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"A single change in the past will easily alter the course of the future. It didn't matter how small it was, you will change it no matter how or even when. However, there are anomalies that counter this. Anomalies that come from a single future and are brought to the past will easily alter everything they and their entire world had ever known. And the anomaly for this world...is you, Uzumaki Naruto" ~?

Naruto: The Maelstrom Paradox

Chapter 2: I am Ōtsutsuki Naruto!

Sarutobi Hiruzen was a very weary man. That was a fact no one could or would even dare to deny, he'd been Hokage for so long not many could match him in his time in service. Besides the current Tsuchikage that is. Sarutobi Hiruzen was an old man, a veteran of all three Shinobi World Wars, the student of the Shodai and Nidaime Hokage's. Because of that, his experience was vast and reaching far beyond many. It was because of that long time in service as a Hokage and as a shinobi that he'd bore witness to feats and scenes that defied all logic and understanding.

Like the legendary rivalry between his sensei Senju Hashirama and Uchiha Madara, a rivalry that led to a battle that was still spoken of in legends. A battle between Gods among Shinobi! He'd bore witness to the sheer raw destructive power of all the 9 legendary bijuu's and how powerful and vicious they could be. After all most were utilized in the wars he's fought and knew how useful they were in battle as super weapons of war. He'd seen the weakest of them, the Ichibi reduce an entire mountain into nothing with a single Bijudama. And he had even seen a single man and his late successor, Namikaze Minato the Yondaime Hokage, in a few seconds flat lay waste to platoons of Iwagakure Shinobi in the Third Shinobi World War. It had come at a cost of course, Minato had spent his chakra pool to its limit and lost half of his life force as a result. But it was because of that slaughter the Third War ended in Konoha's favor because of Minato's actions.

So one could say Hiruzen had seen it all, everything that defied all logic and all things he had come to know. He'd figured he had come to witness everything life had too offer because of that, but it seemed he was proven wrong. Very wrong, when not a week ago he'd witnessed an incident that shook his whole world and the entire Elemental Continent to its very core.

And that was the mysterious "Comet Incident" as it was being called now.

It had happened a week ago and still the whole continent was on the fritz over what happened and Hiruzen couldn't blame any of the Daimyo's, his fellow Kages or minor Lords for being nervous. It was not everyday you see a mysterious flying comet fall from the sky and slam into a country. Thinking back nothing like that had ever occurred in the history of the world, or as far as Hiruzen knew.

But because of that incident alone it sent everything into a frenzy. He'd received reports from his spies across the continent that every village was mobilizing their forces to be stationed at their borders. To be cautious of anything like that happening again, but to Hiruzen it was a familiar action he'd seen happen during his times in the wars. Which put him on edge more than he would ever admit.

Which is why he himself had acted with the backing of his advisors full support. He postponed the Graduation for a month after a day when the incident occurred. Had all his Jonin, Chunin and Genin shinobi pulled back into the village and put Konoha under a black level alert. A special protocol alarm to hurtle all his shinobi and prepare for the worst while he and the Konoha Council would plan on what they should do. To discuss on what had happened and if it should happen again what they would need to do should it occur.

And it was because of those talks Hiruzen was currently walking towards the Konoha Hospital. While he had talked with the Konoha Council he was visiting the only person that could give the answers to what happened that night. It was of a man whose existence Hiruzen had kept secret from every single person, even the Anbu that came with him that night was ordered to never unveil the secret under the penalty of execution. Severe? perhaps, but it was needed in this situation. This was a predicament of an unknown element and he would take every precaution needed to protect the village first and foremost.

As for this person, well Hiruzen had him under guard and was kept confined in one of the hospital rooms with Anbu watch both inside and out along with a number of seals and alarms placed everywhere in the room should he even shown a sign of physical movement. That had been done the moment he had been found by him and his personal Anbu. Afterall this man had been found at the exact location where the comet had hit so he was under a lot of watch.

