Now we have entered the first chapter. Enjoy!

"How is it, Abelia?" Ask father, inside the operational room, talking through the radio.

"This is amazing." And I hold this small creature on my hands. "I can't believe the thing that I am touching is real."

Father smile hearing that. "Come out now, I want to see it too."

I walk toward father, showing the creature that I never seen.

"My, what a beautiful cat." And father holds this creature gently.

"So this is called cat." I touch its head. "Wow, it snuggle with my hands."

Father grin at me.

"What's wrong?"

"It's been a while since I saw you with that face. Usually you're not interested in anything."


"Yeah, some of the lower rank soldier also said that you're an emotionless cyborg."

"I see."

"Now you are back to emotionless cyborg."

"... Is it bad?"

"Normally, I would say it is bad. But in Hellywood, you better keep that face."

Somehow, I'm happy with father's word.

"Now let's go and present King Dodon with our fruit of research."


Father and I meet King Dodon inside the King's hall where King Dodon sits on his throne with 5 other general who standing beside him.

King Dodon, who is big and old, spoke "What do you have here, scientists?" And he looks at the cat father is holding.

"King Dodon, I cannot thank you for giving me a lot of chance to complete my time travel machine. After more than a decade, our research has bear the result, and I present to you the extinct feline creature that once adore by the ancients, cat."

Not long after that, King Dodon told my father to bring him the cat. Father gives him the cat.

"So, this is cat, huh." Right after King Dodon say that, the cat snuggles around him. "Hah, what a cute and fluffy fella!"

"Yes," Father continues "With this machine, we can bring the living animals from the ancient time back to this present world and filled the world with balanced ecosystem that our previous generation once destroyed."

"You damn scientist!" Shout one of the general. "You dare to questioned what our previous generation have done?!"

"I just stating the fact…"


"Enough." King Dodon wave his hand toward his general to calm him down.

"But King-"

"Today I am in good mood." Father smile hearing that. "Since you did your job wonderfully, how should I recompense you?"

"I wish to allow my daughter, Abelia, to raise her rank from my assistant to high rank soldier."

The shock silences the room. I can't believe father said that.

"She might look like she is incompetence, but I have trained her to be the loyal soldier for King Dodon since she was young. She is very excellent in many fields."

"I doubt about that." Said one of the general. "There's no way I would let a woman joined the military or be a soldier. They rather do nothing but give birth."

"I agree." Said another soldier. "We have given you a lot of freedom in raising your daughter ever since you contribute a lot. But this is absurd."

"Or are you trying to take over King Dodon's reign?"

The tension in this room is intensifying, but father just acting calm.

"Enough." Said King Dodon. "It is as the generals said, it's impossible to let a woman as young as your daughter to be in military."

"Unless…" King Dodon continues "You let her be the lowest rank soldier first. And when she show her performance then we can decide should we raise her rank or not."

Since it has come to this, I better agree with the suggestion.

"Please give me more time." Father answers it before I manage to open my mouth. "I will give you the answer soon."

"Then I will give you the time until tomorrow." Said King Dodon. "You can go now."

"Thank you very much." And father and I walk out from the room.

We didn't say anything until father walk me to my room.



"I will do something, so don't worry."

"No, father. Let me be the soldier, I can do this."

Father shakes his head "No, Abelia, you can't, the place is hard-"

"You taught me how to fight, I can do this-"

"This and that are different, you won't be attacked by enemies, but also the soldier…"

"But father, you're the one who wants me to be in-"

"That's because there isn't any battle occurring ever since Hellywood manage to come to this land rich with water. We have become the strongest in the world ever since then."


"I just want you to live in safer environment, why can't these decrepit old fools be more humane?"

"Father, I know from the beginning that I am living as your 'pet'."

Father shocked with my word.

"If I am not related to you, I probably would be just like mother and other women in Hellywood, live in cell just to bear children. I just lucky to live differently. But I'm not sad because of that, in fact, I'm glad because this time, I am not living because of luck, but through my own effort."

"Abelia… I'm sorry… I'm so sorry…"

"Thank you very much for giving me all the knowledge you have, father."

And tomorrow, is the day that I become a soldier.

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