This was a story that I've been putting a lot of thought into, it's my second attempt at a Naruto story since my first was just not gonna cut it. It's been on the back burner since than and I honestly don't know how those that read this will react. But I've decided to let it loose and see how it goes. It's a project, an experiment really so I have zero idea how it will be perceived and taken by you readers. Now before we begin I need to clarify few things beforehand.

Due to the basis on this story, Uzumaki Naruto is not going to like Konoha or any of the Shinobi Villages in general. Plain and simple. It may look like bashing to others, but I'm gonna be, well try, portray it in a way that's both logical and sensible to both the readers and for the story as a whole. If you don't like the sound of that than I advise you to not read this story and that is all I will say.

This story will be based around my personal likings of Time-Travel paradoxes. So again take this story how you will, it is still a project/experiment.

Now the rest will come naturally and so with that said.

Let's get on with it!

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any other references used from other games or anime.

''Okay, I've miscalculated...I was expecting an explosion of sorts and send that Nagato-teme flying, but I was not expecting it to do this. I was not expecting to awake to see a red haired angel standing above me, am I dead?" ~Uzumaki Naruto

Naruto: The Maelstrom Paradox

Prologue: Renewal, Battle of Gods and 'New World'?

Uzumaki Naruto, age 16, Konohagakure Shinobi, Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko and the next Hokage hopeful was not in the least bit pleased with the current circumstances of which he found himself in. He'd been underway of training under the way of the Toad sages of Mt. Myoboku the very same training that his now deceased teacher Jiraiya of the Legendary three Sennin had undergone when he was younger. However the training was proving quite difficult for the young Uzumaki due to a key number of factors.

One, he just couldn't shake the feeling every time he tried to let the flow of Nature chakra run its course and into his body it caused an annoying throb of pain in the back of his head. Second, was the fact that he just couldn't sit still because he just couldn't shake the feeling something really really bad was about to happen, and the most frustrating part was that he didn't know what it was! Thirdly, his tenant was proving to be quite the pain in the ass as its foul chakra was causing the training to be even more difficult than it should be due to having to keep the Kyuubi's chakra at bay while at the same time trying to attain this form the Toad Sages kept saying was the result of completing his training.

In all honesty Naruto thought it was complete bullshit, but he wasn't about to be the one to get whacked in the head again by that infernal wooden cane again...

Sitting on the ground Naruto let out a sigh as he once again entered the meditative state he'd been doing for the past few hours. Closing his eyes and slowing down his breathing Naruto relaxed himself, and kept himself at peace, easing his body into a state of relaxation.

Then it happened he felt the pull of the nature chakra come toward him circling around him before it slowly start to seep into his body. It's foreign chakra began to seep into his body and through his tenketsu. He could feel its effects affecting his body as everything around him became more surreal and peaceful.

However just as Naruto felt that he was just in reach of it his head started to tingle, and a sharp pain spiked within his head causing him to grit his teeth.

'Kuso not again!'

It was apparent to the Uzumaki that something was wrong, was he doing it incorrectly? Or perhaps it was the Kyuubi's doing?

Or maybe...

'Maybe I should try harder put more nature chakra through my body?'

And as he gripped on what nature chakra he had left in his body he once more let himself become attuned with nature. He ignored the pain in his head as the nature chakra once again began to swirl around him and seep into his body. Unknown to the Uzumaki his eyes started to gain an orange pigment around his eyes.

Again equally unknown to him was the veins popping up around his head bulging as blood passed through it more quickly by the second.

For Naruto he could feel his reach to what he sought was becoming ever so close, but the pain he felt was equally if not more so painful and it only got stronger the closer he got. But with his ironclad will, determination and high pain tolerance honed throughout his life and career as a shinobi he pushed on. He ignored everything else around him as the nature chakra swelled up inside of him flowing throughout his body like a giant monsoon.

Nothing else mattered to him, he had-no he must!-attain this level of power if he had any chance of avenging his sensei...

However on the outside the ground he sat on started to crack underneath his body and his body started to glow a glowing shade of azure completely unlike his chakra output. The veins in his bulged even more, and just as he felt his grip clenched upon his goal.

It happened...


Something deep within him couldn't deal with the strain, he'd overcome the insurmountable wall that held him off from reaching the power he sought. However, something embedded in him, in all human beings, something that was never meant to be strained.

Just snapped...

Naruto's eyes snapped open to reveal glowing icy orbs before they clenched shut, and Naruto's mouth opened in a gut wrenching scream.


His scream echoed amongst the land scaring the wildlife, but that mattered little compared to what was happening to him. Blood began to dribble down from his bloodshot eyes, his nose to started bleed as did both his ears. The veins started bulge as more blood started to move quicker and quicker to his brain. Soon the aura started to grow thicker and more powerful before the ground beneath him cratered underneath an unforseen pressure.

His hands went up to his head, clenching onto his skull. His nails digging into flesh in some vain attempt to ward off the pain he was feeling, but it did nothing as the pain only grew hundred times worse. Trying to take a step it only caused the ground to crater again with each shaky step he took, and just as the pain couldn't have gotten any worse.

It did...

The seal on his naked abdomen appeared as well, and it glowed a dark crimson causing red chakra to ooze out from his abdomen before it mixed in with his aura before it seeped into his head. This had the effect of causing Naruto's screams to become so loud that it caused the clouds in the skies to be blown away.

Gripping the sides of his head Naruto's glowing azure eyes closed as images of his life assaulted his mind, events he knew, and events he had long forgotten hit him each time with the power of Tsunade's punches. Scenes and events from his childhood circulates, events of his birth hit him as everything from his life that has ever happened to him up to his birth erupted into his brain and was revealed at the forefront of his vision.