But Hiruzen wouldn't admit, but he did have reasons of his own to want to meet the man, he'd come to visit him daily. After all, this man supposedly saved Uzumaki Kushina from two traitors, Mizuki and Umino Iruka even in the state he was in. That was both heroic and suspicious in and of itself. But Kushina had heatedly vouched for the man stating he saved her from being killed which was a good thing considering Kushina's importance to Konoha's overall security so he'd give her that.

But that was only one of the personal reasons he'd come to visit this blonde man. The other reason was because he was compelled to see that this man was not a figment of his imagination. When he found him on that night, he was stricken in mute horror, it was as if he was looking at a carbon copy of Namikaze Minato himself. The very man that died 13 years ago to seal the Kyuubi no Yoko into Uzumaki Kushina, his newborn daughter. It was as if a ghost had come back to haunt him for all his mistakes.

There was no arguing the fact, that this blonde stranger looked nearly identical to the Yondaime Hokage, a fact his personal anbu had exclaimed when they saw him. But they would not utter a word lest they value their life's. But, it was a serious issue nonetheless, everyone believed Minato had died and Hiruzen had personally seen the man and his wife die that night. He'd personally oversaw their funeral himself!

So how was it this this Minato look-a-like could appear, and in such a mysterious manner. Was it a sign of the Kami? Was it an impending omen thrown upon him for all his failures and sins? He wasn't sure, but he knew one thing was for sure. If there was one person that had any possible clue as to what that incident was.

It was that single man...

Walking into the hospital he nodded his head at the lady at the front desk before he was quickly met with the Head Doctor that oversaw all high profile patients. He was a middle aged man with a bald head, a gray goatee and slightly round gray eyes. He walked with experience and confidence in his skills as a Doctor and Hiruzen knew firsthand the man lived up to his reputation. It is why he had him to be the head over the mysterious man's operation. An operation he ordered to be kept a secret, if not he would be stripped of his status and forced to live in the darkest slums Konoha had to offer for the rest of his life.

There was no room for any potential information leaks in this type of situation and Hiruzen would make damned sure there wouldn't be any. He certainly didn't want that old war hawk finding out about this.

''Report.'' he commanded and the doctor obliged.

''Hai Hokage-sama'' a doctor obliged his leader with a respectful nod before pulling out his clipboard as he and the Hokage walked down a hallway. ''The patient has been showing a remarkable amount of recovery from the time when he was first brought here. As you have seen, the night he was brought in a lot of us, including myself, thought he would die. The kid was literally brushing himself with death from the amount of injuries he had. Outwardly his body seemed to have gone through a shredder. Multiple lacerations and gashes scarred his entire body, from his head to his toes. His left leg suffered from a severe 3rd degree burn from the knee on down. His flesh seemed to have been torn apart from random parts all over his body. And that was just his external injuries.'' he said while Hiruzen nodded as the doctor continued.

''As for his internal injuries, he had a completely busted ribcage, a punctured lung with parts of the ribs nearly piercing the aorta near his heart. His right shoulder was dislocated, and his skull was fractured, but there was no signs of potential damage to the brain or stem. He was also suffering from a high case of internal and external bleeding. Quite honestly, Hokage-sama, for this man to have lived through all that, he must have had someone watching over him.'' he said whilst Hiruzen hummed in thought.

He'd seen worse in war, but this was a unique case since all the injuries seemed to have been inflicted in a way that was both at random, but was meant to kill the teen, but somehow failed to.

''Hm, continue.''

''Very well'' and here the doctor seemed to skip over a few papers on his clipboard before continuing. ''Since than, we've poured in every resource we had to pull this man back from death's door. Even utilizing techniques Tsunade-sama left behind to regenerate the lost bones in his ribcage. It was overall a close call, but he managed well. Survived the whole process and has been making a clean recovery since than. We've had zero difficulties with him, well besides his continued...coma.'' he added with slight hesitance which Hiruzen nodded at.

''I see, to be expected of course after his whole ordeal.'' he added which the doctor agreed with. The doctor nor those that worked on the boy knew where he'd come from. Again, only he and the anbu that were there that night knew, but if he had to he could spin a story off for the public until he reached a more solid conclusion as too who exactly this man was.

