Deep within the darkest dungeon lives a deadly force of evil. It's power is so cruel and so deathly frightening, a single glance at it could make you piss your pants. It is in this cave where the ultimate evil awaits Link.

Too bad we're not gonna look at that today. My name is ShadowWolfX and you are reading..

The Hyper, Stupendous, Crazy, Toked up, Freaky Slaby Fic!!!

As if you couldn't guess, I am Slaby. This fic has to do with nothing in my previous fics. I don't own anything, except maybe half of your brains after you read this. And now on with the insanity.

Never let them have cake..

It was an ordinary day. No seriously it was. Nothing out of the ordinary was happening. Link got up, went and ate, went and saw Saria, had a little fun, and went home.

Now any avid reader or video game expert would know something has to happen in this story or else no one will read it. Honestly if you read it or not I don't care but hey your choice.

But for those who have no sense of insanity, here ya go. Link was just about to sit down to lunch, when Saria burst into the door yelling about Mido and his new technique.

Link never knew Mido had an old technique. So, in his curious state, Link burst out the door and jumped down from his tree house. He hit the ground crouching as always. He stood up and was hit clear between the eyes with a small Deku nut.

He staggered backwards as Mido ran into him. Link fell onto his backside and started to cry. It was thenthat the Deku Tree had decided to look in on them.

He saw Link crying and was thinking about making him the hero to travel around saving people and you know crap like that. The real reason was because every time Link got his ass kicked he would run and cry to the Deku Tree.

And the Deku Tree was fed up with his whiney little bullshit. He told Link to go get the sword hidden in the small glades.

Link got lost.

He told him to buy a shield with the rupees he had won.

Link got mugged.

He told him to go inside the Deku Tree and get the slingshot.

Link got his ass kicked.

The Deku Tree, annoyed by this pathetic little bastard, ate him alive and they all got screwed cuse Link gave the tree indigestion and he never passed on his knowledge to anyone else.


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