He fell to knees, and soon he felt the pain begin to ease, but that did not help the aftereffects from still haunting him. On his knees with his head held down the bangs of his golden spiky hair shadowed his eyes as the blood from his face dribbled down from his chin before hitting the ground. The aura quickly started to fade as well until it was no longer engulfing his body.

''Naruto-chan?'' he faintly heard the voice of the first Elder Toad he remembered faintly to be called Fukasaku. He could hear him coming toward him, but just as the toad came toward him Naruto brought up his hand halting the toads advance.

''I-I'm fine Pa...perfectly...fine just give me a few minutes, and I'll be ready to go again.'' the rough hoarseness in his voice was not lost on the elder toad. Worry etched on his face, but gave a nod either way. ''Very well, Ma has just said that Dinner shall be ready soon, and sent me to check up on you. But if you're okay then I'll leave you to your training.'' without another word the toad left the area.

When Naruto heard and felt his presence to be gone he raised his hand to wipe away the blood from his face. Raising his head Naruto's eyes peered through the bangs of his hair, but the once full of life azure orbs he once held were clouded with confusion as he eyed the blood on his hand to a glimmering spark of understanding.

'What just...happened?'

'Maybe I can be the one to answer that for you, ningen.' the Kyuubi's voice echoed from within the depths of his mind causing him to frown, but this time unlike his usual behavior to completely ignore his tenant.

He completely obliged...

Wiping away the rest of the blood from his face he sat back down, and let himself delve into his mind which he idly noted to be so much easier then before.


Opening his eyes Naruto's cloudy icy blue eyes stared back into the giant crimson orbs of the Kyuubi no Yoko. However he noticed something. First, was the sewer appearance his mind once held now resembled to an empty white void with just a giant black cage that held the strongest of the nine bijuu.

Looking back at the bijuu he raised an eyebrow in question, but his eyebrow rose higher when he saw the strange analyzing gaze in the Kyuubi's eyes.

''I never would have imagined it to be possible, but it seems that even now you seem to do the impossible every time, ningen.'' there was a strange tone in the beasts voice, but Naruto just ignored that for the moment and in favor of walking the Kyuubi's cage till he was directly inches away from its muzzle. Looking up into the surprised eyes of the kyuubi he gave a cold gaze as he responded in kind.

''What do you mean by that? What has happened to me? Why does my mind feel so...clear?'' he said as he touched his forehead. Images of his life rolled around in his head, and what he saw was further increasing his annoyance had he really been that annoying and naïve?

Kyuubi just kept its gaze on him, but answered nonetheless.

''Ningen, due to the nature chakra that you were so engrossed to absorbing to attain the Sage Mode your brain could not keep up, and due to the natural effects of this chakra, and combining with your unique genes has caused you to unlock the one thing that has never been done in all of mankinds history.''

Naruto frowned at the Kyuubi's words before he looked down in thought, and that was exactly when his mind started to do things it had never done before this incident. It was quickly coming up with theories, and conclusions that was making the Kyuubi's words seem more true with each theory. Had the combination of the nature chakra and his genes done something to his brain? Had it unlocked some hidden potential? Had it released a certain mechanism in the brain that caused this effect?

Seemingly like it was reading its thoughts, the Kyuubi continued.

''What you have unlocked ningen is the untapped potential every mortal posses, but can't nor ever reach. Your brain was reaching its limit, and due to the potential danger your genes, and my chakra tried to deal with the problem by healing your brain, but it wasn't working only halting the process. Because of this your human body reacted in the only way it could. It caused your brain to break the locks that held back its processing power to allow the nature chakra to flow throughout your body without consequence of having you go brain dead due to chakra overload.'' However just as it was going to continue Naruto already caught on to what it said and reacted nearly on instinct.

''Because of that my brain's capacity to think and process has reached its maximum. If that's the case why do I feel as more has happened to me?'' he said while looking down at his hands.

The Kyuubi gave a hum before it laid down its maw on the cage floor as its eyes peered at Naruto's form with a look of keen interest.

''I do not know Ningen, the mysterious of the mortal mind have forever been something that's been unanswered since the dawn of time. The mind of every mortal only works at the capacity of 10%, but you have unlocked yours to its max so I do not know what you have gained or lost in by achieving this.''

Frowning at that Naruto gave a sigh as he wondered on this new, and potentially excellent or terrible gift. Now that he thought about it a lot of things came rushing back at him, and to his surprise everything that came to him was of his childhood, and how he had been treated. How he had acted to gain attention in the smallest form, whether that attention was good or bad didn't matter to him at that point. How he had let himself be verbally and mentally abused, neglected, and downright beaten by kids older than him.

Then a question popped up, Why? Why had he done this? Why had he let himself become so naïve to everything? Why had he let the Sandaime basically push and lead him on some fake, and twisted story and tales of how shinobi were heroes to the people and protectors of justice? Why had he let himself fall into that pathetic shell he once was prior to this incident? Why did he let the insults, and abuse even by his own teammates be ignored for so long?

Why hadn't he done something? Why hadn't he fought back or even rebelled? Was it out of some deep seeded loyalty to the old man Sandaime? Was it out to prove them all wrong?

His azure eyes turned cold at that.

'I have nothing to prove to likes of them. No...I won't waste my time on them anymore. The village...means nothing to me now...why did I protect a place that loathed my very existence? In fact, why did I let myself be pulled into being a shinobi, and to serve Konoha? Was it so they could have a loyal weapon at their disposal? It wouldn't surprise me...'