''However the man's...uhm friend has come again to see him. Has been since this early morning.'' he admitted to his Hokage who rose an eyebrow, but nodded all the same. He knew who he was talking about, he'd encountered the blondes friend during his daily visits and still it both confounded him and made him apprehensive as to how exactly this blonde teen had done the impossible.

He'd literally gained a friend in the one person that petrified his whole village and scared her current generation with her anger alone.

As he and the doctor cut a corner he found his eyes looking through the window to see inside the room where lay a blond haired man in a hospital bed. His whole body was wrapped in bandages with his left leg held up high and in a cast. He could clearly see he was still inside his coma, but than as he and the doctor entered through the door he saw seated beside the man. Was none other than the very girl this blonde Minato clone saved from being killed.

Uzumaki Kushina.

He stayed silent and merely observed the redhead, this was a rare scene for him to witness from the girl that was usually loud, quick to anger, brashful and obnoxious. He'd seen it a few times during his visits, but now as he looked at it again he was still left inwardly shocked at how different the girl seemed to be.

What he saw was Kushina sitting in a chair at the blonds bedside, merely holding his hand. Her round violet eyes seemingly staring at the mans whiskered visage with a look of deep emotional concern for his well being. Her face set in a solemn frown as her thumb went in circles ontop of the mans hand. Seeing her like this had both shocked and made him apprehensive. That incident had scarred her far more than he thought it would, and with the only reason she was still alive laid out in bed recovering from mortal/fatal injuries had quieted her down a few notches.

It honestly worried him, she'd been silent most of the time in her visits. Just coming to down at the break of dawn and stay at the mans side for hours on end at times. At one point Hiruzen had even found her asleep in her chair while grasping at the blonds hand in a surprisingly tight grip. Whatever interaction she had with this man on that night had done something to her, something he couldn't wrap his head around. She absolutely hated, and he meant it when she hated to leave him at night. Almost downright getting aggressive which led to him having to take her back home himself.

He didn't know, but whatever happened that night. Kushina had somehow someway formed a bond with this man...and he wasn't entirely sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. He'd tried to ask her of what happened that night, but she refused to say anything which he figured was because of how traumatizing it all was for her.

''Will he ever wake up, Hokage-sama.'' Kushina said and Hiruzen had to hold back a flinch as if he had just been slapped. He was still getting used to the fact Kushina was addressing him in a respectful manner which did not bode well for him. She usually called him Old man or some other disrespectful title. It was...so unlike her it scared him to be entirely honest.

Sighing, he looked to the doctor and nodded which the man returned before walking out before he walked up to Kushina's side and put a hand on her shoulder. ''I...honestly don't know Kushina. He was very injured when he saved you, it was a miracle he survived whatever it was he went through. I say he just needs rest, he'll wake up eventually.'' he said patting the young girls shoulder which she showed little visible reaction to besides a small nod of her head.

However unknown to Hiruzen's thoughts, Kushina's mind was in a state of absolute turmoil. Had been since that night, he had been right about being traumatized from it, but not in a manner of which he thought it would be. On that night, Kushina truly felt like she was going to die, having learned of what she was, and nearly killed by her former sensei's had shaken her to her very core. She had prayed to the Kami on that night for some small semblance for aid, to live through it just so she could continue to live and experience all the things she hadn't been able to.

To know what it was like to have a true friend, to come home knowing someone would be there waiting for her with open arms. To have someone at her side and feel what it would be like to be safe without having to look over your shoulder everywhere you went. To not have to hold a kunai under your pillow for any surprise attacks on her.

She had expected to not receive an answer, to be ignored because of what she was. To be denied so the Kami didn't have to soil their hands because of her filthy existence. But it had come, in the most unexpected of ways and all she had ever wished for in that prayer had come to her in all in one go.

She squeezed the blonds single hand, his much bigger one engulfing hers, but she could feel the rhythm of his heartbeat through their contact. It eased her and made her sigh in relief, the warmth of his touch was still alien to her, but she was easily getting used to it. Even in his coma state the confusing blonde made her feel safe and secure just by being near him and even more by being in contact with him.

