Hi this is my first story for fan-fiction. I needed some feedback to see if it's working. This is just chapter one. Thanks.


Sunlight poured its annoying brightness thru the lace curtains, increasing the pain in my head to untold proportions. God how I needed relief! The drone of the television buzzed at my consciousness like a pesky insect. Finally, I mustered the strength to grab the remote, and blessed silence filled the room.

Three days, three days had passed without so much as a wink of sleep, not a moment of reprise. I'd never felt so exhausted or so wired at the same time. Work had been unusually full of deadlines, meetings and last minute crisis. My apartment was a wreak, and I hadn't heard from my friends in over a week. Guess they got tired of being ignored. I shrugged internally. So, here I was on Saturday night with my silent television and cat, desperate for a little sleep. I decided to give the bedroom another try. Wiggling my toes in the plush tan carpet, I admired my favorite room of the house. Large windows surrounded the centerpiece of the room. My elegantly carved, four-poster, mahogany bed, it surface was so lustrous it actually seemed to glow. Oh, how I loved that bed. It was a gift from my grandmother just before she'd past away, and its butter soft down comforter beckoned me now.

I fell back, melted into it cushion, and stared at the plain white ceiling, allowing myself to drift, at last, into the black velvet quiet of sleep.

The overpowering smell of sandalwood incense tickled my nose. I was drawn by it, floating down, down ever toward the intoxicating scent. I felt my body settle gently on hard stone. Sounds crowded my attention, timbrals, cymbals, lyres, and drums. Exotic and sensual, the music poured over me in waves. I didn't question where I was or what was happening, only that I wanted nothing more than for these sensations to continue.

Curious to see my environment, I tried to open my eyes. To my surprise, my eyes didn't open. I tried again; my serene sense of calm shattered. I attempted to move my arms, then my legs-nothing responded. Cold panic gripped my stomach and inched up my diaphragm, until my breath came in short gasp. Hyperventilating wouldn't solve my problem, so I slowed my breathing and concentrated on just trying to move my left hand. Using all my remaining energy, I willed my hand to flex. Focus, focus, move hand. MOVE! My hand inched up and with a spasm fell. I sighed.

The air suddenly stirred and I sensed a presence in the room. Powerless to move freely, let alone protect myself. Fear assaulted me, yet again. Footsteps echoed, tapping their way across a hard floor. Then someone leaned over my prone body; so near I could fell the heat of their flesh on mine and inhale the faint musky fragrance of their skin. My heart pounded wildly, trying to break free of the invisible bonds that the rest of my body could not budge. Why can't I move! I felt a gentle hand caress my cheek, lips brushing my hair, a whisper near my ear.

"Awaken." The voice was deep and soft, yet commanded attention.

The paralysis lifted, yet I did not dare move. I dared not even breathe.

The presence retreated; I exhaled when I was sure that no one was in the room. Slowly, I opened my eyes. My vision was blurry, but I made out the honey colored glow of firelight. I blinked to clear the haze and carvings came into view. Almost every inch of the ceiling was covered with small elaborate symbols, my vision clouded again. What is wrong with me? Questions filled my head, but I brushed them away. I must make sure I am safe, and then I can figure out what is happening. Steeling myself for the effort, I rose again and this time I managed to scoot to the edge of the platform and throw my legs to the side.

I was again stunned by my surroundings. The room was made out of some sort of white limestone, obelisk and statuary of all sorts stood as silent sentinels, oil lamps flickered, and brightly painted gold inlaid fresco adorned the wall to my right. Not in my wildest imaginings had I ever seen such splendor; as I rose to examine the chamber and hopefully, find a good hiding spot, I happened to glance down at myself. Good Lord! I am not even me!

I felt like me, but I certainly didn't look like me. My whole body was different, my pale complexion was a deep robust tan, my once short brown hair was shoulder length and black as night, my hands that I had worked so hard to move just minutes before were long and tapered. Everything was different. Even my clothes, my everyday loungewear had transformed into a sheer white silk, draped seductively over each shoulder and bound by a golden rope at my waist. Impossible, yet here I was. I pinched myself-hard. It's time to end this trip. Nothing changed. Jesus! Just then the sound of footsteps again rang throughout the chamber. They are coming back!