If anyone knew Naruto beforehand, and heard his thoughts they would have thought someone was impersonating him, but this was the truth. He was coming to realize his mistakes, how his loyalty was so severely misplaced, and used time and time again by every single person he thought of as a comrade or friend.

The Rookie 12, Kakashi, Tsunade, Iruka, Hiruzen...Jiraiya


''But no more...I will no longer be the puppet, and the ever faithfully loyal servant that served them. No, I will no longer be bound by the chains of shinobi loyalty and duty. I am servant to no one, and loyal to only myself. For I am Uzumaki Naruto, and from now on. The only person I answer to is myself...all others...can perish for all I care.''

He missed two things when he said this. One, was the fact the Kyuubi was both eying him with an extreme look of interest, and its maw growing wide into a foxy smirk. Second, was the fact his eyes were glowing a icy blue whilst his body started to give off a light blue aura.

'This new Naruto is extremely more interesting then the last. And his reminds me a lot of yours old man.'

Turning his gaze on the Kyuubi, Naruto just gave it a nod before he vanished from his mind leaving behind a smirking bijuu.

Life was about to get more interesting...

Real World- Mt. Myoboku

Once Naruto opened his eyes he gave a small sigh before standing up millions of thoughts raced through is mind in mere seconds, but he stopped them as a plan started to come together. As much as it made him detest to stay here any longer he had to agree to gain the Sage Mode would prove beneficial to him in the long run. After that he would not be here another second longer. However he did know he needed a lot more improvement then just this, and that was why with a single handsign he spoke.

''Kage no Bunshin''

The area around him erupted in smoke before it dissipated to reveal 61 shadow clones.

''All of you, get into 6 groups of 10 now.''

Doing as ordered they began to form themselves up into six groups of 10, nodding with approval Naruto spoke again as he pointed to each group as he listed off each duty.

''Group 1, you are to take to the forest and start working on mastering each Chakra Control exercise we know, and create new ones and start on them.'' Above all things he knew his chakra control was atrocious due to his high level reserves even without the Kyuubi so that was the first thing that needed to be improved. Then he turned to the second group.

''Group 2, take to the mountains, and start mastering our control over the wind element. I will not have our control to be mediocre. I want it to be perfected by the time we leave this kami forsaken mountain.'' it made him actually feel annoyed that he hadn't even improved upon his control before now. Why hadn't he taken the time to improve his mastery of the element. Because just gaining some form of control to create the Rasenshuriken was just being lazy at best. Plus he knew that out of all the basic elements, Wind was both the most unpredictable and dangerous of them all.

''Group 3, you are to train in Dispelling Genjutsu'' though genjutsu had never been his forte he would not be letting this be a weakness for his enemies to exploit any longer. Dispelling Genjutsu's were more important then casting them, and when he had mastered the skill to dispel the highest level of genjutsu he would work on creating his own.

''Group 4, You are to work on perfecting our Kunai precision and accuracy because as it is its still a joke to for it to only be at genin class.'' Though some would call this the least important he would beg to differ. To master the kunai would mean complete mastery over the art of killing. For even a kunai can kill a man, and bring down the mightiest of foes with stab to the heart, a plunge into their skull or slitting their throat.

Turning to next group he pulled up his sleeve before biting his thumb, running his blood over a small seal over his forearm. In a poof of smoke a book with the title of 'The Fundamentals of Fuinjutsu'. A gift given to him on his 16th birthday by Jiraiya, but at the time he hadn't put much thought into working with Fuinjutsu because it all sounded and looked too difficult for him. A mistake he would remedy right now.

''Group 5, take this book, and head toward the outer forestry and begin work on advancing our theories, and experiments in Fuinjutsu.'' he tossed the book to the leader of the group. Before this incident he hadn't shown much appreciation for fuinjutsu besides the average seal for storage scrolls, but now he felt his interest in this subject to be extremely stronger. The potential for fuinjutsu was literally endless, and for Naruto just theories about it caused him to feel a bit excited to get into the subject.

Plus he now felt his blood begin rush when just thinking about Fuinjutsu and all the prospect and potential is wielded alone.

''Group 6, you are to work on Taijutsu I want the muscle memory of every stance we have learned over the years to be honed and perfected. We will work on combining what we have learned so far into a style fit for my bodies natural reflexes, instincts, speed and strength.'' though he hadn't tried it when he was his old self he had learned a various few Taijutsu styles, but his body at times felt too stiff or just didn't feel right when just using any of them. However each style held a key component that he felt could prove beneficial if combined with other components from other styles he's learned.

''Now you have your orders, Go''

''Hai!'' as they dispersed into different directions Naruto turned towards the giant boulders that littered the area, feeling rush of theories and thoughts begin to formulate in his mind he decided to act on it. Raising his hand to one boulder he focused on the boulders infront of him with outstretched hand causing them to rumble before each started to float up in the air.

''Now time to learn what it is that I've gained from''

5 Days Later

Fukasaku didn't know what it was that had changed in the young Naruto, but ever since the incident with him gaining Sage Mode he'd been a lot more driven in his training. He'd showed remarkable progress in Senjutsu training as he had attained Sage Mode, and had already started on learning the Frog kata style.

It was very surprising to say the least...

However the old toad felt his spine gain a chill when as he looked down at the note in his hands if this was true...

Then they had no time to waste..

''Shima assem-''

''There is no need Fukasaku...'' Naruto's voice gained his attention before he looked to his side to see Naruto holding the letter with a frown on his face. Not much had changed outwardly for Naruto except his hair had grown out a bit. It now reached past his shoulder-blades, covering his ears whilst his golden fringes nearly shadowed his eyes, but that may have been due to his deep exposure to nature chakra during his training. His clothing however was different as Naruto threw away the atrocity he wore after 'accidentally' tearing it up in a sparring match with a clone.