She hadn't felt this way before, that she knew for sure. When with the blonde, coming to visit him everyday had set her distress at ease when he was still alive and breathing, but left disappointed that he was still in a coma. But when having to be forced to leave him left her becoming very aggressive, more than she ever got before, even when picked on. It was like, to be forced away from him set of a trigger in her that erupted in a very violent eruption that would end up with a lot of people hurt with only the Hokage being able to stop her rampage.

It was...strange...but she welcomed it all the same. The blonde made her feel all these emotions that she so wanted to know. She still remembered what it was like when he scooped her up in his arms, in spite of his mortal injuries, as he protected her from Iruka and Mizuki. The feeling of being held in his arms still left her tingling and in want of more of that feeling of being protected. She had been left all her life to fend for herself and to be protected for once had left her wanting more of that feeling.

But it was more than that, the redhead was definitely sure, as she stared the blonds whiskered face. She wasn't sure why, but ever since she made eye contact with him with his beautiful blue eyes, and the first time she touched him. That strange feeling of absorbing something from the blonde had left her flustered from the experience, but she was sure it had done something to her.

Because she could not get him out of her head...literally.

'Every time I close my eyes I see his face, his blue eyes, and those cute whiskers. I see him there, and when I do I feel like I want to hug him and never let go. I feel so...happy, joyous, and ecstatic. But at the same time I feel like I want to weep when I see him, I feel so much sadness, sorrow and anguish at those times. W-what's happened to me?' it scared her to be honest as to why she was feeling this way for the blonde. But she was sure what she felt was genuine since she went into such violent emotional outbursts when forced to leave his side. Or left thinking alone in her apartment if he was okay, will he be fine. And coming back and feeling so much relief when she saw he was okay.

She was confused, scared even, but one thing was for sure. For Kushina, the most important thing she wanted in this world at the moment was for the blond to wake up. He saved her from certain death and she wanted to express her gratitude correctly. And yet a little voice in the back of head whispered that she wanted to have that same feeling of being in his arms again. To know that feeling again, to experience it again, to yearn for the feeling his arms holding her close. This time, she was the one being protected instead of her having to always fend for herself.

She finally had someone to be at her side!

Her hands unconsciously tightened their hold on the blondes whose own hand seemed to twitch at the action before his fingers slowly began to close around her smaller hands.

If only they knew what was going on in Naruto's mind.

Naruto's Mindscape

''I must say, that was a very good move, suppressing your healing factor while they operated on you was flawless. Well executed move on your part, to blow them off any potential trail of you having any ties to that Kushina girl.'' a voice spoke within the depths of Naruto's mindscape. Going far beyond the cage that kept Kurama sealed even. It went far deeper until it came upon a door of sorts which led to a different sort of chamber. It was filled with ankle-deep water and all around the chamber was a seemless expanse of white with the only entrance being a normal looking door.

Only the door had a large circular design on it which had the design of a Rinnegan on it with 9 magatama in each of the rings. Above that design was 9 ore magatama on the door.

Situated in the middle of this giant expanse of white was two figures, both of whom were sitting in a meditative posture.

The first was the one who just spoke, it was a very very old man with a deep wrinkled complexion. He wore a long white haori with a pattern of six magatama around a high collar, beneath which he wore a necklace that consisted of also six red magatama. On the back of said cloak was a red Rinnegan-like marking along with a pattern of nine red magatama arranged in three rows beneath it. The old man had shaggy light grey hair that spiked up in the front which distinctively resembled two horns along with a chin-length braid that hung infront of his left ear. He also sported a long goatee that reached his waist, his eyes flared out with the fabled Rinnegan while on his forehead was a Rinnegan-like marking similar to the one on the back of his haori.

The old man was meditating yet was floating over the water with 9 black chakra orbs circling around him while strapped over his back was a shakujō with the base missing a quarter of its ring.

