Love, love, loved the last few episodes. (Proudly waves the Coulskye flag)

A cute little idea.


"This is the first time I've danced with you."

"I know, seems weird, doesn't it?" She asked trying to keep from stepping on his very nice shoes.

Ward smiled, "its part of the tradition."

"I never was much for tradition," Skye replied kicking the train of her white dress to the side. "I don't really like dresses either."

"Just change after the cake cutting."

"I can't, I promised Jemma I'd wear it all day. She was so happy that I chose the one she liked that she made me promise not to take it off until tonight."

Ward grinned. "She actually said that?"

"Well not really, she kinda just mimed it and Fitz was too busy being embarrassed to clarify."

"What Coulson say?"

"He said people on the bus needed to stop being so juvenile."

"Easy for him to say, he wasn't the one caught with his pants down."

Skye didn't even attempt to quiet her laughter, earning her a reproving glare from May, who was dancing with a very nervous Fitz. "I don't know who was more mortified May or me."

"I'd say May but she would never admit to it."

"Yeah that is totally true."

They continued dancing in silence but it wasn't oppressing or uncomfortable. They'd been partners for so long that they didn't need words to express how they felt about one another especially on such an important day.

The song ended and they turned and clapped, both glancing at the stage as Nick Fury made his way to the podium. "This should be interesting," Ward muttered.

"Did I miss anything?" Coulson said coming up from behind them.

"Nope, you made it just in time." Skye answered and pecked him on the cheek.

"Thank you, for keeping her company," he directed to the younger man.

"My pleasure sir."

Skye hugged her S.O. and he whispered, "congratulations again, to the both of you."

Coulson shook Ward's hand and with one last quick smile in the team's general direction, Skye placed her hand in Coulson's and together they made their way to the raised dais where their table was. Fury waited until they were seated then began his best man speech.

Coulson held her hand and she leaned into him, "I'm sorry I had to leave you alone for so long."

"Its okay, I know S.H.I.E.L.D can't function without you but I hope they're not expecting to call you back on our honeymoon."

"No I made it very clear we are not to be disturbed." He replied.

"Well then let's enjoy what's left of our reception," she said placing a soft kiss on his mouth.

"Skye, not here," he said quietly.

"Live a little Phil, besides everybody knows we'll be doing much worse in a few hours."

He didn't say anything, instead he focused on keeping his face neutral since it didn't seem Skye was going to stop squeezing his thigh any time soon.

Fitz and Simmons observed the happy couple curiously. "Now what do you suppose Skye said to Coulson to turn him that shade of red?"

"I don't know must have been something pretty racy. Did you hear how agent May caught them in flagrante derelicto a few weeks back? According to Ward, Agent Coulson didn't so much as bat an eye so bear in mind that whatever it was, must have been something." Simmons concluded.

"What will we call them when they get back?" Fitz asked.

"Skye and Agent Coulson."

"But they'll both be Coulson, won't they?" Fitz asked again.

"That's true but we will just call Skye, Skye and Coulson, Agent Coulson."

"Do you think they'll be more discreet on the bus?"

"Fitz," she hit his arm. "What a terrible thing to say."

"So says the one that doesn't sleep directly beneath their soon-to-be new room."

"Good point." Jemma replied once more glancing at the couple. "I don't envy you, Fitz."

Frankly Skye was grateful she'd done this. The first dance and cake cutting. The games and stupid pulling off of her garter, which Natasha insisted be high on her leg, while Coulson was blindfolded, Clint's idea, the perv.

The seemingly thousands of pictures with everyone from Steve Rogers, Phil was beaming, to Agent Hill telling her to take care of her dear friend, gonna ask Phil, how dear, not that she was jealous.

Yes it had all been fun and super exhausting.

Though Skye was more than ready to leave it all behind and have Phil all to herself, she was definitely happy she'd agreed to a modest wedding, she had wanted to elope, because it had made him happy. And though her Coulson was very reserved in his joy, she saw how his eyes misted a little bit every time someone wished them well.

"I swear I did not mean for May to get my bouquet. That thing about the people catching the bouquet and garter isn't like iron clad, right?"

"Why?" He asked amused and knowing very well why she asked.

"I don't think Ward was happy that Thor caught my garter."

"Dr. Foster didn't look all that happy either when May insisted they take a picture," and they shared a private laugh at the look of terror on the former Asgardian's face when confronted with a smiling May, it was one of many they'd shared throughout the day.

"This is going to take some getting used to," Skye said as he helped her tuck in the train of her dress so she could climb into Lola without tripping.

"You've ridden in Lola before."

"I'm taking about you and me and everybody knowing about it."

"It will still be us when we come back." Coulson replied and started the car. "The only difference is that I'll stop getting weird looks."

"Yeah, now you'll get high fives." He smirked and she rolled her eyes. "Still it feels unreal."

"Too much?" he asked concern coloring his voice.

"No. Worried that with it being official, I'll be moved out of the bus."

"That's not happening," he said with a dangerous edge. "Already spoke to Fury and he agreed its best you stay on board. He owes me."

"Aw A.C., you're too much."

"I know," he replied and with that the worry was lifted and they left the church behind.

"Hey, this makes me S.C. Or is it C.C? since I'm still a consultant." She did a little happy dance in her seat."I like that. From now on I'll be C.C. and you'll be A.C. and we'll be greatest consultant/agent combo ever."


"Yes, sweetie?"

"How about you stay Skye and I'll call you anything you want when we're alone."

"Okay but we'll still be the greatest consultant/agent team ever."

He kissed her hand and she smiled happily at their matching rings. "Did I tell you how yummy you look in your tux?"

He didn't take his eyes off the road but Skye was betting if he had and they'd been stationary, she would have been treated to one of their many amazing make out sessions, like the one May had caught them in a few weeks back.

"You didn't but I'd be happy to hear it."

"You look very very yummy." She purposely said it with a suggestive eyebrow wiggle.

"Good enough to eat?" He asked innocently.

"Oh definitely."

"Well I can honestly say the feeling is mutual, Mrs. Coulson."

"Ooh I so like the sound of that."

"The name or the sentiment?"

"You are such a tease."

"I know," he replied and this time he did pull into a rest stop. Half an hour later they were back on their way and Coulson no longer looked as unruffled though Skye certainly did.

"I didn't see it before," May said once the red corvette had disappeared into the distance and the crowd of family and friends had begun to thin out. She was standing close enough to Ward so that he could wrap his arm around her waist, if he wished.

He wish to and did, "I don't think a lot of people did but then not a lot saw us, either."