So now he wore clothes from Jiraiya had used during his younger days, black jonin pants with black sandals. A long sleeved black shirt with the First Hokage necklace hanging below the collar. He had denied to wear the green vest of all jonins, but never specified as to why, but he did take a pouch or two. As a gift from Shima, and accepting it he now wore a short sleeved red coat with black flames licking the bottom.

Inside however was a different story, and one no one knew besides the Uzumaki himself...

''But Naruto-chan if that letter is true then we'll need all the help we can get!'' he said only for the Uzumaki to put the letter down before he stood up from the table. Turning toward the toad he gave him a impassive stare which the toad had to hold back a flinch his stare could be quite frightening when his azure eyes turned icy though the toad would think it was because the boy held an extreme hate for the man that killed Jiraiya.

But that was entirely wrong, Naruto had come to know death was normal for the career of a shinobi. That did not exclude shinobi such as Jiraiya's stature and people who thought otherwise were not worth his time. No his annoyance was along the lines of other revelations he's come to realize during his secluded training.

''I will be fine Fukasaku-sensei just reverse-summon me to Konoha. I will deal with Pein...'' he said, and for the longest time the toad stared into the eyes of Naruto who stared right back before the toad gave a sigh.

''Very well Naruto-chan, I'll trust you on this, but be careful out there.'' he said as he began the handseals. Naruto just gave him a nod as he stood ready for transport.

''Don't worry, Pein won't know what hit him...'' when he said this his eyes glowed for the briefest second before they stopped before the toad even saw it happen.

Then when the toad used the final handsign, Naruto vanished in a poof of smoke...

And that would be the last time Fukasaku or Shima would ever see Naruto on their mountain...


'This couldn't be happening it just couldn't be' was the mantra Haruno Sakura was repeating over and over again in her head. Her jade eyes scanned the giant crater of which once held her home now reduced to a smoldering crater. The bodies of the dead lay strew about in the rubble on the outskirts of the crater where the leftovers of the village lay in ruin.

It was a haunting realization, but one that had come upon her. Konoha was not impenetrable as it showed nor was it the strongest if it could be devastated by just one man. The villages strongest had fought, and soundly defeated, and killed one being her own sensei Hatake Kakashi. But seeing so many dead, and the village laid in ruin caused her to think of the one person who had always helped the village in its most desperate of moments.

The image of her blond haired teammate flashed in her mind, and she could not hold the scream.



The the smallest sound of a poof sounded, but everyone heard it amongst the villages own graveyard causing them all to look up to see who had come. Hope bubbled forth in the pink haired kunoichi as the smoke dissipated to reveal.

Uzumaki Naruto...

With Pein

Pein narrowed his eyes as the smoke in his Rinnegan vision erupted, and soundlessly his other bodies appeared at his side. He watched impassively as the smoke dissipated to reveal his target standing in the center of the crater however to his surprise.

The boy was alone...

''So you have come, Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi.'' he stated as Naruto stepped out from the crater. He just glanced his way before he looked around. His gaze swept all across the crater, coming upon the weakened Tsunade and her personal Anbu and all the survivors of the attack on the edge of the crater that was once Konoha. Finally his eyes fell on the Hokage Monument for the briefest second.

''Painful is it not that all of this could have been avoided if you had just given in willingly, but now you must see your home destroyed, and its people slaughtered down to the last man, woman and child.'' Naruto just glanced back at him, and only gave him a impassive stare. However his once azure eyes were changed to that of the toads to signify his change to Sage Mode.

Nagato saw the change in his eyes and narrowed his eyes for the smallest second. 'So, the Uzumaki has achieved the same power as Jiraiya-sensei. Interesting, and he has no need for toads unlike our sensei.'

Naruto did not honor him with a response as he just raised his hand and grabbed his headband, and ripped it off his forehead causing the man's eyes to widen briefly before Naruto just clenched it in his hand.

''I care not for Konoha any longer, this place, this village is not my home nor are its people my concern any longer.'' here he raised his headband to Pein's eyes, and as he clenched his hand he spoke with his words speaking volumes.

''I, Uzumaki Naruto, effective immediately hereby resign as a Konoha citizen and as a Konoha shinobi!'' and clenching the headband it started to creak before the metal plate bent under his iron grip before he crushed it in his hand. Satisfied he drop the object on the ground without the slightest hint of hesitation in his movements.

This action caused Pein's eyes to narrow such blatant disrespect and treacherous action was surprising from one known as Uzumaki Naruto considering the boy was known to be loyal to a fault to Konoha. The information on him stated clearly, that the Uzumaki was loyal only to Konoha and would do everything and anything within his power to ensure its safety. What concerned him even more was the fact he was able to bend the metal forehead protector like it was nothing. Although it seemed like a simple matter, the metallic alloy that the forehead protectors were made from were said to be made from the strongest and most durable metal found only from Tetsu no Kuni. Add the fact the boy was staring at him without a look of anger or rage over the result of his home made him feel...uneasy.

'What has happened to the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi?'

''You...are you truly Uzumaki Naruto?'' he asked his apprehension rising as he looked upon the Uzumaki. His words only got a raised eyebrow from the blond haired Uzumaki whom decided to honor him with a response.

''What kind of a question is that? I am who I am, and that is all you need to know Pein or should I say...Nagato?'' he finished with a small smirk while Pein's impassive facade broke into something akin to a small scowl.