The old man seemingly stared at the second person that kept him company in this solitary area of peace and tranquility. His Rinnegan eyes observing and ever analyzing the person before him with keen interest.

The other person was none other than Uzumaki Naruto who was dressed in his clothing he had with his fight against Pein/Nagato only without his crimson haori with black flames licking the bottom. His eyes were closed as he meditated inside the tranquility of his mind, his brain processing and orderly organizing every piece of memory he's forgotten when he was too young to remember. And the memories he was shared with by his still sleeping companion, Kurama.

''It was a needed precaution, knowing Hiruzen he would quickly suspect something and put me under severe watch if not throw me into interrogation.'' he said without breaking his posture the slight while the older man gave a hum in understanding.

''True, and that would directly oppose your rather elaborate plan of escape, no?'' he stated causing Naruto to incline his head giving him a nod.

''I've been planning this for the whole week and after much consideration and planning I cannot let the slightest slip up pass me by. Going through Kurama's memories has left me with a few places to check out before I leave this village which has caused me too alternate the plan a bit. But it will succeed nonetheless.'' Naruto responded in kind, no amount of hesitance or doubt in his voice. Something the Rinnegan wielding old man caught and spoke in kind. Feeling the need to remind his young blond friend that any plan will almost always have a setback.

''Oh? How can you be so sure of that? Are you so sure of yourself that you can escape your former home unnoticed? You said so yourself, the village houses some of the most powerful shinobi in the world so escaping from them will prove to be a challenge even for you. Not to mention you have their Hokage to deal with when you wake up. Plus lets not forget the shared aberration you've created that's clinging onto you now like a lifeline.'' he said causing the blonde to frown for the smallest second before it disappeared just as quick.

Giving a sigh the blonde opened his eyes to reveal his blue eyes now glimmering with an unworldly icy blue glow. Standing up he began to stretch his muscles before turning to address the old man with a impassive expression. He was still remembering how he met the old man when he entered his mindscape. Kurama was in a deep slumber from the timeline travel having weakened the fox considerably and the big ole fluff ball needed time to recover his full power.

He'd met the old man while exploring his mindscape, absorbing all of his long hidden memories as a child to when he was born. That applied to even Kurama's memories who shared them with him because of their close relationship. It was because of that Naruto had come across a door in his mindscape which hadn't been there before or at the time hadn't noticed. It was in that door, Naruto found the old man meditating inside the chamber seemingly waiting for him.

And he had to say meeting the man had been a very enlightening experience to say the least.

''I've already accounted for that old man Hagoromo, I don't fear Konoha in the slightest. Their overall power may be impressive, but I've seen what they can do. Their security has become lax and lazy during these times of temporary peace. Dealing with the Hokage will be a simple matter of mental subterfuge.'' here his eyes narrowed down at his hands before he clenched them. ''As for Kushina...she is...my only precious person in this world. Someone I am willing to sell my soul to the devil to protect. Her existence in this timeline is my sin there is no mistaking that, but I will fight tooth and nail so that she doesn't suffer like she did in my old life.'' Naruto proclaimed clenching his hands whilst the old man, Hagoromo gave Naruto a cold stern look. As if he was measuring him, looking for something in the blond.

And Naruto met the man of legends stare without a shred of hesitation. ''And are you willing to face the Kami? You have defied their will, you have defied their laws of reality not once, but twice. Are you willing to bring the full wrath of the Kami upon you for her sake?'' Hagoromo questioned Naruto, but again he was met with a resolved stare that could literally quell his mortal enemy a thousand times over.

''In a heartbeat. I know, because of me the past, the present and the future has forever been altered and for that I will take any consequences needed. But I will not under any circumstance allow Kushina to go through that kind of pain again. The Kami are a cruel twisted bunch that get high off their celestial power. If I am to oppose them for Kushina's sake than I will. Besides, like you said Hagoromo-sensei...'' he continued before a strange smirk formed on Naruto's whiskered visage.

