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Mad-eye and Lupin stood outside an old wooden door at number 12 Grimmauld Place looking expectantly at a nervous witch standing at the doorway. Her hair was changing a shade a minute.

"Out with it, Tonks" Mad-Eye Moody said gruffly as his magical eye swiveled in its place, "We haven't got all day. The sooner we question him, the better"

Nymphadora Tonks winced and wrung her hands together, "Well, you see…"

"Now, Nymphadora." the older Auror barked out.

Tonks barely flinched at the mention of her first name as she continued to gaze at the floor.

"It's alright dear. Just tell us what happened," her werewolf husband comforted her

Tonks burst out in hysteria, "Oh Remus. I didn't mean to do it. I've just been so worried lately about everything. Our missions and the baby and…I just wasn't thinking straight"

"Hush darling," Remus darkling drew her in for a hug, "Everything is going to be alright."

Mad-eye Moody rolled his normal eye—rolling his mad-eye wouldn't have delivered the message as it was constantly doing that, "This is all very well and sweet but I would like to finish what we came for—today, if possible."

Tonks nodded and hung her head low as she stepped aside to let the Auror past her. Her husband squeezed her hand before following in as well. Taking a deep breath, she stepped in and fell in place beside the two Aurors who were now standing frighteningly still as they came to realize the horrifying truth in front of them. Tonks shuffled uneasily as a heavy, eerie silence befell the room. It was as if life at that moment had stopped for them.

Mad-eye moody broke the silence first with two words that described how all three of them were feeling at that moment.

"Oh, bugger."

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