''I don't how you came upon that name, but it seems I will have more reason to dispose of you.'' then with a mental command his Asura path which dashed forward. Extending its limb a multitude of blades popped out from its wrists while a drill seemed to come out of its palm.

Keeping his posture Naruto gazed at the incoming body with a studying gaze. 'So this body like that of a self-made puppet like Sasori. Fukasaku did say each body held a different aspect, but was not able to face them all before Jiraiya's death.' Thrusting his hands forward two kunai shot forth from under his sleeves. Gripping them he spun them into a reverse-grip before he charged the body.

Just as the hand was about to impale him he twisted his body as his kunai blazed to life with Fūton chakra which stretched along the edges of the kunai. Then he spun his body before he landed a few feet from the other bodies while the Asura Path froze in mid-step before all of its body started to fall to pieces from multiple slashes, lacerations and gashes running alongside every part of it's body. A number of them hitting vital area's such as the joints, knee's, elbows and neck. But Naruto didn't stop there as he spun and threw a hail of kunai around the fallen body with explosive tags tied around to them. Fizzling out they exploded causing the body be engulfed in a fiery blaze, but Naruto jumped out from smoke before he pulled out another kunai. Turning around he charged the recovering Naraka path, and just as he was about to close in.

''Shinra Tensei!''

He felt himself get blown back a few feet, but flipping backwards he dug his feet into the ground to slow himself as he was pushed back by the invisible force of Nagato's attack. However in his mind he was already calculating the attack and was formulating one of his own.

'So he protected that path from me which means its more important then the others. The one he used to stop and repel me back seemed to attain the ability of repulsion. Meaning one must have different abilities as well.' narrowing his eyes Naruto did a one handsign and created a wordless Kage Bunshin.

''Why do you persist to stop that which is inevitable Uzumaki?'' Naruto heard Nagato speak through one of his paths and he decided to listen as he began creating his attack. ''You face the power that which belonged to the founding father of the Shinobi world and God among men, The Rikudō Sennin. Why face me when my actions will eventually lead to peace?'' Nagato continued to question Naruto, deciding to speak to him as a fellow disciple of the late Jiraiya.

Naruto's expression remained nearly impassive, only a twitch of a smirk from his mouth was the only indication of emotion from the usually ball of energy that was Uzumaki Naruto. Somewhere deep inside his heart, a piece of him that he had destroyed during his training felt himself go out to the dream of his former sensei, Jiraiya. However his more logical mind quickly overcame that with the cold hard facts he'd come to learn during his self-training.

''I do believe you only wield a small part of the Sage's power. You only have his eyes and that which it gifts you. But you do not have the sheer raw power that entity possessed nor that of his body. So, as of now you only wield, by my calculations 1/10th of his overall power. You also do not possess the skill he had and the natural talent he used to wield it. You are not a God, Nagato, so do not perceive yourself as one, it is disgraceful of one who shares the same bloodline as I.'' he said causing Nagato's paths eyes to widen in surprise, confusion and slight bits of anger.

Nagato caught the silver lining in Naruto's words and his shock was only equalized with his confusion as to how this boy knew about the Sage's power, let alone believed in it when the majority thought of it as a myth.

'So, he's knows about me...about himself. He knows of our near extinct bloodline...but how?'

Soon Naruto continued, ''As for this talk of peace? I remember Jiraiya speaking of it, that it was his dream to end all conflict in the world. A goal to end all the hatred, anger, and rage in the Elemental Nations and end the cycle of pain. A dream that I am sure you inherited through him, before you killed him that is.'' he mentioned noticing the slight narrowing of Nagato's eyes.

''But you see, I simply refuse to view it that way. Jiraiya was a damned good shinobi despite his faults however his idealism in a world like ours is faulty. No matter how great it sounds, no matter how incredible it may seem. It is only an ideal, and an ideal that goes against the very nature of mankind.'' expressing his views Naruto stared deep into the paths of Pein, his icy blue eyes seemingly staring right into Nagato.

''Humans at their core are sinful creatures, we do not possess the ability to keep an ever lasting peace. A temporary reprieve of harmony perhaps, but a world of peace that exists forever? That is just nonsense and that is the talk of an idealistic fool. Mankind has shown that they are incapable of that kind of compassion. As I've stated, we as a species lust for power, greed drives men to do unspeakable atrocities only to sate their lust for power, wealth, glory or fame. An era or two of peace is very plausible, but war never changes. It comes and goes, it's an endless cycle that was placed upon us at the dawn of time. Have you ever wondered why? It is to keep balance in the world, Nagato-''

''That is enough, Uzumaki!'' Naruto's eyes glinted as Nagato shouted from one of his bodies. He could clearly see his words frustrated Nagato to cause that outburst. Challenging his resolve like that had shaken him far ore than he would ever admit.

Exactly as planned...

Giving a strange smirk Naruto nodded, ''You're right enough talk, it's time end this little farce.''

His words understandably confused Nagato, but he had little time to wonder why when his Naraka path suddenly erupted into a poof of smoke. Rinnegan eyes widened in shock when in place of it was Naruto's Kage Bunshin, snapping his gaze forward he cursed when saw his Naraka path bisected at the waist from Naruto's kunai.

'When did he?!'

But his shock grew when he saw Naruto's handsign than he heard the sound of paper burning and alarms suddenly ringed in his head. He barely had time to see Naruto's clone give a cold smirk before it's appearance began to fade before it's 'tongue' revealed to be one of hundreds of explosive tags. Suddenly it latched onto his Human path before he even had time to think of another thought.


