The wind blows gently on the beautiful sunny day. Only a few clouds litter the sky. But amongst them is something that doesn't belong. An island. A young girl looks up at the island, glaring at it. Her long red hair flows through the wind as her crystal colored eyes stare at the object of her suppressed rage.

"Please, Rosaline, don't go." An older woman begs.

"I told you not to follow me." Rosaline looks at the woman, her expression cold, but not angry or hateful. "I made up my mind long ago. For his sake I'm going there."

"He wouldn't want you to throw your life away like this!" The woman pleads.

"Mom, there is no going back for me." She walks away, leaving the woman standing alone outside a crowded train station. As she walks she spots a couple of other students. They look happy, excited. She grits her teeth. "They don't know... They'll be dead by the end of the day." She quietly says to herself. Soon she finds herself in front of the school, her new home for the next year. She stands in front of the entrance to the campus, staring at the building through the archway.

"Lets go!" A girl giggles at she runs in, another girl following behind her.

"Wait! Merina!" The second girl shouts. Rosaline hesitates, but finally she walks in. Her steps are confident, and she holds her head high as she glares at the building in front of her.

"This wait Fusaco!" The first girl shouts as she runs inside, the second trying hard to keep up.

"I wonder if they'll make it." Rosaline says to herself as she walks into the school. "I wonder if they even know." She heads towards the gym where she finds a crowd of students sitting there. She can feel the tension as the students wait for the welcoming to begin. She takes a seat near the back, wondering how things will go. It's been a while since the chairman himself has come to do the greetings for the students.

"Can I sit here?" Rosaline looks up to see a young girl with blonde hair in pigtails.

"Sure." Rosaline says. She doesn't like her thoughts being interrupted, but as she again looks around the room, at the nervous students, she finds herself grateful to this girl for breaking her out of the horrid trance that has already begun to eat away at the other students.

"Um... I-I'm Mimi." She quietly says.

"Huh?" Rosaline looks at the girl.

"I-I'm Mimi." She repeats, her voice quiet, shaking. "Mimi Momone. But, Mimi is fine." At first Rosaline doesn't react, then she sighs.

"Hi." Rosaline smiles. "I'm Rosaline Cuthre."

"Cuthre?" Mimi looks quizzically at Rosaline. "Where are you from?"

"Oh. Well my parents are actually from Europe." Rosaline says. "They moved here as part of a promotion for my father, so I've grown up in the area."

"Really? Do you have any siblings?"

"Two." A bell rings. School is starting. "How about you?"

"Yeah. I have a little sister."

"That's nice." A woman steps up front.

"Welcome." She says, and so the welcoming ceremony begins. Rosaline watches Mimi, who seems to be excited. A pain stings her heart. Mimi really doesn't know. The little assembly doesn't take long, and when it's over everyone heads to their classes.

"Looks like I'm another way." Mimi says as she looks a different direction from Rosaline.

"Yeah. I'll see you later." Rosaline says.

"Yeah." Mimi smiles and walks to her class, happy to have made a friend. Rosaline walks to her class, no skipping or pep in her step. She reaches her class and its quickly filling up with students. Most are just as tense as they were at the assembly. She takes the seat closest to the door. More students quickly file in, mostly on their own. There are only a few groups so far. It isn't long before a man walk in. He's older, with a balding head of grey and black hair. He walks up front and starts scanning the room.

"Hello. It looks like everyone is here." He says, his voice deep and commanding. "First thing, I will be handing out some papers. You'll need a pen or pencil, either works." He starts handing out papers, continuing to talk as he does. "On these slips of paper please write a single kanji. That kanji will be what you'll use in the upcoming battles. Think carefully, because there is no changing or going back." Rosaline takes her slip and begins writing right away. She writes control (制). When the teacher finishes he heads back up front. "Quickly now. There isn't long before the first battle begins." He stands behind the desk up front, looking at the students. Rosaline looks at her backpack, which she has kept on her desk. For a few moments all that can be heard is the scribbling of pens on paper. The teacher glances out the window. "Hurry now! We're out of time!" The teacher scans the room. No one is writing anymore. "I want each of you to read your character allowed! Hurry!" A chorus of voices rings out as students shout their words.

"Control." Rosaline says. Her paper vanishes with a pop. A new image appears, imprinted on the back of her left hand. "It's really starting." Rosaline quietly says to herself. She can see she's trembling, even if only slightly. She smirks.

"It's begun." The teacher states.

"The island! When it blocked the sun symbols started appearing!" A student shouts. The class runs to the window. Only Rosaline and two others, a boy and a girl, head to the windows. Rather, those three head for the door. Rosaline grabs her bag and sticks a hand in it.

"You'll have to fight! There is no escaping before graduation in a year unless you're in a body bag." The teacher states to the group that's watching the outside at the windows. He notices the three leaving. "Oh, if you make it back alive you can call me Mr. Sodo." With that Rosaline and the two others leave the room, running to get outside as Mr. Sodo continues to convince the students to go outside.

"Looks like you two aren't totally useless." The guy says with a smirk. He has couple of inches of black hair smoothed back, is about 5' 10", and hazel eyes. "I'm Akke."


