I hate names.

I know that, to you, this statement doesn't make sense. But that's because you all have nice normal names like Alice, Sarah, Tom and Harry.

My name is Light. That in itself is quite unusual. But my surname is a whole new kettle of fish. Yagami. .I.

Look at it backwards and tell me if my rage against humanity isn't justicifed.

When I first started school, no one even noticed. Firstly, my surname in Japanese means god of night. Which is impressive. Secondly, no one knew what gay meant at the age of 5. But then middle school happened.

It took about two seconds for someone to work out what my name spelled backwards. Then, I became Light Imagay.

When I found the Death Note I thought this whole name thing was over. Until I found out the name people had given me. Kira.

Now, Kira is derived from the english word killer. This was not the reason I was angry. You see, in japanese, Kira means glitter. The mighty god of justice Glitter.

I sound like a charcter from My Little Pony! How are people supposed to fear the great and mighty Glitter!

But, even if my name is not intimidating I know people fear me. I am the saviour of this rotting world. I am the punisher of the guilty. I am God! I am justice!

All hail the mighty Glitter!

A/N: That is why Light feels such rage against humanity.

This idea arose from a conversation I made with the Characters Death. You are amazing. You are also apparently Glitter.

Review or I will send the great and mighty Glitter to eat your potato chips (we call them crisps in Scotland)

He will take a potato chip...AND SPARKLE!