''Bunshin Daibakuha''

And the crater was ablaze as an explosion rocked the very crater that was Konoha's foundations.

Konoha-Edge of the Crater

''Woah...was Naruto always this good?'' Choji said only for Shikamaru to narrow his eyes as he watched the battle unfold before him, Choji and a few Konoha shinobi.

''I think the better question to ask is, since when did he get this good? He just took out three bodies on his own when the strongest and elite of us couldn't even kill one.'' he said making Choji nod, but Shikamaru's mind ran a mile a second about Naruto's act before the battle began. He could barely see what he'd done, but he could have sworn he saw Naruto tear off his forehead protector and crushed it.

That, slashing through it and leaving the village is an automatic sign of treachery, a display that a shinobi fully renounces his loyalty and duty to his village. But, surely Naruto wouldn't do that. He was one of the most loyal if not the most loyal shinobi Shikamaru had ever seen. Surely, Naruto wasn't becoming like a certain Uchiha they knew.

But than...why did he have this uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach...


Flying out of the smoke and debris, 3 of the 6 bodies of Pein skidded back, but none of them had escaped the explosion unscathed. Their Akatsuki cloaks were burned or were in tatters, some had some degree of burns and scorch marks, but overall they were still intact. But that did not count for the Human path which had been obliterated by Naruto's tactic.

'Impressive, he used our moment of discussion to shield his Kage Bunshin from switching with my Naraka path, and while taking out the Naraka he filled the clone with enough chakra to destabilize it, covered it in explosive tags and henged it over as another exact copy, thus adding to the explosive force of his jutsu. Very impressive I must admit, just like-'

''Just like killing two birds with one very explosive stone, right?'' Rinnegan eyes widened in momentary shock when Naruto literally spoke his thoughts aloud. Peering through the smoke his eyes narrowed when he saw naruto walking toward him in a slow yet balanced posture. Rinnegan eyes stared back into toad-like eyes which held just a tad bit of amusement as he stared back at Nagato's remaining three paths.

'D-did he-'

''Read your mind?'' Naruto continued as he got closer to Nagato's paths as he waved his hand in a dismissive manner. ''Don't fret, I'm no Yamanaka, but reading ones mind is a really simple matter when you understand the basics. It's like reading a book really. But no matter how well guarded your mind may seem, it's so easy to bypass all mental defenses and just reach in and find out your deepest darkest secrets.''

THAT sent rumble of shock all throughout Nagato's path which traveled back to his real body which gasped out whilst his eyes were widened in morbid horror.

''But your secrets matter little to me now, cause you see...this battle is my win.''

Reacting by instinct Nagato's animal path charged, biting both thumbs it did a handsign before slamming both hands on the ground as it shouted. ''Kuchiyose no Jutsu!''

Two explosions of smoke erupted before the Animal path, the first that erupted from the smoke was a large brown multi-headed dog with a multitude of piercing that resembled the very same on Nagato's path. Each heads teeth were bared as it charged toward Naruto, it's wings unfurled and flapped increasing its speed. And the second was a black fur ox with two large curved horns which was speeding toward Naruto at the exact same speed as dog.

Watching the two oversized summons hurtling toward him Naruto remained completely composed and in the blink of an eye.

The two summons seemingly connected with their target, but to their shock and Nagato's growing frustration they quickly halted in their charge. Their bodies were stopped as Naruto's arm flashed upwards and halted both of them with only both of his hands. But the backlash of the attack sent a shockwave behind Naruto. The ground beneath him cracked and upheaved a few meters behind him yet he remained stone still. ''Being in Sage Mode has its benefits Nagato, enhanced strength, you know? But these two seemed to be a rather undisciplined bunch best get them out of our way, neh?''

Lifting his head, Naruto's sage mode eyes glinted in a way that made Nagato feel a sensation he hadn't felt for such a long time.

It was fear...

With the smallest grunt Naruto lifted both summons into the hair and upon clenching both hands and concentrating his mental capabilities.

The two summons suddenly started to feel an invisible force begin to compress all around them, closing in more and more until they were scrunched up into balls. Yet Naruto didn't stop as he ignored their whimpers and groans as their bodies were compressed more, and more and more and more.

Until their bodies couldn't take it anymore...

Both summons exploded into poofs of smoke signaling their end as they were sent back to their respective realms. Smoke once again billowed and blanketed the battlefield engulfing Naruto and Nagato's remaining three paths. The sudden and strange attack Naruto used confounded Nagato, it rattled his very mind as to how the Uzumaki was able to do what he just did.

'It's as if he were controlling the same force I do, but in a variation that is in a compression form.'

Peering into the smoke he readied his paths, but he was totally unprepared for a shower of boulders heading from his left and right. But reacting at the last second he raised both hands and shouted. ''Shinra Tensei!'' the boulders and smoke was blown away, but from the perception of his Preta path he saw something coming from his back and he looked behind him.

What came hurling towards him was a spinning chakra attack that had the appearance of a Fuma Shuriken with a spiraling blue sphere in the middle, an attack that was very similar to Jiraiya's Rasengan. But he could sense the power in the attack and knew his path wouldn't be able to survive it. Quickly his Preta path jumped infront of him and in trajectory of the attack's path and reached out with both hands.

Too occupied by the attack he was a second too late when he felt a distortion in the air.

''Senjutsu: Rasenrengan!'' glancing over his shoulder his animal path was quickly pummeled as Naruto came from the air with two Rasengan's in both hands which he promptly smashed into his animal paths ribcage. His eyes met Naruto's before he a slight gasp infront of him and he turned to see the attack his Preta path was about to absorb erupted into smoke revealing yet another Naruto.

