I can finally meet you Naruto"

"Mum? Dad? but Yang said you were"

"We are, all we are constructs built out of our final amounts of chakra we gave you when we sealed Kurama in you" Minato said sadly

"You mean the fuzzball?" Naruto asked

"What did you call me?" Kurama said ramming the cage

"You heard me, it's because of you that I had a hell of a life in Konoha" Naruto shouted

"DO NOT BLAME ME FOR YOU RACE'S STUPIDITY!" Kurama roared pushing his snout out of the cage only to have a hand grab it and pull it forward trapping it in the gate which shocked the massive beast before the hand punched it back in

"And who is that?" Naruto asked

"Not who, he's more of a what; that Naruto is your semblance: the Titan Semblance. Like your friend Elsa, who I approve of, has said it is a manifestation of your soul, powered by aura it is a personal ability that differs from person to person. With it you could either protect or destroy" Kushina explained.

"I can use his power, to say break out of here and save Elsa and myself?" Naruto asked turning to Minato who had a smile on his face.

"Exactly Naruto, now go and help your friend out, but don't forget we love you and your sister" Minato said hugging him.

"I love you Naruto, and shall be watching you no matter what; now go out there and save your friend" Kushina said smiling as Naruto started to fade.

"Be safe" Minato said holding Kushina

"And tell Yang we love her and shall be watching over her"

When Naruto woke up it was nearly the start of sunset, but now instead of dread he felt stronger and braver

"Thanks mum, dad" Naruto said untangling himself from Elsa, he stood in the centre of the room and focused

'Focus on the power of my soul, the strength of my Aura and my determination; TITAN MODE' Naruto thought being surrounded by a yellow glow which soon encompassed him

"Naruto?" Elsa asked woken up by the light, what stood there when the light died down made Elsa gasp. "Whoa"

There standing in the middle of the room was a eight foot heavily muscled man with wild blonde spike of hair cascading down to his mid back. His hands and feet had clawed fingers and toes on them. He wore a pair of heavy damage three quarter pants and finally his eyes were red with slitted pupils

"Is that you?" Elsa asked as Naruto picked her up and placed him on to his shoulder before punching the door

"they would have heard that" Elsa panicked as the pair looked around

"OH little ones time for the fun to begin" the guard from earlier said making Naruto snarl

"Sic him" Elsa said as Naruto walked forward smiling before punching his fist together

"Oh little ones!" the guard said before bumping into something, looking up he saw a brute and the girl he was sent for on his shoulders

"Hi" Elsa chirped as Naruto smiled grabbing the guard and flinging him like a bowling ball down the hall. Naruto grunted before moving down the way the guard came

"Err, exit's the other way" Elsa said before they reached the lab "Never mind proceed" she smiled waving her hands as Naruto opened the lab doors not so gently.

"Why must you always" the scientist said as his words faded away at the sight of Titan Naruto, who had a most vicious smirk on his face. The scientist paled as he remembered the threat

"Okay now let's be reasonable adults" the scientist begged

"We're kids" Elsa remarked looking rather smug

"Would you like some candy, maybe some fizzy drinks?" he tried once again to barter with the pair

"Nope" Elsa said popping the last part

"But I mean it is impossible to ram an entire room up one rear one"

"True, but it is possible to bury one in a room" Naruto growled grabbing the light over head

"Oh dear" the scientist whimpered as Naruto went to town on the room breaking millions of Lien worth of equipment, leaving rubble and scrap metal everywhere.

"Now it's your turn" Naruto said grabbing the weasel of a man and shoving him into some rocky rubble and stomping on his back

"Let's go" Elsa said as Naruto made another hole.

"Look the stars are out" Elsa said amazed

"I truly never looked up before" Naruto said

"You've never seen the stars? Elsa asked

"The only nocturnal light I saw was the moon; I was always comforted by its gentle light" Naruto said before something flew past him

"Where do you think you're going?" Roman asked appearing

"Torchwick" Naruto snarled

Roman was nearly crapping his pants when he saw the giant in front of him

"Whoa you're a big one" he said loading another dust round and aimed his cane at Naruto who grabbed a dumpster and chucked it as if it was a pebble, forcing Roman to duck as several White Fang thugs appeared, making Naruto growl before he let loose a mighty roar.

"Get them!" Roman ordered as they charged forward only to be swatted away like flies. Naruto grabbed a light post and used it as a bat

"Naruto; we have to get out of here" Elsa said slipping making the giant dispose of those gather before running out of there

"Don't just stand get after him, lead him to the forest if you have too" Roman ordered boarding an aircraft.

"We're safe now right?" Elsa said as the entered the emerald forest

"We should be" Naruto said walking forward

"Where are we going?" Elsa asked scared

"We're going to my sister, she's attending the local educational centre" Naruto said

"So Beacon then" Elsa said

"yes" Naruto said as he slid Elsa into one of his arms

"That's better" Elsa murmured before hearing a twig snap

"They followed us" Naruto said as they heard the airships over head

"COME ON!" Naruto shouted running towards the cliffs of Beacon dodging gunfire.

"What was that?" Ruby asked as Blake took her bow off and listened

"Gunfire?" Blake said confused

"An exercise" Weiss commented

"No we would have been advised of it" Blake said peering into the darkness "They're Roman's Airships!"
"Roman, you don't think?" Ruby asked as the door was flung opened

"COME ON!" Yang shouted running out of the room only to be intercepted by Goodwitch

"And where do you think you're going?" she asked

"Some of Torchwick's air feet was seen not far from here" Weiss explained

"And they're getting closer" Blake said

"Don't worry Beacon's defence systems will handle them, now you young ladies head to bed, its after lights out and you have classes tomorrow," Goodwithc said

"NO Buts Miss Xiao Long" Goodwitch said

"We understand, come on guys" Ruby said

Naruto and Elsa had finally reached the cliffs

"Up we go" Narutoi said starting to climb

"That's a long way up, here" Elsa said placing her hand on the cliff summon ice spikes "Use these" Naruto the reached up to grab one of the cold spike and pulled himself up enough to grab on to the next one and continued the cycle until he got to the top

"Okay I've got this" Elsa said jumping off onto the area near the courtyard when they heard the drone of engines

"Rest here I'll stop them" Naruto said jumping off the cliff and into the path of the five aircraft, this time they were going down.

Landing on the right most aircraft, Naruto ripped the starboard engine off and threw it into the next one over before leapfrogging to the middle one; suddenly gunfire erupted from the fourth one which became the focus of Naruto's attention jumping into the air grasping the gun and forcing it to fire on the third aircraft taking it down then he ripped the gun off climbed on top of the aircraft and started using the gun like a club beating the forth on down. He suddenly turned his attention to the only flying airship

"OH no way! Let's beat it" Roman said ordering his airship back to base

"Cinder's going to be pissed" the pilot muttered

"Shut up and just fly you dumb mutt" Roman griped.

Naruto landed on the pavement of the courtyard and immediately felt tire

'Not now' Naruto thought turning back into his original form before colliding with the ground beginning to black out, the last thing he saw were a cane and a pair of loafers

"No, I saw you ret" Naruto said finally losing consciousness.