Hello! This is my first fanfiction!

As all of you have watch Now and then, here and there; I have realise there are things that are left untold. That is why I'm write the story based on my own speculation from the prologue, during the episode, and after the story. There are also some ideas from other fanfiction that I will put, so I want to ask permission prettypinkgal, andyjay18, jonathan lane and GrimWolf56 for some of their ideas to put inside my story. The rest is based on my own speculation.

Now, let's enjoy the beginning with…


Because ten billion

years' time is

so fragile,

so ephemeral…

that it arouses such a


almost heartbreaking



The strongest battleship human ever created, powered by the most essential life on earth, water.

With its fully equipped advanced weapon and flight ability that can travel to anywhere, no enemies wish to face this battleship.

Ironically, this weapon is so large that a number of people can live inside here.

"Abelia," said father toward me "Do you like this room?"

I look around the room that father show to me. There is comfortable bed and a large window beside it. From the window, I can see the seaside that enlightened with the reddish sunset.

"This is good." I answer father without looking back at him.

"Really? That's great." Said father while walking toward the door "There's nothing much inside this room, but you can decorate it in the way that you wish. Heck, you can even put some prize you get from King Dodon." And he walk out from the room.

I walk out from the room too.

Father look back at me. "Where are you going?"

"Where? To be with mama."

"Oh, Abelia." Father stop me. "You don't have to go back to that cell anymore."

"Why? Because mama is not there anymore?"

That word somehow shook my father a bit. "That is one thing. But I don't want you to stay inside that cell…"

"Then where will I go?"

"Abelia, from tomorrow on, you will work with me."


"Yes, I will teach you all of the things in this Hellywood, so you can raise your rank and live more comfortably."



"What about others?"

"It does not matter." Father then caresses my head. "Listen well Abelia, sometimes in order to survive, you have to think of yourself first. And then you can help the others."

"Yes, father."

"Good, now go back to your room and rest. I will come tomorrow."

And I enter the room and close the door.

That is one of my moment that I remember before I become one of the soldier in this Hellywood.

The view of the ocean with the sunset is very beautiful. Now, all I can see is the far wide field of desert with the large red sun, enlightened everything with the red-blood color, just like what all of the people in the Hellywood, including me is doing now.