Too late to react Naruto planted his hand on the paths face and glared straight at Nagato's last path as he uttered one word.


Suddenly and without warning his Preta path began to emit smoke from his eyes, ears, nose and mouth before his skin began to melt and blood began to boil. Sensing the incoming danger he jumped back and his instincts were right as his Preta path quickly ignited and exploded in a fiery blaze taking itself and the apparent kage bunshin of Naruto in it's fiery demise.

Upon seeing yet another strange power wielded by the Uzumaki was beginning to push Nagato off the proverbial edge. Everything he was witnessing from the Uzumaki was destroying all the data and information he had on the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi and throwing it out to the four winds. The attacks he's used thus far were not of the chakra nature and seemed similar to his abilities to attract and repulse, but seemed too far advanced to be as simple as that.

''This is the first I've ever been pushed this far, to have lost all my bodies to you. Truly, you are a powerful and talented shinobi to be sure.'' he said as his eyes narrowed on Naruto who stood a few feet behind him with his Animal path at the Uzumaki's feet.

This time Naruto didn't seem to honor him with a response and just kept his gaze on Nagato who kept his stony gaze on him as if trying to analyze him before deciding to speak. ''My information on you has clearly been...inaccurate. You show incredible strategic and tactical awareness, you've not shown to be prone to emotional outbursts and jumping straight in brashly. You've got a handle on Futon chakra manipulation on a level that exceeds what was entailed. Let's not forget your overall combat abilities and your unique...powers. I must ask, what has happened to you, Uzumaki Naruto?'' Nagato asked, his curiosity breaching past his edgy nervousness of the man before him.

Naruto kept his stare with the man, but at the same time his mind recollected on all that happened after his accident with his Senjusu training. His eyes glazed over for a moment as he remembered all that he had when memories of when he was younger flashed through him, memories that went back to the very night he had been born. It had all come back to him and it had drastically changed his perspective on life after that.

'…..I've lost everything, I could have known a mother's love and yet Minato takes that away from me as well and over that ridiculous prophecy. The one true friend I thought of as a brother tried to kill me, the 'friends' I do have see me as a complete and total buffoon. I am a weapon to be used and disposed of, a carefully yet brilliant plan I must say, Sarutobi Hiruzen. Well played.' Naruto complimented the dead Sandaime Hokage as memories of when he was a newborn all the way through his childhood played through.

Seeing it for a second time made him realize it, Hiruzen was named the Professor for a reason and now he knew why. He knew of his status and heritage and manipulated him from the very moment he was born to be loyal to Konoha and trained to become a shinobi. From the very moment he asked him if he wished to become a Shinobi to when he saved him after being kicked out of the orphanage at 5 years of age. Every move was planned, every single notion Hiruzen made was his attempts to push him further to become a shinobi to Konoha. Not of his own free will, but through the old mans small nudges here and there that set him on a path that was not one made of his own choices, but pre-planned choices set by a manipulative Hokage.

Looking down at his hand a frown marred his whiskered visage as memories of his mother flashed within his mind, the emotional and mental scarring of witnessing her death. It was still fresh, seeing her being tortured after just giving birth to him, the Kyuubi ripped out of her and being impaled by said Bijuu and yet still had the power to pin it down and give her last dying words to him.

It shattered what left of what was Naruto's heart and soul into pieces and what was left was something that was no longer that ball of sunshine that was Uzumaki Naruto of Konoha. He'd welcomed his suppressed rage, hatred and sorrow back into him yet it did little to repair the damage caused on him. The innocence he once had was gone, his warm and cheery attitude was destroyed and all in place of that was a bitter, cold and cynical man. Although he had made a good relationship with the Kyuubi afterwards it did little to change him now.

'If only I had a chance to change what I've seen...heh what am I thinking such a probability of that is a 0.1% and even if attempted I'd be crushed.'

Shaking his head Naruto's glazed expression disappeared before his toad-sage eyes narrowed on Nagato. ''Let's just say I had experienced a change in myself. We all experience something like that. It changes us, shatters our former beliefs and rebuilds us into something else. Be that good or bad, who knows?'' he said shrugging his shoulders as Nagato soaked up what he had to say before seemingly giving a nod, as if he understood what the blonde was saying. Memories of when his best friend, Yahiko, murdered by Hanzo's force had changed him into what he was today.

''I see, so you experienced something that like that too, than perhaps we are not so different as you or I may believe. Regardless, I must finish this so be honored Uzumaki Naruto as I use the one technique that not even you shall escape from. It is the very same technique the Rikudo Sennin used to seal the Juubi's body and by extension create the moon as we know it.'' he exclaimed before he clapped his hand together whilst Naruto raised an eyebrow in anxiety. Deciding to see what it was Nagato was speaking about he waited.

He didn't need to wait long for as soon as Nagato began to separate his hands Naruto quickly felt that familiar energy sensation and his eyes widened when he saw a small black ball in the middle of Nagato's hand.

'Naruto, becareful that technique was the one the Rikudo used to seal away our progenitor, it's power cannot be underestimated.'

'I understand Kurama, but something about that orb...I wonder.' looking at his hands Naruto narrowed his eyes. He'd yet to have time to test his use in it let alone even have a level of control he was ideally wanting. But the possibilities of using it to stop Nagato's attack was too high.

'Naruto...if you use that there is no telling what may happen.' Kurama warned him, and Naruto knew the risks but it was the best possible choice besides revealing his trump card. And that was something he wouldn't be unleashing because he knew he had a terrible grasp on its control.