His eyes began to glow icy blue before his golden hair began to flash silver before it returned to normal, he stared back into Hagoromo. ''I am the anomaly of this dimension. I am the very thing the Kami fear from mortals, our ability to adapt and evolve in any situation. And considering my situation is one of a celestial type? I think I'll be ready in the future should it ever come to that.'' he said and Hagoromo sensed no amount of arrogance in the teens tone. Only a resolve hardened through sheer determination and a will power that truly did defy the will of gods.

A smirk of cracked across Hagoromo's wrinkled visage before he let out a bellowing laughter that echoed amongst the chamber. ''Haha! Well said! Than I look forward to what you do this time, my student.'' Hagoromo said which Naruto just returned with a chuckle of his own. Yes, in this past week as he planned and organized his memories and escape plan he had trained a bit with Hagoromo in his Ancient arts. Arts in combat and Fuinjutsu that preceded what he currently knew. Combining that with his training his shinobi abilities and what abilities he could use with his mind so far.

It was a very humbling experience, but not one he would ever forget, for an old man the guy could still kick his ass all across the chamber and back without much effort. But oh the rewards for the training had been very well worth it.

Nodding to the man he sent a wave to the old man, ''I won't disappoint, Rikudou-dono.'' he added with a grin making the old man shake his head before he saw Naruto vanish from his mindscape. Doing so, Ōtsutsuki Hagoromo, The legendary Sage of the Six Paths sighed with a deep look of thought overtaking his wizened expression.

''Once, that boy was the reincarnation of my youngest boy Ashura, but now...now he's so much like Kaa-san it's scary.'' the sage thought, referring to his long dead mother with a solemn expression.


Real World-Hospital

The first thing Naruto noticed when he felt consciousness return to him was the scent of morphine, old people and medicine. A scent that made him want to gag, but held back that reflex and instead began to open his eyes. The sight he was met with was a bright light which came from the sun coming through the blinds on his right. Mentally he accounted for all the people in the room for a split second taking in all the ones inside. Those not hiding and those that were.

'2 Anbu stationed outside and 4 more inside the room, than there is a doctor, Saru-teme and...Kushina.'

Fully he began to open his eyes which began to adjust to the light and once he did he turned his head only to see a sight that made him smile the smallest bit. It was his mo-no she wasn't his mother this time around-sitting at his bedside with dark bags under her eyes. Her complexion was less than her milky white which worried him.

Than he saw her violet eyes land on him and like a trigger they lit up like a thousand suns before she practically flung her arms around his neck.

''FINALLY YOU'RE AWAKE DATTEBANE!'' she practically screamed and he simply chuckled at her behavior before hesitantly patting her on the back. His eyes soon fell on the Hokage who was looking at him with a 'smile' which Naruto could tell a mile away was fake. Just seeing the old monkey again made Naruto want to either punch him, kick him or both AND burn his old wrinkly ass alive.

''Ah so good of you to awake, I must say you had Kushina-san very worried.'' he said causing Naruto to raise an eyebrow missing Kushina's cheeks heat up at what the old man said before quickly letting go of the blonde, but still he noted that she was still on his bed grasping at his hospital gown.

Than he looked back at the Hokage and raised an eyebrow as he decided to play the act. ''Ah, did I now? My apologies Kushina.'' he said smiling towards the redhead who smiled in return.

''By the way, let me introduce myself. My name is Sarutobi Hiruzen and this here is Uzumaki Kushina. The man behind me is the one who led to operating on you is, Kochiwa Maizu.'' he said introducing everyone to which Naruto caught on to what Hiruzen was doing. Fishing for his name which he would gladly give.

He couldn't exactly say he was an Uzumaki otherwise he would kiss his plan goodbye besides he'd had a week to think of one. And it was, with the blessing of Hagoromo that he got one. So, as Naruto glanced to Hiruzen he 'smiled' and replied in kind deciding to start his plan now.

''Ah, so very nice to meet you all, my name is Ōtsutsuki Naruto, a pleasure to meet you all and especially such a beautiful young lady as yourself, Kushina.'' he said with a grin to Kushina who went cherry red at his compliment.

Oh yes, this was going to be fun.

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