"Usuko." The girl says, her voice quiet but firm. Rosaline looks at the girl. She has a very slim build, black hair pulled back into a short ponytail, and rectangle glasses hiding her dark blue eyes.

"Lets try to not die together." Akke says with a smirk.

"I'll try." Usuko says. Finally they get outside. Only a couple of other students have beat them out, but they can hear others coming not far behind them. Rosaline pulls her hand out of her bag and throws a handful of clay birds into the air. She then reaches in and pulls out a small stack of paper, also throwing the paper into the air.

"Stop!" She shouts. Immediately all that she had thrown stops. She smirks. "Time for some test runs." She looks at the monsters that have spotted her. They're running at her, mouths open wide, ready to devour her. With a quick flick of her wrist the papers start flying at the monsters. As they fly they fold themselves into small, thick, pointed shapes. They stab the monsters, but only seem to slow them down, not stop them. Rosaline doesn't lose her smirk though. When the monsters get close she stomps her right foot into the ground. A giant slab of earth lifts off the ground and blocks the creatures. They all slam into the wall of earth. Rosaline reaches forward and lightly pushes on the slab, and it quickly falls forward, crushing the disgusting beasts. "This is perfect. It really is about imagination." Rosaline holds out her hand and her clay birds fly to her. They half a dozen birds hover above her hand as she observes the battlefield. She can see already some students are dead. Others are watching her, clearly impressed by the suddenly display of power, but it is only a matter of moments before they're distracted by their own battles. "Right, next test." Rosaline looks around and soon spots Usuko. She's got five of the monsters around her, and though she seems to have the three in front and to the sides of her held back well enough, the two behind her are charging, ready to tear her apart. The birds shoot away from Rosaline, hitting the two monsters, making them stop and turn to face Rosaline rather than Usuko. A couple of birds fly past though. They're darting power seems to suddenly stop as they begin falling and slowing dramatically before hitting the other creatures around Usuko, doing hardly any damage relative to the others. "About 6 meters. Good enough I suppose."

"Thanks!" Usuko shouts as she slices the momentarily distract monsters in front of her with a flaming sword. She then turns and runs, saving another girl and giving the girl the sword, though its flames disappear. She then runs off again, a new sword appearing in her hand. It's fairly large, and as the tip drags along the ground it leaves a path of ice behind it. Rosaline returns her attention to the two monsters now charging her. She makes a twirling motion with her finger, and the air in front of her starts spinning, picking up some dirt and light debris. Quickly it picks up speed, becoming a small whirlwind. It then charges at the creatures, grabbing them and throwing them into other creatures at high velocities. The whirlwind then disappears. "That takes more concentration. Probably because it isn't as tangible as the ground." Rosaline says, making a mental note. She starts to run to help others, but the monsters suddenly start disappearing. She stops, frowning at first. But once all the horrid creatures disappear she lets out a sigh of relief.

"I survived... The first one... Is over." She takes in a deep breath and lets out another sigh, trying to keep herself calm before any emotions get the better of her. Then Rosaline looks around at the damage. The ground is littered with bodies. Students start breaking down, crying, screaming. Others just stand there, the reality of the situation not computing in their minds as they stare blankly at their dead classmates. Only a few students seem to be able to handle this situation, including Akke and Usuko. They walk over to Rosaline.

"It looks like we all made it." Usuko says.

"Yeah. That's good. The fewer people we lose the better things'll be." Rosaline holds up her hand and the scattered fragments of her weapons fly over to her. She directs them towards a trash can rather than attempting to save them.

"That is a cool ability! What's your word?" Akke asks.

"Control. Yours?"

"I've got power. Control is cool thought!"

"Mine is sword." Usuko adds.

"If we work together we could protect a lot of the others in the future." Rosaline smiles slightly, then frowns. "How did you two know about this place?"

"My older sister went here a few years ago." Akke says as he puts his hands behind his head. "She made it out, but she lost an arm."

"I had a couple of friends and a cousin that went here last year." Usuko says as she pushes her glasses up. "Only my cousin made it out alive. He was mad at me when I said I wanted to go here."

"My sis was too." Akke says as he drops his arms back down to his side and smiles at Usuko. "She said she was really worried about me dying. But she accepted it and just told me everything she could so I'd be prepared." He then looks at Rosaline. "How about you?"

"My two older brothers went here." Rosaline sighs lightly. "My oldest brother, Alen, he made it out alright and he's working up in the government right now. That was three years ago. Last year my other brother Joshua went here. But..." Rosaline trails off.

"I'm sorry." Akke quickly says.

"I'm so sorry." Usuko adds.

"Don't worry about it." Rosaline smiles.

"I'm surprised your family let you come, knowing the danger and losing someone to this place already." Akke looks around as he talks. Students are starting to move around.

"My parents tried to stop me, but I didn't listen to them."

"What about your brother?" Usuko asks, also looking around now.

"Well, after Joshua died my parents blamed him since he went to the school before Joshua, so I haven't heard from Alen in almost a year... Enough about that. Lets go help out."

"Yeah." The three then split up, going to help the injured.

Students Enrolled: 227

Students Deceased (day 1): 86

Students remaining (day 1): 141