So it was with a unspoken decision that Naruto closed his eyes and clapped his hands together. This action confused Nagato who didn't know what Naruto was planning, but remained focus because the slightest slip up would prove disastrous for him.

But to his shock Naruto opened his and slowly unhinged his hands to reveal something that chilled him to his very soul, held in his hands was a pure white orb which seemed to give off an unnatural glow. It grew and expanded as Naruto separated his hands and feeling the power in Naruto's strange move Nagato acted first.

''It's too late, Uzumaki Naruto! Chibaku Tensei!'' he said hurling the orb up into the sky which shadowed the sun, but Naruto didn't hesitate even as a strange force of attraction began to pull him and everything around him into the orb. Ignoring Nagato in favor of the black orb Naruto let out a grunt before he felt his body begin to get pulled up into the sky. As his body began to get closer to the orb he shouted as he tossed the white orb towards Nagato's technique.

''White Hole!''

What happened next was something completely unexpected...

The white orb shot through the earth, boulders and rock in its path before it collided with the black singularity created by Nagato. Due to this the force of the attraction seized for a moment as the white and black orb battled for dominance before the two orbs defied logic and began to meld together into a gray colored orb.

And than the attraction returned only it was so much stronger and at the very center of the orb a crack in the very world itself began to appear around it. The crack got bigger as Naruto who was the closest to it began to be pulled by the attraction, the crack got bigger and bigger before it began to open up to reveal a swirling portal of iridescent colors of black, blue, red, yellow, green and other colors. The attraction got so much stronger than and Naruto could do nothing as it pulled him in.

'D-damn it! I didn't expect this to happen!' gritting his teeth he heard Kurama snarl in annoyance at his rather reckless move.

'Well that's what you get when you fuck with Space and Time, you dumbass!'

Naruto couldn't respond as the very light around his peripheral vision began to be sucked into the wormhole and Naruto could do nothing as the gray singularity vanished into the portal and with it...

Naruto himself...


Naruto screamed before the world around turned dark as he left his former home as he was sucked into the worm hole.

And along with it his old home was no more, as countless black holes began to appear around the Elemental Nations which began to pull and tear the continent apart.

In single move Uzumaki Naruto and the figurehead of the Akatsuki had just destroyed the entire Elemental Continent and reduced all life to nothing. Being pulled into these black holes which began to crush all light and matter that was sucked into it's never-ending attraction.

But...what of Uzumaki Naruto?

With Naruto

Oh Kami how he hated himself...

'Stupidstupidstupidstupidstupidstupid! Why the hell did I do that?!' Naruto yelled within his mind as he hurled through the wormhole all the while Kurama was just laughing at him. Hey, if he was gonna die he would do it mocking his supposed genius of a host for his idiotic move!

'How the fuck should I know? Not even old man was this crazy to mess with the space elements like that and you go throwing something like that to another all willy nilly! I guess there is a little of that dumbass still in you! HAHAHAHAHAHA!'

Grumbling, but accepting Kurama was right about his reckless move, still he sighed he didn't have much left to live for so why was he even worried about it?

'Besides the possibility of pissing off a God that is.' he thought with a morbid frown.

Deciding it was best to take what time he had left Naruto let out another sigh before he closed his eyes, possibly for the last time. In doing so, of all the memories or images to come back to him. One in particular flashed in his mind.

Gems of pure violet stared down at him, salty tears of sorrow and sadness fell from a heart shaped face as long red hair fell around her. Blood pooled from her mouth, but refused to let it fall upon him. Her words echoed throughout his mind, but her face, her heartbroken expression tore at Naruto's very soul. A frown marred his features as he seemingly reached out to the woman, trying in vain to console her even though he knew it would never happen.

'Kaa-san...Uzumaki sad it is for our life's to be dealt this hand...guess the gods really do enjoy playing us and our life's as some sort of sick and twisted game.' Feeling a strange begin to overcome him, Naruto figured it was death awaiting him and Naruto soon began to welcome the embrace of death because after all...

He had nothing to live for...

Thus, Naruto's form was engulfed in a bright golden light before he reached the end of the wormhole.

Konohagakure-Outskirts of Konohagakure

Naruto didn't know what happened next, but when he felt the strange sensation stop he immediately felt another sensation overcome him.

And that was pain, lots of it too. It felt as if his body had been mangled by all the nine biju, left out to rot and was beaten again by the Juubi.

Than he heard a lot of shouting, curses, screams, and more cursing and...was that monkey that just laughed at him?

'Oh great now I'm going insane too just great!'

Feeling someone come to his side Naruto began to twitch his eyes open as he felt someone nudge him, whoever it was, was trying to speak to him he was sure. But his hearing was dulled out a by a constant ringing that just wouldn't fucking stop!

Feeling his vision begin to clear Naruto began adjusting to the lighting he was in which wasn't much since it seemed like it was nighttime. Looking up Naruto was caught by surprise though when he found himself staring back up into a pair of very familiar violet eyes and oh so familiar red hair. Azure blue eyes stared up into a slightly tomato shaped face of a girl who was about his age give or take 3 years who was staring back at him with an even greater amount of shock and apprehension.

Oh Kami...



So stricken by his shock Naruto wordlessly reached out the young redhead, his hand quivering as if the slightest touch of the girl would make her disappear before his very eyes. As if this whole scene was a twisted illusion formulated by his own sick and twisted hallucinations.

''K-Kushina...Uzumaki...?'' he said her name causing her eyes widen as his hand went to cup her cheek and he felt it. Somehow, someway he felt warm if a bit sweaty flesh, she was real! This wasn't a dream!

He wasn't dead!

'B-but than...where the hell am I?!'

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